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Have you ever smelled a woman's panties without them knowing about it?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Treasureman [Ignore] 10,Mar,22 08:01  other posts
Have you ever smelled a woman's panties without them knowing about it?

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By clitlicker [Ignore] 11,May,22 10:38 other posts 
Well, duh! Who the fuck hasn't?

By MY_Guy [Ignore] 11,May,22 01:24 other posts 
When I was doing laundry, at a 4-plex I lived in. I hot neighbor, left her basket by the washer that we all shared, so I knew she was next, when I took my things out, and put them in the drier. Her panties were laying on the top, and I couldn't help myself, and had to!! Just a little of her natural scent, but I got super-hard!!
Vagina smells amazing!!

By thebeewolf [Ignore] 06,May,22 19:54 other posts 
Fuck yeah I have. And I did more than smell them. I rubbed them on my dick and got a big boner and I stroked off and ejaculated all over them.

By Caliboner [Ignore] 05,May,22 18:30 other posts 

By XJacker [Ignore] 12,Mar,22 02:32 other posts 
Yes. My wife’s, before I put them on to admire the bulge of my hard cock in them, brush them over my straining hard shaft, then jerk my load over them!

By #613564 12,Mar,22 01:08
No, because she was wearing them! When I am with her, dating, it's like foreplay! Especially with one that would never shower at the place, that I won't name, like a Planet. She would come home, sweaty, and wet, in the summer, and just totally EROTIC!!
Pheromones, or whatever, just erotic, and I loved that she let me tease her, and excite her, while she was feeling "nasty"!

By knewbi [Ignore] 10,Mar,22 16:52 other posts 
Fuck yeah!! A number of times. One that stands out is my ex mother-in-law. I had fucked her before dating her daughter and when married we would visit and I always found a way to use the back bathroom. Her panties were there and I would remember how the real thing smelled and tasted from years ago. Later as my marriage was faltering I started fucking the mother-in-law and told her that I had been smelling her panties. She gave me a well used pantie and offered to replace them with freshly soiled ones whenever I wanted. Yep, she was questionable for fucking me while her daughter's marriage was falling apart but she knew it was done so jumped at the chance.

By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 10,Mar,22 14:53 other posts 
Yes, the panties of a friend's sister. She was fucking hot. When I was visiting him, he went downstairs to pick up the phone. He was taking his time, so I was wandering round, looked into her bedroom and saw a lot of underwear everywhere. I first thought "Damn, she's messy!", but one nice pair of lace panties caught my eye. That made me hot for her again, until I smelled it. Damn that thing stank. I wondered how long she had worn it.
I was quite turned off by her. I'm still not interested in worn panties, unless they are thoroughly washed after.

By 75YOTWC [Ignore] 10,Mar,22 13:02 other posts 
Yes, I have. About 30 years ago, my former neighbors went out of town for several days and asked if I would feed their cat. I went into the laundry room and went through the hamper and found a pair of her panties.(She was very petite and good looking as hell). I jacked off sniffing them right there in the laundry room. Her cunt smelled so damn good. I then went into their bedroom and found another pair just like them and put them in the hamper and took the dirty ones home. I jacked off many times sniffing her pussy.

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