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Me to

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Yes sir one of my daughters girl friends would spend the night and i would find her thong pantys in the bathroom! Would smell them and then cum in the crotch and put them back! I think she figured out what i was doing because she would leave a pair laying out were i was sure to see them! I saw her smelling a pair and then lick them!

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Love to watch cumshots big little dribbler squirter dont matter their all goooooood!!!

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I love to watch cum shots monster the size of dick! Sometimes small dicks have huge loads!! Sometimes I can match my cumming to the video shot! Like get on whereby match my shot to someone else live!

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41 in a video arcade glory hole! Close to the best blow job i ever had! About a month later a guy let me ass fuck him in the same place! My first anal! It was great to ! He was very tight!

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If only i could?

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Lucky bastard!!

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Great fun on a long trip! Ive been caught by people passing me on interstate! Didnt get in any trouble! Got layed one time by woman who saw me!

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Love frotting! Two dicks rubbing together and cumming on each other!! All slick and slippery!!!

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Nothing like a cold mug of schiner bock on a hot west Texas day! Only thing that comes close is a shot of hot Mexican pussy!haha

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What the hell is it?!

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U are absolutely correct!
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We still have glory hole arcades in my town!

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Baby oil all over!!

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Dressing room at walmart! Got caught by clerk one time just as I was squirting! She just smiled and let me finish!

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Get whereby room or Skype and u can have video meets with other who like jerk off o. Cam!

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I'm same as u like to jerk on cam or in public places! I like to GRT on peoples whereby link an join in jerk session!

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42 went into video store with arcades and glory holes!! Guy gave about the best blow job I've ever had! Blowed me twice that day! Been hooked ever since! Graduated to anal later at same store. Ass hole irs shut store down later!

By 4438cr 01,Aug,23 12:50
I was15 she was 14 first time full on for both of us! Lucky i had a rubber! Did i mention she was my first cousin?!! Family reunion!

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Has anyone ever seen a guy with two dicks? Saw this on video. Never saw in real life.

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All of my life!!!

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Receive lllll

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I was 42 went to a video arcade that had booths with glory hole. Got my first male blowjob that day and a few days later got my first male anal shot! Been hooked ever since!!!

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Have always wanted to have an oriental girl but it had never happened but about a year ago I went to a Chinese food place and got to talking to watress. She was much younger than me but short story we met after she got off that night and went back to her apartment. I spent the night and had some of the best sex ever!

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Your nuts finally droped!!

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We never had that kind of school nurse!! Damn it!!!

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Several years ago I had a gf in addition to wife. The gf had a great sex drive and never said no! One afternoon we got together but she was on her period so she sucked me for a while but I didn't cum. She had me sit on her face while she rimmed me. I started stroking my cock and when I was about to cum she stuck her finger up my ass and rubbed my prostate gland! I shot cum all over her tits and belly!!!! About an hour later we repeated the this!!!

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Was 13 had been having dry hump organs by doing pull ups in gym. The girls athletics coach knew what I was doing and one day she caught me in the weight room rubbing my dick. She showed me how to jack off! About a month later she gave me a blow job! Later on she showed me how to fuck! We had a casual relationship until I graduated high school! I learned how to satisfy a woman from her. Thank you monnett!!!

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Dressing room at walmart!! Under the bleachers at ball game!! In car driving down hiway!! Picnic area at road side park!! Mother in laws bedroom bed!!! Sister in laws bedroom bed!!! Top of local court house!!

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Got my first male blow job in a glory hole!!!! Gave my first blow job in glory hole!! Got great bj in a camper trailer glory hole at hiway rest erea!!!!

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Several years ago I worked part time for a car dealer. He had a secretary working there and we finally got to deliver a car which was an over night job. She had been cock teasing me for a while and we both knew that we were going to fuc K someday! She was red headed green eyed and had large gifts with big nipples. As soon as our delivery was completed we got a room. As soon as the door shut we stripped off. When I saw those big tit s I got a rock hard bonner. She reached down and grabbed it pumped it about three times and I shot a huge load on her belly and pussy!!! I said sorry but she said she viewed it as a complement of her sexy body! I was still hard and we fucked all night long. It was a steady thing for several years and she could always make me cum easy. Wife never found out!!

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Keep on jacking!!!!

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I was 12. I had been having dry orgasms by climbing a rope or a swing set pipe am flexing my knees and doing pullups. One night while I bed I was looking at a playboy mag I swiped from a store. I was rubbing my cock head on the sheet and and it started to throb and tingle and spasm and I shot a big wad of cum on my chest. I pumped it about 5 times and came again! My coc K was still hard so I pumped some more and shot that load on my shoulder!! Can't shoot like that now but still jack off daily!!!!

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That is an awesome old man dick.what's your secret???

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Lady if you didn't have a cun t on you you would be a waste of space!!!!!!

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Would be great to suck!

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Nice slim head with thick bottom shaft goes in easy then stretched the hole

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That's a nice old cock!!!!

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I Was 43 sent in Visio arcade to jack off got bj thru hole and returned favor been at it ever since. I'm basically straight like to have a little fun on the side