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At what age did you have your first gay experience ?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #166979 [Ignore] 13,Nov,12 12:59
Tell about your first gay experience ! Age,how,where,etc.

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By nekekal [Ignore] 20,Nov,22 20:19 other posts 
It was a semi gay experience. I was 19 and had met a guy in my small town who invited me to the bay area for a weekend. I agreed and made arrangements to visit him. I drove down to his house. Big place, he had a lot of roommates.

We went up to SanFrancisco and had a good time. I got to see the Jefferson Airplane among others. Then it was back to the house. Sleeping arrangements were I shared a bed with him. He wanted to play. So I let him play with my big cock and he jacked me off. I jacked him off. He might have wanted more but didn't ask, I didn't offer.

After breakfast, I left for home.

Hardly counts I suppose.
By german_guy [Ignore] 22,Nov,22 14:20 other posts 
missed chance
By nekekal [Ignore] 22,Nov,22 16:05 other posts 
By german_guy [Ignore] 24,Nov,22 14:54 other posts 
damn right

By bil47 [Ignore] 22,Nov,22 14:44 other posts 
I was 13 and was shy and naive about sex. Then I was invited to join a Sex Club consisting of three other similar-age boys in the neighborhood. We did a lot of "feel-ups", sword-fights, hand jobs, JO while others watched, and brief sucking.

By Lilboi [Ignore] 22,Nov,22 14:31 other posts 
I was 14 at my buddys place when his older bro touched my cock. O got hard and rubbed his thick long pink dick. Pants off he licked my dick making me precum. I sucked him untill he came

By #683053 17,Nov,22 19:30
I was 14, he was 12. I don't know how it happened but he ended up seducing me and we both sucked each others dicks on the front porch. I remember being extremely ashamed and disgusted with myself for a LONG time after that, but the fact that I enjoyed it is what made me realize that I was bisexual.

By What-once-was [Ignore] 14,Nov,22 19:08 other posts 
Just playing with each other's dicks probs like 9ish but actually knowing it was sexual we were like 10 or 11. 2 mates and I jerked it together and jerked each other till we were like 14, it was a good time.

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 14,Nov,22 09:58 other posts 
At age 11 when he wanked me off and gave me my first dry orgasm.

By Hornycock77 [Ignore] 26,Oct,22 16:27 other posts 
Well I had a friend that we use to fool around as small kids. I was now 14 and was 16. I secretly desired another encounter since I had hit puberty, and I was not the only one. One summer day he called me to come over because no one was at his house and we were all alone. Apparently I wasnít the only one thinking about it. He asked if I wanted to watch some porn being a horny teen of course I did. Maybe 20-30 minutes in he asked if I remembered when we we use to fool around and I played coy and said I did not remember. He let it go and finally hit me with the old Iíll show you mine and then my turn. I was pretty average and when he pulled out his huge cock I got very nervous he wouldnít lie my smaller penis. He could see my hesitation and he came over and pulled down my shorts revealing my hard dick. He approved and set me at ease. He first wanted to Jack off as we watched. Not long after he said we should stroke each other. After some time stroking each others cockís he suggested we take turns sucking dick. That didnít last long when he suggested we 69. All of this went on for over an hour. We both were bottomless at this point. He sat up and said I should stroke to orgasm. I was a little worried he would neglect my cock once he came, but he made me cum as soon as he did.

By knewbi [Ignore] 09,Jun,22 11:15 other posts 
Mid 50's. I had always liked to watch a guys bulge, and still do, but I made a decision that it was time to give it a try. So, I was very fortunate to find a local gay couple looking to add a third to their sexual fun. So, my first time was with 2 cocks and was I ever hooked after that!!

By Cummingforyou [Ignore] 09,Jun,22 03:57 other posts 
Was 14 and a late starter for when I was in a local park . I met this guy around 19 who started to chat to me and asked if I wanted sex , being naive and clueless I agreed . He took me too a real bushy area surrounded by trees and pulled my pants and underwear down and told me to relax . He was quite gentle when I felt something poking around my boy pussy ( I realized it was his cock. He had some lube put in on his cock and around my ass slowly inserted in me , did not feel any pain just a full feeling. Grabbed me by the hips and pushed back and forth . As he was doing this he grabbed my hardening penis which was a great feeling. He then grunted and I fled this wet sensation in and around my but and felt something dripping down my legs which was white. Ias I had no idea I asked what it was and if I ever wanked off . I said I had no idea so he said he would help me to this great feeling when he took my cock pulled the foreskin back and forth giving this incredible rush of pleasure when I felt I needed to pee . He said let it come out this I got this incredible pleasure feeling and shot the white stuff out which seem to be gallons . My legs just went weak and I screamed out in pleasure . Had many occasions later on in life but ei never forget my first orgasm

By #667453 08,Jun,22 20:26
I was 23. Shane was 25

By #433665 28,Apr,18 11:08
I was 17 and I had 4 house mates one of which was gay, and he used to come in when I was asleep and suck me off. He was about 22, I used to just pretend to be asleep all the way through. But obviously I would normally wake up as soon as he started tho I enjoyed it. But who wouldn't I never done anything like that for another 10years and when I did I got paid for it

By up-for-it [Ignore] 08,Apr,18 12:32 other posts 
My birthday, 52 that day!
He didn't know,a car date and outside!
I licked my first mans ass sucked a dick had a blowjob and got fucked!
It wasn't romantic, it was quick, but good!

By #554053 08,Apr,18 12:16
Still waiting....come on guys near me
By up-for-it [Ignore] 08,Apr,18 12:24 other posts 
If i was near you would get it!

By karnaval [Ignore] 14,Nov,12 17:50 other posts 
yeah i did it with my best friend, we were 15, one night at the mountain after skiing, i pretended to ****, he came over to my bed and started playing with my dick, then started sucking it, i was in heaven. I eventually got back to him when he was 'sleeping' (yeah right) and did the same.... pure bliss
By liketoedge [Ignore] 08,Apr,18 10:31 other posts 
I pretended to be asleep as a friend jacked me off while spending the night at his house when we were in jr high. To this day i never told him i was awake and still masturbate thinking about those days.

By Joseangel [Ignore] 08,Apr,18 03:45 other posts 
When I was 15 I met someone online he was older.he gave me my first kiss he taught me how to suck and how to do anal.

By #553253 05,Apr,18 04:59
In a Public Park, two ladies in a convertable commented on my 17 year old ass in the parking lot. The driver dropped her purse, so I was reaching under the car, the door was open, and she swung a leg out, as I grabbed the last objects that rolled under the car, I looked up and saw she had a huge cock under her skirt, I was mesmerized...soon, she grabbed my hair and told me to open didnt take long, she shot in my mouth, and her girlfriend....another Guy! He/She Took me next. I looked up to see two other strangers jacking off while she fucked my mouth. I went back many times after that, and always brought a small towel so I didnt have spunk on my face when I went home!

By liketoedge [Ignore] 09,Mar,18 10:24 other posts 
8 when a neighborhood friend taught me about jacking of and gave me my first dry orgasm. After that day i started regularly doing it several time a day. I was immediatly hook on the feeling

By #1102 09,Mar,18 03:30
6 me an my causin he was 7 never looked back luv it first grade when I liked other boys

By #539358 03,Mar,18 08:53
11. With my friend in his bedroom after school

By cumonme1 [Ignore] 03,Mar,18 06:49 other posts 
My first real gay experience I was about 22yrs old, and my **** came home from a date with the girl friend I was sleeping and he started to play with my cock I let him and then he sucked me off a nice way to wake up

By #551524 03,Mar,18 04:42
I was about 9, my uncle 18mths between us he carried on till I was 14

By #423426 02,Mar,18 05:42
41. Fucking a girl at a party when a guy just joined in. Instinct took over and we wanked and sucked each other for her, and of course our pleasure. I was a big turn on looking her right in the eye as I sucked cock for the first time.

By #549651 01,Mar,18 23:48
Well, gay is he only experiences that I've ever had, but was 13 with the boy next door. We were both the same age and that experience went on for 3 years. Lots of fun!

By onthelose [Ignore] 01,Mar,18 23:21 other posts 
Yes I guess it probably is against the rules, thanks for being the rule keeper and keeping us all honest. What would we ever do if we were left. To our on devises and didn't have someone to keep us on the staight and narrow..

By onthelose [Ignore] 01,Mar,18 23:15 other posts 
I was 11 or twelve and my cousin and I were alone together. I asked if he would like to see my cock. He said yes and the next thing I knew he had his cock in my ass. I was a few years older and had a little bigger cock so I couldn't get inside him but he liked being inside me. Didn't know anything about sex it just felt right with him and it all seemed so natural. I did see him again and we were going to continue but we're interrupted. never had the opportunity to be. With him again. Never meet with anyone since who I could be so comfortable with .

By #549130 01,Mar,18 22:39
When 11 my babysitter and his bf were wanking each other in the sitting room. I asked if I could touch them and they let me, I was amazed at how big their cocks were, they took my pants off and sucked my tiny cock. I sucked their cocks as they got naked, their hard cocks amazed me, they took all my clothes off rubbing their cocks all over me. They began fingerging me, I told them to stop, they gagged and held me down as I began to struggle, **** their cocks one by one in my ass as I screamed and cried, they raped me in many positions.

By #26886 18,Nov,12 13:54
Was 10.....raised around four older brothers. No regrets, never was, never will be. Oral addict, still seeking it r/t

By #320057 18,Nov,12 11:12
I was 13. Me and my friend were sleeping out.
He had some pornography mags.
we were looking at them and he asked if my penis was getting hard.
I told him it was. He asked me to show it to him. So I did.
he asked if I was going to masturbate. I said I didn't know how.
so he asked if he could show me?
He took hold of my penis and stroked it till I came.

By #204902 18,Nov,12 06:54
I was 11yo! With a boy who was the same age

By #305812 16,Nov,12 17:27
I was around 10 years old. Me and a friend sucked each other's cock. Before that summer was over we fucked each other in the ass even swallowed our cum and eventually each others.

By #300891 13,Nov,12 14:31
i would hope that any sexual encounter was had when you were all over 18..if not then it is against the rules of this site to mention it,not to mention in some cases the law.
By alittlesnail [Ignore] 14,Nov,12 09:12 other posts 
i stand on what you said ,it is sad people just ignore the rules,what happen is you gave all this fantasy information and some people think they can do something like that to a 12 yo ****,this is very bad

By #6437 14,Nov,12 08:53
I was 25 sucked my brotherinlaws cock in his car one night . have been a bi cocksucker since mmmmmmmmmm

By thicknsmooth [Ignore] 13,Nov,12 22:40 other posts 
It was the summer that I was 8yrs old and so was he. I loved every minute of it and cherish the memory still to this day! I still recall everything about his body along with his cock & balls. I mostly remember the smooth texture of his cock and the smell and taste of him.

By Ray10754 [Ignore] 13,Nov,12 13:25 other posts 
I was in my earlie 20's and never looked back !
If you serch the arcives in the fourms there is another posting on this same subject with hundreds of replies,just in case you wanted to know

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