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By thicknsmooth 21,Feb,24 23:50
Well my first time experience with another boy was the summer I was 8 years old. I was obsessed with my own dick and balls and was very curious of the other boys. I got my first chance with another boy the same age we sucked each otherís dicks and explored our bodies. I fell in love with the taste of another dick and never stopped from that day on.

By thicknsmooth 19,Feb,24 23:36

By thicknsmooth 19,Feb,24 21:12
I enjoyed playing with the boys and experiencing the feeling of first getting sucked and sucking on my first dicks

By thicknsmooth 16,Feb,24 23:04
Here is mine

By thicknsmooth 15,Feb,24 22:00
I was 11 I started letting the vacuum cleaner hose suck on my flaccid cock. It would suck it up and raddled it like crazy in the hose. I immediately got hard and it felt so good that I kept doing it until I suddenly felt dizzy and I felt liquid coming out of my pee hole. I pulled it out and so white gooey sticky liquid all over it later I realized that I came for the first time

By thicknsmooth 01,Feb,24 19:22
This one is the perfect size for you! Youíre welcome to come suck on it

By thicknsmooth 01,Feb,24 17:30

By thicknsmooth 30,Jan,24 20:13
I enjoy being alone and playing with my cock also!

By thicknsmooth 22,Jan,24 18:54

By thicknsmooth 20,Jan,24 23:46
Age 13

By thicknsmooth 19,Jan,24 22:19
This is my dick. Itís 7 1/4 inches long and 5 3/4 inches in circumference. Itís all ready a nice size and everyone has always complimented me on it. If I could change anything about it, I would like it to be 10 inches long and 6 3/4 inches in circumference. That way I would be able to self suck it again. I used to be able to suck it when I was younger and more flexible. I miss those days

By thicknsmooth 18,Jan,24 20:11

By thicknsmooth 14,Jan,24 17:41
Wow thatís hot man

By thicknsmooth 13,Jan,24 19:06
I would hope not you have a great looking penis

By thicknsmooth 12,Jan,24 22:59
7 1/4 inches long and 5 3/4 inches in circumference

By thicknsmooth 12,Jan,24 22:32
That was a great time for experiencing the other boys for sure

By thicknsmooth 11,Jan,24 23:04
I understand completely

By thicknsmooth 11,Jan,24 22:44
Once you start you will always crave it

By thicknsmooth 11,Jan,24 22:20
Thatís a great age to play around and explore the other boys for sure

By thicknsmooth 11,Jan,24 00:31
What are you waiting for

By thicknsmooth 10,Jan,24 22:41
I bet that was a great experience

By thicknsmooth 10,Jan,24 22:41
Thatís hot man

By thicknsmooth 08,Jan,24 22:28
The beauty of seeing some beautiful cock pics

By thicknsmooth 05,Jan,24 21:59
I love a soft smooth cock myself

By thicknsmooth 05,Jan,24 19:26

By thicknsmooth 24,Dec,23 22:51
My favorite toy ever since I was a kid

By thicknsmooth 19,Dec,23 22:54
Yes I have kept it smooth since I was a teenager and itís always been thick

By thicknsmooth 08,Dec,23 23:52
Here is mine 71/4 inches long and nearly 6 inches thick in circumference

By thicknsmooth 07,Dec,23 23:23
I was 11 going on 12 years old and my mom told me to vacuum my room when I got home from school. So there was no one home and I started to vacuum the room when I got the idea to let the vacuum suck on my cock. I loved the feeling of it sucking and slapping my soft cock all around inside the vacuum tip and soon I felt this dizzy feeling and I felt liquid come out of my cock head. It felt so good that I could not stop. I later realized that I came for the first time. I became addicted to doing this and I enjoyed it for a short time and then my cock would not fit into the vacuum hose anymore

By thicknsmooth 07,Dec,23 22:09
Always carried mine to the right in my pants

By thicknsmooth 02,Dec,23 02:01
Thatís hot man

By thicknsmooth 01,Dec,23 22:21
No but I have smelled some of the boys underwear

By thicknsmooth 30,Nov,23 20:14
What type of pump did you get? I love to pump I have found that if you warm your cock up with warm water and pull and stretch it in between pumping you will get it really fat and huge

By thicknsmooth 29,Nov,23 23:43
Thatís really hot man

By thicknsmooth 20,Nov,23 23:47
Mine has always hung to the right. Even when itís hard it bends slightly to the right

By thicknsmooth 19,Nov,23 01:20
Hot story man I started very young as well, great memories

By thicknsmooth 14,Nov,23 00:36
I used to be able to suck on mine when I was younger and more flexible. I was able to get the head and just a little bit of the shaft just below the head in my mouth and I was able to cum in my mouth. I loved it so much that it became a habit I was addicted to. I would do it every night. I eventually had to stop because it was hurting my back. Great experience though

By thicknsmooth 15,Oct,23 05:21
Thatís an awesome story man

By thicknsmooth 15,Oct,23 04:34
It was the summer I was 8 years old. My Dad had a job to do with another man. The man came to help my dad and he had brought his 8 year old grandson along with him. They introduced us both to one another and told us to go play together. He was a brown haired skinny cute boy just like me. I took him back in the woods on our property to show him a stream I always played in. He asked me if I had ever skinny dipped? I told him that I had not and he said do you want to? I said yeah sure and we stripped off all our clothes and stepped into the water. He then asked me if I had ever sucked on a pee pee? I said no have you? He said yeah I have itís really nice do you want to try? I said sure, he got down on his knees and started sucking on my dick. It was the first time I had ever felt the feeling of having it sucked on, it felt great. He then got up and said your turn. I didnít hesitate as I quickly kneeled in front of him and started sucking on his dick exploring every single bit of his dick and his balls. Just as quick as it started it was soon over. I never forgot that day and the beautiful experience I had. From that day on I have always enjoyed sucking on a nice cock and getting sucked

By thicknsmooth 26,Sep,23 17:52
Wow thatís a great story man

By thicknsmooth 26,Sep,23 17:52
Wow awesome

By thicknsmooth 24,Sep,23 23:36
Here is mine, 7 1/4 inches long and 5 3/4 inches in circumference

By thicknsmooth 16,Sep,23 00:37
When I was younger and married my wife and I went to school with a friend of hers which we both knew very well. My wife was good friends with him. His name was Michael and he was very good looking skinny and smooth and gay. I always secretly wanted to play around with him. One night while we were hanging out at our house drinking. I offered him a line of coke. My wife had gone into the house for a little while. I took him over to my van and opened the passenger side door. As I was putting out the lines he reached around my waist and started groping my cock and balls. He said I was really turning him on and he would like to suck my dick. I told him that I would like that and he slowly opened up my pants and started sucking my soft cock and he told me that he loved the taste of my cock and feeling it get hard in his mouth. He said I had a nice big thick one and he always wanted to suck on me because he could tell by the bulge in my pants that I had a nice big one. I enjoyed it so much that I opened his pants and sucked on him for a while as well. We had such a great time together that we ended up sneaking off together for a couple of years without anyone ever knowing

By thicknsmooth 05,Sep,23 15:15
I love a soft flaccid cock, I find it to be such a turn on

By thicknsmooth 24,Aug,23 00:02
My cock measures 7 1/4 inches long and 5 3/4 inches in circumference I have always been told by women and men that my cock is big and beautiful every one has always complimented me and enjoyed it. You have a great size cock and itís really nice looking also

By thicknsmooth 15,Aug,23 22:21
I was 13 years old and measured 7 1/4 inches long when I was hard and 5 3/4 inches in circumference. It never grew any bigger from that time on. Iím still the same size today just a little bit thicker

By thicknsmooth 05,Aug,23 23:42

By thicknsmooth 05,Aug,23 23:41
Wow very hot man

By thicknsmooth 01,Aug,23 00:37