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Shaved cock

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Started by #311947 [Ignore] 17,Jun,16 14:17
Just from the feed back I get I hear that girls prefer a guy with a shaved or at least well groomed package(def shave your balls guys). Most guys I have encountered seem to enjoy it too. Maybe its a generational thing (Im 46 and every girl I know thinks it gross), Idk. I myself prefer to be shaved and if I meet a guy to play around with I def prefer shaved. To each their own, Im just putting out the feed back.

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By ScottsCock [Ignore] 15,May,24 17:34 other posts 
Shaved smooth...

By twisted1975 [Ignore] 14,May,24 00:54 other posts 

By Francesco [Ignore] 11,May,22 05:48 other posts 
Just tried once and hated the itching. Maybe I should try again...
By Tiny_Cock [Ignore] 13,May,24 14:32 other posts 
No lie, it does take time for the skin to get used to being shaved. I would recommend you start by trimming close to the skin 3mm or so and get used to that. After a while make it 1 mm and I am sure you will like the look. You can at some point completely shave but you may still get itchy, but can let it grow again to 1mm. Over time by doing this you will be able to completely shave, but 1 to 2mm is still VERY hot looking! ;-)

By Lucky [Ignore] 22,May,22 04:13 other posts 

I personally like being clean shaven
here a picture freshly shaved

By #671055 11,May,22 01:39
Shaved penises on here, just look, WOW!!
My girlfriend likes mine very 'trimmed' as she says she actually likes giving BJs!! Hard to believe! But I like going down on her, and she shaves clean, where she wants me to be, so I guess it makes sense.

By All469ernow [Ignore] 29,Apr,22 22:48 other posts 
Freshly done with the nads cream

By Luke98 [Ignore] 21,Apr,22 10:32 other posts 

Love to shave all of the body ahah
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By drew [Ignore] 18,Apr,22 12:06 other posts 

By knewbi [Ignore] 31,Mar,22 12:42 other posts 
Agreed, shaved or at least closely trimmed is best. My wife and I were swingers for years and she always told me that the cocks she liked best were always shaved totally smooth. As a matter of fact, there were a few guys that she avoided fucking and sucking because the hair just hides the best part and gets in the way. I know one guy that wanted to fuck her again, he had only once, that asked me if she had anything against him? I told him that she preferred a shaved cock and balls. Next time we met him at a party he said that he had shaved. I told him to strip down, some always stripped while others ran around in sexy shorts, which this guy did. So he did and approached her. She grabbed his hand an took him into a room and worked him over real good. After that he was always shaved and just loved fucking my wife and did so a number of times.

By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] 31,Mar,22 03:42 other posts 

By Toasty [Ignore] 26,Mar,22 12:31 other posts 
Just shaved cock feels so soft and smooth but I like hairy just as much.

By #613564 20,Mar,22 22:56
I've been with a few that liked me clean-shaved, like a little boy, because they liked doing oral, and they liked clean, smooth balls, and a few liked having one in her mouth, caressing with her tongue. REALLY NICE, and if you can, do it!!
I like them, clean-shaven, in places that they want me to kiss, and tease, when going down on them.
Most of the more 'mature' women, I have dated, have had issues with shaving clean, and thinking it is like some ****philic thing. They don't do oral, and don't want me going down, and guess what, BYE, BYE, PRUDE!!

By Harrym [Ignore] 20,Mar,22 10:37 other posts 
Love it shaved

By #1102 31,Dec,21 13:52
shaved very nice feeling
By Komp122 [Ignore] 20,Mar,22 03:37 other posts 
Yes it's awesome

By PowerStroke0178 [Ignore] 20,Mar,22 03:11 other posts 
I'm definitely a shaver when I make the time, I enjoy my smooth shaft and clean looking scrotum! It's more attractive I think for me to introduce someone to a clean cock than a messy, hairy region! Lol plus it makes my cock "look" bigger than I really am 🤷‍♂️ my wife prefers I shave everything, as smooth as possible, she says she really enjoys my smooth balls over hair anyway, I haven't shaved in about a month but I'm due I suppose!! Just a visual, trust me...guys...shave in the tub, not in the shower, i love watching my nutsack float around when I'm getting hard from shaving, since I'm a sucker for jerkin off once I touch it for more than a minute or so! Anyone local to Harrisburg, PA? I'll shave this weekend and want to discreetly show off my cock!! 🤣🤷‍♂️👍🥃🥃

By #640078 19,Mar,22 21:23
I recently shaved my entire cock and balls and I seem to be semi hard all the time. I have been putting shaved cocks in my favorites as well

By DesertStretcher [Ignore] 03,Jan,22 10:45 other posts 
Smooth, bare penis and balls for me, thank you!

By onthelose [Ignore] 30,Dec,21 00:00 other posts 
I like the smooth look. Nothing attractive about an unruly bush. Besides I think it makes me look bigger and I need all the help I can get.

By Key20 [Ignore] 29,Dec,21 22:26 other posts 
For sure shaved, looks better I think

By #652988 19,Dec,21 10:34
I enjoy shaving my dick it looks so clean

By steve8211 [Ignore] 13,Dec,21 17:40 other posts 
It feels so much better and feels cleaner

By german_guy [Ignore] 12,Dec,21 13:24 other posts 
I sure do prefer it shaved but at least it has to be groomed

By #652988 12,Dec,21 10:18
I love. Mine shaved a think it looks better

By dgraff [Ignore] 10,Dec,21 13:53 other posts 
Nice and smooth

By yellowman [Ignore] 09,Dec,21 08:27 other posts 
My renis and balls are shaved, I prefer it that way..

By #652988 07,Dec,21 05:12
I enjoy keeping my dick shaved

By spermkiss [Ignore] 08,Oct,20 15:22 other posts 
We gay men pioneered manscaping back in the late seventies and early eighties and now, forty years later, it has become totally mainstream. Most men, both gay and straight, do at least a little trimming and many men, again both gay and straight, have opted for totally hairless from the neck down. There are even television ads for razors designed for below the neck use.

But the biggest problem with body shaving is that it is high maintenance. I know because I did a whole body shave weekly for years. Then I went with the permanent solution and had it all permanently removed with a laser. Since then home laser hair removal devices have come to market and the laser salons have pretty much disappeared.

And there seems to be no end in sight. It seems almost de rigueur for porn actors, both gay and straight, to do at least some trimming, and many go the totally hairless route. This has crossed over to everyday men. Looking a men in locker rooms, changing rooms and showers at gyms and swimming pools, one can see that most men do at least some below-the-neck grooming. Many go all the way.

Is it a generational thing? I'd say yes. Men of mature years don't seem to take it up very much. But for younger men it's standard practice. All men remember the rite of passage when their beard grown began coming in and they had their first shave. Nowadays that shaving ritual is moved back a few years. Boys who begin getting pubic growth are eager to shave it off.

Hairless is hot.
By #636792 01,Mar,21 15:14

By Komp122 [Ignore] 18,Oct,20 03:45 other posts 
Smooth is the best
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Love to be smooth
By german_guy [Ignore] 19,Oct,20 14:52 other posts 
By Komp122 [Ignore] 20,Oct,20 23:23 other posts 

By qhaos [Ignore] 18,Oct,20 05:51 other posts 

Cock and balls yes, pubes no.
By german_guy [Ignore] 19,Oct,20 14:51 other posts 

By #590109 19,Oct,20 02:16
[deleted image]
By german_guy [Ignore] 19,Oct,20 14:51 other posts 

By nekekal [Ignore] 18,Oct,20 01:14 other posts 
I tried it several years ago. I had read that women might suck more if a guy kept his cock/balls shaved. So I shaved everything.

My wife laughed and said if I liked it fine, but it didn't do anything for her. That is she didn't suck my cock any more. Less would not really be possible.

So, I let it grow out.

By abagurio [Ignore] 13,Oct,20 08:33 other posts 
I find women with hair in all kind of places (pussy, ass, armpits and even nipples) extremely hot

By Wipperman [Ignore] 13,Oct,20 08:30 other posts 
Shaved Girls and Guys 👍

By newwt10 [Ignore] 07,Oct,20 00:29 other posts 
By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] 07,Oct,20 00:30 other posts 
By newwt10 [Ignore] 07,Oct,20 00:57 other posts 
You are well cummed!
By german_guy [Ignore] 08,Oct,20 13:12 other posts 

By Pat69 [Ignore] 08,Oct,20 08:55 other posts 

By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] 07,Oct,20 00:29 other posts 

By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] 07,Oct,20 00:27 other posts 
[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 19 seconds

Shaved penis and legs 💋💋💋

By Yando [Ignore] 23,May,18 02:11 other posts 

By #555544 15,May,18 08:05
[deleted image]

By ScottsCock [Ignore] 04,May,18 23:28 other posts 
By 3fdfd [Ignore] 11,May,18 08:16 other posts 
Yours is beautiful but I would love to see it hairy as well
By ScottsCock [Ignore] 12,May,18 19:38 other posts 
... there aren't any pictures of it hairy that I know of!
By #463848 15,May,18 02:42
That is a dream cock; a handful of lube and I would transport you to heaven

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