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Strange things happening in this site. 26,Apr,23 16:23
What if your spouse has no desire for anything intimate? 10,Apr,23 12:42
Whereís Lix 03,Aug,21 15:05


By massco 09,Apr,24 00:11

By massco 22,Oct,23 23:24
Married 45 years no sex for the last 5 years. Looking for a woman that wants only sex for the pleasure of it.

By massco 30,Aug,23 00:30
I love ginger pussy

By massco 16,Jul,23 09:03
I have some close neighbors so I love it when the corn grows tall.

By massco 06,Jul,23 10:54

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By massco 22,Jun,23 07:24
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Hanging out yesterday.

By massco 07,Jun,23 22:59
Out in the woods.

By massco 07,Jun,23 19:54
Blow them up.

By massco 27,Apr,23 11:39
Gin and limeade or a double shot of Crown on the rocks.

By massco 27,Apr,23 11:12

By massco 17,Apr,23 20:28
Thatís what your pussy does to me.

By massco 16,Apr,23 21:57
I have tried this. And the answer is go ahead and do that but make sure you donít come back to this house.

By massco 16,Apr,23 21:55
It is a problem for me for several reasons.

By massco 14,Apr,23 12:28
Yep need to find a lady like you.

By massco 11,Apr,23 18:08
Large clits and big pussy lips. Men with cocks so hard they curve up.

By massco 11,Apr,23 18:00
Yeah but youíre gorgeous. Some of us not so much.

By massco 11,Apr,23 13:25
Thanks for those suggestions. I like to edge also. But I can only enjoy that for a while. Human touch is needed. Preferably female.

By massco 10,Apr,23 10:24

By massco 10,Apr,23 10:21
Yes there are people on here I would like to meet in person.

By massco 14,Jan,23 16:23
I just did a stupid google search. She me your cock and it got me here.

By massco 11,Jan,23 15:41
Always find them sexy.

By massco 10,Jan,23 23:24

By massco 10,Jan,23 15:10
Yes there are 2 or 3 that when I see them I know who it is.

By massco 10,Jan,23 15:07
The size where they sag just a little and the nipples point up.

By massco 10,Jan,23 15:01
Wish I could figure that out!

By massco 20,Oct,22 12:36
I have about an hour drive home so I take care of it many days.

By massco 12,Oct,22 13:17
Side view of the stalk
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By massco 12,Oct,22 13:11
Yes looks like they are.
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By massco 07,Oct,22 14:52
Not really. Just handle it myself so to speak.

By massco 07,Oct,22 11:13
I have given up on my wife. She seems to be dead sexually. I still give it a shot now and then but itís mostly no. Need to find that woman that wants nothing more than sexual release.

By massco 07,Oct,22 10:34
I would rather a woman do it. Never had a guy do it so how do I know whatís best?

By massco 29,Sep,22 13:33

By massco 28,Sep,22 11:18
Try estim itís great when you get it just right.

By massco 26,Sep,22 11:38
Not sure why it would bother you.

By massco 26,Sep,22 11:34
When I was in Jr high we had to swim naked twice a week for gym class. Never understood the reason. Was kind of hard not to walk around with a hard on at that age.

By massco 26,Sep,22 11:11

By massco 14,Sep,22 14:41

By massco 09,Aug,22 13:07

By massco 06,Jun,22 15:24
I could get pretty turned on with either one.

By massco 23,Mar,22 23:52
63 Yes every day. Like right now.

By massco 23,Mar,22 11:25][/URL]

By massco 05,Mar,22 21:36
3 or 4 times a week. I edge for hours.

By massco 05,Mar,22 21:05
63 and edge for hours 3 to 4 times a week. Itís best when itís hot out and I can do it in the back yard.

By massco 24,Jan,22 09:27
I donít know why not.

By massco 19,Jan,22 20:24
Yes I do masturbate while looking at all the members pictures on here. I find the variety very exciting

By massco 15,Sep,21 11:41
Sounds fun to me. Just not sure I could do it.

By massco 08,Sep,21 15:17

By massco 06,Sep,21 21:34
I like to watch a big thick cock being brought to the edge over and over. I donít think I could just sit and watch without taking care of myself.

By massco 06,Sep,21 08:07

Not sure never knew there was a style.

By massco 06,Sep,21 08:00
What would you do with the group?