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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by bella! [Ignore] 13,Aug,23 07:15  other posts
This thread is for questionable content. WHY? Just because! I am someone who enjoys the Hodge Twins. YEP, the Hodge Twins. They probably make the hairs on the back of a WOKE person stand straight up! Anyway.....

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By phart [Ignore] 01,Mar,24 16:55 other posts 
Wholesale gas is 40 cent higher now than it was a month ago, oil per barrel has not risen that much.
If we could simply stop depending on foreign oil and use our own these price swings would not be a problem

By phart [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 07:36 other posts 
cost of living rises. We supposedly can't stop it.
Why not? In part we as consumers could stop buying high priced goods. We could refuse to buy expensive food and simply buy affordable ,in bulk items.
Or grow our own.
We could continue to watch the 60 inch tv instead of letting advertisers convince us we need to chunk it to buy the 72 inch.
alot of this rise could be avoided or postponed.
or we could ask our government to put a freeze on price in creases. or labor price increases. allow things to at least level out.
By WOODY58 [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 09:23 other posts 
The best method to stop inflation instantly appears to be cutting profiteering off at the knees at the start of its upward movement issued by a presidential Executive Order (EO) to waylay greed. Profiteers are usually the real drivers of inflation because they set prices ďfrom the top,Ē indirectly controlling both supply and demand for goods and services. Ultimately, their power controls our economy: the Federal Reserve Bank and member banks, Wall Street, most presidents, Congress, Corporate America, and fear-stricken candidates for any office.
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Unfortunately, in the same article it shows it leads to stagflation and unemployment. Both are worse.
The cost of living goes up not just on high priced items, it goes up on all items.
ďGrowing your ownĒ is commendable but impractical. Most people donít have the room to do so, but, more importantly, they donít have the knowledge to do so.
One other thought, just because the cost of living is going up, why should I give up that 72Ē TV just because my neighbor canít afford food?
By phart [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 10:01 other posts 
Why fill up the landfill with a fully functional device? You should see the mountain of tv's at the county landfill. And even the staff said over 80% of them are fully functional.
just wanted bigger.
And I learned to grow vegetables in the strangest of places by todays standards. I learned it in the 7th and 8th grades and then as I went into high school continued to learn more because agriculture was part of our education. Imagine that? Knowledge that can be used to control your health, and life by growing food for yourself and others you love??
Take away to much profit, you take away investor incentive ,leaving everyone without.
By WOODY58 [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 13:07 other posts 
I donít know. I donate or list it on Facebook Marketplace. We grow tomatoes, yellow squash, onions and several condiments like celantro. Itís what the stock will pay. Most public corporations make out well
By phart [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 15:07 other posts 
i just picked up a 42 inch free ,without remote but so, I will use it for a computer monitor anyway.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 29,Feb,24 07:15 other posts 
Woody cutting and pasting things he does not even understand. I find that hilarious. Anyone taking financial advice from a former Sears tech is a fucking muppet.

Just an angry rat blaming upset the success of others. An old cunt regretting his poor decisions!
By WOODY58 [Ignore] 29,Feb,24 10:57 other posts 
Gee, Sir-Shittles, how do you get your information? Do you listen to reruns of Captain Kangaroo?
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 29,Feb,24 07:21 other posts 
woody58 I hope someone does not drive their sport-ute through your scummy garden!

Probably filled with rats, bugs, and disease!
By WOODY58 [Ignore] 29,Feb,24 10:59 other posts 
Sir-Shittles, not all gardens are like yours (filled with rats, bugs, and disease). At least, not mine.
By phart [Ignore] 29,Feb,24 15:37 other posts 
All jokes aside,I don't see how skittles or any one for that matter could have a garden in new york. all those rats running around, some even robbing jewelry stores and such . read about that, rats stealing shiny necklaces and stuff, can't imagine the pay day a city worker would have cleaning out drains and finding all that stuff years later.
By WOODY58 [Ignore] 01,Mar,24 14:19 other posts 

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 29,Feb,24 08:40 other posts 
Waiting for confirmation... but I am hearing rumblings that the Saggy Granny AKA cat was out throwing rocks at police...

during a fucking pro-Palestinian rally over the weekend.

What a piece of shit! Fuck you Saggy!
By phart [Ignore] 29,Feb,24 09:56 other posts 
How large were the rocks? Or was it actually some gravel picked up from the bus stop?

By phart [Ignore] 20,Feb,24 09:14 other posts 
Well, perhaps californias economy needs to sink a bit further before they figure out the obvious.

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By CAT [Ignore] 21,Feb,24 10:30 other posts 
The obvious is that people like you donít want to pay more for services so, you are willing to let employees suffer with a substandard rate of pay.
By phart [Ignore] 21,Feb,24 13:20 other posts 
How can I pay more for services when my income is limited just as theirs is? As their income goes up,my money does less and less. why is that hard to see?

As a retired person, does your retirement go up everytime you whine to your former employer? No,it doesn't.

Your parents kept a roof over your head as a kid for alot less money than you made on your job. The money was less but it did more.
By CAT [Ignore] 21,Feb,24 18:33 other posts 
Itís not about you or me. We have our fight too. This is about those employees. I remember when a pack of cigarettes cost $0.50. Now itís about $4.00. People still smoke and the tobacco companies are making huge profits.
By phart [Ignore] 21,Feb,24 18:38 other posts 
And those same people that pay 4 bucks for a smoke are the same 1's crying they don't make enough money.When if they stopped smoking, that would be a pay raise in and of it'self.
ANd it is about you,me, the entire population.We are all affected by these issues.
Why would it not be? We were employee's.We made it thru,barely. so what makes these folks today deserve any better? They work less hours,lighter dutys due to automation and etc.
By CAT [Ignore] 22,Feb,24 10:46 other posts 
What makes these folk today deserve any better? Itís a natural thing to want better. You want them to suffer because we did? Not cool, Phart.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Feb,24 18:04 other posts 
I don't "want" them to suffer. I just can't see why they are so deserving of chances and money that we never had.
I don't see modern society deserving of any thing better than we had it economic wise.
By CAT [Ignore] 24,Feb,24 07:51 other posts 
It's not a matter of being deserving. It's a matter of being in need. What you say about these employees was exactly what your elders said about you, way back when. This process is never ending.
By phart [Ignore] 25,Feb,24 07:20 other posts 
I was in need while I was working ,that is why I was working towards promotions and pay increases.
If you are working a job, chances are you are in need of a wage to support yourself and your family.
Nothing has changed. Except people now think they are entitled to more than their fair share for the same work and effort as their predecessors. Sometimes even less effort because of modern tech
By CAT [Ignore] 25,Feb,24 18:11 other posts 
What do you consider their fair share and why?
By phart [Ignore] 25,Feb,24 20:28 other posts 
the same share we all had while we worked and those before us.
Our parents kept roofs over our heads, you kept a roof over your kids, and that is what the folks working now deserve. but why it's ok for them to expect so much more,so much better, than we had is beyond me.Most jobs are so much easier and so much safer now to do than they were years ago. less risk .
By CAT [Ignore] 26,Feb,24 17:19 other posts 
In dollars/hr
By phart [Ignore] 26,Feb,24 20:29 other posts 
Yep, my dad started at 1.15 a hour.of course he got raises as he gained experiance. had benifits to. 5 years later he bought a house ,woulda been home had it not been for the violence and desegration coming to the neighborhood remember as a 3 year old bullets bouncing off the house from the next street over. . so in a few years we all moved here and he paid for it in 7 years with the wages he was earning at that time which were pretty good for the 70's.

Young people wanting to walk into a job making the same salary or more than experianced people that have worked years to climb the ladder is what gives me this attitude. Work for it and earn it like those before you and stop expecting paradise as soon as the ink on your college degree drys.
By CAT [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 21:39 other posts 
Young people get hired at the going rate for the job. Older employees just have to go on. What you are describing has been happening since the caveman boss hired new cove people to help cook
By phart [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 22:54 other posts 
and it has never been right. should work your way up.
By CAT [Ignore] 28,Feb,24 10:59 other posts 
That does happen as long as you demand an increase for being exceptional.
By dgraff [Ignore] 26,Feb,24 18:47 other posts 
4 dollars for a pack of cigarettes Iím coming down there for my cigarettes itís 10 dollars a pack up north for a name brand
--------------------------------------- added after 106 seconds

Itís expensive slowly killing my self
By phart [Ignore] 26,Feb,24 20:21 other posts 
That shit's been going on for decades. crazy really.
By kebmo [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 03:39 other posts 
I think cigarettes are about $15 a package where I live. I quit 12 years ago and they were about $10 then. Cigarettes and alcohol in Canada have serious sin taxes to pay for healthcare services. People who smoke and drink use more of our health services so they pay for them that way. Since Iím such a quitter I quit drinking about 11 years ago and even though marijuana is legal in Canada I donít smoke it anymore but I sure wish it was legal when I was young!
By WOODY58 [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 09:27 other posts 
Candy is quoting my son. He smokes generic branded cigs. Each pack is about $3.84. I smoked for over 30 yrs. I quit in 1995 and Iím glad I did, but, if I was still a smoker, I would rather smoke dried cow crap than what my son smokes.
By dgraff [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 15:16 other posts 
By phart [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 22:55 other posts 
it would probably be cleaner and healthier. I remember when the generics first came out, I knew 2 people that worked at the factory's and they were made at the end of the day and stuff was literally swept off the floors and put in the vats.Mind you the floors and such are "clean" but still, sweepings.
By tecsan [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 01:41 other posts 
If they cost too much then do not smoke. Simple.
By kebmo [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 03:42 other posts 
I quit smoking after 30 years and that was 12 years ago and I still have to work at it. Smoking is a very powerful addiction. I think the government should pay for any smoking cessation products because it is to everyoneís benefit that people donít smoke.
By tecsan [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 03:45 other posts 
Free Country here, if you want to smoke then I do not care. Stupid however. Why do you not just ban everything you disagree with?
By kebmo [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 00:58 other posts 
Phart that $20 an hour is known as a living wage. It happened where I live. In 2017 the minimum wage was $11 an hour and over a three-year period it went up incrementally to $15 an hour so that is about a 25% increase. This increase did not apply to servers and bartenders working in the front end of restaurants because they make a substantial amount more than say, a dishwasher because they get tips.
Yeah people bitched and complained about it but do you know who didnít bitch and complain about it? The people who are now making a living wage. We all got used to it and it is the norm now.
No there was not a mass exodus of people leaving the province. $15 is pretty well normal across Canada now.
I think everyone deserves a living wage.
By tecsan [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 01:43 other posts 
Then retired people deserve an inflation raise. How is that going?
By kebmo [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 03:21 other posts 
The Canada Pension Plan receives increases once a year based on the consumer price index. The increases come into effect every January and are legislated so that benefits keep up with the cost of living.

Iím not sure about all of Canada because healthcare is a provincially run entity but I do know that in Alberta after the age of 65 all of your medication is also covered. Of course being in Canada your general healthcare is covered as well.
I have never in my life paid to visit a physician, a specialist that I was referred to by a physician or for any hospital services.
By tecsan [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 03:40 other posts 
So when you were say 18 all that you mentioned was free? Now I understand why many come here for work after their hospital chained the doors closed. You get what you pay for is about the right of it. Remember all here have free emergency care. Now some of that elective bs should not be paid for.
By kebmo [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 04:28 other posts 
No free boob jobs in Canada 🇨🇦 😄
By kebmo [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 04:49 other posts 
You said all have free emergency care here. Where is ďhereĒ?
By tecsan [Ignore] 28,Feb,24 00:31 other posts 
TX, anymore stupid questions? Especially about bidenflation!
By kebmo [Ignore] 28,Feb,24 04:10 other posts 
Yes I did notice your name implies that you are from Texas but I have noticed here that people from Texas usually have nice and decent sized cocks but yours is ugly and pathetic so I doubted that you were from Texas.

No further questions thank you.
By phart [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 07:04 other posts 
finally, a voice of commen sense, the cost of living rises for retired people as well. When I worked,money I earned was yanked to cover old people, and they got more raises than i did. So more money for the old people,that actually helped build this country.not tear it down.
By WOODY58 [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 09:43 other posts 
Mr Phart, getting more raises is not the same as making more money than you. This is from Social Security Administration:
ď Most of our beneficiaries are retirees and their families ó about 52 million people in September 2023. But Social Security was never meant to be the only source of income for people when they retire. Social Security replaces a percentage of a worker's pre-retirement income based on your lifetime earningsĒ
Every year Social Security figures out the rise in the cost of living and adjusts (gives a raise) retirees pay. This has been happening before I started working.
I remember in the Ď80s economists sounding the alarm that as the ďbaby boomersĒ aged into retirement there would be a less and less percentage of working contributors to maintain Social Security at the levels that the baby boomers maintained the retirees before I retired.
By phart [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 07:33 other posts 
So where did the money come from that covered these large pay increases?
By WOODY58 [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 09:43 other posts 
See above post, Sonny.
By kebmo [Ignore] 27,Feb,24 17:52 other posts 
Phart, as with any business, be at a grocery store, an airline or a restaurant, when the costs to the owner go up the customers pay for it. I live in Alberta which has the highest average income of any province in Canada so when your dinner costs you a little more in the restaurant usually you can afford it. An owner could lay off some staff and give worse service but thatís not what customers want. They want a good product with good service and usually theyíre willing to pay for it.

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