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By Sir-Skittles 19,Sep,23 21:09

By Sir-Skittles 19,Sep,23 20:40

No one is jerking off to this Down's Syndrome model

By Sir-Skittles 19,Sep,23 18:57
woody58 No one gives a shit what you have to say or post here. Go back to posting racist blogs, homophobic slurs, and tell your cunt wife to do the same! Your comments today about Arabs was just typical.

She has a history of anti-semitic comments along with her usual slurs against gay men.

Case in point your blog:


By Sir-Skittles 19,Sep,23 18:49
woody58 racist comments and homophobia! What a true piece of white trash!

By Sir-Skittles 17,Sep,23 15:24
woody58 shut up retard!

By Sir-Skittles 17,Sep,23 15:18
woody58- well you are not riding in that piece of shit.

Your vehicle is a mini-van with a ramp and handicap plates--- driven by state worker!

By Sir-Skittles 17,Sep,23 09:54
I am sure being here interfered with her dumpster diving hobby.

By Sir-Skittles 17,Sep,23 09:47
It appears the slag rat Crimsonnoose has been grassed or deleted...

Let's hope her fat cunt is never allowed back.

By Sir-Skittles 16,Sep,23 17:57
No energy Joe--- about to be impeached and his scummy son in the hot seat as well!

By Sir-Skittles 16,Sep,23 15:41
You know he bought this car at some off brand dealership in Overtown or Little Haiti

By Sir-Skittles 16,Sep,23 08:42
Pathetic men gaming the system. How is that less than 1% of the population can cause so many problems?

I would say 95% of these transgender weirdos are just doing it for attention. One of these men playing a contact sport with women is going to get someone killed.

By Sir-Skittles 16,Sep,23 08:40
Guess they don't want "certain people" in their restaurants taking 8 refills in a cup they found in the garbage!

By Sir-Skittles 16,Sep,23 08:39
Even weaker than Obama Didn't think that was possible!

By Sir-Skittles 16,Sep,23 08:38

By Sir-Skittles 16,Sep,23 08:37
woody58 is that why Cat had to sell her piece of shit Mustang to pay for rent and food?

By Sir-Skittles 16,Sep,23 08:36
What a piece of junk! And we all know it is not new! High mileage or has been in a crash!

Too poor to get a Tahoe!

By Sir-Skittles 16,Sep,23 08:31
This cunt woody58 is too poor to pay for his own membership! He has to beg someone else to do it! And they also clean his filthy scummy page!


By Sir-Skittles 10,Sep,23 20:41
Who uses a credit card for a down payment? And that car must be a piece of shit!

By Sir-Skittles 10,Sep,23 20:39

By Sir-Skittles 10,Sep,23 18:24
Cat fuck off TwoWorms pig cunt!!! #562152- yer scummy old profile bitch.

By Sir-Skittles 10,Sep,23 18:23

By Sir-Skittles 10,Sep,23 18:16
7 credit cards

Each one with a $450 limit! The known credit risk!

By Sir-Skittles 10,Sep,23 12:57
Not really... prob some street closures because of the cunt Kamala

By Sir-Skittles 10,Sep,23 09:37
She will get booed for sure here

By Sir-Skittles 10,Sep,23 09:35
way to dig up a forum from 2018 cunt head

By Sir-Skittles 09,Sep,23 14:15
Nancy Pelosi promising to put cunts in jail

San Francisco is lost--- Who would want to hold a convention or large event there?

Major retailers and hotels closing their doors. Small businesses suffering on the weight of crime and regulations.

What a lovely liberal picture they have painted!

By Sir-Skittles 09,Sep,23 13:35
I heard the Saggy Grandpa is pan-handling for someone to pay for his site membership... Oh my!

Poor cunt!

By Sir-Skittles 09,Sep,23 13:34
More homophobic comments by the Saggy Grandpa? Oh my!

Woody58 Old rat!

By Sir-Skittles 09,Sep,23 13:32
When will you post a new pic with your two missing legs? I know diabetes got you good!

Woody58 Old Saggy Grandpa!

By Sir-Skittles 07,Sep,23 13:40

New Saggy Granny blog series started!!

By Sir-Skittles 06,Sep,23 17:36
100% agree! Old rats!

See my blog about the Saggy Granny shitting all over the Greyhound bus-- flooding them damn thing!

By Sir-Skittles 06,Sep,23 17:35
Prob NOT enforced in woke scummy Austin!

By Sir-Skittles 06,Sep,23 17:33
The owner of this scummy forum --- His slag wife has a rat cunt, fat gut, and saggy tits. A real site prize!

By Sir-Skittles 06,Sep,23 17:32
I don't predicate success in life off popularity on a cunt and cock site!

Losers! I know you are both poor!

By Sir-Skittles 05,Sep,23 20:41
Your own bitch (cat) has posted numerous homophobic and anti semantic comments/posts.

She is a piece of shit and failure. A joke! You lost the moral high ground so shut your cunt.

By Sir-Skittles 05,Sep,23 20:35
I heard the flies are complaining about the Saggy Granny's minge

By Sir-Skittles 05,Sep,23 20:34

By Sir-Skittles 05,Sep,23 20:34
Woody58 and yet you respond... Like Pavlov's dog... but retarded

By Sir-Skittles 05,Sep,23 20:31

A piece of shit member!

By Sir-Skittles 05,Sep,23 20:30

I saw that... disgusting.

By Sir-Skittles 05,Sep,23 20:30
A partial secondary education gets you what in this country? They gave us their criminals, gang members, and their unwanted.

NJ says NO MORE MIGRANTS and and the rest of your beloved blue cities are going to fall soon. There is no money or infrastructure to support a new class of welfare.

LA, Chicago, and Philly are all in terrible shape.

By Sir-Skittles 05,Sep,23 11:04
woody58 another cut and paste brainwashed post.

The majority of these people coming through the border have zero skills or education! The smart ones and educated ones come here legally.

And a large chunk have criminal history in their scummy country of origin.

By Sir-Skittles 05,Sep,23 11:02
100% agree.. an old rat and RINO

By Sir-Skittles 28,Aug,23 07:44

Fuck this COVID BS

By Sir-Skittles 27,Aug,23 20:08
Woody58 wake the fuck up rat!

Time to slap the flies off cat's rat cunt!

By Sir-Skittles 27,Aug,23 20:06
With her first name known and from a small state, we should be able to get this done

By Sir-Skittles 27,Aug,23 20:05
La Bjuka

By Sir-Skittles 27,Aug,23 17:37
I heard that cunt got arrested for asking the massage parlor to jack him off again...

By Sir-Skittles 27,Aug,23 17:37
Considering I spent like $120 ish for dinner this weekend for just me... this sounds like a bargain!

Then again, NYC prices are not reality for most.