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By Sir-Skittles 26,Jul,21 14:12
I think American...

By Sir-Skittles 26,Jul,21 14:11
15K is a tidy sum of points... dang!

By Sir-Skittles 26,Jul,21 14:10

White Precious makes me nauseous .... a true war pig

By Sir-Skittles 26,Jul,21 14:05

This is a forum thread for you ... saggy parts and all!!

By Sir-Skittles 26,Jul,21 14:04
The Saggy Granny and White Precious still need more specific instructions

By Sir-Skittles 26,Jul,21 14:03

By Sir-Skittles 26,Jul,21 14:02
Trump will def be announcing he is running as soon as it legal and in compliance with campaign finances rules....

By Sir-Skittles 26,Jul,21 07:24
Does anything interesting ever happen in YOUR county asshole?

By Sir-Skittles 26,Jul,21 07:23
Anuslicker is a moron who looks forward to his monthly check from the government. A layabout cunt for sure.

By Sir-Skittles 26,Jul,21 07:21

Idiot loves welfare and being told what and how to do it.

By Sir-Skittles 23,Jul,21 10:52
Well, the Dutch just laid down in WWII, so thankfully others stepped up.

By Sir-Skittles 21,Jul,21 18:03
Oh my- what happened to the Angel1227! page? If you click the Angel hyperlink in other forum threads it goes to the Saggy Granny page. Is this the work of Admin ??--------------------------------------- added after 110 minutesBella! made the catch--

Angel is gone, replaced by the rat twowarmtts3!

There is still twowarmtts3 Saggy Granny and cuck Chuckles!!!

By Sir-Skittles 21,Jul,21 14:17
Another great example of Twowarmtts3 being a spelling and grammar the third grade level anyway!

Old rat! Just delete again!

By Sir-Skittles 21,Jul,21 14:13
system, 21,Jul,21 07:42 [hide]
You were blacklisted by mycaramelstick

He banned me.... and he's grassed now!!!!

What a loser

By Sir-Skittles 20,Jul,21 22:52
Well, Admin doesn't take SEARS here... so she is fucked!

By Sir-Skittles 20,Jul,21 22:51
What did they serve for dinner at the soup kitchen tonight? Or, was it Meals on Wheels? Poor rats!

By Sir-Skittles 20,Jul,21 12:47
White Precious--- has no friends in real-life... she is def here 24/7.. Sad cunt and face looking like a bucket of smashed crabs!

By Sir-Skittles 20,Jul,21 12:43
Eat homeless assholes you old bag!

By Sir-Skittles 20,Jul,21 12:34

By Sir-Skittles 20,Jul,21 12:31
It is a bit of a mystery that this is happening...

By Sir-Skittles 20,Jul,21 11:15
The rat mycaramelstick reported a very popular member for some BS of BS..

Report cleared without a single DELETE vote and now the member has some wonderful parting gifts sponsored by Sir Skittles!

By Sir-Skittles 20,Jul,21 11:14
Welfare? I doubt that.. stupid cunt

By Sir-Skittles 19,Jul,21 10:15
the Saggy Granny has opened up both her accounts--- And they are both trashed with wonderful gifts.

Put more rounds on target!!

By Sir-Skittles 19,Jul,21 08:14
You have been on this site before and were also an idiot then...

By Sir-Skittles 18,Jul,21 14:54
Not one member voted delete....

By Sir-Skittles 18,Jul,21 14:30
Sir-Skittles the site :

That is what the Saggy Granny wrote about me in public. Her/it is much worse in PM... She is close to breaking.

Her grammar and typos are legendary. She really is a mongoloid!

By Sir-Skittles 18,Jul,21 14:25

Sir-Skittles the site :

Nice post- Oh, the grammar! That GED is really paying dividends!

Watch your blood pressure! You seem very agitated!!


By Sir-Skittles 18,Jul,21 14:22
This is what the Saggy Granny considers to be a threat:

"Don't fuck with us. Behave yourself and hopefully things will sort out. Don't test us."

Where is the threat here you ask? There isn't one. She is a fucking moron.

By Sir-Skittles 18,Jul,21 13:15
Bella!- I asked Admin to comment on this... that is how I believe it works. Perhaps it is different if the membership is gifted??

By Sir-Skittles 18,Jul,21 11:13
White Precious Licksipsuckit Hi Auntie

By Sir-Skittles 18,Jul,21 10:13
Angel1227! #LOSER

The Saggy Granny is REALLY unhinged this time! Raging heavy but there is no need to panic. We know this old bag spews all her hate here but isn't much for stamina. It will soon retreat to safer waters and will ban everyone again!

Recommendation from the site medical officer: double your meds!

Still laughing at her pathetic attempt to grass SrCums in the panel. Not a single member voted to delete and the report was cleared within 21 minutes. Just like in the real-world, failure is a foregone conclusion with her efforts.

By Sir-Skittles 18,Jul,21 10:08

Shut up cunt. Your next welfare check is still two weeks away.

And of course you have plenty of time: Your ONLY priority is waiting for that check every month. A leach of society!
--------------------------------------- added after 81 hours

Has anyone seen Angel1227! ???

By Sir-Skittles 17,Jul,21 08:42
I see scummy BLM is supporting police beatings in CUBA... and is 100% pro Castro ...

Great organization. Shows you they care fuck all for black lives. If they did, they would be in Chicago sorting that mess out.

By Sir-Skittles 17,Jul,21 08:40
Were were you cunt? TwoWorm 1 or 2??

By Sir-Skittles 17,Jul,21 08:38
The People's Champion!

By Sir-Skittles 17,Jul,21 08:36
Sounds very metaphysical!

By Sir-Skittles 17,Jul,21 08:32
Jamie you are not a layabout bum like these sofa king welfare rats...

By Sir-Skittles 17,Jul,21 08:32
Angel1227!- Saggy Granny, go take more of your meds! You and your cuck Charlie

By Sir-Skittles 17,Jul,21 08:30
Who cares?

A George Floyd Shitbox-- cunts worshipping a junkie criminal. POS State.

By Sir-Skittles 16,Jul,21 22:33

Learn some basic math and finance before you whinge off about taxes. Welfare cunt.

By Sir-Skittles 16,Jul,21 22:31
She has two harpoons in her fat back

By Sir-Skittles 16,Jul,21 22:29
Auntie Lix... her cunny has flies on it! Mad swarms---- Aussieman is a pro swatter!

By Sir-Skittles 16,Jul,21 18:33
So, more welfare. Great.

By Sir-Skittles 15,Jul,21 20:07
That is the REAL Lix mate!

She uses A LOT of filters for her pics.. and still looks like a goblin.

By Sir-Skittles 15,Jul,21 19:55
She is mad pissed Rio Tinto ran a dozer over her village so they could mine there

Petrol station demolished! Nowhere to work or eat! No more petrol sniffing! Favourite activity in her village.

By Sir-Skittles 15,Jul,21 19:51
Yer mate, reckon Auntie will try to spear me through my laptop screen! lol

She hissed ya fuckin' whit dog at me!!!

By Sir-Skittles 15,Jul,21 19:39

Hey Auntie Licksipsuckit

Doyalson long jetty skank. I see you trailed up at the caravan park! With all the no hope cunts! Junkie heaven!

By Sir-Skittles 15,Jul,21 19:22
Cody8789 what up cunty???

By Sir-Skittles 15,Jul,21 19:22

By Sir-Skittles 15,Jul,21 17:11
LEO is a pos at best... a site toilet.