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By Sir-Skittles 23,Jun,24 11:47
What’s the difference between Paul Walker and Betty White?

Paul Walker hit 100 before he died.

Did you hear about Paul Walker's dandruff problem?

They found his head and shoulders in the glovebox

By Sir-Skittles 23,Jun,24 11:43
filthy animal! lol

Your village?

Do they have toilets in Pakistan?

According to the humanitarian-information portal Reliefweb, Pakistan is among the top 10 countries in the world with the worst sanitation, with 79 million of its 232 million people (34 percent) with no access to a “proper toilet.” That means not only heightened health risks for millions of the country's people, but ...Mar 24, 2023


By Sir-Skittles 23,Jun,24 10:36
black behavior

By Sir-Skittles 23,Jun,24 09:02
She might be 71, but most of her parts are 3 years old

By Sir-Skittles 23,Jun,24 09:00
Guns and hotdogs, America!

By Sir-Skittles 23,Jun,24 08:58
The only thing masks do is make criminals harder to ID...

Even this libtard state I live in is considering it. The AG and rat governor both are behind bringing back the ban...

Let them eat their own I say

By Sir-Skittles 22,Jun,24 14:57
The Biden's are a known scummy family- Hunter shagged his brothers wife... 20 minutes after the cunt beau was in the ground!

By Sir-Skittles 21,Jun,24 20:45
Let's go Brandon!

By Sir-Skittles 21,Jun,24 08:32
We should send our homeless to Mexico and South America

They sent us their emptied jails... fair trade!

By Sir-Skittles 21,Jun,24 08:29
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A shit box of liberal hell

By Sir-Skittles 20,Jun,24 07:21
She is an idiot... we have always known that.

A follower. No thoughts of her own. And yet she chooses to live in a hardcore red state reaping the benefits and still complaining!

A total loser who if she returns, will regret it.

By Sir-Skittles 20,Jun,24 06:43
Avenatti in jail!

By Sir-Skittles 20,Jun,24 06:41
Has anyone see that rat cat or her stump leg criminal hubby?

By Sir-Skittles 20,Jun,24 06:39

Women are going to keep getting hurt. Way to go libs! I am sure anus licker would like to play in the women's league.

By Sir-Skittles 19,Jun,24 18:45
a very, very, very bitter and insecure man

By Sir-Skittles 19,Jun,24 17:03
agree- a rat!


Should this scummy have "its" page trashed?

Vote 1 for yes

Vote 2 for no

By Sir-Skittles 19,Jun,24 10:58
What the actual fuck is this???

1. A site loon

2. A known scummy

3. A stay at home cheese puff eater making shit up with stolen pics

member wildfreak85

By Sir-Skittles 19,Jun,24 10:56
Desantis does not poll well nationally.. and as a key asset to the GOP he is better staying and keeping FL red as fuck.

JD Vance, Tim Scott, or Mark Rubio are top picks

By Sir-Skittles 18,Jun,24 12:47

By Sir-Skittles 16,Jun,24 18:01
She would be part of the boards as soon as the puck dropped

Even the site medical officer would not be able to put her back together!

By Sir-Skittles 16,Jun,24 17:41
Went to the quadriplegic strip club this weekend..

Place was crawling with pussy..

By Sir-Skittles 16,Jun,24 17:38
they don't teach anymore- they indoctrinate.

Fucking piece of cunt teachers union should lose their accreditation. Filled with loons.

By Sir-Skittles 16,Jun,24 17:33
I can't wait to see this old rat debate Trump- they are going to have to inject him with meth

By Sir-Skittles 12,Jun,24 18:46
Cat- you barely survived your mama's coat hangers!

Show us the scars on your head!

By Sir-Skittles 12,Jun,24 18:45
He did not do this all by himself.. he had Biden's number 3 from DOJ resign to join him... and all that Soros money!

A fat worthless lump who lets rapists, robbers, and killers walk free.

By Sir-Skittles 12,Jun,24 18:26
tecsan post yer panties here !!

By Sir-Skittles 12,Jun,24 18:18

By Sir-Skittles 11,Jun,24 18:47

By Sir-Skittles 11,Jun,24 18:22
jury found Hunter guilty faster than he banged his dead brothers wife! What a scummy cunt!

By Sir-Skittles 11,Jun,24 18:21
Europe- fuck off-

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This will have zero impact on how the US runs its US companies...

By Sir-Skittles 11,Jun,24 12:32
The cunt Hunter Biden GUILTY on all charges.

Even funnier is old rat Joe is speaking at an anti-gun rally.

Guns are bad okay! But my junkie piece of shit son needs one!

More trouble ahead with his taxes.

Will daddy help him?

By Sir-Skittles 09,Jun,24 10:18
You are a fucking retard.

Fucking piece of shit.

By Sir-Skittles 09,Jun,24 10:16
What is it going to take? One of these man broads putting a female into a wheelchair after taking a hit?

Enough already. Solid Chardonnay lib logic.

By Sir-Skittles 08,Jun,24 11:09
I am actually surprised they let that go.. lots of traffic on that video. It also looked like he clipped the k rail...

By Sir-Skittles 08,Jun,24 10:55
Police actually have to drive SAFE at high speed

Black behavior!

By Sir-Skittles 08,Jun,24 09:17
bjuk why is this profile using your IP address?

pitbull a site investigation is requested at once!

By Sir-Skittles 08,Jun,24 08:01
that is Cat's real picture- we got from the hard drive she threw out!

By Sir-Skittles 08,Jun,24 08:01
Holy fuck!

By Sir-Skittles 07,Jun,24 23:01

By Sir-Skittles 07,Jun,24 16:52

tecsan bjuk the dinner you two ordered is ready for pick up

By Sir-Skittles 07,Jun,24 12:53
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Speaking of retarded libs- this one just sank!

It was unpopular across the board and was facing multiple lawsuits. Good thing we put up cameras, sensors across the city at the cost of mere millions. Now will be used by pigeons for housing.

Manhattan is still not recovered workers post COVID and their push to punish people coming into the city was ridiculous.

She is a loser and so was Lord Cuomo.

By Sir-Skittles 07,Jun,24 12:49
The site medical officer confirmed after years of research and studies, that libs/dems are in fact, deeply retarded.

They are angry at themselves, angry at the success of others, and overall just miserable cunts!

By Sir-Skittles 06,Jun,24 15:35
Angela White!

By Sir-Skittles 06,Jun,24 15:34
Not at all.. she is a known scummy cunt and married to a jail bird. No thanks

By Sir-Skittles 06,Jun,24 13:04
@ bella! because she is scared!

By Sir-Skittles 06,Jun,24 13:02
CAT fuck off- you can never return here! Or Woodless ends up in the slammer!

By Sir-Skittles 06,Jun,24 13:01
I know, look at tecsan He is a high spectrum one

By Sir-Skittles 01,Jun,24 10:05

We found the hard drives you buried!

Oh my oh my! A true scummy couple!

By Sir-Skittles 01,Jun,24 10:04
Federal government saw no reason to pursue this as did the former Manhattan DA...

So we all know what this is about...

And now the gloves are off- Obama, Biden, & Hillary, should all be worried. Because these trials will be in Florida.