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By Sir-Skittles 15,Aug,22 17:13
Radar? They can see her potbelly from the space station!

By Sir-Skittles 15,Aug,22 17:12
Looks to have survived the Leo/NotyNYT panel Two known scummy cunts.

As far as rat's pictures- VERY old! If she is so confident in her looks as she states, then why post stuff from the 70's?

Some sorry ass lumps on here that say they would shag her!

By Sir-Skittles 14,Aug,22 08:34
Muppets are def still wearing masks in NYC- Especially outside, which defies any common sense. This the same group of brain dead libs that wear the mask outside and then as soon as they come INSIDE, the masks go off!

Solid logic!

I was at the one of the local diners for breakfast the few weeks ago and some rat asked me to put a mask on when I finished eating. I told him to fuck off

Another Caring Karen!

By Sir-Skittles 14,Aug,22 08:29
Los Angeles covered in water and lost forever? Tell me more!

By Sir-Skittles 13,Aug,22 09:22

A Jesus dildo! Someone on this scummy site getting butt hurt over Jesus taking a little pussy plunge. That's rich!

By Sir-Skittles 12,Aug,22 12:18
Dems love to spend other people's money for sure...

How many companies did Obama fund that failed ??

By Sir-Skittles 11,Aug,22 21:55
Dev01 Not TeddyBear..

By Sir-Skittles 11,Aug,22 21:54
She is still waiting for her ObamaCare lobotomy to be completed

By Sir-Skittles 10,Aug,22 19:04

By Sir-Skittles 09,Aug,22 07:17
DOJ corrupt at best- used as political weapon yet again. Many legal scholars already saying this warrant was less than sound. But I will let the site lawyers from other countries weigh in on these actions

By Sir-Skittles 08,Aug,22 08:17
Cat this is why your already feeble mind is getting worse ... get help!

By Sir-Skittles 08,Aug,22 08:15
Fuck off Indian! Your taxi customer is pissed you are slagging off on this site!

By Sir-Skittles 07,Aug,22 09:20
Too soon?

He has always been a moron, but lately it is epically sad. He might not have a brain anymore.

By Sir-Skittles 06,Aug,22 17:18

By Sir-Skittles 06,Aug,22 14:56

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This piece of shoots the delivery guy and leaves him to die on the street. Our soft cock prosecutors don't remand him into custody. He is given bail- on a felony murder charge! What the actual fuck? DA is a total loser... like do your fucking job!

Her new cock bag strategy got this guy killed too- He would have been in jail supervised, and certainly would have not had a fucking gun! Liberal logic backfiring yet again.

By Sir-Skittles 05,Aug,22 16:05
Big tech could solve this in a minute, but they don't want to... they want fraud.

Also, who trusts Google and ShitBook at this point?

By Sir-Skittles 05,Aug,22 07:16
As opposed to the gen-Z retard who skinned his precious knee and will be out for 6 months And sponsored by the Dutch Government, Go Fund Me, and a host of other services!

By Sir-Skittles 04,Aug,22 07:53

That won't happen, but how about some basic common sense?

You need an ID

You need to be a citizen

You need to vote in your AREA and not multiple times

Enough with the mail in votes- Too much fraud! How about online and you have a unique registration that is tied to your ID. It is 2022 for fucks sake.

By Sir-Skittles 03,Aug,22 19:35
Stupid woke cunts (broke as well) Like the Saggy Granny Cat) should get to reading Thucydides on the stasis at Corcyra. Cunts never learn! Especially stupid ones that suck off Biden and his scummy party of lumps!

Cunts being woke destroying laws, customs, and everything they touch. Then complain the very places they vowed to fix lay in ruins... Like NYC and the out of control crime. Piss stain mayors in NYC and DC crying about all the illegal aliens their boy Biden let in... and having the temerity to complain about said migrants. They are fucking sanctuary cities! Eric Adams won't visit Texas or the border. Can't be photographed near that disaster.

Legendary liberal hypocrisy funding by mentally ill Soros!

By Sir-Skittles 03,Aug,22 19:07
He's a miserable twat. Jealous of everyone.

By Sir-Skittles 03,Aug,22 19:06
Cody8789 are you Stevie Wonder ???

By Sir-Skittles 03,Aug,22 14:50
She's a site pan-handler begging for assistance!

Dev01 sounds like that other cunt in chat posting links to PayPal because he can't buy his dinner without site assistance!

By Sir-Skittles 03,Aug,22 12:43
There must have been in influx of blind members voting for that old Saggy Granny! Yuck!

By Sir-Skittles 03,Aug,22 09:53
Who the fuck are you talking to cunt? Every cunt that posted is fucked off...

Look in the mirror!

By Sir-Skittles 03,Aug,22 08:21
Bjuk calls that a Sack Lunch

By Sir-Skittles 03,Aug,22 08:20
But he's on the top 5.6% of OnlyFans... which means he's 94.4% bullshit on this site.

By Sir-Skittles 03,Aug,22 08:04
Guessing that post from non other than our resident dutch cunt... He lives in Utopia

By Sir-Skittles 03,Aug,22 08:02
Guessing most of the gang related kills were done by" exotics". ... AKA non-indigenous personnel

By Sir-Skittles 01,Aug,22 18:01

By Sir-Skittles 31,Jul,22 10:51
Biden's weakness- Showing 24.7! What a loser

And if this old rat can keep surviving COVID, everything else will be just fine!

By Sir-Skittles 30,Jul,22 13:05
Cooter juice

By Sir-Skittles 30,Jul,22 13:04
He can panhandle on Federal Highway with the Saggy Granny for all I care.

By Sir-Skittles 30,Jul,22 09:14
Where has Tecsan been?

By Sir-Skittles 30,Jul,22 09:13

By Sir-Skittles 30,Jul,22 09:12
Will Smith is busy lobbying DJ Jazzy Jeff for a comeback... that's all the cunt has left!

By Sir-Skittles 27,Jul,22 20:51
Dev01 see my comment..... Leo is the mule here

By Sir-Skittles 27,Jul,22 20:51
Who smells worse? Yer fake wife or the donkey in yer stable??

By Sir-Skittles 27,Jul,22 19:15
The lib media gives him a pass for that... they are paid DNC employees at this point.

By Sir-Skittles 27,Jul,22 19:11
Hope someone does not start site trouble .....

By Sir-Skittles 27,Jul,22 19:10
Cody drinks like an Indian ... feather kind

By Sir-Skittles 27,Jul,22 13:52
Biden thinks it is 1979 and is Jimmy Carter... Russia invaded another country and one of our embassies will probably be captured. Let's Go Brandon! Keep using that Carter Global Playbook!

ps- it was ALL the democrats that laughed at Mitt Romney when he said Russian was a huge threat to the world.

By Sir-Skittles 27,Jul,22 09:54
That old Saggy Granny has got nothing in the brain pain ...

By Sir-Skittles 25,Jul,22 19:22
Joe clucking away on Twitter gas prices are going down... but didn't he always say it was not under his control? He blamed others, like the gas station owners!

By Sir-Skittles 25,Jul,22 19:20
Dev01 for sure mate

By Sir-Skittles 25,Jul,22 18:20
Matt's wife was a tranny with a large knob... And you must need meds. Yer talking to a profile that does not exist! Fucking hell..

By Sir-Skittles 25,Jul,22 18:18
Not as awesome as Shirty, the slightly aggressive bear!

By Sir-Skittles 25,Jul,22 18:16
Yeah, that pelt got scalped !!

By Sir-Skittles 25,Jul,22 12:46
Hahah ---- That is a thing in NYC as well.

By Sir-Skittles 25,Jul,22 08:27
That is really cool! I am possibly going there in October. Would be fun to check that out!

Thanks for sharing Bella!

By Sir-Skittles 25,Jul,22 08:15
LibTard- Logic-

It is hot in the US Northeast- All the Dems telling us to stop running the AirCon units, turn off lights! It is stressing the grid!

But, go out and buy electric cars that will be charged on aforementioned stressed grid!