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The Loss of Common Sense in a PC Social Media World-

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 17,Mar,20 10:35  other posts
Just for a moment, close your eyes, and picture the establishment media’s and left’s (but I repeat myself) idea of The Virtuous American… The lumps in Kansas and that blow hole Leopolda are included in this stack.

Virtuous American (Think Talk5s and the other ass washers on here) wakes up in a small efficiency apartment located in a densely populated high-rise, eco-friendly building where there’s no fresh air because you can’t open the windows. But all that recycled air ensures a perfect 72 degree lifestyle.

Virtuous American exits his high-rise building for a half-mile walk through Virtue City, which is teeming with people.
Along the way, Virtuous American stops at a coffee shop, which is packed with other Virtuous Americans, who are handing reusable, eco-friendly containers to a barista who fills everyone’s order without changing his gloves (to save plastic) or washing his hands (to save water).

Virtuous American rides to work in jam-packed subway car.- Filled with homeless and criminals mind you...Virtuous American exits the subway and walks to work through a sanctuary city teeming with illegal aliens who have been allowed to sneak in from every foreign country and stay without being screened or tested. Crime up in NYC across the board-

Virtuous American goes to work in an urban high-rise building that is hermetically sealed to save energy, which means recycled air instead of fresh air… You can’t open the windows.

Throughout the day, Virtuous American sips water from a bacteria-infested reusable bottle (that he might have rinsed out with cold water a few days ago). He refills his environmentally friendly, reusable bottle from a centrally located, environmentally friendly dispenser everyone touches throughout the day.

For lunch, Virtuous American enters a crowded deli and orders food prepared and served by illegal aliens who have never been screened or tested. Think the health department has eyes on this now? Think again cunts!

On the way back to the office, Virtuous American digs into his man-purse and removes a bacteria-infested reusable straw (he or may not have run a little cold water through a couple of days ago) and pops it into his iced coffee while gingerly walking through a poopy homeless encampment because Virtue City’s building regulations protect Gaia. Mind you, the food and everything else is covered with plastic!

After work, Virtuous American stops at the grocery store and fills his environmentally friendly bacteria-infested reusable cloth grocery bags (that he might have washed two weeks ago) with fresh fruits and vegetables. Dirty as a subway seat!

Then the pandemic hits… And thanks to a dense population, crowded chaos!

What could be safer than single-use grocery bags where you throw away that leaked meat juice instead of carrying it around until you finally throw the bags in the wash? Those single-use bags are now banned in eight states, including New York, whose ban took effect on March 1. LAME AS FUCK

What could be safer than opening your own factory-sealed water bottle? NOTHING- OR DRINK AT HOME

What could be more secure and safe than a home large enough to self-quarantine for two months and the firearms to protect it?

What could be smarter than not relying on China, a country that is infamous for being Pandemic Ground Zero, for our supply chains?

Why do you think we had immigrants funneled through Ellis Island? So we knew who was coming in. So we could give them a medical check, dumbass. TODAY- that would be racist!

Oh, and by all means Medicare for All! Even as the private sector gears us up for the testing our government couldn’t handle, even as Democrat governors beg for more state autonomy to handle these health issues… By all means, it’s time to hand our health care over to the one-size-fits-all geniuses whose health care killed countless American veterans,

But there was Joe Biden (senile goat) last night, promising that in the first 100 days of his administration the borders will be wide open. And he’s going to pass tougher gun laws. And he’s going to make us even more dependent on foreign oil. And he doesn’t take the threat of China seriously. And he opposes travel bans. And, and, and…

And no matter what happens, the Left will never, ever, ever change their ways or stop promoting their ideal of The Virtuous American.

Bottom line- common sense is gone and replaced with social media popularity .

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By sherryann [Ignore] 17,Mar,20 16:59 other posts 
you're describing the city i live in. great post! I hope this is read, understood, and may those reading it, LEARN something from it!
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 18,Mar,20 13:56 other posts 
My city too.... De Blasio is a fucking donkey punch

Love how the food stores and their delivery trucks are dropping stuff off fast as possible... but the simpleton parking officers are ticketing the very people trying to help us!
By bella! [Ignore] 18,Mar,20 16:31 other posts 
Doesn't De Blasio kinda look like a young and alive version of Rodney Dangerfield?
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 19,Mar,20 08:44 other posts 
Possibly... I mean if Rodney had Down's Syndrome
By dgraff [Ignore] 20,Mar,20 07:04 other posts 
good one
By sherryann [Ignore] 21,Mar,20 15:31 other posts 
i know. Crime's gonna skyrocket. Please stay safe.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

I guess i did that post was for you,

By phart [Ignore] 17,Mar,20 14:55 other posts 
Amen,but try explaining it to the very people that need to understand it?
I just heard millions of people in california are being told to shelter in place. In place is a place with little to no storage for supplies,no garden,no well,no security and etc. Millions of people going stir crazy in days not weeks when the internet goes down.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 17,Mar,20 15:00 other posts 
Yup--- poorly planned to tell millions to shelter in place.. That is NOT sustainable.

And BTW- where is the outrage at China?
By phart [Ignore] 17,Mar,20 16:28 other posts 
Their military,what is not sick,is on watch to prevent much outrage.
By dgraff [Ignore] 20,Mar,20 07:09 other posts 
They should burn that country to the ground and start over maybe just maybe they can get it right this time
By phart [Ignore] 20,Mar,20 11:13 other posts 
I must say,China does prove that pumping lots of money into a country does not mean it will improve it. The peoples attitudes have to change and their habits and lifestyles should in theory improve.BUT if they don't have the mindset,money won't fix it.
By overeight [Ignore] 20,Mar,20 14:16 other posts 
The outrage at China is directed at Trump. They probably believe the liberal media that tried to spread the fake info that Trump created the virus and spread it in China and it accidentally came back to the US. Like this post says lack of common sense and believing only liberal sources of media that only attack his admin and his family. They are only pissed because they can't go out and buy that new Ferrari or Bentley they want because the dealership is closed. Just because your rich and privileged doesn't mean your immune to this virus Hollywood. You know it can hit you too. The reason to be honest it spread three times quicker in Europe lil it did is because they don't have borders or checkpoints at borders. People can hop on a rail and go through 4 different countries in a matter of a few hours and infect each country with others getting on and off the train. But they want to just let people walk in and out of our country like that so virus' can spread here like it did in Europe. Hence borders aren't to keep people out who need to come,its simply a way to track who comes here,hint ,hint.

By overeight [Ignore] 20,Mar,20 14:04 other posts 
Talk about loss of common sense how stupid is this. Celebrities are now passing around a petition to try and force Trump to resign from office for his "racist acts" of closing both borders to stop the spread of the virus. They claim its just a firm of racism hidden under the fake need for a shut down. Boy what a change they did like a 180 turn around from last week. They claimed last week he was doing nothing at all to stop the spread,now he works with our surrounding countries to stop it from spreading into or out of the country and now he is racist for wanting to stop it. Oh well I guess when you have plenty of money and you can fly anywhere you want to in the world and now your told if you fly out of the country you can't come back for a month it pisses you off huh. Unlike the rest of us Americans who have to pretty much just stay at home because we can't even go out to a restaurant one for no money and two because its not open. They are just proving how spoiled and privileged they are by voicing their anger in my opinion.

By overeight [Ignore] 17,Mar,20 19:57 other posts 
I live in a small town in the middle of the woods and love it. Own my house and lil that I can walk outside naked if I want to. Yes neighbors can see me but wont call the law on me. Its not a bad place to be. I like not having people all around over,under,beside and being packed in like a sardines.
By dgraff [Ignore] 20,Mar,20 07:11 other posts 
Yeah me to I own 22 acres of the mountain behind my house

By Louis [Ignore] 20,Mar,20 07:01 other posts 
Well said.

By mr_blue [Ignore] 17,Mar,20 19:29 other posts 

What are the plastic bags made from? Oil plastic or bio plastics
What's really left in the meat juice ?

Just wondering
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 19,Mar,20 08:44 other posts 
Soylent Green!

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