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By phart 05,Dec,22 22:11
So are most of mine,lithiums are annoying in that they just plain quit and the nickel cadiums will work a while longer even when half dead

By phart 05,Dec,22 22:10
Yep,thats funny!
Walter has Jeff's hand up his butt,
biden has obama's up his butt,

By phart 05,Dec,22 21:14
round and round it goes.
can't have it both ways can we?
So what's in YOUR cordless tool battery?

By phart 05,Dec,22 21:13
I know,it is worrisome.

By phart 05,Dec,22 21:12
All I can say at this moment is I am glad they are coming down. I just hope it stays down so i can afford to travel some next year. Places I want to go,things I want to see before I get to old and can't drive that far!

By phart 05,Dec,22 21:06
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The Pentagon memo called Afghanistan the Saudi Arabia of lithium
Yea, maby we should have stayed, now guess who is "friends" with Afghanistan? CHINA. How will that work out for us in the long term? Not to good.!

By phart 05,Dec,22 21:02
Yea, I live less than a mile from the voting booth in my area. it took about 10 minutes before I was in the cubical with my pen marking circles.
I voted early for the 2020 thing in case i died before election day I would at least be able to do my part and vote Trump to save America.
Voting in person is so easy.
I even hand the lady my license so she doesn't have to ask my name and etc . Saves her time and me having to repeat it all 10 times.

By phart 05,Dec,22 21:00
The devil was cast out of heaven, Jesus was Gods son, so yea, big difference. BUT
To a diehard democrat, if the devil ran as a democrat,the diehards would still vote democrat.

By phart 05,Dec,22 20:58
Well you just reacted to my response So you must be reactionary to!

By phart 05,Dec,22 20:54
Yea, I am honestly concerned for their safety . So many haters out there that want to bring good people down.I am very surprised that Trump has not had any "Known" threats against him. I know i read not long ago about middle easterners have threatened him.
That may be a reason he announced he was running again. For no other reason than the fact he will have further security.

By phart 05,Dec,22 20:51
All jokes aside, i splurged and ate buffet at pizza hut yesterday and about 2 hours later I thought I was going to have to bring the welder up to the house and weld up some grab handles to prevent myself from becoming the next MOON PROBE.
I am so sore and tired today from the experience.
I may have been abducted and this was a adverse reaction to some of the stuff they pumped me full of. Pizza hut was just a implanted fantasy to hide the experiments
I shit 3 times as much as I ate!

By phart 05,Dec,22 20:47
Yea that volcano in Hawaii doesn't erupt constantly.
It is dumping ALOT of nasty things into our air.Yet the world still turns.

By phart 05,Dec,22 20:45
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By the way, Smithfield was bought by the chinese is 2013.
A little before Trump became President.
It was done during the Hussein Obama administration.

By phart 05,Dec,22 20:40
BTW,you are looking thru rose colored glasses in reference to your fellow man.
I have friends that have worked union jobs. Postal workers and others. Postal warehouse workers move a couple trucks full of mail, go sleep in their cars until another truck comes in. While yet another employee ,that has been asleep for 3 hours while the trucks were being unloaded, comes out and sweeps the damn floor. ALL THE WHILE< their pay check keeps coming.
Fire the floor sweeper and put the damn broom in the freight handlers hands is the smart thing to do ,but no, that's not their job and the union protects them from doing something other than their exact job. Fuck the fact the company is having to pay them a hefty wage to SLEEP.
Look at the recent rail strike threat recently. This country is just barely getting it's head above water after the wuhan virus thing and now the workers want MORE.
I have newspapers here from the 40's and some of the front page stuff ,is in reference to Rail workers wanting more money or more this and that.That is giving the union way to much power over the economy and the country.You know well as I do,if the railroad stops, trucks can't fill the gap entirely. So all those people have to do is whine and threat to strike and they get more and more and we as Americans, wind up paying more and more.

By phart 05,Dec,22 20:31
Leo,Please take a journey to the farthest reaches of the earth and go to sleep for at least a 1000 years.

Since you have no moral compass ,no fears, no respect, no anything, it is quite difficult to come up with a insult fitting to convey my feelings about you.
Most folks a "fuck you" or a "go to hell" would function as a response. But you don't have any concept of hell and if it is luke warm and still you have already fucked it so , yea, i am a loss for a way to convey my feelings towards you.

as for my response to the post.
"woke" to me means a group of people, usually members of a minority, find a small flaw in something and amplify it 40 fold of what it really is and then riot and burn down citys about it.
Woke, whatever it may mean to others, is a new or recent miss use of a word referencing a person waking up from a sleep. Which alot of those folks that are whining have been asleep, all day while others work for a living.

By phart 05,Dec,22 20:23
I think this may be a case of people's interpretation of words.
he probably was making light of the confused people using pronouns other than the normal male or female pronouns relevant to the sex or gender they were born as.

By phart 05,Dec,22 20:17
So when you go to the bank to make a deposit or get a loan, you ask all about their connections and stock holders right?
Trump has money and loans, that is part of running a business.
Lowest interest rates and so on are relevant to make a PROFIT.
So just how can you show ,much less prove, that Trump knew the bank was linked to north korea?
I read and hear all about global economy's and how great they are ,now you are pissin and moaning about a business man getting a loan from a bank or business in another country .YOU can't have a global economy if you are going to dictate how money is spent and borrowed world wide.
The hunter biden thing was hidden from us,we were lied to to alter the outcome of a election. That is why it is a issue.
This story is being brought up ONLY AFTER Trump said he was running for President. IF it was a real issue, someone had to know during his presidency and it would have been all over the news long before now.

You call others ignorant ,and display your "book smarts"
But if you were really so smart ,I doubt you would be a dick and tit site would you?
If being educated prompts a person to act as you do,being what you consider ignorant is a blessing.
No way in hell I would want to be a arrogant key board warrior like you.
You say i will respond to your questions with uneducated ,reactive comparisons. At least I fucking respond to your questions. You are to lazy to do the same for others.

By phart 05,Dec,22 09:35
It got wrote up that way years ago. Some how.

By phart 05,Dec,22 09:31
Yea, and in our state r@pe kits lay around at the lab for years for humans to be able to prosecute and deal with REAL crimes that hurt people. Crazy world.

By phart 04,Dec,22 19:09
He probably had it lifted by a crane if it is that big to work on the underneath of it or something.
But a boat is really a big hole in the water to throw money in!

By phart 04,Dec,22 14:58
could this be a feasible plan?
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By phart 04,Dec,22 14:55
If I had to choose between snow and alligators I think I would choose snow! I can push it out of the way!
The alligator is looking at me as LUNCH.
all jokes aside,have fun and have a safe trip

By phart 04,Dec,22 14:26
Well I just learned why I can't get a girlfriend! I don't have a car payment!

Well that may not be the only reason but hey, watch this short video.
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Just makes me shake my head that some people are that dumb.

By phart 04,Dec,22 09:08
Which mess next? the korea's start fighting again or Tiawan invaded by china?

By phart 04,Dec,22 09:07
I had no idea either,sorry to hear about all

By phart 03,Dec,22 22:53
It is my understanding that Toyota is investing more on the hybrid systems than totally electric. Because of the range issues.
IF faced with having to choose,I would choose the hybrid variety.
It makes sense in a way because a small engine can run a generator at a set rpm,and be "tuned" to be economical.
Locomotives have been hybrids since the end of the steam era.
Huge diesel generator and electric motors on the drive wheels. If you think about it, there is not a clutch on earth that could take the strain trying to move a 2 mile train from a dead stop.

By phart 03,Dec,22 22:42
Around here,the power company went around and updated all the electrical panels and then turned it all over to the building owners from where the wires come into the box onward.

By phart 03,Dec,22 22:41
Best I can remember it was Crystal lakes? but when I look it up online it don't look the same. Maby someone did some bushhoggin and moved some junk?

By phart 03,Dec,22 17:43
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Now what do we have here?
another damn mess brewing.
While we as a nation have the weakest leader in history,our military stockpiles are depleted thanks to sending everything to ukraine and now our troops are in danger in syria along with the battle against terrorist isis.

By phart 03,Dec,22 17:42
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By phart 03,Dec,22 17:41
There is so much to worry about ,fetterman and aoc and sleepy joe.

By phart 03,Dec,22 17:26
I wonder how that will be paid considering rent has gone thru the roof already.and the power grid to most of the apartments around here is bailing wire and duct tape.

By phart 03,Dec,22 17:25
Well considering the "rednecks" I encountered when i went to michigan back in 03 at the camp grounds,I am sure Bella will be able to handle florida rednecks.
I didn't stay at that campground but 1 night, and no issues, everything went fine.But there was campers and motorhomes there that had NO wheels and the idiots had the cement blocks under the frames incorrectly.

By phart 03,Dec,22 09:35
Gonna be a whole lota walkin' goin' on if AOC and her ilk get their way.
Then they will make beano mandatory to reduce "emissions".

By phart 03,Dec,22 09:34
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We need to stop worrying about how OTHER COUNTRYS do things.
None of our bussiness regarding labor practices in other countrys. The US is the dumb ass's for letting people lay around and not do anything.
--------------------------------------- added after 7 hours

I know,what I typed reads harsh don't it?
Well reason for saying it the way I did was it was not a month or so ago that i was told that the US should have kept it's nose out of Afghanistan and such as that. So if we need to keep our noses out of where our oil comes from,it would be hypocritical of us to think it is ok to put our noses in where our solar panels come from would it not??

By phart 02,Dec,22 22:09
The government would do best by letting private enterprise make a product and let the people decide if it is right for them. these 2035 mandates some states are passing are not viable.
As the video explains , people can't afford to pay nearly double for a car and be expected to deal with charging issues as well.

By phart 02,Dec,22 20:58
Yea,you can skip thru parts of it, trust me,it was interesting if you are into learning the quirks of electric over gas.
it took him 29 hours to make a trip that would take about 16 to 17 in a normal car or truck because of charging station locations and failures.

By phart 02,Dec,22 18:36
Mercy, the Rivian is the nicest looking electric pickup on the market, the Lordstown, if it makes it to market I like it a little better.
But again, i can't imagine sitting in a "sketchy" parking lot for 2 hours to charge 1 up.
A lot of info and common sense in this video to.
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By phart 02,Dec,22 12:40
Well putin and uncle joe have something in common.
They both fall down stairs and shit their pants.
Leaders of the 2 most powerful countrys on earth.
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By phart 02,Dec,22 09:50
I hope you are correct.

By phart 02,Dec,22 09:49
Trump worked to get trade fair for the US instead of everyone else.
besides we get a good bit of our meat from Here at HOME anyway. so trade really should not be affecting it.

By phart 02,Dec,22 09:48
We didn't totaly loose this last time,the purse strings are going to be held by republicans.
the next 2 years spending will be controlled.

By phart 02,Dec,22 09:46
over 50 % of the people who responded to the poll.

By phart 01,Dec,22 17:57
It is odd but from what I read it is a decrease in demand from china because for whatever reason the covid nazi's over there have not eradicated the virus yet. They should get joe biden over there,he is going to shut down the virus not the country.

By phart 01,Dec,22 17:54
Well I took a long road trip, a bit further than that, and did it in not quite 3 days.600 miles first day,550 the next and the rest the 3rd day / Main thing is use cruise control and if you feel tired, you have already been tired, you need to stop and get a snack or something.
I like beef jurky so I always have a bag in the truck when I drive a long ways.

By phart 01,Dec,22 17:26
The leash laws in our county only apply to dogs. cats are considered preditory animals and not regulated.
I don't have a issue with a stray cat coming thru and getting a few mice. the damn chipmunks are more a issue messing up our cars with nutshells and such on the intake manifolds.
If people would just git the ball sacks snipped would help alot.

By phart 01,Dec,22 17:22
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So putin was looking at attacking Japan. Wow,over a few islands.
BUT 1 bit of text stood out from this link.
"“The whistleblower detailed movements of electronic warfare helicopters targeting Japan, while Russia's propaganda machine was also initiated, with a huge push to label Japanese as ‘Nazis’ and ‘fascists’.”
We read and hear those words used to describe our own members of government. I am thinking it just the same as calling someone the n word or something.time for those words to go away.

By phart 01,Dec,22 11:26
Went to the great wally world this morning to get a couple things and checked the bologna prices, There was a particular brand I used to get that was .99 cent a pack about a year ago. 2.24 for the same pack of bologna.
OVER double in price.
And that is the cheapest made stuff you can get that resembles meat. it is everything but the oink,cluck and moo from the grinder.
Thanks joe.

By phart 01,Dec,22 11:23

By phart 01,Dec,22 10:21
Your toaster may be your only chance! your Roomba is coming for YOU!
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