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By phart 23,Jul,21 16:24
I think the real danger lies within country's that put a high value on dyeing for their cause, such as those in the middle east .With nuclear weapons those type folks could hurt millions.

By phart 23,Jul,21 16:22
I don't have a issue with the truth being found.But I do not trust democrats alone to find and broadcast the truth.They are biased.

Should be a even number of democrats and republicans and 2 independents for balance.

By phart 23,Jul,21 16:20
More evidence the CDC was not as great as everyone thought.
Gee,and us conservatives have been saying all along it was about control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lacked authority for the eviction moratorium

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By phart 23,Jul,21 13:49
At that time it was legal and it was a important part of the world economy.
Was it moraly right? No, but was it legal? Yes. So why was it a mistake? Was it done by accident? No.
DID YOU personaly own or sell a slave? No,neither have I. So it was not "OUR" mistake. It was our ancestors. it was also the ancestors of the blacks that were bought from other tribes and resold. SO no one is owed,no one owes. It is time to drop the subject world wide and move on.NO one is selling or buying slaves now,so there is no need to keep harping on the subject.
We are no longer slaves,we are taxpayers.

By phart 23,Jul,21 13:45
Very sad they were so hard headed it took 2 nukes to explain to them they screwed up waking a sleeping giant.

By phart 23,Jul,21 13:42
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I guess like cumo in new york she will get away with murder of old people. Which the virus was designed to kill off anyway by the chinese.

By phart 23,Jul,21 13:26
I support Trump.And I support the America first agenda. BUT even I have enough fucking sense to know that a former President can just be reinstated 7 or 8 months after he left.That dog won't hunt. Those pushing that shit need to back up,rethink and work towards a successful 2022 election to regain the house and senate.

By phart 22,Jul,21 22:40
There is also no proof that antifa and BLM were not there.
Those 2 groups are not trying to do anything. Like stop a president from being elected or stop violence. They want to create mayhem and disruption. .Nothing else. They want chaos.

By phart 22,Jul,21 22:39
Yep, jungle is a good word to describe the big city's and the back streets in them. I stay away from that as much as possible. A friend of mine that has concealed carry even avoids some areas ,he says, "I don't have enough ammo to go there".

By phart 22,Jul,21 18:24
Due to it not being bipartisan, it should not be at all.

By phart 22,Jul,21 18:23
AM I the only 1 that types a message and hit submit and half the damn words are MISSING from the post? THis shit is annoying. I sit and type out a long explanation and clic submit and half the sumbitch is GONE.And have to go back thru and retype it.

By phart 22,Jul,21 18:20
Yes I feel like if the democrats were serious about voting rights they would have a nov 3 panel to investigate ALL claims of fraud. 1 by 1 they would go over them and confirm or deny that ballots were dumped into a landfill,that folks did or did not drive around paying 50 bucks for ballets from homeless people and so on.
Evidence WAS on youtube of all places shortly after the election.Try and find it now.
The point I can't seem to drive into peoples heads here is IF THERE WAS NO FRAUD The democrats would have creditability ,and we could look at the results and accept the loss. NO creditability in a group of people that just want to shove "voter rights" down our throats and don't even want to look into the fraud.

By phart 22,Jul,21 17:55
No,the real pussies have the latest cell phone and are on it making video's of people getting hurt by criminals.
Or they scream "help". That fellow ,whatever his bedroom activity's entail, is prepared to draw and fire if threatened or sees another person being threatened. You just have never been in a situation where it was necessary to be armed or have someone around that was.
More than likely Leo,I hate to say it but you are more apt to be the victim in a situation more so than the survivor based on the ideas you have in regards to protecting yourself..

By phart 22,Jul,21 17:51
Criminals don't feel like the law applies to them. that is 1 of the criteria to be a criminal, disregard for laws. So in a sense they feel "privelaged".

By phart 22,Jul,21 17:49
There are to many laws already on the books. Enforce the laws already on the books and keep the nuts off the streets.

Electric shock? HUM? Did it do any good? Do we have any volunteers in florida that would step up and let us test it?

By phart 22,Jul,21 14:28
You will just have to weed thru the post,I don't recall anything in particular.
But do know we agree on a few things.

By phart 22,Jul,21 13:33
Well it should be dropped all together.People have been arrested,in jail,trials are taking place.
If wrong was done by a judges ruling then punishment will be rendered,I see no need for a panel to do anything.The only purpose the panel serves is to extend the media coverage of it as long as possiable.

By phart 22,Jul,21 13:31
I would have to weed thru alot of post but there is some slight agreement on a few points.I have give credit where it is due.

By phart 22,Jul,21 12:29
I was just watching a segment of news on newsmax and the case numbers for the wuhan virus are STILL dropping in Texas even after biden called them neanderthals.
Texans get on with their lives although biden is doing nothing to stop the nearly a million unvaccinated illegals from coming in bringing new variants most likely.biden's administration is trying their damnest to kill off Texas and it just won't budge..

By phart 22,Jul,21 12:26
Ananas,although we disagree 90% of the time,shows some level of intelligence without the use of google.
So I don't think that ananas is the same person as 2warm there was another person that has been gone for 6 months or more,can't remember the handle,that was similar.

By phart 22,Jul,21 12:06
his accomplishments were listed on this site several times.YOu need to go back and read.
You just didn't like the person that posted them so you failed to pay attention.The truth doesn't always come from your favorite source

By phart 22,Jul,21 12:03
Strange that they teach both in college to help the young achieve a better life if they don't somehow contribute?

By phart 22,Jul,21 12:01
as vaccinated democrats run from their jobs in Texas, they are spreading the virus to others in the country's capitol.
You can't fix lazy or stupid.

By phart 22,Jul,21 11:54
Trouble is,the dems fault the thing from the git go. Had they went along with the investigation ,they would have either vindicated themselves or found fraud and dealt with it.
IF the dems weren't afraid and fighting it, i would have a easier time believing there was no fraud.

By phart 22,Jul,21 11:51
Say what?
The florida school shooting,that teen ager had been reported to the fbi a long time before the shooting.Nothing was done by those slackers about it.
The sandy hook thing,that fellow was on medicine for being crazy and killed his mother and took her gun,hardly a good God fearing man.more like a nut case.
Most of the mass shooters are nut cases that should have been in the asylums had johnson not closed them

By phart 22,Jul,21 11:48
DUH! like we didn't see that train coming from 2 miles away.

By phart 22,Jul,21 11:46
Well no matter who is on that panel,their minds are made up,Trump guilty of whatever charge they drum up.

As for the US being policeman of the world,it is way PAST time to stop keeping up that charade.It cost us Millions of dollars for no gain.
Europe is no longer damaged by the war,they have rebuilt better than before and have funds to pay for their own defense now.At the time nato was thought up,europe was in ruins,it made sense to help them.
Pulling out of Nato was mentioned to get the other members motivated to pay their fair share of expense's for the job.

By phart 22,Jul,21 11:43
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By phart 21,Jul,21 21:09
I don't eat at a roach coach, Did once and had the shits for dayz!
BUT I do eat breakfast in the mornings with several millionaires, a couple times, my congressman. Have eaten lunch with a couple state senators.

My post disappeared as I was editing it
I landscaped around a few of the houses this fellow built in 1990.
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By phart 21,Jul,21 15:31
it will come back as vanilaicecreambar or something.

By phart 21,Jul,21 15:30
I can't believe they didn't remove the farter instead of the complainers. Sheesh ,don't people understand that it is difficult to hold it in over a long period of time.Get a clothes pin for goodness sake.
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By phart 21,Jul,21 12:19
Priceing a room for 1 night for a short trip,cheapest thing I found was 80 bucks and after reading reviews turns out it is a isolated duct tape special.but no,what few times I have stayed in a motel or hotel,I have not wanted to walk around naked.Never saw anyone at 1 I wanted them to see me naked anyway.

By phart 21,Jul,21 12:17
Is a twitter handle worth causing a death?
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By phart 21,Jul,21 11:48
when I was a kid,we had Wonder Woman. Now that I am grown up,we have, I wonder if it's a woman.

By phart 21,Jul,21 11:47
Ok,for that I am sorry,I honestly did remember a member here that had moved to the south from up north and I thought it was you.

By phart 21,Jul,21 11:45
I am anxious for the bullshit to end in the middle east. They have thrown rocks at each other since the beginning of time and to many lives have been lost for NO gain whatso ever.
The middle east is like a cancer,you can treat it,control,or remove it.removal is as near a solution as possiable.

By phart 21,Jul,21 11:42
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Could it be that the young are simply going by instinct to desire being with their own kind?
Which should not be treated as a sin or taboo?

By phart 20,Jul,21 21:13
Notice I don't bother with that silly shit. I might get a chuckle out of it,but really it is throwing spit balls at the moon.

By phart 20,Jul,21 21:07
something happened, as oil went down to 67 something a barrel just in the last couple days. Um.

By phart 20,Jul,21 21:04
You admited you came down to the south from up north somewhere ,I can't remember where.I was born in the south.So yea,you are the 1 that should leave,you are a transplant.

"Don't Portland my South!"

By phart 20,Jul,21 21:00
I have to say, I do not like illegal immigration but adults that bring under 18 children across the border have created a problem that is NOT the kids fault.
IF it is proven a immigrant was brought here under 18 before say january of 2021 as date for example, then perhaps a legal path should be laid out for them to become citizens.. They could not help what was done with them,they were children. We don't hold our own children responsible for anything under 18, that are born here.So same for them

By phart 20,Jul,21 17:01
I don't really know what happened over there except the US is pulling out of that crap hole . And as long as what happens stays within the borders of Afghanistan, I don't care what happens there.When the bombing started back after 2001,it shoulda never stopped until our flag was flying over our new territory. We could have given Afghanistan to the Israelis or something. As it stands now, Afghanistan is a uncured cancer on the side of the earth.

By phart 20,Jul,21 16:56
There are flags of other countrys flying around here. mexico, Ecuador, and etc.None of us ask them to take them down and they don't ask us to take our our flag down.
it is called tolerance, also it is called exercising our right to freedom of speech and expression.
Those that don't like the flag,I-95 is ready when you are.

By phart 20,Jul,21 12:39
Republican's freed the slaves but you wouldn't know that by the way liberal people talk shit about them.

By phart 20,Jul,21 10:34
Yea, I had a boss pull up at the doctors office 1 time,making sure i was there.
Which I said,"Hey,thanks for coming by, here is my prescription ,want a pay my deductible?"
I got a smurk.
Where does the employer get money to keep paying a "sick" person for 2 friggen years? I can see a few days or weeks but years?
Abuse of sick time is very frowned on by most employers,not just by the employer,but by coworkers.And usually those people are weeded out if there are any layoffs or random drug they usually fail them.

By phart 20,Jul,21 10:31
Yea but where would you keep the big puerto rican?

By phart 20,Jul,21 10:28
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I had to google idf

By phart 19,Jul,21 19:31
Yes ,beautiful cities full of history and culture .Trying finding a nice house like that in new york. I never hear any complaints from the folks I know from south carolina.They like the lower cost of living. A couple folks I know are retired air force and they love it there.

By phart 19,Jul,21 19:26
The car warrentee guys,I have fun with some of them.They ask what make and model and I tell them , "1931 Duesenberg"
"Oh we only cover 2000 "fill in the blank" and up, that car is to old ,don't you have another car?"
"Uh yes, I have a 1953 Buick special v8", "Again sir,that car is to old, and blah blah blah. Finally after about the 3rd or 4th car I spell out they hang up.

By phart 19,Jul,21 19:24
Don't play with the monkeys.
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