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By phart 29,May,24 16:12
It is not a fantasy dingdong! It is reality here in the US. When you live in rural areas, your law enforcement the libs think we should depend on for our safety are to far away.
Look at what several states have done recently in regards to guns, Louisiana for 1.

There is alot of stuff here you will love BUT, there are also clear statements made about it not being documented about guns preventing crimes well enough to prove 1 way or another.
That is done on purpose in my opionion.
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over 70,000 crimes prevented with guns in 2018. ok, let's say that they didn't have a gun but had a big stick, how high would that number be? And what do you tell those 70,000 potential victims if they ask why they shouldn't have a gun when it is documented that a gun prevented them from being a victim?

By phart 29,May,24 14:42
Well I just notice things like that. I guess I am weird.
I mean, part of this video, it appears he is broadcasting from the edge of a briar patch. not even maintained at all.
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By phart 29,May,24 14:41
Well it that's the case,the parks and rec department is mighty slack on the job, snakes and things can hide in that tall grass and pose a danger to the people.

By phart 29,May,24 08:44
healthcare is entirely does not involve a crook that has walked thru the revolving doors of justice 15 times.
True, health care is expensive for me,but my care is not everyone else's problem.

By phart 29,May,24 08:41
all bullshit aside, that is a good question.
the democrats have not made themselves a feasible plan b.

If we lost Trump to a plane crash, Desantis or someone else could step right up.
But if joey falls down the stairs, the dems have no 1 groomed or prepared for the job.

By phart 29,May,24 08:39
That guy needs to mow and trim his lawn.looks like hell

By phart 29,May,24 08:29
socialism is living in servitude to those that won't work .

Not much different than your theory of capitalism,the poor work for the rich.
Your idea, the poor work for the poor and the government.

By phart 29,May,24 08:25
Gee,you must not value your life either, I bet you stand outside during a thunderstorm.Do you also eat raw foods and use drugs?

ok, that was being a smart ass but really, just because YOU don't care, doesn't mean the rest of us should not.
My life means alot to me,if I am gone, others i care about have no 1 else to depend on in their time of need. A criminal with intent to harm me, is like you,he doesn't care, he thinks he has the right to end my life. He don't. And I don't intend to let him without a fight.

By phart 27,May,24 18:18

By phart 27,May,24 16:07
I am sorry, stating facts is not racism.
Blacks do not value their own lives or they would do something to stop killing each other.
NOTHING racist about that. Just a simple factual statement. EDIT, now that I think about it,it is showing sympathy for them and is a small attempt to wake them up to the problems.
IF I wanted to make what you feel is a racist rant I would further that by saying they ENJOY killing each other,it gets them on the nightly news.

By phart 27,May,24 16:03
So why is it not my affair to defend the constitution?
Because I support the 2d amendment I suddenly am minding someone else's affairs?
Religion is not bought or paid for. it is shared all over the world. Church can be held under a shade tree and folks sitting on the ground.
Science is expensive. So how many scientist you know that didn't go to college? How many labs do you know of that cost nothing?

By phart 27,May,24 12:59
we could all mind our own affairs if the idiot liberals would mind theirs.

ok so you don't like religion, and your youtuber thinks every sound uttered from a scientist is golden. That is your affair ,quit pushing it on everyone else.
science is bought and paid for in most cases that liberals use the information regarding the hot topic of the day.

By phart 27,May,24 12:54
so you are a typical liberal that does not feel like people have the right to defend themselves?
Well I HOPE you are never a victim of a crime. But if you are, and survive, I am willing to bet you are smart enough to put the facts together.
And another thing you seem to miss ,responsible gun owners KNOW how to USE their guns and when it is justified. protecting 1's life and family, is that justification.

Why is it that you can't understand that you can't secure the people with a few law men that are minutes away in a emergency? And why leave ALL defenseless because of a few loonies? The loonies not being kept locked up is part of what breeds insecurity.
I may not be able to run fast,or fight, But i am no so damn slow I am just going to sit here and let someone shoot me without them needing some corks to.

By phart 26,May,24 22:14
thanks,you mentioned this in a pm a while back.
I just had a brain fart that maybe it was id theft but it was not.
Please disregard my questions in regards to that.

By phart 25,May,24 11:00
cat left points then kitkat left points. I honestly have no idea why. I didn't think she would wiz on me if i was on fire

By phart 24,May,24 17:21
well,i was not here when alot of this info first came along and i just got to thinking , you know if someone hated someone bad enough, they could slander them like this.
but just don't pay me no mind,i should not have said anything.

By phart 24,May,24 13:11
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By phart 24,May,24 13:11
Please understand I agree 100% with you all on this,terriable thing and terriable people doing it,
, I just wanted to mention it because it would in theory be possible to disclose information in a way to set up a person falsely.

By phart 24,May,24 11:31
yea,well, I just thought i would ask, id theft is real.

By phart 24,May,24 09:24
just curious, please don't flame me for asking,
but is there any potential of Identity theft here? what better way to ruin someone than to show them to be a predator?

By phart 23,May,24 17:52
no one , or may as well be no one. And some places here in the US have made it legal for these illegals to vote in local elections. so gee, I bet they vote democrat

By phart 23,May,24 14:47
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By phart 23,May,24 14:42
by the way, halley said she will be voting for Trump.
If he did testify, would you believe what he said?
Besides stormy broke the contract and should have to pay back any money she took because she ran her mouth,why aint she on the stand for breach of contract?

By phart 23,May,24 14:40
it will take years to recover.

By phart 23,May,24 14:37
Far far from the same thing.
i can't believe you are that naive.
you are educated past the point of thinking it is ok to leave old people at home alone with out defense.The only way I guess you will understand is when you get old and can still do things for yourself but your family says to hell with you and leaves you alone. living alone can be scary enough if you can defend yourself. much less being UNable to defend yourself and be at the mercy of thugs barging in on you in your own home.It is called home invasion. And the folks doing it don't exactly announce their intent.

By phart 23,May,24 10:11
So you feel it is ok to leave old people defenseless at home? when you get to a certain age is someone just going to grab you and put you in a safe spot under a light?

By phart 23,May,24 07:09
the black kid ringing a door bell. Yes, that is a terriable situation.
BUT for crying out loud what so hard for you to understand about a older person minding their own bussiness in their own home, being concerned for their safety in a country that the justice system is failing more and more every day,allowing criminals to roam like cattle in the streets?
How was the old man to know if the kid was ok and making a mistake or if he was there to harm and rob?
He wasn't wearing a sign.

By phart 22,May,24 22:31
Well when criminals are not held accountable,and allowed to dope up , the results are not good.

By phart 22,May,24 18:33
Well, this is just to illustrate once again for the seemingly millionth time that black people do not value their OWN lives, why should any one else?

By phart 22,May,24 18:31
how do you figure that?
when guns first came along over a 100 years ago,it would be logical that people may not understand that if you point a gun and pull it's trigger that it might go BANG and something will drop dead, maybe even yourself if you point the gun at yourself.
Over a 100 years ago, many people had not saw a hand gun.maybe a cannon or rifle.
BUT in modern times, with tv, internet and so on, most all humans of all races and both genders, should know and understand what a hand gun can do. And if this guy was 17, he was old enough to know what that gun could do,,that's why I say there aint much fixen it now.

By phart 22,May,24 18:26

By phart 22,May,24 07:02
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By phart 21,May,24 22:53
sad and sickning for sure.Glad the person is in prison that hurt Kayla, hopefully he has to wear depends from his own ass being blown out.

AXCX, apparently you replyed to 1 of my post and now I can't find it, I did get your pm though.

By phart 21,May,24 22:47
Now It becomes clearer to me why liberals hate religion .
Kinda hard to push a liberal-socialist agenda when the Bible tells you to be dependent on no one.

Does the Bible say to live a quiet life?
In 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12, the Apostle Paul tells Christians that while excelling in brotherly love they are “to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you, so that you may walk properly before outsiders and be dependent on no one.”Sep 4, 2019

By phart 21,May,24 22:35
Stupid is, is stupid does,
his life didn't matter to much to him or he woulda known not to point a gun to his own head and pull the trigger.what else did he expect?
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By phart 21,May,24 22:33

Yep, and there aint much fixen it either.
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By phart 21,May,24 14:38
such a being could happen because of inbreeding.
2 people, then a entire world ,to close a relatives.
In animals this makes for weak, deformed creatures.

Who was Cain's wife in the Bible?
Awan. According to the Book of Jubilees, Awan (also Avan or Aven, from Hebrew אָוֶן aven "vice", "iniquity", "potency") was the wife and sister of Cain and the daughter of Adam and Eve.

By phart 21,May,24 14:36
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" Cities under the influence of Soros-backed prosecutors are less safe than a decade ago. The promise of increased safety was an illusion."

By phart 21,May,24 14:28
his money is helping pay for professional protesters at our colleges and universitas.
The folks that went to college for the right reasons couldn't even graduate in peace because of his money

By phart 21,May,24 09:01
I hate soros because he supports anarchy and division among the people. I don't give a damn about his religion. Frankly, I would say he is a disgrace to the jewish people if anything.

By phart 21,May,24 08:59
Gone? Yea right. If you think she is "gone" from the site, I have some nice beach front property in Idaho I will sell you CHEAP

By phart 21,May,24 08:58
even if you don't pay for it, onstar operators will come on and scare the hell out of you sometimes. A freind has it on his pickup and he never bought the service. He was towing his camper in the mountains, a tense situation that requires your upmost attention and suddenly a voice out of nowwhere " Hello, how are you this afternoon? we are running a special on our onstar plans , would you be interested ?". At that time he was about 84 years old and in good health,but it still about caused a accident as he never plays a radio or has any noise in his truck when he drove.

By phart 20,May,24 21:59
This would be a good father and son project.
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By phart 20,May,24 21:57

By phart 20,May,24 13:47
it is here to stay. The 1918 Flu is still around

By phart 20,May,24 08:03
OH< OK, well, I must admit, you got me on that 1, i kinda missed your humor!

By phart 20,May,24 08:02
thank you for reminding people of 1 of many reasons for the Second Amendment.

By phart 20,May,24 00:36
so you are saying you are 14 years old?
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By phart 20,May,24 00:34
here's the kind of shit we need to be concerned about.

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By phart 20,May,24 00:32
everyone has their breaking point and frankly some of the shit is getting old.
leave or stay , hate or love, life will go on rather the member loves us or not,hates' us or not.