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Trump/Pence or Biden/Harris...Which do you feel will prevail???

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by tecsan [Ignore] 09,Sep,20 03:45  other posts
Trump has been somewhat erratic at times...But look at Creepy sleepy uncle joe...Pence pretty clean, but not totally...Harris, now I wonder like I do with uncle joe...??? (I agree it is about 50/50 with the flaws concerning both parties)...༼☯﹏☯༽

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By phart [Ignore] 25,Sep,22 09:22 other posts 
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By phart [Ignore] 23,Sep,22 15:05 other posts 
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Now be honest,does he look like he is in good shape??
Looks lost as a white elephant in a blizzard

By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 29,Aug,22 02:58 other posts 
For Pennsylvanians: Dr. Oz cannot be trusted:
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By CAT [Ignore] 29,Aug,22 09:00 other posts 
This charlatan was not to be trusted practically from the start of his TV career
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 29,Aug,22 09:54 other posts 
Exactly! He chose to abuse the image of doctor to sell 'medicinal' products. He didn't care if they had actual benefits or if it was snake-oil, as long as he got paid.

Only gullible people believed he actually had any legitimacy as TV doctor, of which actual professionals said: "No other show on television can top The Dr. Oz Show for the sheer magnitude of bad health advice it consistently offers, all while giving everything a veneer of credibility.".

The only people who think his career as TV doctor gives him legitimacy as politician
are the only people who still believe such scammers; the Republican voters.
By phart [Ignore] 29,Aug,22 10:48 other posts 
well look back and see who got him on tv and who helped him gain popularity. Opra winfrey.
a liberal democrat.
So if she trusted him enough to put him on tv,what does that say about her? Can you trust her?

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By CAT [Ignore] 29,Aug,22 11:08 other posts 
Yes she did, but, at the time, he was still truthful and impressive. Now, Oprah refuses to endorse him on his run for Congress. I voted for Carter. I still believe he is a great, caring man, yet, I would not vote for him again.
You learn from your mistakes. That's something you righ wing Trump supporters haven't learned yet.
By dgraff [Ignore] 30,Aug,22 08:40 other posts 
Oprah is nothing but a crack whore she was arrested for drug trafficking an officer lifted up her skirt and found 30 lbs of crack she was reportedly not wearing panties she went to jail with Martha Stewart were together they taught other inmates how to make paper machete Dildos
By CAT [Ignore] 30,Aug,22 09:27 other posts 
If you are going to lie at least quote the right BS:

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By dgraff [Ignore] 30,Aug,22 09:51 other posts 
I like my story better it has a happy ending
If Oprah ever gave Dr. Oz a platform to scam people, than she was probably scammed just as much as the viewers, because she doesn't do much research
or thinking about 'stuff'. She's intelligent, but pretty ignorant.

Oprah Winfrey has long insisted that she is apolitical.
She has endorsed Barack Obama, but off course, that was expected of her.
Her political views on 'The View' are a mixed bag. Some of her views were praised by conservatives. Most of the time that I saw her speak on the view, I just found her very ill-informed. But, she did surprise me with some liberal ideas once or twice, so sure, you can call her a liberal Democrat, but she is surely not a progressive. And I found they idea that she would run for president ludicrous, because she would have no idea how to run the country. I bet her campaign would just be completely devoid of ideas and just focus on; 'I'm Oprah, you like me, don't you? So, vote for me!'.
So, you can trust her to be nice, but no one should trust her political instincts.
By dgraff [Ignore] 30,Aug,22 07:27 other posts 
I will vote for Dr Ozz over federman anytime federman is a half breed thug from the mean streets of stealton Pennsylvania a city that is not safe to walk down the street he wears a robe with pot leaves on it and he riddled with criptic tattoos is that who you would rather have as a representative from Pennsylvania
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 30,Aug,22 07:57 other posts 
What an elitist snob you are.
Pennsylvania is fucking poor and the people want someone who understands them and is honest, not some snake-oil salesman from New Jersey.
By dgraff [Ignore] 30,Aug,22 08:26 other posts 
I don’t know what part of Pennsylvania you’re looking at but I don’t see any poor people in the country oh you must be looking at Philadelphia a city that should be burned down along with the rats 🐀 in it have you actually ever been to Pennsylvania I don’t think you have or you wouldn’t have come off with a dumb ass remark like that
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 30,Aug,22 16:00 other posts 
You don't have to go everywhere to learn something about other places.

Here is a documentary about poverty in Pennsylvania.

What the Hell Happened to Pennsylvania? Episode 1 - Chester, PA
only registered users can see external links

Or just watch a 2 minute video of John Fetterman telling about Braddock, where he was mayor for 10 years. Tell me if it is anything like videos of Republicans. Actually,
I would love to see a video of a Republican who actually shows some caring about working class people, without just saying so. But I'm sure you cannot find one where they don't blame the Democrats in the first 30 seconds.
only registered users can see external links

Here is John Fetterman explaining the challenges of a town like Braddock on TEDx:
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By dgraff [Ignore] 30,Aug,22 17:22 other posts 
Sorry I don’t watch videos of street thug’s
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 31,Aug,22 09:03 other posts 
John Fetterman studied finance at Albright College and earned an MBA from the University of Connecticut. He joined AmeriCorps and earned an MPP from Harvard.

He has been a mayor for 10 years and during that time, improved the city of Braddock a lot. You're just showing how shallow and partisan you are.

If a nice suit impresses you, you are a prime target for scammers.
But your political choices show that you are poor judge of character.
I advice improving your judgement skills, because it could hurt your business.
By dgraff [Ignore] 31,Aug,22 09:45 other posts 
My judgment skills are just fine and I been in business all most 40 years I can read people and I must say people are fed up with the democrats way of doing business
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 31,Aug,22 10:09 other posts 
If you judge people by their looks, than your judgment skills are not fine.

'the democrats way of doing business'? You mean bring jobs back to your city?
Because that's what John Fetterman did.

And Dr. Oz is just a medical professional who sold his reputation
to the highest bidders.

Here are articles about Dr. Oz, from long before he ever thought about politics.
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By phart [Ignore] 31,Aug,22 21:05 other posts 
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By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 01,Sep,22 06:14 other posts 
Good for him (if it's actually true, with Newsmax I'm not so sure).
If he didn't save a person who was having medical problems,
while he was around, he would loose his medical license. It's his job.
But he probably sold them same snake-oil afterwards.

But I hope it doesn't help him win, because that will cause lots of suffering.
Because he still is a rich scamming quack who doesn't care about normal Americans, but only about rich people like him.
By tecsan [Ignore] 01,Sep,22 23:15 other posts 
You did view the loons speech tonight in primetime right.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 02,Sep,22 09:26 other posts 
It's getting increasingly loony, that the only argument you can make,
is calling people who you disagree with 'loony'.
By tecsan [Ignore] 03,Sep,22 01:14 other posts 
Says a loon that never answers a question. Dodge all you want.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 05,Sep,22 06:19 other posts 
Your questions are just expressions of madness with a question-mark
at the end. Those 'questions' cannot be answered without corrections of
your madness or indicating that your comments are lacking substance.
When I don't answer a 'question' that is not clear, than that's not dodging.
If I don't answer your attempt to change the subject, that's not dodging.

If you call every Democrat or Democratic candidate 'loon', than it's not clear who you are referring to. I have not heard about John Fetterman giving a speech, so were you talking about Biden?
John Fetterman has a tie now
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By dgraff [Ignore] 21,Sep,22 09:48 other posts 
Well that’s a start
By tecsan [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 00:01 other posts 
And a hoodie and still has aphasia.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 14:46 other posts 
It would be hypocritical if he stared wearing suits all of a sudden.
He will probably save the tie for very special occasions.
He's explaining his aphasia from his stroke in this short video:
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By CAT [Ignore] 30,Aug,22 08:02 other posts 
Fetterman presents himself as he is, warts and all. Ozz is a liar from day one. Whom should I believe?
By phart [Ignore] 13,Sep,22 12:17 other posts 
Fetterman had a stroke .You have been involved in the medical field. You of all members here should know the affects of a stroke on the human brain.
Debate with closed caption? Really? How will he address a group? will he be able to make logical decisions under pressure?
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If he wants to be a community activist or something go for it,but the people need a able bodied man with a clear brain to serve public office.
YOu don't want Fetterman to catch the same hell biden catches do you? He will and and it won't be unfounded.It is sad the man had a stroke,but he needs to understand his limitations.
By CAT [Ignore] 13,Sep,22 13:11 other posts 
Not all strokes leave you unable to function. Either way, it looks like the voters want him.
By tecsan [Ignore] 29,Aug,22 21:57 other posts 
And the alternative can be trusted, get real.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 30,Aug,22 08:02 other posts 
John Fetterman has a great track record in politics.
Dr Oz has a history of lying himself into riches.
I know you trust conmen, but most people are smarter.
By tecsan [Ignore] 01,Sep,22 04:42 other posts 
Just check out his rival!
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 01,Sep,22 06:23 other posts 
I have. And I knew John Fetterman already from TEDx. He's great.
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'Compassion, Generosity, and Hard Work' Are those dirty words to you?
Only the first two, I imagine.
By phart [Ignore] 01,Sep,22 16:09 other posts 
looks like a tattoed up freak show to me,if you notice most of the press photos try to "disguise" his tatoos to make him look more favorable to the moderate democrats.
Wearing a hoodie in alot of the photos I found of him like some of those street rioters and punks that walk down the streets at night that have uzi's under their sweaters.
IF you are going to run for a office,at least try to look decent when in front of the people.You are representing them.Look good and look PROFESSIONAL.
He looks like he just got off from work as a janitor at the local biker bar.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 05,Sep,22 06:52 other posts 
Every Republican candidate is posing with or shooting guns in their adds.
So who is seeking approval from punks with uzi's under their sweaters?
Oh, I see,... it's the sweaters you are worried about.
People should wear their uzi's under their three piece suits.

You're just showing that you are shallow and don't care about values.
Dr. Oz was on Oprah and wears suits, John Fetterman has tattoos, so.....

I support Peter Kwint, because of his ideas and values. He's a real socialist.
He was reprimanded for wearing an open t-shirt, showing his tattoos.
'Mister Kwint, where is your jacket?'
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I also support Lilian Marijnissen and Renske Leijten, because of their ideas and values, not for being good looking ladies who always dress impeccably.
only registered users can see external links
only registered users can see external links

I don't support a slick looking grifter like Thierry Baudet (who is lying about his support of Putin, for money), because of his ideas and values.
only registered users can see external links
Maybe you see a guy in a nice suit. I see he's lying, just by his body language.
(He is arguing that Russia is no threat to us, while calling people naive).
only registered users can see external links
"looks like a tattoed up freak show to me"
On his left arm he wears a tattoo of the zip code of Braddock.
On his right arm he wears tattoos of the people who got killed by gun violence,
while he was mayor of Braddock. He wanted to remember those victims,
so they would act as a constant reminder to improve safety in his community.
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Know any Republicans who care that much?
By tecsan [Ignore] 14,Sep,22 01:08 other posts 
Fetterbum is a sit on your ass and let mommy and daddy support me type. A socialist dream.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 21,Sep,22 09:51 other posts 
That's because you are brainwashed by capitalist propaganda.
Building the 'socialist dream' requires diligently working for people.
Building the 'capitalist dream' requires sitting back and letting the wealthy and corporations take control, destroy the unions even further and destroy democracy.

Or do you think deregulation and cutting taxes requires any effort?
It's not even necessary, just sit back while corporations violate pollution and
job safety regulations. Just sit back while corporations and the wealthy cheat
on taxes. Just cut the EPA and IRS and the 'capitalist dream' is that much closer.
Dr. Oz wants to ban smokers from the workforce and called for a nationwide law allowing companies to disqualify them from being hired.
only registered users can see external links

Maybe you don't smoke, I don't either, but do you agree that people should not be disqualified from a job application because they smoke?
By phart [Ignore] 09,Sep,22 19:43 other posts 
Well, smokers tend to take unauthorized breaks while other people that don't smoke have to keep right on chugging.
NOT fair to the workers.
BUT I do feel like their health insurance should be higher and if their second hand smoke harms others they should be held liable.
By tecsan [Ignore] 10,Sep,22 00:07 other posts 
Ananas, you know that socialist breed chaos then what arises next 'necessity'. You know it as well as many here. Hell, you have stated that to me many times, just not with those words.
So you want to preemptively ban smokers, just for the chance they would take breaks? Just have agreements about breaks. It's not so difficult. We have.

Smokers already pay for their own costs. They pay lots of taxes and die younger, which saves a lot on social security. The government loves smokers.

I agree that second hand smoke should be minimized. That's why I'm glad smoking is banned in public places and in work places. I don't think you can ban people smoking at home and poisoning their children. We can only ask smoking parents to not be idiots. There is a level of child abuse society allows, like teaching your children religion or right-wing conservatism. Unfortunately it's just up to the children to eventually recover from those forms of child abuse. We can only do our best
to have education provide an antivenom. Sadly, you support the venom.
By tecsan [Ignore] 02,Sep,22 02:50 other posts 
The loon fetterman can be trusted? Probably to try and uphold his socialist values.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 05,Sep,22 06:40 other posts 
He is 100% transparent about who he is and what he would do.
And apparently you would also trust him to uphold his values.

Dr. Oz is not transparent about who he is and what he would do at all.
He can only be trusted to plunge the people of Pennsylvania in further misery.

Sucks for you if people democratically elect a senator, who is completely open about
his values, which you call socialism. People either understand that it's not socialism
or they like socialism. At least it looks like his 'socialism' is doing pretty well.
Or Pennsylvanians just don't like scamming TV-doctors from New Jersey.
By tecsan [Ignore] 11,Sep,22 20:03 other posts 
We damn sure know fetterman cannot be trusted! Unless you like socialist BS.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 12,Sep,22 06:41 other posts 
You claim he is a socialist, you acknowledge you could trust him to do 'socialist BS'.
So, if people like what YOU are calling 'socialist BS', than you are telling people
they can trust John Fetterman to do what he promises to do.
By tecsan [Ignore] 12,Sep,22 20:47 other posts 
You are right just some more sleepy uncle joe BS which over half the country here is fed up with.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 13,Sep,22 12:26 other posts 
We will see in 2 months.
By phart [Ignore] 19,Sep,22 12:53 other posts 
only registered users can see external links

John Fetterman once voted to release a man sentenced to life in prison for killing a man with garden shears in a parking garage.

The convict, Charles "Zeke" Goldblum, also attempted to hire a hitman to kill his accomplice in the brutal murder.

He murdered a man with shears, that is brutal,he had to stab and stab,blood gushing,he coulda stopped at one or 2 but no 26 times. And this fetterman wanted him loose on the streets to kill again. Fucking liberals and thier softness on crime. IF only the liberals were the victums and they had to feel the pain,the loss, maby then they would look at things realistically and leave bad people LOCKED UP>
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 19,Sep,22 16:41 other posts 
And off course you KNOW that he was absolutely guilty.
Innocent people are convicted all the time.
John Fetterman is convinced he was innocent and I'm sure he investigated it
better than you have.
By phart [Ignore] 19,Sep,22 19:19 other posts 
He was tried by a jury of 12 of his peers.
That is how the justice system works. Unless there was new evidence that cleared the shadow of a doubt criteria, leave him locked up. 1 old bald hippies opinion should not be all that is required to free a killer.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 21,Sep,22 09:59 other posts 
"That is how the justice system works."
Oh really? Wow, I didn't know that.
And off course it never makes mistakes then.

Just before he died, the victim said that someone else did that to him.
That statement is known in the law as a “dying declaration.” It is typically given significant evidentiary weight, as it is presumed that a person on his deathbed will tell the truth. Nonetheless, the jury believed the defense of the person accused by the victim, over the defense of Charles Goldblum and he was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder, plus 15 to 30 years on other charges.

If you think this is a clear-cut case, you are just biassed.
And even if he was guilty, after 45 years in prison, he had served his debt to society and they concluded that he was no threat to anyone.

I would have also agreed if Trump had signed his pardon.
However Trump still kept calling for the executions of the Central Park 5,
when they were exonerated by DNA evidence.
By phart [Ignore] 20,Sep,22 10:13 other posts 
only registered users can see external links
so I guess you want to see this guy get turned loose to?

"''we — the families, the survivors, and people that were at the school, and the whole community — were given a life sentence by the shooter and didn't have the opportunity to get a second chance, a reduced sentence."
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 21,Sep,22 10:09 other posts 
For me to answer that question, I would have to look into the case.
And I'm not interested in doing that. That was Fetterman's job however.
It's just 100% predictable that Republicans would try to use that against him.

Gov. Wolf commuted Charles Goldblum’s life sentence after almost 45 years in prison. Goldblum is 71 and has health issues. Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, former mayor of Braddock, chairs the state’s Board of Pardons. Fetterman said that it served no purpose for Goldblum to remain behind bars.
“I think it’s important that mercy must be a partner to justice,”

only registered users can see external links

That's what the pardon system was intended for, not for having a president preemptively pardoning his partners in crime.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 10:37 other posts 
the tax payers will still be stuck paying for the bastards health care ,so why not keep in the jail where the rest of us are safe from him? Mercy my ass.
Lack of compassion for the victim.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 14:54 other posts 
He's much more expensive for the taxpayer in jail than free.
Are you even afraid of a 71 year old with bad health? Jeesh!
I think real life sentences are cruel and unusual punishment.
The need for a fair justice system outweighs the wishes of victims.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 19:26 other posts 
You think the victims wishes are of no consequence?
The victim had no choice. The crook DID. The crook did not have to commit the crime.They had a choice. That is the issue.

Read this qoute again.
"''we — the families, the survivors, and people that were at the school, and the whole community — were given a life sentence by the shooter and didn't have the opportunity to get a second chance, a reduced sentence."
By phart [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 21:37 other posts 
only registered users can see external links
His home town newspaper is asking him to disclose his medical records. If he is fit for duty,what the hell would he be hiding if he doesn't?
I suffered brain damage from impacts to the head from a accident. I would love to run for a political office and do my part to improve my community,state or more. BUT knowing I have health issues that are brain related,I would NOT willing put myself in a situation that it might cause hardship from a bad decision.
Think back to when Dale Earnhart jr had his brain injury. He retired from racing for safety. similar to this fetterman fellow, even if his intentions are good,he may not be fit for office.

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