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By Ananas2xLekker 26,Jul,21 16:57
All baseless claims. You're not smart enough to find anything that substantiates your claims. And if you come up with any details, I debunk it in seconds.

By Ananas2xLekker 26,Jul,21 16:53
"Democrats ... refusing to cooperate in the election process"
another baseless claim.

By Ananas2xLekker 26,Jul,21 16:36
Fact check: ‘133 million registered voters’ argument uses flawed logic:
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Over 159 million people voted in the Nov. 3 election. The claim misleadingly uses a registered voters projection to calculate the number of people that voted. This is a misleading: turnout percentage reported by the media is based on the voting-eligible population, not the number of registered voters.

Took me 10 seconds to google it.

The increasing amount of registered voters is completely in line:
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Another one debunking your 133 million registered voters:
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About turnout:
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Still piss poor compared with the Dutch turnout:
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Election Count Fact Check: Debunking Baseless Claims Of Voter Fraud:
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Pennsylvania 2020 Election: Why This Ex-Trump Voter Backs Biden:
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By Ananas2xLekker 26,Jul,21 16:33
Sure, there are application committees for some universities.

"Since 2013, students for programs with a numerus fixus have been selected locally. This is done on the basis of at least two qualitative criteria, for example lists of marks and motivational interviews."

However, there was a bill in march, to add a decentralized lottery:
"The fact that the student population of these programs is less diverse than other programs may indicate reduced accessibility for certain groups of students. Adding lottery tickets now tackles the inequality of opportunity."

"with totalitarian socialism the sum of wealth does not get bigger, it's just divided differently". Possibly, it's hard to know, because that's a system that has never been achieved on any significant scale. That is so far fetched, it's not even worth considering in reality. I'm mostly interested in social democracy, because it has proven to be the best equilibrium between total libertarian capitalism and state forced equality. It just provides the best chances for everyone to prosper and the most equality of freedom, while protecting the less fortunate.

By Ananas2xLekker 26,Jul,21 16:07
Jesus, are you listening to that? "Military vehicles everywhere, things are gonna happen.", "Something's gotta give.", "It's sorcery and witchcraft what they're doing!"
These are the ramblings of a complete madman.

By Ananas2xLekker 26,Jul,21 15:53
You don't show why my claims are wrong and you don't show why your claims are right. You didn't answer my question at all. I asked for SOURCES and you have given NONE.

I'll show you my source. Have you even ever heard this recording?
It was on the news all over the world. If your news didn't cover it, than they are partisan hacks.

Trump demands Georgia election official 'finds' thousands of votes to overturn Biden: only registered users can see external links
"There is nothing wrong with saying .. that you have recalculated."
"All I wanna do is this, I just wanna find 11,780 votes"

By Ananas2xLekker 26,Jul,21 12:20
I will provide any transparency you want, if at all possible.
However, will you ever do the same and provide facts about that fraud?
You are never specific about your claims about auditors and observers.
That is what liars do.

I do give specific information about facts; Trump was caught trying to get people overseeing elections to 'find' thousands of votes for him. Any verifiable fact about democrats doing similar things would help your case.

By Ananas2xLekker 26,Jul,21 12:03
Yep, pretty much!

Just kidding. No, we have been screwed pretty hard from several successive right-wing cabinets. Lot's of public facilities got privatized and became very expensive. Every job for low educated people changed from good paying, permanent contracts to temporary, flexible or freelancing jobs on minimum wage or just above. Retirement homes were all closed. Job programs for the mentally handicapped got slashed. Rent got very expensive. Education also got more expensive.

After the 2nd world war people demanded change. They protested for decades and forced their government to prioritize the development of people. They voted en masse for the labor party and got a bigger piece of the pie. The economy grew like never before. People pulled themselves out of poverty and every generation did better than the one before. I grew up in a time where everyone had a good chance of making a living for themselves.

However, People started to dislike how guest workers from Spain, Turkey, Morocco and eastern Europe came here and changed their neighborhoods. That frustration was picked up and harnessed by right-wingers. There was a massive propaganda campaign to blame unemployment on immigrants and blame the immigrants on the labor party. Than low-income people started voting more for right-wing parties, so the labor party had to make very unpopular concessions to the right-wingers.
That made people even more angry, so they started voting for right-wing populists. They voted for their own demise, out of cultivated hatred for immigrants.
Now the labor party has no power at all any more. The low-income people are now poor people. Some still vote for populists, others stopped voting completely.
Lots of people are struggling. That's 100% caused by our right-wing government doing what big companies want and not listening to people anymore.

By Ananas2xLekker 26,Jul,21 11:00
Wow, all that meddling and Trump couldn't prove any of it. How weak is that?

They actually found some fraud. Those were Trump supporters testing the system.

By Ananas2xLekker 26,Jul,21 09:35
It depends if they had a function in the Trump administration. Selling art would be a great opportunity for corruption. Fictional example: Ivanka Trump makes a deal and asks daddy to cut some regulations, that are preventing a company from dumping it's toxic waste in the river and then the CEO of that company buys a painting from Ivanka for $25 million.

To prevent presidents from doing that, they should divests from their businesses.
Getting you kids involved in your administration should also not be allowed.
But even if they aren't involved in the administration, it's pretty sketchy if they get ridiculously good job offers, rent out hotel rooms or sell their shit for more than the value. You understand this when it concerns Hunter Biden, but not when it's blatantly obvious with the Trump kids or Trump himself.

By Ananas2xLekker 26,Jul,21 06:38
Get your links in order. That was not a Carl Sagan video.

By Ananas2xLekker 26,Jul,21 06:27
Many people felt there was fraud when Bush 'won' from Al Gore. Then the margins were tiny. Bush 'won' by 537 votes in Florida, while at least 1,100 eligible voters were 'wrongly' dropped from voting rolls, in an 'attempt' to purge a list of felons.
Gore actually won the popular vote by 500.000, Trump lost by 7 million votes.

Did Gore refuse to leave the White House?
Did Gore start 80 lawsuits and loose all but one?
Did democrats storm the Capitol to "stop the steal"?

Stop crying, you lost. The defeat of Trump is 100x more clear than the defeat of Gore.

When Biden resigns or is forced from office, Kamala Harris will be president.

By Ananas2xLekker 26,Jul,21 05:43
True. I would say; trust data and only trust people when they give arguments substantiated with data and arguments. Liars are never specific, because specifics can be debunked easier and get you more into trouble later on.

Tucker Carlson is a liar, but he is a very smart one. He always makes sure he has credible deniability; "I was only asking questions!". Sure, questions like: "Do the vaccines actually work?" or "How many people have died from the side effects?", while already being vaccinated himself. These questions are intended to create doubt and fear. It should be his job to answer those questions, because they call themselves Fox !NEWS!. Journalists (Carlson's lawyers said he isn't one) are useless if they don't inform themselves and their audience. He could have invited someone on his program, who could actually answer those questions (if he was just lazy).

However, it's not his job to answer those questions, because his job is doing propaganda for the Republican party! When the Democrats are in office, it's his job to create as much distrust and destruction as possible. The lives of Americans are meaningless to them, not even their own audience. They only care about their owners and companies who pay for their commercials. The current shift on Fox News is probably by demand of their financiers.
I'm not saying the CNN's are much better (OAN lawsuit against Rachel Maddow). They are all useless. However alternative media is also tricky. It can vary from honest actors to complete and utter disinformation. It's your job to recognize that, by verifying their information against facts and logic.

I know Fauci lied and I think that was wrong. I do understand why he did it though. There was a shortage and they needed masks for the care givers. When the whole world is hoarding toilet paper, what would have happened with masks?
Still, I would have preferred he was honest, because trust was already low.
However, he admitted it and explained it. How about the guy who was in charge? From telephone recordings, we know Trump knew the virus was dangerous.
But, Trump told the public that it was a hoax or just a flu. How was that protecting people and what Fauci did wasn't?

Trump also made sure his friends knew about the dangers of the upcoming pandemic, so they could protect their business and get their stocks in order. They made billions of the pandemic, bought up businesses of bankruptcies, bought up houses of evicted people, while the middle class and the poor suffered and died.

So, who do you trust? Not the people you trust!

By Ananas2xLekker 25,Jul,21 18:04
Of course it's peoples own choice. I'm not against that at all, what I'm against is people making that choice on false information, because somehow the right wing media decided it's in their best interest to discourage their readers, listeners and viewers from taking the vaccine. Very strange how they are killing their own customers that way.

But, it looks like they are changing their mind a bit. Last time the stock market got a hit from bad news on Covid, some Fox News hosts changed their messaging on the vaccines. Maybe they understand now that a pandemic is bad for business.

Fox News doesn't really say not to take the vaccine. Tucker Carlson always says: "I'm just asking questions!". My answer to him is: "Why don't you START ANSWERING QUESTIONS, for once you lazy, useless, spoiled rich fuck. You are working for a NEWS NETWORK!"

By Ananas2xLekker 25,Jul,21 17:20
That was not Carl Sagan, it was a native American talking about how the pharmaceutical industry tries to peddle their poison on people; "Russell Means: Welcome to the American Reservation Prison Camp (Full Length)"

He talks about TV commercials for pharmaceuticals. Maybe a shock, but those are not allowed in our country. How's that consistent with the idea that it's the liberals who want you dependent on pharmaceuticals? Here's an idea it's actually the capitalists who do, because they make money of your dependence.

He also talks about the food making you sick. True, but it's the cutting of regulations on the food industry, that made it possible to sell garbage as food. We have rules against that.

At least I'm a pet who is not dependent on pharmaceuticals and doesn't eat garbage.

By Ananas2xLekker 25,Jul,21 17:07
Those 1%ers are very effective people. They made you think you are pets, unless you work as hard as you can for them, get almost nothing for it, pay taxes while they don't and have your politicians and the media work for them and not for you.
Just because they are the blessed job providers.

But I am a pet for saying to those 1%ers: "Give me my fucking piece of the cake!"

By Ananas2xLekker 24,Jul,21 18:35
How am I a pet, when I demand from my government rules on my employer, so I get a good wage for 40 hours a week, in a safe working place and lots of payed vacation? Are you not more of a pet when you work 84 hours a week, on minimum wage, in a horrible environment, without time off?
I still had to do a good job, to get where I am. I still had to do good in school and learn what I could during my career. Read my story above and then tell me if I do self improvement or not.
At least I got a chance with my education. My family is not rich, so I probably wouldn't have had it in the US.

You found another reason for why we shouldn't do anything about climate change. At least that shows creativity. It does off course not convince me that those risks are worse than the risks of climate change itself. Knowing my predictions on the future, could you think otherwise?

If your tap water contains lead and mercury, filters don't cut it. You could shower with it, but for drinking you should better buy bottled water. Carbon filters to take out lead and mercury are more expensive than bottle water. At least our regulations give us the 2nd best tap water in the world.

"More than 220,000 U.S. bridges need major repair work or should be replaced, according to an American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) analysis of the just released U.S. Department of Transportation’s 2020 National Bridge Inventory (NBI) database. That figure represents 36 percent, or more than one-third, of all U.S. bridges."
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By Ananas2xLekker 24,Jul,21 18:14
I've heard the name Carl Sagan many times, but never looked for him. Now I did and so far I like him a lot.

Here is some videos where he is just showing how to use the scientific method:

Carl Sagan on the Existence of God
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Note how he often talks about 'evidence'. Know someone else who does?

Carl Sagan On Alien Civilizations
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No one has ever taught me WHAT to think. I was taught HOW to think from a young age. My father never answered questions like an authority, he tried to explain subjects by talking about them and helping me come up with the answers myself. Sometimes we picked up an encyclopedia and read about it. He bought me books about Astronomy and how stuff work and how to do home physics experiments. I got a chemistry set and an electronics set before I was 10 and I actually learned something from that and not just made interesting colors or sounds. At age 10 I got my first computer (a Sinclair ZX81) and I started learning to program in Basic. Later I got my Commodore 64 and learned myself to do pretty complicated programs. From a schematic in a German magazine I made an output interfacing box, that enabled me to electronically switch lights, buzzers, etc. Connecting this to the joystick ports of the Commodore 64, with wires under the carpet, I could send messages to him. When years later I got programming lessons in high school, I knew things my teacher didn't know and aced the course. I almost went into IT, but I liked science more, so I went to laboratory education, doing pretty good in physics, statistics and instrument technology, but finally taking Biotechnology for graduation.
I have worked in several analytics laboratories, but finally found my home in biotech pharmaceuticals production. I did that for ten years, but started to get bored. So I took every course they allowed me on innovation, lean, safety, ergonomics and root cause analysis. Meanwhile I was reading books like Charles Darwin (evolution), Richard Dawkins (atheism), Daniel Dennett (philosophy), Sylvia Nasar (economy), Noam Chomsky (political activist), Maarten van Rossem (historian), Michael Moore (leftist), Charles Groenhuijsen (America correspondent), Friedrich Nietzsche (philosophy), Willem Middelkoop (economy), Salomon Kroonenberg (sustainability) and Douglas Hofstadter (Gödel, Escher, Bach).

So, maybe you disagree with me, but if you think I was taught to be dumb, I hope you now agree that I at least did that myself. lol
Please explain what I should do to wise up.

Going back to Carl Sagan; maybe you should listen to him more, because he agrees a whole lot more with my views than with yours. For this claim, I refer you to the next YouTube videos.

Carl Sagan on CNN 1%
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"The government should be working for the people, not the other way around."
I agree with every word he says here. Do you?

Ted Turner asks Carl Sagan if he is a socialist.
only registered users can see external links
"I believe that the government has a responsibility to care for the people."
He also says "Making people able to take care for themselves", "The United States is an extremely rich country. It's perfectly able to do that, it chooses not to, it chooses to have homeless people."

I am quite intrigued about your statement: "It's because they want us to be stupid...".
I thinks so too, but would love to here who is 'they' in your opinion, what their reason is for wanting us to be stupid and what kind of stupid they prefer.

By Ananas2xLekker 24,Jul,21 14:24
"Look at how the top 1% fucks you over." Wow, we found a point we agree on.
One question do you think Dutch people are fucked over harder by the 1%
than American people? How?
Your 1% is the richest in the world. Jeff Bezos fucked over his employees to become that rich and he is using his money for space tourism, for the other 1%ers.
He doesn't pay any taxes, so you have to pick up the slack.
Please explain how I'm lying here.

The early ancient Greeks, Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians and Vikings all believed that the Earth was a flat disc or plane surrounded by water. This was based on the evidence of what they saw around them. They didn't prove it, they just believed it.

We also agree that religion held back discoveries of how the world actually works, for thousands of years. The Greeks knew the earth was round 500 years B.C., but because of religion that knowledge was forbidden.

"By around 500 B.C., most ancient Greeks believed that Earth was round, not flat. But they had no idea how big the planet is until about 240 B.C., when Eratosthenes devised a clever method of estimating its circumference"

By Ananas2xLekker 24,Jul,21 14:12
"Look at how the top 1% fucks you over." Wow, we found a point we agree on.
One question do you think Dutch people are fucked over harder by the 1%
than American people? How?

By Ananas2xLekker 24,Jul,21 14:03
The government is not our master, they work for us, because we pay for them (taxes).
It helps if you have an actual democracy, like us.

So you think all of those are extravagant?
What the hell are you even paying taxes for then?

Well, you need at least some taxes, for your priorities:
-Cheap gas (= no taxes on gas. Some taxes for a military to steal the oil)
-Low taxes (no taxes if you don't get anything for it)
-Safe neighborhoods (some taxes for police? Or just protect yourself?)
-Secure borders (you don't need them, if no one wants to come to the US)

By Ananas2xLekker 24,Jul,21 12:03
Don't they also want?:
- Healthcare when they need it, without going bankrupt
- Affordable education for their children
- Jobs that pay enough to live on
- Some time off from work to enjoy their life
- Security of retirement in old age
- Security of life when they become disabled in an accident
- Some social security when they get fired
- Not loosing everything in a fire
- Not loosing everything in a flood
- Not loosing everything in a hurricane
- Electricity in the summer and not die of heat stroke
- Electricity in the winter and not freeze to death
- Roads and bridges (if they can afford a car)
- Public transport (if they can't afford a car)
- Cops that don't kill them for just looking suspicious
- Fair justice when they get screwed
- Fair elections and politicians who represent them
- Air that is safe to breath
- Tap water that is safe to shower and preferably drink too

Just some of my lefty ideas perhaps, but I am curious about which of those things
you think are extravagant.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Jul,21 15:40
Working 12/7 for 5 months on end is pretty close to slavery, in my opinion. Sure, they can quit and slaves couldn't. But, I'm sure if you quit, you don't get social security.
So is quitting actually an option, if you then can't pay for housing or food?
It's difficult applying for another job, if you're always working.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Jul,21 13:03
You know that argument was already debunked elsewhere right?

The Netherlands were great a trading slaves, it was a big part of the economy.
We have learned (some things) from our mistakes.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Jul,21 12:52
Anti-Vaxxers React After Being Hospitalized With COVID-19:
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By Ananas2xLekker 23,Jul,21 12:33
I know donkeys are a symbol for the Republican party, but I still like em (dammit).
Cute donkey!
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

Do you like this cute little elephant? Yes you do!

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Jul,21 12:07
Oh common, some service would be nice.--------------------------------------- added after 22 minutesNo problem with this article, it's quite neutral.

What is the point;
Stupid Democrats getting themselves infected with Covid?
They are fully vaccinated and still got Covid?

The last I can explain. It is still possible to be infected and infect others, after you're vaccinated. The vaccines are only between 60% and 90% effective in preventing disease. They are however at least 90% effective in preventing against hospitalization or death, even for the Delta variant. That's pretty good for vaccines, the flew vaccines are much less effective.

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By Ananas2xLekker 23,Jul,21 11:54
Paper ballots are harder to mess with, so sure.

It was mean of you to take away the Diamond and Silk link

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Jul,21 11:52
Citations needed!

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Jul,21 11:52
AON, Newsmax, Fox News? At least link to the article.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Jul,21 11:39
That is not far from the truth. According to Wikipedia: "After the war broke out,
the Netherlands declared neutrality. The country was subsequently invaded and occupied.". We resisted a short while, which resulted in 2,300 military and 3,000 civilian deaths, but when Rotterdam and Amsterdam were bombed to smithereens, we decided to bravely chicken out and our queen decided to valiantly run off to England. Then the Netherlands lived (and died (a lot)) under German rule for five years.
Some people helped the Germans by betraying the Jews, but a lot were in the resistance to save a lot of Jews and fight the Germans covertly.
I would like to state that the Germans had 13.6 million soldiers and the total population of The Netherlands was 8.8 million.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Jul,21 10:08
The US has never been the policeman of the world. That would mean the US respects international law and acts accordingly, to protect the victims of international law breakers.

The US has always acted on it's self interest. The Nazis, Russians, Chinese, etc were/are all rivaling superpowers, fighting the US over control of land, people and resources. If Europe ever trusted the US to protect them, that was very naive.
I agree we should ramp up our own defense. However, I don't mean paying the US
for their protection (like Trump suggested), I mean Europe having a strong military
of it's own and not being dependent on the US for anything.

If you think the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria are policing wars, you are kidding yourself. It's good the US fought against the Nazis, but you were not the only one. Even the Russians fought them.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Jul,21 08:33
If there was new evidence that actually proved the election was fraudulent and Trump would have won, that still would not overturn the election. It would start new lawsuits, send the people guilty of fraud to prison (probably for ever) and I think the supreme court would need to decide whether the election was invalid and a new election should be held.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell claims Trump will be reinstated on August 13th. That's not enough time to present your perfect proof, win the court cases, hold a new election and get Trump back into office. That is only possible with a coup d'état.
Remember that it is the responsibility of the military to fight-off coups.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Jul,21 08:22
When no Antifa or BLM members were arrested, than there is no proof that they were there. Since we do not know everybody who was there, we cannot prove that Antifa or BLM members were there, that is correct.

However, the claim was that the violence was committed by Antifa or BLM members and the Trump supporters were peaceful. That we can check, because many violent protesters were arrested. They have checked the social media activity of those suspects and it shows them as active Trump supporters and radicalizing over time.
If they were Antifa or BLM members their social media would show completely different ideologies. They could still radicalize, off course, but about completely different subjects.

Why do you always paint your opposition as having the only goal of creating mayhem and disruption? Even if they are disruptive, at least understand it is the method not the goal. Do I claim that Trump supporters only went to the Capital to destroy, fight and kill? I understand they were angry about a fraudulent election. If I believed that happened and the opposition got away with it, I would also be very angry and probably did the same. It would have been the biggest crime in your Democracy.

That doesn't mean it's true or people who believe it are right to believe it.
There we 80 lawsuits about the claims of fraud and all (but one irrelevant one)
had lost or not even deemed worthy of the court's time (moot). The 'evidence' that was presented was ridiculous (my opinion) and the 'real proof' was never presented. Claiming you have 'real proof' is not really proving anything. If there was 'real proof', the whole world would have known about it.

SrCums says there is proof without showing any or he says he doesn't need proof and others are idiots to believe there was no fraud. That's an opinion, but I don't think it's a good one. I think opinions should be based in facts and logic.

You could change my mind with actual proof, immediately. But do understand what 'proof' means. That 'evidence' obviously did not convince the (Trump appointed) judges, so it wouldn't convince me.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Jul,21 07:55
Why phart and I agree sometimes, is when we at least agree on the FACTS.
If your OPINIONS differ from mine, that's your prerogative. I would still want to argue with you and maybe change your mind (even just for a little bit).
It is even possible to change my mind on things, if your arguments are strong.
However if you state things like 'Trump supporters were peaceful at the Capital and all the violence was done by Antifa', I ask you to prove it. Because that is
NOT AN OPINION! It's either a true FACT or it is FACTUALLY false.
Evidence either shows it to be true or false.
So, show your evidence and I'll show mine.

It is also not an opinion to say the earth is flat. The earth either IS flat or it IS NOT. It is a FACT and it is verifiable. People either are correct or incorrect about it.

If I say '11 Trump associates have now been charged with crimes', that's NOT AN OPINION. It's verifiable. It's all over the news. You could call the specific police departments or the prosecutors and find out that it's true.
If I then say that makes Trump a conman, that's an OPINION. We could then discuss that opinion. Maybe your opinion differs about what laws people should break, before you call them a conman. Maybe I think people could be called a conman without ever breaking a law. However, I have an example; Trump University was a scam. A federal court decided it was FRAUD and agreed that Trump payed a $25 million settlement to the students who sued him.
That's a FACT. If it is enough to call Trump a conman is an OPINION.

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By Ananas2xLekker 23,Jul,21 07:10
Phart didn't disagree a lot with this statement:

"Medicines always cause side effects. There are only lawsuits about it, because for-profit-manufacturers have financial incentives to hide adverse events with their products. Those incentives to screw over the consumers wouldn't matter for publicly funded medicine production.
Who do you think pays for the lawsuits now? That's the consumer. The profit of screwing consumers is much higher than the cost of any lawsuits.
Don't think you know better than me, I work in this sector.

The government doesn't make these choices because it benefits the consumer or the taxpayer, they make these choices because the pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest donors of the politicians."

By Ananas2xLekker 22,Jul,21 11:12
There is absolutely no proof Antifa (Anti-fascism movement) was there.
Explain why Antifa would try to stop the election process for their preferred President and risk getting a fascist like Trump again?

Trump supporters went to the Capitol to force Mike Pence to overturn the election.

By Ananas2xLekker 22,Jul,21 11:06
Maybe the Israelis are the worst at the moment. They supply authoritarian regimes with the worst spyware available; Pegasus. It's used to crackdown against their opposition and spy on world leaders. It is probably even used by Mexican drugs cartels to find and kill journalists who stand against them.

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By Ananas2xLekker 22,Jul,21 10:44
If they were lies, you would be able to disprove my points. You can't.

'the most evil establishment in our planets history'?
The USA? No, not the most evil, I think the Nazis were worse.
But, the US can still catch up.

I support the left. The left has been in power in my country for decades in the past and during that time life improved tremendously for everyone. The last 20 years,
the right has been in power in my country and that has caused poverty and hardship for many people. I'm lucky not to be poor, but I see a bleak future ahead.

My moral case is; having all people of the world supporting each other, so everyone has a meaningful life and working together to prevent the destruction of life on earth.

I summarize your moral case as; every man for himself, survival of the fittest
and letting the powerful take whatever they want, no matter who they hurt.
If you disagree with that, explain what principles you have, which make me incorrect.

By Ananas2xLekker 22,Jul,21 07:04
There were no conclusions in my comment. Those 11 Trump associates are actually charged with crimes. Trump surrounds himself with conmen, because he is one himself. He has scammed people before he was president, he kept doing it during his presidency and he is still doing it. I hope they put him in jail for it.

Your stupid politics is a big part of the cause, for our politics getting fucked up too.
Your wars are causing chaos for all people on Earth. Companies that started in America have lots of negative effects on us. YouTube is selling disinformation to our public. Amazon is screwing over our companies. Your for-profit-healthcare system bribed our politicians to abandon our public healthcare system, so healthcare is getting more expensive by the day and that's already taking victims. Your big oil companies are bribing all politicians to do nothing on climate change, so we are all fucked.
My country still is a utopia compared to yours, but it will go to shit because of the USA.

Your values are not America's values. You are just a very loud minority. What your politicians are doing is not the will of the majority, it is the will of their donors.
It's the Republicans who made that corrupt system a reality and it's the brainwashing
of your side that keeps the corruption in place.

So if you get your country right, the rest of the world can breath a lot easier.

By Ananas2xLekker 21,Jul,21 16:44
"I doubt we Americans would have invaded a country and stayed for over 20 years without getting something out of it.."
That exactly is my premise.
"to secure low prices for the mineral wealth" is getting something out of it.

By Ananas2xLekker 21,Jul,21 16:39
Thomas Barrack, the former Chair of Trump's 2017 Inaugural Committee has been arrested and charged with acting as an unregistered foreign agent.

11 Trump associates have now been charged with crimes. 11!
Do we see a pattern here?

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By Ananas2xLekker 21,Jul,21 14:24
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It was definitely not people with your ideology who freed the slaves.

By Ananas2xLekker 21,Jul,21 14:03
Here is data from The Netherlands on the relationship between religion and measles.
The SGP (Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij) is a conservative orthodox Calvinist political party. Calvinism is a major branch of Protestantism.
Their ideology is against vaccination, because people should have trust in God.

By Ananas2xLekker 21,Jul,21 13:06
Covid-19 vaccination levels by county / 2020 Trump votes percentage:

By Ananas2xLekker 21,Jul,21 08:54
"the bombing started back after 2001,it shoulda never stopped until our flag was flying over our new territory. We could have given Afghanistan to the Israelis or something."

You are anxious for complete imperialism, but you can't understand why they hate you.
Hint: It's not your love of freedom!

By Ananas2xLekker 21,Jul,21 08:42
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Afghanistan is either ruled by the illegitimate government that has no backing from the people and was put there by the USA, or by war lords that want to control the most land or by the Taliban. It is off course in the best interest of the US to keep that illegitimate government in power, but to do that the US should stay there indefinitely. That is so expensive, that it's preferable to let Afghanistan fight it out for themselves.
It would have been better to actually put some money to building up the Afghan economy, to stabilize the country, but your government doesn't want to actually help them.

The US is in Afghanistan to secure low prices for the mineral wealth. If protecting the people against dictatorship was the intention, then putting in your own dictatorship is not the answer. If the US wanted to protect the people from terrorists, they wouldn't have let the CIA back Afghan Death Squads, who kill them just the same.
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By Ananas2xLekker 21,Jul,21 08:21
Here is an example:
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Just by providing good wages, employers can take their pick of more applications.

What is your reasoning for claiming that people who are payed well are lazier than people who are payed less (for the same job)?

Don't you think that someone who is payed well is motivated to keep that job?
If you get canned from your good paying job, because you are slacking off,
it is hard to find a job that pays the same.
There is no logic to your argument.

By Ananas2xLekker 21,Jul,21 08:15
If you are smart, you would want regulations that force employers to provide minimum standards on maximum working hours, payed overtime, payed sick leave, a safe workplace and several other important benefits, so employers cannot compete on screwing over and endangering employees. That's how it should be.

By Ananas2xLekker 20,Jul,21 05:10
Hahahaha. Yep, if you screw up their time, they will learn to not call you anymore.

Nice taste in cars

This guy has made a living out of scamming scammers:
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(you will like this; no politics in it)