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By Ananas2xLekker 01,Mar,24 17:26
Jimmy Kimmel pranked Trumpsters. Damn, they are dishonest.
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It would be impossible to get me like that, because I vote for decent and smart people
and what's more important, I don't change my opinions based on the side it applies to.

By Ananas2xLekker 01,Mar,24 16:41
You think it's sad that this dementia patient is not president at this time?
We could agree that it's sad that the other dementia patient is president at this time,
but no one should want either of them to be president. Your side just keeps pointing
this out about Biden, but you're dishonestly silent about Trump. Trump is doing worse.

You point to things as Biden's screw-ups that are absolutely not his fault.
But I'm very happy that Biden is president now, because Trump is a dangerous fool.
His chaotic behavior could have ended humanity any moment, in situations like this.

"Trump would have personally told putin where to put his nukes."
What a stupid idea that cursing Putin would stop Russia's aggression.
Putin is an evil asshole, but he is a grown-up with brains.
You don't pick a thin-skinned clown-baby to deal with a man like that.
And that's my description of Trump in his better days. He's even worse now.
It's sad that people, who think international politics should be handled
like teenagers on a schoolyard, think they are smart enough to vote.

By Ananas2xLekker 01,Mar,24 11:39
Oh, really? Never heard of them. But, sure, I endorse that idea.

By Ananas2xLekker 01,Mar,24 11:36
Yes, I know, that's very sad. They continue what we started.

Don't fool yourself, we didn't help them learning to trade, because then we would have allowed them to have a mixed economy.
We specifically narrowed their economy to one product, in order to exploit them. That was the strategy.

And instead of saying: "China does it too!", we better use the combined strength of the western world to advance humanity,
the whole of humanity, before humanity destroys itself.

By Ananas2xLekker 01,Mar,24 11:04
Trump's Brain Damage EXPOSED By Cognitive Expert
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When Trump is messing up the pronunciation of words, that's Phonemic Paraphasia.
It's always evidence of brain damage.
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His problems with ending a sentence and mixing stories, that's Tangential thinking.
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When you start mixing up PEOPLE (not names) that's a sign of advanced dementia.
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Not knowing who the president is, is a sign of disorientation, it's the type of questions they use in an emergency room.
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When he uses incorrect, but similar sounding words 'god' I/O 'gun' or 'oranges' I/O 'origins', that's Semantic Aphasia.
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By Ananas2xLekker 29,Feb,24 16:49
You are absolutely incapable of imagining the thinking of other people.
Yes, they prefer to have a good life, instead of blaming us for fucking it up.

The westerners have used the whole of Africa and most of South America as slave labor for centuries. We literally divided up their continents into countries with one type of production, banana's in one place, sugar cane in another, cacao in yet another, mining in yet another, to all force the local population to work in just that industry, so we could maximize their exploitation. We picked the most bloodthirsty chieftain in the area, made them their dictator, provided them with weapons and money, to rule over them with horrible brutality. That's easier than sending your own troops to enslave them and it allowed us to pretend our hands were clean.

Recently, we have stopped the most brutal slavery, but we still almost steal their resources and we put them under giant debts, for 'helping' them. Their countries export a ridiculous wealth of resources to us, but instead of money going their direction, they pay us huge sums in interest and we pretend to help them with some aid.

By Ananas2xLekker 29,Feb,24 16:16
To not add this to my already very long post, what nonsense is it that I "follow a political agenda to invoke socialism." An agenda supposes something I'm HIDING. I am completely, openly, strongly, clearly and transparently supporting 'invoking' socialism. Or didn't you notice?
So, what a dumb remark was that.

And you think you're smarter than me.

By Ananas2xLekker 29,Feb,24 13:27
No, that's not a conspiracy, know your definitions.
Exactly like you said, and is explained in your link, which is the same or similar to links I've posted myself before; assessors determine the value of the assets of a company. Still, the assessors use documentation provided by the owner or company to base the value on.

If the company provides documents with falsified data on square footage of the property, totally incorrect data on income and expenses, concealed facts about local government restrictions on the business opportunities of the property, than the assessor determines an incorrect value for the property. That's not the responsibility of the assessor, that's the responsibility of the company to provide correct and accurate facts. Some stupid disclaimer doesn't absolve a company from that responsibility. That's the law! Read the fucking verdict.

By Ananas2xLekker 29,Feb,24 12:47
You are telling me that I need to study my hypothesize further to come to a conclusion of truth, and then you present your second paragraph?
My god man, that's the fever dream of a mental patient.
Half of it is projection and the other half is nonsense.
I do not even know where to begin. One thing is; present your evidence!
It's full of claims, but lacking in facts. I am sure you think it's all facts, but that's only because you have been told this over and over.

I will look at your link later. My definition of a country is just a piece of the earth, controlled by a unified government, separated from other piece of the earth, controlled by a unified government, based on conflicts and eventual agreements between those governments. I see absolutely no morality associated with the meaning of a country, other than that agreements between countries stabilize the conflicts over places to live for people.

By Ananas2xLekker 29,Feb,24 12:30
Do I understand here that you agree with Hitler?
And now you have found a guy with the same atomic structure in Trump?
And that he's the type of leader you think will save humanity?

Tell me if I'm summarizing incorrectly.

By Ananas2xLekker 29,Feb,24 11:42
You don't agree with my definition of socialism?

I'm the socialist here, member of the Socialist Party.
I define socialism exactly the same way my party defines it
and what constitutes their body of principles.

Use Google translate and see what we care about:
only registered users can see external links

How the hell do you define 'politics'?
"Politics will destroy us"?
Politics is just the activity that politicians do.
Politicians should be our representatives. Voters voted for them.
We do that, because civilization needs to be organized to function and
democracy is the best form of organization we invented to do that.

I would say that political corruption is this: politicians serving their own selfish goals, instead of representing their voters. How would you define corruption?

Just because your politics is completely corrupt doesn't means it's that corrupt everywhere. Our votes still matter. Our political parties are all very different from each other. When political parties get enough votes and find other parties they can cooperate with, they actually work together and find compromises between all the different issues that they promised to work for, for their voters. That's how you organize a democratic country; a mixture of the most popular opinions of the citizens shaping the policies that affect them.

The problem of our species is that we are growing, in numbers.
We are like locusts eating everything in our path, leaving a wasteland.
That's why we better grow the fuck up, before we destroy ourselves.

Did you just answer one of my previous questions?
"solidarity vs selfishness. Which is right, which is wrong?"

Humanity pulled itself away from survival of the fittest. We can never go back.
The only way we survive is now outgrowing our residual brutal nature.
That's only achievable by maximum cooperation.
That's what socialism means to me and what my party propagates.
Capitalism is maximizing selfish interests. It's destroying humanity.

By Ananas2xLekker 29,Feb,24 11:27
Trojan Gold Inc? Trojan Global Equity?

By Ananas2xLekker 29,Feb,24 11:23
Because life is better in the west. Duh!

By Ananas2xLekker 29,Feb,24 10:18
Thanks for the puppy. I've sent you a nice toy to play with.

I've answered your question, why I think socialism will work today, but I will share some more about it.
First of all, socialism isn't 6000 years old. From Wikipedia: "The origins in the Age of Enlightenment and the 1789 French Revolution along with the changes that it brought, although it has precedents in earlier movements and ideas." Before that time there was nothing but concentrated power, owned by royalty, religious leaders and other elites. Before that, every effort of people demanding power for the working-class/the poor/the serfs had been squashed into submission. The origins of socialism are exactly the same as the origins of democracy. It wasn't until the 19th century that the movements split into communism in the east and democratic socialism in the west of Europe. They eventually developed into the labor parties that are still found all over Europe. The labor parties are responsible for an incredible rise in quality of life for the working class, by organizing unions, housing programs, social security, human rights, education and free of affordable healthcare everywhere. The governments needed to provide all these benefits to the working class, because of a constant threat of violent revolution, from people being favorable to the communism in the east. The term 'socialism' was very popular during those times. Every populist despot used the term to get the people behind them. All of them were however right-wing authoritarians (fascists), who used nationalism as fake socialism, but meanwhile increased their own power and the power of the wealthy over the means of production.
In most countries in Europe, the modern Socialist Parties were founded one or more decades after WWII, because the term 'socialism' had lost much of its popularity, because of the NAZI's (Nationalsozialist). The labor parties were in control in most European countries, rebuilding all the damage from the war, in close cooperation with capitalists, who invested heavily in rebuilding the economy.

In the decades after the war, several European countries implemented many socialist principles into their government, like socialized ownership of almost all public utilities, housing, healthcare, education, banks, utilization of fossil fuels and other resources, harbors, sea barriers, farmland, fishing areas, nature reserves, police, fire-departments and the military, combined with high taxes on the wealthy paying for all that socialized ownership, as far as it didn't pay for itself. The socialized political structure consisted of various levels of representational and direct democracy.
The assets of capitalism were limited to privately owned manufacturing, retail and private banking systems. The power of capitalism was often expressed in the Senate (House of Lords), where the elites have or had the power of approving or rejecting bills, initiated by the house of representatives (House of Commons).

The decades after the war were simultaneously the most politically and economically socialism dominated ever in Europe's history, as well as seeing the strongest wealth increase of the middle and lower class in history.
In more recent decades, after the unification of Europe in the EU, European legislation enforced the privatization of most socialized ownership and most public utilities. Everything that was privatized started to rise in costs for citizens immediately, while generating profits for the wealthy owners who had bought the public wealth at bargain prices. Well-paying government jobs for the common man turned into jobs for the uneducated, paying starvation wages. This resulted in a massive increase in wealth inequality.
The US has always been more capitalist than Europe, but even during those times the wealthy paid much higher taxes, while the middle class could by a house with a picket fence and a nice car. Your American dream was attainable for the average factory worker or shop attendant. Look at how they are living now. Starvation wages for uneducated people and extreme wealth for the elites. That happened because political bribes were legalized, buying your politicians to lower taxes for the rich and cutting spending on everything for normal people. Why do you say MAGA? Make America Great AGAIN. Yes, referring to your time of rising wealth for everyone, which was also the period your economy came the closest ever to socialism.

That is the proof that socialism will work today; it has worked wonders before.

This is your first and only account, since 2009, called Trump_supporter_2, while Trump became president in 2017. That's strange at least.

Also, in all this time you haven't bothered to put up one single photo, on a site called showitoff (formerly showyourdick). I don't care if you just look at the dicks, but some guys care about some reciprocity.

This site actually restricted posting fake pictures, making it impossible to post pictures anonymously. That's why I stopped posting intimate photographs, because I don't trust this site with my identity. I came to this site to talk about sex. To my surprise, there is a diverse group of active members discussing all sorts of topics here. I like that diversity, do you?

You don't seem to be looking for the truth and learning. You seem to be only interested in getting your own opinions acknowledged and perpetuated.

By Ananas2xLekker 28,Feb,24 16:40
You think it's just coincidences that all those valuations are in his favor. When he's paying taxes on those values, his properties are worth almost nothing, but when he needs assets to back a loan, then they are all of a sudden worth 100 times more. Sure and Harry Potter lives next door to me.

By Ananas2xLekker 28,Feb,24 16:25
There is so much in this post that I agree with, that it is very strange how much we constantly disagree.

A Bachelors degree in radiological sciences should give you a good basis in the scientific method. You need to make an assessment in what you observe and not on prejudices. It is however possible that you make your assessments very much automatically, based on your knowledge, without really thinking about it. When you do things so often, it becomes second nature, instead of a conscious process.

My bachelorís degree in biotechnology is only the basis of my familiarity with the scientific method. My current job is based on 10 years of practical experience in bio-process production and 10 years of experience in facilitating that process and my former colleagues on the fields of innovation (new products, new processes, new systems, new technological advancements like big data and AI, new collaboration standards), investigating and solving quality and safety issues, designing or cooperating in designing process equipment and safety tools, writing protocols, doing feasibility studies, writing reports, editing quality standards and procedures, editing process instructions and documentation and training people. Everything I do needs to be discussed with specialists in their field and supervisors of different departments. All of them have different responsibilities and priorities, but everyone works under the same standards for safety, quality, efficiency, transparency and rationality. There are many differences of opinion to solve in every issue or project, but the arguments are based on facts and reasoning. Anyone who uses arguments based on trust, gut feelings, personal attacks, claiming that something is obvious or routine, will have a weak case in supporting their position. These discussions donít have the goal of being right, but of coming to the best decision. I find my arguments to be very productive to that end result. Often the discussion results in the plan that I started the meeting with, but I work with very smart people who often improve upon what I planned. Sometimes they have a brilliant idea that I immediately adapt and incorporate in the plan. Likewise, my colleagues come to me for improving their plans. Thatís how good decisions are made. Then we have a plan, but the next challenge is to justify the plan to the quality department. They require completely different arguments; itís not based on why the plan is the most efficient and effective, they want justification that we are allowed to do it. They want evidence that all the standards are maintained and the process still delivers the same product. All of that is based on the scientific method.
I have been in the position to follow many courses, payed for by my employer. They range from general continuous innovation (lean), very early in my employment, to process excellence (six sigma), root cause analysis and analysis based problem solving, planning techniques, a specific cooperation methodology, EHS&S intermediate certificate, and Certified Ergonomist.

I agree, a good leader speaks the truth. And when they do, they are transparent and consistent. They do not evade answering questions, they do not have weak excuses and the do not make one claim now and a completely different contradictory claim later.
Still, I have a problem with leaders in the first place. No people get humanity or smaller organization into trouble like leaders. Iíve seen it during my career all the time; no people violate our principles and standards as much as our leaders. No people make decisions on intuition and lacking deliberation as much as leaders. No people take less responsibility for their actions than leaders. If they were employees, they would get very low appraisal or get fired. They certainly have talents, but they higher they are the worse their decisions are.

I think politics in my own country sucks, but yours has been declining to the lowest level. If you understand how smart, organized, dedicated people can cooperate to come to the best solution, like I do, politics (especially yours) looks like a bunch of children bickering over marbles, while the bullies steal all of them.

While working in an incredibly capitalist market, big pharma, I developed my principles that are the basis of my socialism. Thatís because in my company cooperation is very important, but also because I see how much profit is made from selling incredibly expensive medicines to people who really need them. These profits go to people who have not contributed to the company I work for in the least. They are just wealthy families who breed insufferably spoiled children, with a bad case of entitlement and distain for the lower class, who just hire some professionals to do their bidding and maximize profits for them. At least our wealthy spoiled brats have a long-term profit strategy, which makes working for them bearable. I donít have a choice but to work under a capitalist system, so I make the best of it, but I would support my market sector being socialized wholeheartedly. When the system doesnít have to enrich a bunch of useless selfish people, the medicines can be much cheaper.

When you want my arguments for why socialism is better than democracy, you donít understand either. Socialism is the extreme version of democracy. Instead of getting to vote on some people controlling politics and working for people who you cannot vote for at all, I support democratizing everything. No more people who have all the money to bribe politicians to do their bidding, but sharing the ownership of our working places and having direct democratic control over how humanity utilizes the public capital. Maybe you would understand it better, if we donít call it Ďsocialismí and Ďsocial capitalismí would be more to your liking.
I have been getting personally involved in politics for a while now. As an active member in the Socialist Party, I have direct democratic influence in voting for our representatives, drawing up the party principles and election manifestos. The Socialist Party in The Netherlands is the most democratic party of all, and we have a lot of them. Meanwhile, several political organizations who have seats in our house and senate are not even officially political parties. They donít have members and their funding is not transparent. The are basically lobby organizations. But somehow you have been convinced that socialism is the opposite from democracy and I donít think any argument can change your opinion.

By Ananas2xLekker 28,Feb,24 10:14
I know, and it's moot. Save yourself the trouble.

By Ananas2xLekker 28,Feb,24 10:10
You used that same argument many times by now. You and I do not determine the value of our assets, but the rich have many ways to scam that process.

Where the hell is the problem? Read the rest.

By the way, Trumps monitor has most likely uncover even more fraud, where Trump created fake loans to avoid paying taxes over millions of dollars.
I hope they are not done completely squeezing the filthy crook.

By Ananas2xLekker 28,Feb,24 09:32
It affects others, because what you are saying is not what he was accused of.
You can read: only registered users can see external links

Trump was submitting blatantly false financial data to the accountants, resulting in fraudulent financial statements, lowering the value of his assets with the purpose of reducing his tax-rates and massively overvaluing his assets in order to borrow more and at lower rates. That's fraud.

I might be a little bit sensitive when people say fraud is not a crime.
In my country, tens of thousands of people had their lives destroyed by our government, because they were accused of childcare benefits fraud. After years of obstruction, the investigation has uncovered that only in a tiny number of cases actual fraud had been committed. In most of the cases a tiny mistake, worth almost nothing, was enough to be convicted of fraud, without any fair legal process. Many people didn't even make a mistake themselves, but were flagged as fraudster for using childcare services that had been identified as fraudulent. Anything like that resulted in the government cracking down on them with massive fines and being forced to pay back all the benefits they ever received. Their assets were confiscated, leaving them without their homes and/or with massive debts. When their lives got messed up, many of them were unable to take care of their children. Many of them released care of their children to child protection. Then the were fucked again, getting treated exactly the same as people who have their children forcibly taken away. It took many years, but eventually, our cabinet resigned over that scandal. Only two political entities fought for those people all along; my Socialist Party and Pieter Omtzigt from the Christian Democratic Appeal, who has been attacked for it by his own party. I personally know a family who has been devastated by the childcare benefits affair. It was brutal what they did to them.
That's what happens when normal people get accused of fraud.

Normally wealthy people get away with it. They steal millions or billions from the tax-payer and never get caught, while the average people get destroyed over a small mistake or not even that. I like how they got Trump on it. He has been a crook all his life, stealing from the less powerful. This is his comeuppance.

By Ananas2xLekker 28,Feb,24 09:07
"Trump's STENCH: GAG-Worthy Details REVEALED"
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only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links (balanced perspective)

An absolute non-topic of course, for which there is no evidence, but witnesses.
I wouldn't post it, wasn't it that the other side would surely post something like this.

By Ananas2xLekker 28,Feb,24 05:06
Oh, I'm not so bad, once you get to know me.

By Ananas2xLekker 28,Feb,24 05:03
You still have not told me which question you want me to answer.

Colorado was asked to take Trump of the ballot. Their court granted a petition, brought by six Colorado voters, under the Colorado Election Code to exclude Trump from the presidential primary ballot. The court has stayed that decision, pending further review from the Colorado Supreme Court. Whatever they will reply, the Colorado court will do. What the truckers want will not change that outcome.

What you are claiming about New York trucker having an impact might be completely true or completely false. The news coverage is so much disagreeing with each other, that it's just a matter of who do you want to trust. I don't do trust, I deal in evidence. I've seen no evidence either way. What you are telling me isn't evidence either, because you are just saying it, without divulging any sources. There are also source that claim a 30% decline in deliveries. Other sources say that they cannot find any truckers who are actually willing to sacrifice their jobs for Trump. Unless someone shows me photographs from reliable sources of traffic jams caused by trucks or empty shelves, I'm agnostic about the issue. Whatever the reality is, no judge will revert their ruling over a couple of truckers. Trump will have to pay up. If he want to stay the enforcement of the judgment, by appealing, he has to find someone providing bond for him or he has to put up the $464 million ($350 million + interest) himself. If he doesn't, within 30 days, they can seize his assets.

I don't care what you think about my identity. I've been here for at least 11 years, using this account. You can check that. As I told you before, no one has any credibility here. Everyone who is remaining anonymous will have to debate on the merit of their arguments. Some people think that you also have another account. I have told them that I don't care.

By Ananas2xLekker 27,Feb,24 16:47
I must say; nicely found.

However, why do I need to care about what Margaret Thatcher thinks of socialism?
She was just a tool for the wealthy, who crushed the lives of workers and initiated a decline of the working class and an enormous increase of horrible poverty in the UK, which also caused a massive decline in their economy. That clearly demonstrates that her ideas resulted in the opposite of what she's saying there.

The second lady says socialism isn't good, because printing money causes inflation. She's correct that printing money causes inflation, but that's capitalism! It has no relation with socialism, just your straw-man of socialism. Scarcity is a capitalism created method to elevate prices, to raise the profits for the wealthy. There is no scarcity, there are just too many people who want everything for themselves.

Socialism isn't raising taxes and giving free lunches to people, it's a complete alternative to capitalism. Think of it as everyone being shareholders of the public wealth, which is fully democratically controlled. Everyone who works accumulates ownership of the working cooperation, which is also your social security, while simultaneously it provides you voting rights of the working cooperation. Managers will just be elected worker representatives. Instead of an owner or large shareholders being dictators of your working life, you take part in a democratized community of working owners. It will probably sound like science fiction to you, but there are steps towards it. It doesn't require one big shift.

The problem with capitalism is that it creates worthless consumerism, which doesn't efficiently serves the needs of everyone, but only the few reaping the rewards, while it damages the world for everyone. It's a system that rewards selfishness, which will end human civilization. The only solution is a system of total democracy. Since ownership means power, there will never be full democracy, until ownership itself is controlled by democracy. That's the basis of socialism. There's just one weakness; it poses that people are smart enough to not destroy civilization or nature supporting it. In any case, if humanity is that stupid, I want us all to be a part in our destruction and not just a few selfish assholes.

By Ananas2xLekker 27,Feb,24 13:27
With all due respect; you're incapable of any coherent thought process. You don't have arguments for any belief you have.
Claims that you like are true to you, no matter the evidence against it
and claims that you don't like are lies to you, no matter the evidence supporting it. That's called intellectual dishonesty.

By Ananas2xLekker 27,Feb,24 13:23
What question? The only questions you asked is:
"What can I do about it?"
"Why blame me? What the fuck are you going to do about it?"
Those are not worth answering.

If you have an open (privacy acceptable) question for me, without you putting a claim in it that isn't true, then I will answer it.

By Ananas2xLekker 27,Feb,24 11:05
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There are indeed many articles that claim that truckers are willing to block New York, but nothing is coming from it as of yet. A storm in a glass of water.
If you think that New York is having any trouble from Trump's penalty, show me an article with empty shelves or traffic jams from truck blockades.

Tax-fraud is a crime and the victim is the tax-payer; YOU.
When you do tax-fraud, you go to jail. So why not Trump?

I do agree with the concept that acts are not a crime, when there is no victim.
This is not the case for fraud. It's against the law, because there are victims.
Fraud is criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
It is by its nature to the detriment of other people or entities,
otherwise the criminal deception wouldn't be necessary.

Explain what is my 'anti-constitutional stupidly'. How is Trump being indicted for his decades of tax-fraud anti-constitutional?

Whatever happens on your border, are your policies. I didn't get to vote in your elections. By the way, at the moment, the border is reported to be pretty quiet at the moment, even by Republicans. They traveled to several border towns, expecting mayhem, but being very disappointed. It will pick up in the spring though, like every year, because then illegals are crossing the border again to their farm and construction jobs. If you want to stop that, crack down on the employers who provide the illegals with jobs.

Your party had a chance to enact the harshest anti-immigration policies ever.
You would love the things that Biden would have agreed upon, but Republicans blocked it, because Trump wants to run on immigration and doesn't want to give Biden a win. That's a missed opportunity and bad strategy for you, because you can be sure that Biden will use that for the election now. And if he wins again, he doesn't need to do anything you like anymore.

Sure, you make up complete bullshit and then say my media doesn't talk about it. Well, show me your sources then. I bet that even if you find something to support your narrative, it's vague as shit and absolutely unverifiable.
That's what your lying media does. And when they get sued for lying, they say:
"It's just an opinion, we are not a news media.".

Also, when poverty and crime is going up in Europe, then who did that?
All over Europe right-wing populism is taking control. My own country has been governed by our most right-wing corporate party for 12 years. Before that, the last left majority ended in 2002. Now we have 3 right-wing parties and one center-right party trying to form a cabinet. That's not my politics!
You know so little, it's really silly and very sad.

By Ananas2xLekker 26,Feb,24 13:28
You're lying to yourself; the things you are saying are not factual at all.

You came here thinking you found a safe space to send out nonsense.
Unfortunately for you, I am here and I have a hobby of destroying nonsense. If you can't handle it, go away. You will feel better, if you find a forum where only right-wingers, agreeing with each other.

You are obviously not smart enough to discuss ideas with arguments. You are doing nothing but character assassination. It's fine, I keep showing everyone that you're doing it.

By Ananas2xLekker 24,Feb,24 06:46
When it comes to Trump, the question of right or wrong is now up to the system of law.

You are just saying 'Trump is not guilty of anything', but you are not supporting that opinion with any legal arguments. That makes your opinion 'moot'.

What the hell do 'the CENTRAL BANKS' have to do with Trump being 'right or wrong'?
"Paper money is a note that shows how much "Gold Currency" you represent."
The gold standard is not currently being used by any country. Britain officially ceased using the gold standard in 1931, and the United States in 1933, but it was not until 1971 that the system was totally abandoned.

I know that when inflation is high, the price of gold goes up, because gold serves as a store of value. Do you know the saying ďan ounce of gold can buy a good men's suit.Ē? When gold was $35 back in the 1920s and 1930s, that would buy a very nice men's suit. Today, at nearly $2,000 an ounce, gold will still buy a very nice men's suit. Gold keeps pace with inflation, and gold retains its value. Why is that an argument for anything you are saying? Sure, the central banks have incredible power over people. Their power indeed has huge effects over people living and dying. They shape the economy to their will, while it should be the people who shape the economy. THAT'S WHY I AM A SOCIALIST!!!

I have no idea why you pull 'the Jew' into this discussion. Judaism is a tiny religion on earth. Israel is a very important country, for the tiny number of people living there, but that's because the US makes it important, by being their bitch.

How has the human race declined over the course of time including from the industrial revolution? Morally perhaps? Not by numbers, in any case. Since the industrial revolution, our numbers have increased from below 1 billion, to over 8 billion. True, aliens would see us destroying the world. Humanity is destroying nature, polluting the water and the air, with toxins and waste and it's changing the climate. It's good to see a Trump supporter recognizing that humanity is destroying the world. The ignorance about that fact is however very much propagated by Trump. Everything he did and says he wants to do will only speed up the destruction of nature. The planet itself will be fine, just not supporting (much) life.

Who is in power, will very much determine if humanity and life on this planet survives. You are right that moral correctness and working on the common good is a very important factor in humanity deciding to save itself. Every single person on earth has shared blame over the destruction of nature, but it's the people that we have given power, who misused that power. Some of that is democratic power, most of it isn't. The number of regulations is irrelevant, it's what they do that's important. We could have one regulation that says 'live like the Indians did' and that would save humanity from destroying itself. However, 8 billion people on this earth cannot live like the Indians did. There were an estimated 8Ė112 million natives living on the whole American continent, now there is 1 billion. Nature cannot sustain so many people living in the old ways.

I am all about putting forth mitigation. My worldview is that if humanity maximizes solidarity (the opposite of selfishness), then humanity wouldn't choose to destroy itself. Do you agree with that?

In that last section, I have reduced all complexity. Just one idea:
solidarity vs selfishness. Which is right, which is wrong?
What's your opinion and how can we build upon it?

By Ananas2xLekker 24,Feb,24 05:48
I have seen that you have no comment on liberalism, that you call dogshit.
But, this forum topic is obviously intended for discussing politics.
If you are unwilling to do that, what are you doing here?

By Ananas2xLekker 24,Feb,24 05:42
That's enough for you? How dumb is that?

It's not 'greedy' to demand that ALL your representatives care
about you AND every other American AND the country AND the world that supports all of our lives. THAT'S THEIR FUCKING JOB!!!

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Feb,24 13:05
If he files for bankruptcy, then he has lost his business.
Bankruptcy cannot save him from having to pay the fines, but after they confiscated and sold all his assets, it's possible that the mortgages and other debts far overshadow what's left of his assets.

Trump calls himself a billionaire, but he has overstated the value of his assets constantly, so he might just be a multi-millionaire. When his fines are multi millions, he might not have anything left, at the end.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Feb,24 12:57
Hunter didn't stand trial for getting paid to much for his Burisma job or his art, but for tax evasion. He can still be found guilty. I would have no problem with that. However, when cheating on your taxes are a criminal offense, that applies to Trump just as much or more.

So far, I have not seen any allegations about Hunter falsifying business records. He probably filed an incorrect tax return, but that way less of a crime than keeping separate business records, for taxes and loans. Trump even created records for business loans that didn't exist. That's all criminal fraud and Trump is lucky to only be held accountable in civil court.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Feb,24 07:02
Oh, really? That's a nice get-out-of-jail-free-card.
Maybe Trump should use it, he really needs it.

I agree that Biden is in no shape to be president again.
Understand that the 25th amendment doesn't give Trump the presidency, but Kamala Harris. Do you want that?

Trump has always been unfit to serve for office; insanity.
And also getting more senile by the day. Tell me that you can watch his rallies and not feel shame. Half of the time, he's only making sounds now; peeww, swoosh, boom, uh, ah, 'mama'. I haven't seen Biden doing that yet.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Feb,24 06:59
Are YOU having your ideas because they are popular?
Group thinking is for idiots. Intelligent people think independently.

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"Why Are Highly Intelligent People Misunderstood?"
"They are fiercely independentó both in terms of their thinking and their way of being in the world. They are a seeker of truths and enjoy teasing out the fundamental principles that underlie phenomena."

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Feb,24 06:37
No, because the media is part of the establishment and most of the people working in media are payed many times the median wage.
People who are in the top 10 percentile have no incentive to support systemic changes that would favor the bottom 90%.

In America, all the media is controlled by big corporations, owned by billionaires. No socialist will even be invited for a job interview, much less get hired. All your 'news' is corporate approved capitalist propaganda.
They are either paying lip-service to the Democratic establishment or to
the Republican establishment. Socialism threatens their wealthy owners.
You're the dumb-ass who thinks any of them care about YOU.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Feb,24 06:12
Those property taxes went up last year, but please show how they 'just' went up,
as a result of Trump's penalty.

Funny video though. True, an investor who thinks that Trump committed no fraud, would not want to go to New York now, because they would be scared to get caught for their fraud. Funny how you all say New York is crime infested, but you want them to not catch criminals like that guy. Defrauding the American system for millions upon millions is more damaging to society than a couple of drugs dealers.
But, because white board criminals dress nice, you respect them.

How will NY State lose its electoral college weight? You think that many New Yorkers will vacate the area for poor little Trump being 'treated unfairly'. New York is a safe blue state. For every Banana Republican voter leaving, several Democratic voters fleeing MAGA lunacy, will take their place.

Republicans won't even hold a vote to impeach Biden, because they don't even have a majority for it in the Republican controlled House. Because whatever pretend evidence they had before, has all evaporated one by one. Now even their star-witness is proven to be a Russian agent. The investigation can start now, on how long Republican lawmakers knew about that and chose to lie about that.
That's a good reason for impeachment, for every Republican involved.
Of course, I understand that no Republican will ever vote to impeach one of their co-conspirators. They won't lose their funding, they would lose their lives.
Trump would figuratively paint a giant bullseye on their backs.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Feb,24 05:56
Trump has to pay a fine, Hunter is/was facing prison.
That's the double standards of justice.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Feb,24 05:53
History shows how long right-wing boycots last.
You have the attention span of a goldfish.

By Ananas2xLekker 23,Feb,24 05:49
Are you on the side of this Texas Republican? If so, why?
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By Ananas2xLekker 22,Feb,24 17:37
CNN and MSNBC are just as right-wing as my outgoing prime minister.
They are on the opposite of the political spectrum of me, in my country.
They are just propaganda for the corporate wing of the Democrats.
Just like Fox'News' is the propaganda for the Republicans.

There is no TV media supporting socialism. Even our most left-wing
public broadcasting company, VPROĖHUMAN, is only progressive left.
To be a socialist, even in The Netherlands, means being absolutely independent in ideas, principles and goals for civilization.

Right-wingers and conservatives have hundreds of choices of media
for their daily dose of indoctrination. That's where you all get it.

By Ananas2xLekker 22,Feb,24 17:25
No, doctors should just have to figure out which medicines
best treat your health issues. Nothing else!

By Ananas2xLekker 22,Feb,24 17:10
"Never said Trump was the best for the job in the country" Good that you agree.

Trump was actually just ranked as worst US president in history, by a survey from the University of Houston and the Coastal Carolina University. The results are based on
154 responses from scholars across multiple disciplines, all of whom, in some way
or another, engage in presidential politics through their work.

Mr Trump ranked in the very last place, scoring just 10.9/100 Ė the same spot he occupied in the previous survey (he was not included in the first survey, which was conducted during Barack Obamaís presidency).

Trump was also awarded ďmost polarisingĒ president in the poll.

Meanwhile, Abraham Lincoln stood at the top of the presidential rankings, as the countryís greatest president, with an average score of 93.9/100.
Franklin D. Roosevelt came in at number two, followed by the nationís first president, George Washington. Fourth place went to Theodore Roosevelt and fifth to Thomas Jefferson.

There was of course some bias in the results: President Joe Biden was ranked at number 13 by Democrats and at a low 30 by Republicans.
Unfortunately for Mr Trump, the Republican scholars did not help his low ranking,
as he still came out in 41st place out of 45 among Republicans only.
Among Democrat scholars, he placed 45th.

By Ananas2xLekker 22,Feb,24 16:18
And you denying obvious facts, again and again and again.
And you not ever finding any reason or argument for anything you say.
Do you really have anything useful to do? You are 100% useless here.
Even your profile is as pristine as your virginity.

By Ananas2xLekker 22,Feb,24 16:08
All the media that you hate so much asks Putin for interviews all the time.
Putin just doesn't want to do interviews with them, because they don't tickle his nuts
and suck his cock like Tucker did.

I do think it's unfair to Tucker for Putin to kill Navalny right after.
After he did so much for him. Like he wanted to put down Tucker.

He was so enthusiastic about Russia having a clean subway (which all of Europe has) and supermarket carts with coins in them (which all of Europe has) and prices in supermarkets that are so much lower than in America, but still unaffordable for Russians making $14,771/year on average.

By Ananas2xLekker 22,Feb,24 16:03
No sign of any Wall Street crash yet. How long until the crisis hits?
How do buildings with TRUMP signs on it keep illegals out? It hurts their eyes?
I do admit many will lose their jobs; construction jobs for Trump.
But, I'm sure they will find some job that pays better. Trump scams his workers too.

By Ananas2xLekker 22,Feb,24 15:44
Well, I'm awaiting the impeachment. Must be easy with that evidence.

Actually, James Biden testified that Joe Biden was not involved in anything
related to Hunter's nice cushy job. Sure, it's nepotism, but you love that. Trump filled his administration with family, is forcing his daughter-in-law as the chair of the RNC and he is very likely picking one of his sons or his daughter for his running mate. Yeah, nepotism! (Banana Republicans)

Meanwhile, your FBI informant Vladimir Alexeyevich Smirnov, was proven to be a liar.
Heís charged with falsely reporting to the FBI in June 2020 that executives associated with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma paid Hunter and the president $5m each in 2015 or 2016. The claim has been central to the Republican impeachment inquiry in Congress. During an interview before his arrest last week, Smirnov admitted that ďofficials associated with Russian intelligence were involved in passing a storyĒ about Hunter. Smirnov is behind bars while he awaits trial.

By Ananas2xLekker 22,Feb,24 15:33
That won't save his business that he's going to lose for being a fraud.
You're obviously not a true believer, if you don't fall for his scams,
like donating to 'Save America' which only pays for Trump's personal lawsuits
or buy his NFT digital trading cards with pictures of Trump as superhero's
or buying a piece of his suit or maybe next a used condom with his cum inside
and the grool of a porn-star on the outside. I know you crave it.

By Ananas2xLekker 22,Feb,24 15:25
When Hunter Biden was indicted for tax fraud, did you say "no crime, no victims,
no losses, no harm"?
Trump has committed 100x the tax fraud for many decades.

By Ananas2xLekker 22,Feb,24 13:48
The evidence is that every time a Republican is in office, they leave a fucking mess, for the Democrats to clean up.
It always ends in a big crisis, a huge deficit and high unemployment.
The world is in chaos and concerns with Republicans in office.

Every time a Democrat is in office, your country improves in that time.
The deficit goes down from what the Republicans left behind, the crisis is averted, the economy recovers, unemployment hits record lows and wages go up,
while inflation goes down and the stock market is doing great.
The world is breathing easy with Democrats in office.

That has been going on for decades and decades.

By Ananas2xLekker 22,Feb,24 10:11
No, George W. Bush was, but he did the exact same thing; tax-cuts for the wealthy and deregulation. That 2008 crisis was Bush's mess and Obama cleaned it up.

The cause of the 2008 crisis was deregulation. It was not allowing excess loans, it was allowing financial institutions to create a massive bubble of scam products, mortgage backed securities and derivatives on derivatives, packaged and rebranded as quality financial products, which were in reality a pyramid scheme based on subprime mortgages. That massive bubble was destined to blow up at any time. Several people predicted it coming and made a lot of money from betting on the crash. The cause can be directly linked with Bush allowing banks to be 'creative', by means of his massive deregulation wave.

This is about the results of Bush's tax-cuts:
only registered users can see external links
Conclusion: the tax-cuts did nothing, except for increasing the debt and the deficit.
Bush compensated that by lowering spending, which mostly affected the poor and the lower class. What group of people do you think have subprime mortgages? I'll help you; the poor and lower class. When they couldn't pay their scam subprime mortgages anymore, the whole fucking bubble collapsed. The bubble created by Bush's deregulation!

If you don't understand what happened in the past, then you can't predict the future.
And it makes you an easy target of lies. Tax-cuts for the wealthy and deregulation creates 'boom-bust cycles'. Read up about it, almost every economist agrees.
They are incredibly damaging to average people, but favor the wealthy.
It allows them to keep wages low and fire people. Things you say you don't like.

Only absolute dumb-asses can believe that China intended COVID as an attack.
There is absolutely no evidence of it and their is no MOTIVE! It is possibly a lab-leak, but then no country suffered as much from their mistake as China. There is still way more evidence that it was a naturally occurring mutation of the virus. That happens. Humanity is fucking with nature and that has consequences. The next epidemic might start in my country, because we have the most intensive and concentrated livestock farming in the world. We had the biggest Q-fever epidemic in the world, from 2007 till 2010. Something like that can happen at any time.

That collage debt that Biden has forgiven, is a massive boost to the economy.
It reduces the weight of the incredible Millstone of debt weighing down young people. The average age that Americans move out of their parents home is between 24 and 27. That age has been going up, because young people cannot afford living independently. Student loans are a big part of that.
You're correct that it doesn't lower the cost of education for the new comers. No one ever claimed that it does. It just alleviates some of the burdens from people who are suffering from your stupid system. Democrats have tried many times to reduce the costs of education. Republicans are fighting against that. They think education is only intended for the rich, to keep the poor poor and the rich rich.