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Started by bella! [Ignore] 20,May,18 18:36  other posts
Please feel free to post miscellaneous subject matter, aka STUFF in this thread.

Please attempt to remain somewhat respectful to other members, ninnyhammers, dummies and folks you just don't like. Thank you.

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By bella! [Ignore] 16,May,22 11:14 other posts 
Oh, this is rich! I'm on the phone with T-Mobile, went through the entire automated service and now I'm waiting to speak with a "T-Mobile expert". The automated robot that answered the call initially is going to make me want to punch myself in my left eye! The automated robot has assured me twice in the 12 minutes that I've been on "hold", that I will speak to a real person and not a robot.
By CAT [Ignore] 16,May,22 11:36 other posts 
12 minutes? Thatís nothing. Iíve been on hold for over 20 min. With a company you know, BCBS ADVANTAGE.
By bella! [Ignore] 16,May,22 12:17 other posts 
At the time I made that post it had been 12 minutes and my only interaction was with an automated answering service that promised me that I would speak with a "real person". By the way, I was in their holding queue for 19 minutes.
By phart [Ignore] 16,May,22 12:23 other posts 
When I had issues with amber alerts waking me up at 12 midnight,I called verizon tech support. I had for years texting blocked on my phone and my dads that is on my account.Due to recent changes ,new phones,I can't seem to get them bastards to understand I do NOT want fucking texting.
Well the last time I got the phone with them,I did my grocery shopping,filled my truck up with gas and so on, over 50 minutes on hold BEFORE I could talk to a tech. Finally after he wrote code and sent it to my phone to reprogram it,it was done.Over a hour total time spent for what shouldn't be anything but a mouse clic on their part.that is all it used to be anyway until I got these new phones.
By mr_blue [Ignore] 16,May,22 12:33 other posts 
You need to find the keypad codes to bypass the automated service.....

Customer service lines have bypass codes you can type in to prioritise your telephone number......if you get billed for customers service,they will mess you around to make money....

I don't know what phone codes you have.....but you would type in something like #*#122. Before the customer service number then your call gets through quicker.....
By bella! [Ignore] 16,May,22 15:20 other posts 
I was not aware that there was such a thing. My call was important to me, but in the scheme of things, not a priority.

A week ago, yesterday, our Mother's Day, I dropped my credit card. I wasn't carrying my purse, just shoved my Driver's License and my credit card in my pocket because I wanted to buy some flowers and then I was off to the cemetery. I thought I shoved my credit card far enough down into my pocket, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah, I lost it. Called the credit card company and they expedited a card and it was delivered Tuesday. Bottom line, my T-Mobile account is set up for auto pay and on Monday T-Mobile tried to bill to the card/account that was closed. I figured, no worries, I will have my new card, new number in 24 hours. I updated my account upon receipt of the card with the new info, called the local T-Mobile and explained what happened and was ASSURED that T-Mobile would rebill my account on the 11th since that is my contract date. Bottom line, the rep was mistaken because today I received another text advising me I was 5 days delinquent, again, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.....

It was not a PRIORITY matter to anyone other than me. It's really sad that in many instances it takes more than one call, one visit, whatever, to get somethings straightened out.
By mr_blue [Ignore] 16,May,22 16:19 other posts 
Google says the term is called a short code....
Input that number and it speeds up your chances of getting through to someone who knows what is going on.

T-Mobile USA has them but I'm restricted by location to link them to check out your T-Mobile USA for the info
By bella! [Ignore] 16,May,22 20:13 other posts 
Thank you, mr_blue, for the information!

Can I give you a "kiss on the cheek"? You took to long to respond, here it comes.....
By dgraff [Ignore] 16,May,22 19:19 other posts 
This kinda thing would not happen if you had the best a apple product and an unlimited every thing plan from Verizon any thing else is just second rate T mobile indeed 🤮
By bella! [Ignore] 16,May,22 20:09 other posts 
Verizon doesn't work well in my area, too close to Canada. Unlimited data has NOTHING to do with the credit card information and auto pay feature that T-Mobile has on file AND THIRDLY....having an Apple product surely has nothing to do with the level of service provided by any carrier. If you're saying that customer service offered by Verizon is top notch, okay but I can assure you that my call was answered right here in the U-S of A by someone that spoke English as their first language!

If I didn't know any better, dgraff, I might think you were being a name dropping SNOB!
By phart [Ignore] 16,May,22 20:19 other posts 
Verizons service is such that when my contract runs out,I am going JITTER BUG!
By bella! [Ignore] 16,May,22 20:27 other posts 
I BELIEVE that the Jitterbug phones are billed through a service called Great Call which works in partnership with Verizon. I know this because I helped an old guy in town set up his new phone and account a couple of years ago.
By dgraff [Ignore] 16,May,22 21:13 other posts 
Hahaha Iím just busting your boobs Bella I do the same to Devo he hates apple products
By bella! [Ignore] 16,May,22 22:04 other posts 
Oh, so you weren't being a brand SNOB, you were fucking with me!? Turn around, drop your drawers and bend over!
By dgraff [Ignore] 16,May,22 22:08 other posts 
Hahaha Marcy said that very same thing to me on Sunday
By bella! [Ignore] 16,May,22 22:15 other posts 
What was for dinner tonight? You?
By dgraff [Ignore] 17,May,22 12:42 other posts 
She made me a big pot of spaghetti 🍝 because she knows I like leftovers for the week days when she is at her place
By CAT [Ignore] 17,May,22 10:04 other posts 
YES!!!!! Pleeeeze let me be part of your team!!
By bella! [Ignore] 17,May,22 11:12 other posts 
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 17,May,22 18:21 other posts 
Do you also have a hotmail account ??

By Jamie [Ignore] 16,May,22 21:47 other posts 
This the reason I don't eat out. only registered users can see external links
By Dev01 [Ignore] 16,May,22 21:56 other posts 
Glad we don't have Arby's here... For fuck
By dgraff [Ignore] 16,May,22 22:10 other posts 
Good lord thatís disgusting
By bella! [Ignore] 16,May,22 22:12 other posts 
Oh, isn't that something!? Not only does the sicko piss in the milkshake mix, he downloads child pornography! This must be someone related to our sicko SYD member, 75YOTWC .
By Jamie [Ignore] 16,May,22 22:54 other posts 
That why most restaurants go down mangers mast everything up..
By Dev01 [Ignore] 16,May,22 23:02 other posts 
10000 % agree Bella. Regardless of deleted comments why is that fuck still here?

The same as fuckhead leo cumming in a unsuspecting coffee consumers drink.
By bella! [Ignore] 17,May,22 02:15 other posts 
Did the member delete his comments or were they deleted by admin?
By Dev01 [Ignore] 17,May,22 17:44 other posts 
Admin I imagine. A move in the right direction. Don't need that shit here.
By dgraff [Ignore] 17,May,22 06:37 other posts 
Good job Bella I couldnít have said it any better my self
By kebmo [Ignore] 16,May,22 23:22 other posts 
I used to work in a mall and in the food court there was an Arbyís. I was using the washroom once and I saw the manager from Arbyís walk out of the crapper and leave without washing his hands! I never did like Arbyís but I sure told that story to everyone I knew in the mall.
By Dev01 [Ignore] 16,May,22 23:25 other posts 
Unfortunately that was going on then and still now... even after Covid
By bella! [Ignore] 17,May,22 02:17 other posts 
I tend to think that happens more than we will ever know.
By mr_blue [Ignore] 17,May,22 12:30 other posts 
it certainly does..... don't forget the people who wear rubber gloves that don't change them when they go to the loo or prepare different foods
By dgraff [Ignore] 17,May,22 12:38 other posts 
God I may never eat out again
By mr_blue [Ignore] 17,May,22 12:45 other posts 
I used to work in hospitality.....I have endless stories of bad habits,irate customers who get their cumuppance...etc....

Don't be rude to people who handle your food and beverages......I cannot state this clearly enough...

Treat your service/servers with respect and those people will give you the extra mile.......if they fuck your order, don't scream and shout....if it's a minor thing like they forgot to take out the pickle, just do it yourself.....saves you the chance of getting something extra added to your food or drink.
By CAT [Ignore] 17,May,22 13:30 other posts 
If you must complain, do it with a reduced tip and if bad enough, donít go back
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

However, when we find a good server in our favorite restaurants, we tip well and pass praise to the management. Usually, they remember you and give you 5 star service always. We make a point to ask for the same server if available
By bella! [Ignore] 17,May,22 13:59 other posts 
You said a mouthful!
By mr_blue [Ignore] 17,May,22 14:06 other posts 
more than a morsel
By dgraff [Ignore] 17,May,22 14:32 other posts 
All good points to remember
By bella! [Ignore] 17,May,22 14:43 other posts 
Yeah, and something else mr_blue failed to mention to us, as Americans, DO NOT fidget around so that the food handlers can see our concealed weapon(s). That might cause them to shit themselves and we don't know where that's going to end up!
By dgraff [Ignore] 17,May,22 14:45 other posts 
Oh my god
By bella! [Ignore] 17,May,22 14:56 other posts 
I said NO PICKLE, you dumb ass!
By Dev01 [Ignore] 17,May,22 17:46 other posts 

By dgraff [Ignore] 17,May,22 18:20 other posts 
By mr_blue [Ignore] 17,May,22 14:54 other posts 
Well if it was an American establishment, everyone would have guns anyway wouldn't they?
By bella! [Ignore] 17,May,22 14:57 other posts 
Of course we do. Mine handgun is pink.
By mr_blue [Ignore] 17,May,22 15:00 other posts 
Pew pew when a guy says can he see your pink?,you pull out the gun....
By bella! [Ignore] 17,May,22 15:33 other posts 
It depends on my mood that night just what might happen!
By mr_blue [Ignore] 17,May,22 16:40 other posts 
You might shoot his Glock off
By bella! [Ignore] 17,May,22 17:38 other posts 
By bella! [Ignore] 17,May,22 13:52 other posts 
I'm in agreement with you with regard to cross contamination. I've observed workers at the fast food level, only some wear plastic disposable gloves and that is because they are directly involved in food preparation and/or assembly. The some that are involved with delivery apparently are not required to wear gloves. Cool. But often the some that aren't are in the work area of the some that do and touch surfaces and that the those that wear gloves touch those surfaces after the fact.

There's a Coney Island type restaurant, a nicer bar/eatery type restaurant, a Taco Bell and McDonald's restaurant in my town. I have witnessed a McDonald's employee use the washroom and leave without washing her hands. When I mentioned it to the manager on duty, I was told she PROBABLY washed her hands in the back. Really? And what did she touch along the way? Also, PROBABLY might mean she did not wash up as anticipated.

In the big picture of things, if we thought about all the things that sick-o's intentionally do, we would most like NEVER LEAVE OUR HOMES AGAIN.
By dgraff [Ignore] 17,May,22 14:36 other posts 
Markis is coming to night to see me Iím excited to see him but I told him no hanky panky he ask me if I would pee in a bottle for him
By bella! [Ignore] 17,May,22 14:44 other posts 
Uh, really? And then what?
By dgraff [Ignore] 17,May,22 14:48 other posts 
He will tuck it under his balls so it stays 98 degrees and use it to pass a piss test I guess for his job he canít pass it on his own
By Dev01 [Ignore] 17,May,22 17:47 other posts 
By kebmo [Ignore] 17,May,22 18:04 other posts 
Latex gloves are no substitution for clean hands!
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 17,May,22 18:20 other posts 
Jamie make that dinner to go cunty!!! Bjuk is hungry lol

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