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Started by bella! [Ignore] 20,May,18 18:36  other posts
Please feel free to post miscellaneous subject matter, aka STUFF in this thread.

Please attempt to remain somewhat respectful to other members, ninnyhammers, dummies and folks you just don't like. Thank you.

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By phart [Ignore] 18,Jun,21 15:08 other posts 
This is just yet another "reward" for fauchi's shut down.
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third business I know of in the past 3 weeks that hung it up because of the plandemic that started over a year ago.
By kebmo [Ignore] 18,Jun,21 16:24 other posts 
Why on earth would you blame Dr. Fauci for that?

By bella! [Ignore] 10,Jun,21 22:28 other posts 
Looks like our resident "lady of charm", AndreaAsian aka UnderCoverAngel made an effort to meet a new member, Kristin90. Kristin90 must not have made a good impression on our sweet Andrea and Andrea gifted her steamy pile of shit.

I think our Andrea really seems to dislike women, perhaps she feels threatened by them.
By dgraff [Ignore] 11,Jun,21 05:32 other posts 
Her demeanor is not so pleasant with the men either
You seem obsessed with me for some reason here are the facts. That member posted on my page, totally out of the blue "ugly" I thanked her for this with a nice gift on her page. She blocked me (awesome) but said the reason wad that I was producing "child porn". If you in ANYWAY condone that bullshit then you're a bigger fuckwit than everyone thinks already!!!! Kristin90 only registered users can see external links
By bella! [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 11:45 other posts 
Obsessed with you? NOT!

Your outward appearance may be pleasing to some but you are truly ugly on the inside.

For someone who says she is well traveled, well educated and thinks so highly of herself, your memory sucks. On May 9, after repeated messages from you, I told you to "Fuck off". I really meant it, fuck off.
By Jamie [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 13:52 other posts 
Ole she (fuckoff).
But here you are STILL spewing your lame opinions and assumptions about me AGAIN.

Have you realised the issue with Kristin90 was totally her doing?? Do you think you should apologise to me for being wrong again? And to be honest why has this got anything to do with you???? You just can't help yourself, you throw out false allegations about my IP address, about me getting a member banned with zero facts or knowledge.....and when I asked you MULTIPLE times how do you know my IP address you don't have the balls to even reply. Probably because you're full of shit like everyone says.

EVERY contact we have had has been started by you!!! So please just stop being a condescending, noisy, interfering dried up old hag and mind your own business.......please

Kind Regards

By bella! [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 19:27 other posts 
My "lame opinions" of you are no less "lame" than your opinions of me. And as far as being "full of 'shut' like everyone says", why not concentrate on your sparkling personality.

And as for your claim that "EVERY" contact that we've had being initiated by me, that's just another one of your lies, Andrea. Need I remind you that it was you, AndreaAsian, that reached out to me when you approached to me about Aussieman's and perhaps his significant other's secondary profile, blokensheila. Yeah, you were in his crosshair when he launched an "unprovoked" attack upon you. You were very selective about what you showed me back in June, 2018, and stupid me, I believed you were the victim but you are manipulative. I've already apologized to admin for believing that he had you all wrong. Nope, you are toxic, you are a liar, you are a psycho bitch.

I'm keeping it real, there will be no kind salutations from me, just another... fuck off Andrea!
By UnderCoverAngel [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 20:40 other posts 
AGAIN......why is this any of your business??

You post your dribble here about me but tell me to fuck off....can you not see the hypocrisy???

Kristin90 said I was producing "child porn" a totally outrageous claim clearly. No way I am going to take that lying down....I reported.....she was banned, end of story, you'd think!!!! But noooooo good old Bella has to wade in and claims I felt threatened by her.....

Just do your thing and I'll do mine, no need to be jealous of me, no need to make up fake claims just like Kristin90 (still waiting for apology) no need to talk about my IP address (still waiting to know how you known it) no need to use my real name, no need to start shit then act the victim....just go about your business here and stop it. You are making yourself look like a nasty old cunt (not my description of you, someone elses)

"She...can talk brillantly upon any subject provided she knows nothing about it"
By bella! [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 20:58 other posts 
You silly little cunt, open your eyes if you are able. My post was made on the 10th, your referral for deletion was made on the 11th.

Such a pretentious person...
Kristin90 is not even a member anymore so what's this really all about?

Quote from Admin: (this member nick was Kristin90, the account was recently deleted by admin)

Admin deleted the member Kristin90
By bella! [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 19:50 other posts 
You are obviously "mesmerized" by her pictures and her "charming" personality. She fooled me once, shame on me but it ain't happening again. Let her fool you and the other suckers.
By aoneeyedmonster [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 21:33 other posts 
Sorry Bella, your opinion. I've been hear as long as you and I can stand on my own two feet. I disagree with pretty well everything you are trying to imply.
By bella! [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 21:39 other posts 
What do you feel that I've implied? I have stated facts.
By aoneeyedmonster [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 21:55 other posts 
Move on Bella, as soon as child porn was mentioned you should have shut down. Moved away and move on. Period.
By bella! [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 22:15 other posts 
Like I said, my post was made on the 10th when I noticed a pile of shit on a new member's page. Andrea's "abuse referral" was made on the 11th and these posts all came today. BOOM!
Hi my friend,

Kristin90 posted the word "ugly" on my profile totally out of the blue, I'd had zero contact with her, I could have deleted it but if that's her opinion I'm good with that. My reply was to post a big steamy file of poo as a gift lol. Childish....yes. lol

So she blocked me and left the reason "child porn" now that is crossing a BIG line for me. I reported and thankfully the admin guys stepped in and she was rightfully booted out.

Kristin90 only registered users can see external links Evidence to back this up

Then of course Bella hates me for absolutely no reason and sticks her fat ugly nose into it....... you just can't make this shit up........she accuses me of being threatened by Kristin90 lolwhich was never the case.

When I firmly tell her she is wrong she tells me to f$&k off, like she started this THEN has the audacity to say that to me, bahahahaha it's amazing.
By bella! [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 21:01 other posts 
I dislike you for what I consider very valid reasons, you are a liar, you start shit and then you scream that you are a victim.
By UnderCoverAngel [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 21:30 other posts 
Just like you've done here??? Talking trash about the Kristin90 issue with zero disregard for what actually happened then when I pointed out the facts you tell me to fuck off???

You need to apologise for sticking your nose in when I was completely justified to report that sort of a feeling that won't happen, you are too gutless.

You know if you just message me and ask what happened I'd have told you, then you wouldn't look so stupid. Lol
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

I'll even accept a private apology..... then I'll move on.
By bella! [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 21:45 other posts 
Don't hold your breath waiting for an apology.
By UnderCoverAngel [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 21:52 other posts 
You're just a sad, bitter old lady, I truly feel sorry for you.

Again.....please, please, please just leave me alone.
By bella! [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 22:08 other posts 
Fuck off, fucktard!
By UnderCoverAngel [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 22:18 other posts 
You know the site is called not right?
By bella! [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 22:23 other posts 
Fuck off, cunt!
By Jamie [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 22:25 other posts 
Lol that nastycunt won't fuckoff.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 15,Jun,21 17:56 other posts 
This member does not exist

Main Page

(this member nick was Kristin90, the account was recently deleted by admin)

Kristin went poof!!
By UnderCoverAngel [Ignore] 15,Jun,21 18:20 other posts 
I wish that nasty old piece of shit Bella would go poof, or at least mind her own fucking business!!!!!!
By bella! [Ignore] 15,Jun,21 18:45 other posts 
And I wish the same for you, but until then, get to fuck!
By SrCums [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 21:26 other posts 
you are now sounding like a man now.
By SrCums [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 19:09 other posts 
Just as I thought. A 3 year old inside a 70 year old body..
By #644481 18,Jun,21 01:05
I'm new here and a little shocked to hear an older lady speaking like this..... you need help grandma, so sour.
By bella! [Ignore] 18,Jun,21 03:40 other posts 
You're shocked to hear an older woman tell another member "fuck off, fucktard"? Please, don't be. I'm sure if your stay here is long enough, you'll hear it again or perhaps something stronger.

Just a couple observations, you are indeed a new member that enrolled June 15, 2021. You quickly made a beeline to ANGEL1227!'s profile to comment on her pictures and now you seem to have a sense for my age and that was without even visiting my profile.

Your "work" is getting sloppy.
By SrCums [Ignore] 16,Jun,21 20:46 other posts 
So you too are being victimized by this opinionated wonderful human being?... lolJust to let you know, I'm Jewish and there was a not so nice person here that defamed me BY stating this :::::::::TWOWARMTTS2 [Ignore]But, I don't need a filthy little Jew with a chip on his shoulder to give me advice on what I should do. Go circumsize yourself again. This time, balls deep...""""""""

Bella sided with her left wing agenda political nonsense by calling me an angry old man... This is her reasoning or unreasonable as you call it... NEVER FORGET that she is here not to show her pussy.. Never has,, ever, so what is she doing here? Beats me but its not to express one's sexuality....A liberal covers what they do by diverting attention and blaming scape goats. Bella is no exception and is skilled making matters into a politically biased fiasco. Sad really....
By bella! [Ignore] 16,Jun,21 21:06 other posts 
You are so wrong, I did not/do not encourage or condone TWOWARMTTS1, 2 or 3 calling you a "filthy Jew". I do not encourage or condone her calling members "MOTHER FUCKING HOMO", either. She is vulgar, abrasive and abusive and it is my opinion that she does this because she enjoys attention and even negative attention is attention.

And as for you, you often project yourself as an angry old man. How wonderful that you and AndreaAsian have found one another and can commiserate together, both victims of "bad people".
By SrCums [Ignore] 16,Jun,21 21:43 other posts 
Bella,,I am not attacking here, It's time we have truth I'm not the only one that despises your behavior on here. I remember all the fights with you and its quite disgusting.
It appears I'm angry but I'm not.. You keep getting it wrong.. All you are doing is making yourself look bad.. That's not my intention either.. You know better and you know better than to deny your behavior.. I have the texts.. Leave angel alone.. she means nothing to you other than your coveting self of insecurities....--------------------------------------- you lack humility..Stop pokeing yourself into other business not your own business, be humble and worry about yourself. Not other peoples blessings or affairs.. When confronted you expose peoples weaknesses and this isimmature also. We were good until you started up with comments that are not true but downright disgusting yet you still start this then you start fights with others. So what am i missing here.?? Just Grow Up...
By Jamie [Ignore] 16,Jun,21 21:51 other posts 
I still think uca is a nastylescunt
By SrCums [Ignore] 16,Jun,21 21:57 other posts 
By Jamie [Ignore] 16,Jun,21 22:00 other posts 
She was a ass in the chat room with me so thats why I dislike him
By bella! [Ignore] 16,Jun,21 22:06 other posts 
For the most part, she comes across "polished" and well spoken in the forum but privately and as Jamie points out, in small group settings, she lets her true personality shine and there's nothing nice about her.
By SrCums [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 22:26 other posts 
But you adored luv69,, or was it bella.. they are the same or act like it.
By bella! [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 23:55 other posts 
You need to keep better notes on members. Most 60 year old folks I know have their stuff together.
By SrCums [Ignore] 16,Jun,21 21:58 other posts 
By #644481 18,Jun,21 01:09
Wow man....that's not cool at all. How can you disrespect a female here that seems pretty sweet to me and pretty hot. If it wasn't for girls like that here what will you have, a ton of gays and a bitter, nasty old lady ay!!!!
By Jamie [Ignore] 18,Jun,21 06:37 other posts 
Lol I know who you are.
By bella! [Ignore] 16,Jun,21 22:00 other posts 
This is the post, my post, that started a "shit storm" that you and others object to?

"Looks like our resident "lady of charm", AndreaAsian aka UnderCoverAngel made an effort to meet a new member, Kristin90. Kristin90 must not have made a good impression on our sweet Andrea and Andrea gifted her steamy pile of shit.

I think our Andrea really seems to dislike women, perhaps she feels threatened by them."
By Jamie [Ignore] 16,Jun,21 22:02 other posts 
Of course she is
By SrCums [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 18:59 other posts 
Whether you are right or wrong bella it makes no difference on your behavior.. Let's put it this way.. You are in the domination game. I've been here long enough to know if you are in domination you make tons of fakes. The better you can make fakes and tons of them the closer you come to be queen.. So stop the stupid crap and let's all just calm down. OH, you are in domination?.. I thought so.. Queen of fakes is you..
Andrea has nothing to do with you..Stay with your own P's and Q's and if what you say is wrong then you can delete your fakes to set a good example..
By bella! [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 19:29 other posts 
Ari, you are the masculine version of TWOWARMTTS/ANGEL1227!, when you don't know what you're talking about, you just fabricate something.
By SrCums [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 20:05 other posts 
no,, its true and undercover has nothing to do with you.. Stop diversion.. i see the names you call her,,, you are a bad person,,, youre egoism goes through the roof
By bella! [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 20:29 other posts 
Of course, if you choose to read, you will see the names I've called her but that only happened after I saw how she referred to me and her name calling.

You and Andrea are two peas in a pod. She likes to say she is a victim of racism toward Asian and you claim to be a victim of antisemitism. Go to her, go to her now.... you need each other.
By SrCums [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 21:38 other posts 
Not very lady like.. Here ,,, let me type slower so you can read the words better...... you have NOTHING to do with her.. at all.. You feel threatened by her because she gets more attention than you.. Sounds like a Fella I used to know..
Now let me type slooooower......... Mind your own fucking business... got it now ???
By bella! [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 23:51 other posts 
Read my words, I will type slower for you. I do not feel threatened by AndreaAsian or any other member. And it's true, she has attracted 1600+ adoring admirers. BRAVO, AndreaAsian!

I couldn't help but notice that your typing technique is very similar to that of TWOWARMTTS3/ANGEL1227!. Is it possible that you are one and the same? It can't be, you live in Lakeland and she lives in Palmetto Bay.
OMG.... you need help really. It's almost sad to she someone so bitter and twisted. This is not real life, we've had such limited chats it amazing how you can get such a strong opinion of someone.

Almost everything you say is like a reflection on you not me. Just let it go.......

Try this....get a nice glass of wine, play some your favourite old timey music.....Barry Manalow or The Carpenders from back in your day.....dim the lights and repeat....."I breathe in the calm, and exhale the toxic"

Now for you this will take a looonnnnggggg time and a lot of wine because by God you are toxic!!!!
By 2nice [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 21:22 other posts 
Bella is not, in the domination game.
By SrCums [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 21:36 other posts 
Yeah she is. unless she just opted out.. You've been here for a while. See for yourself.
By bella! [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 23:43 other posts 
I already responded to 2nice that I have 3 subs. Did you miss that, you've read everything else I've posted.
By bella! [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 21:37 other posts 
Yes, I am. I have 3 "submissives" that earn me 0 daily points.

That's really what my point was with SrCums. He made a statement about my "many fake" profiles, not true. My subs are JaceyDane , davy89 and James231 , all members who have not been online for more than 30 days.
By 2nice [Ignore] 18,Jun,21 00:00 other posts 
And...just when you think you know someone.
By bella! [Ignore] 18,Jun,21 03:29 other posts 
It's "public record".
By bella! [Ignore] 16,Jun,21 22:12 other posts 
You have texts? I think you are mistaken. You may have made screen prints of private messages, but was it when you were arir39, Godzillas, SrCum, or something else?
But you are FLIYHY...... you are little......and you are a JEW......which parts was she not correct
By cody8789 [Ignore] 18,Jun,21 02:17 other posts 
I like the carpenters
By phart [Ignore] 18,Jun,21 12:28 other posts 
can't we all just get along????

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