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Started by bella! [Ignore] 20,May,18 18:36  other posts
Please feel free to post miscellaneous subject matter, aka STUFF in this thread.

Please attempt to remain somewhat respectful to other members, ninnyhammers, dummies and folks you just don't like. Thank you.

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By bella! [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 19:49 other posts 
You know, admin , do verified members really have the ability to vote "fairly" and with an open mind with regard to the Evaluation Panel? Just my opinion, I don't think so.

Yesterday, Michelle reported Lovemuscle , a 5+ year member, because he has a picture from her gallery posted on his page. Who knows whether she allowed Lovemuscle to post said picture and she didn't say she even tried to reach out to Lovemuscle and request the picture be removed. As I said in the comment that accompanied my ABUSE HAS NO GROUND vote and freeze in voting, I reached out to Lovemuscle requesting that he delete the picture in question. Sadly, Lovemuscle has not been online in over 2 days, the freeze is now lifted and on goes the voting. The first member to vote to delete is SessoBello22 , a 2 year member that votes to DELETE with no reason, then Jamie , DELETE no reason given, then CAT , DELETE with the following reason, "I have to vote for deletion. I just tried to have a member delete for similar reasons", then leopoldij , a vote to DELETE for the following reason, "I agree with CAT and bella!" (poor guy, he doesn't understand how to use the "mention" option correctly).

Bottom line, I think it is an injustice to delete members without giving them an opportunity to comply or have a say in what's going on. Apparently, we should just believe what Michelle said and not give Lovemuscle the benefit of the doubt. How do WE know she didn't allow him permission to post that image on his page? Her word against his? For heaven's sake, how many members have someone else's picture posted in their gallery? MANY! And interestingly enough, one of the voting members has several pictures of other members in their gallery as tribute pictures. Heck, maybe this voting member really doesn't have the other member's permission after all.

Just my opinion and observation, everyone does not possess common sense.
By #574505 01,Oct,22 20:00
By bella! [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 20:33 other posts 
WOW! What's up with that? There goes Jamie, member #574505.
By bella! [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 21:08 other posts 
Jamie, there was no need for you to delete your profile as my initial post was really directed at Michelle , as I really feel that she should have tried to resolve this on her own prior to reporting the member AS WELL AS the voting member that voted to DELETE who has pictures of other members that are allegedly tributes. BOOM!
By CAT [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 08:09 other posts 
NOOOO!!!!! Jamie!!!! Please come back.
By admin [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 20:39 other posts 
It did not go through, so what's the problem?

I don't have a method to separate those who possess common sense from those who does not. I wish I had.
By bella! [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 21:01 other posts 
My guess is that Michelle pulled her report.
By bella! [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 23:33 other posts 
I'm on board with DELETING new members that begin their relationship with SYD/SYC when they post internet pics but in the case of Michelle reporting Lovemuscle for deletion and cannot defend himself against the allegations, does not seem fair.

I don't know or have I ever interacted with the reporting member and I do not know or have I ever interacted with the reported member. There are members that do post "tribute" type pictures, how do we discern what's really going on?
By Dev01 [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 08:35 other posts 
Beautiful Jamie will be back, regardless of him and his trigger finger he will be back. One of the real old-school people here. And yes he is real and lovely
By bella! [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 13:20 other posts 
Jamie IS VERY SENSITIVE and yes, he has a twitchy finger! I have a feeling that he felt the above post was directed at him, it really wasn't.

There are flaws with the Evaluation Panel and mainly with the members "process" the referral. Why is there such a "hurry" to delete members, especially longtime members? Can the voting members differentiate between a tribute picture and stolen picture? And although this might be my last point, I'm sure there are more, do we take it on face value that the reporting member has provided the truth? Another thing, why are members quick to report another, like seeing your picture in someone's gallery, rather than try to resolve the issue themselves? And lastly, aside from a new member starting their relationship with SYD/SYC by posting internet or stolen pictures, I don't feel that it's right to delete a profile without giving the "accused" the opportunity to respond to the allegations.
By Dev01 [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 18:57 other posts 
Yes and double yes. It's just sad he has left again. I'm sure he didn't take your comments the wrong way. Just a shame because Jamie is an amazing guy and real... Skyped with him many times back in the day. JAMIE just come back bro... I will give your jacket back
By Budslover [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 19:11 other posts 
Ok I'm back
By Dev01 [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 22:21 other posts 
Fuckin hell Cunty..... Bro I just got 4 points for calling you a cunty on ya page

Glad you back mate
By Budslover [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 22:24 other posts 
By bella! [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 22:35 other posts 
That 4 point bonus wasn't because you called him "cunty".
By Dev01 [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 22:57 other posts 

By phart [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 22:18 other posts 
Dr, " so eh,you don't want the shot eh? Ok, no prob"
leaves the room, turns a few skeeters, "mosquitos" loose in the hall way for you to walk thru on your way out the door. You got their "shot" anyways.
Fake? Couldn't happen? Eh, read this.

only registered users can see external links

And remember, Bill gates turned a jar of skeeters loose during 1 of his speech's.
Did Bill Gates release mosquitoes at a TED talk?

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates released a swarm of mosquitoes on an unsuspecting audience at a TED conference in 2009. ďThere's no reason only poor people should have the experience,Ē the billionaire said, before adding that the mosquitoes were not infectious/

Now ,for several years we have had a lizard selling us car insurance, as I posted last week, we are capable of sending in roaches with camera's to "find" people, we are sending in skeeters to give people shots, what next? are you watching tv or is the tv WATCHING YOU?

By bella! [Ignore] 30,Sep,22 15:06 other posts 
Is anyone able to express anything positive that the current administration has done for them, their family or our country in the last two years? Thank you.
By phart [Ignore] 30,Sep,22 22:59 other posts 
The biden administration has done a good job of teaching me to appreciate the good times in my life over the years. Because it does not appear there will be as many in the future.
The administration has also vindicated me to my friends and family as I have always been a tite wad and learned to make do with less than ideal equipment and so forth.
Others around me can't afford to upgrade tooling, maintain their homes or anything right now, shit just cost to much.
So although the administration has brought much despair, it has brought out the good in people, the innovation, creativity and hopefully some lessons learned.
By dgraff [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 05:19 other posts 
Nope nothing positive from me every thing Biden has done is stupid and will hurt us down the road and costs me a hole lot more for everything and to top it off the old fool has no clue how to fix it
On the lighter side of it he has personally made me look at other people different I had some friends that are democrats and I canít stand the site of them now because deep down i feel that they did this to my beautiful country
By bella! [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 06:39 other posts 
Thank you for your thoughtful response. Please work with dgraff to see whether you are able to help him be thankful for the last two years. What's that saying....."What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger comes."
By dgraff [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 07:30 other posts 
Hahaha then I must be Hercules nothing has been able to kill me yet
--------------------------------------- added after 69 seconds

No wonder I skipped my hair cut this summer
By bella! [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 07:48 other posts 
You probably skipped your ANNUAL haircut because you were "too broke" and couldn't afford it. Question for you, my guess is that you had to raise prices for your services that your garage provides because the prices of parts increased and also the need to increase the wages of your workers. Do you know what percentage of increase you implemented?
By dgraff [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 09:35 other posts 
Yes I raised my labor rate 20 dollars an hour under the Biden administration
By bella! [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 10:15 other posts 
So your rates increased AN ADDITIONAL $20.00? Seems to me that you said you kept your prices down so people could afford car repairs. It's safe to say your increase was probably long overdue,
By dgraff [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 12:24 other posts 
Yeah it was but now people canít afford to drive again
By dgraff [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 12:29 other posts 
Iím letting my hair grow out so I can donate it to locks of love my grey hair is perfect for them because they can dye it any color
By DJS [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 15:30 other posts 
Friedrich Nietzsche..quotes

Without music, life would be a mistake.Ē ...
ďIt is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.Ē ...
ďThat which does not kill us makes us stronger.Ē ...
ďI'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe
I do like the last 1
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 08:03 other posts 
By PA-Freddy [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 09:44 other posts 
Biden has hurt small businesses.
By dgraff [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 12:25 other posts 
Big time my friend big time
By mr_blue [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 19:59 other posts 
What about roe v Wade being overturned? Is that not a good thing for conservative republicans then! ?It happened as part of this administration and Congress!!!
By dgraff [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 20:38 other posts 
Good point that was a positive moment in the Biden administration for me anyway just to watch the democrats blow a gasket

By PA-Freddy [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 15:11 other posts 
This is sad. 4 days and nothing from Cody. I wish I know for sure he is doing fine.

By bella! [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 14:40 other posts 
Hey, it's that time of year and basque9 is celebrating his birthday on October 4th. He's like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps going and going, posting and posting new pictures of his timeless and ageless masterpiece! Please slide by his page and wish this fine gentleman a happy day!! Thank you!

By dgraff [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 19:42 other posts 
Any one hear from Cody yet his conversation with Bella was very disturbing to me and Iím worried about my little buddy
By bella! [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 19:43 other posts 
I'm concerned about him, too.
By CountryCouple54 [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 20:56 other posts 
I'm sure Cody is fine. His occupation deals with retail. I'm sure he is balls to the wall keeping supplies stocked as many are shopping here and taking supplies across to the hurricane
affected areas.
By dgraff [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 22:40 other posts 
Thank you mr c for the straight answer you made me feel a little better thatís all I was looking for not a bunch of shit about spam
By bella! [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 19:53 other posts 
Since you already posted your concern about your "little buddy" in another thread, was it really necessary to post here? No need to spam the forum with multiple postings with the same content.
By dgraff [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 20:40 other posts 
Because hear is were i heard of it first thatís why
--------------------------------------- added after 91 seconds

Fuck that spam shit
By bella! [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 20:58 other posts 
Yeah, okay, whatever.
By dgraff [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 22:36 other posts 
The ditcy blond democrat made it sound like Cody country couple and her self were not in harms way thatís why I posted in her forum thread to let her know Cody was indeed in harms way and amongst the missing and yet again I get caught in the middle you woman have to learn i answer to no one and it pisses me off when Iím caught in the middle
By bella! [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 23:12 other posts 
I don't think that the "The ditcy blond democrat" is as "ditcy" as you make her out to be. She's mentioned time and time again how she is capable of seeing whatever she cares to see as far as entries posted in the Forum.
By dgraff [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 00:09 other posts 
I agree but she must be some what stupid because she voted for Biden just because she didnít like trump hell she could have done a write in vote for Charlie instead of putting us all through her hell and itís funny because I have a neighbor I used to like to drink with and she moved up here from Florida she told me she voted for Biden because she didnít like trumps hair how stupid is that must be a Florida thing with the woman
By bella! [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 06:11 other posts 
There's no problem with being ditsy but disrespectful and rude is an entirely different thing. I believe that I've conveyed my position and sentiments both "publicly" as well as privately, in DM's.

I don't feel that it's necessary for people to agree on all aspects of whatever. I do find it rather sad that someone who has lived a long life seems to be unable to or perhaps just unwilling to show some members a small modicum of respect.
By dgraff [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 06:52 other posts 
I agree
By CAT [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 10:59 other posts 
Mountain Man, Cody mentioned before that he lived in Broward county. That's approx 140 miles across the Florida peninsula from Ft Myers (ground zero). I don't have direct contact with anyone on site, but, it was reasonable to assume that if CC54 and I had missed the brunt of the storm, then he did too. There were tornado warnings but, they are small and localized. Some South Florida areas did flood and some power was knocked out. None life threatening. This "ditcy blonde" may be combative and potty mouthed, but, my Dad did not raise "A dumb Blonde". I want you to know that I try very hard NOT to get in the middle of you and Bella.
BTW. I am a Democrat and proud of it. You can blame Biden and the Democrats for your financial problems, but, you have no one to blame but yourself. First, you elect A CROOK to the Presidency, a man that tried to subvert our democratic way. Then, when the pandemic shutdowns ended, you went out and spent until inflation took hold. I'm proud to have voted for Biden. Throwing away a vote by voting for Charlie should be a crime. There are people in the world that would kill for that privilege.
The people of this country are very divided. All we seem to do is blame the other guy for our troubles. Quit the bitch and help with the solutions.
By phart [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 11:38 other posts 
As a arm chair quarter back it is easy for me to dismiss a "small and localized" tornado several states away. BUT if I had been the 1 that got his shit blown away by that "small and localized" tornado it would destroy my whole way of life. Just because the threat was "small and localized" does not mean he may not have been in the cross hairs of a twister.
I hope he is ok and when he gets his ducks back in a row he can report in and let us know he is ok.I do remember 1 of the previous storms did some flood damage to 1 of his cars.
By CAT [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 12:27 other posts 
Anything is possible. A piece of ice could have fallen front an airliner and hit him on the head. I go with probabilities. Just don't shoot the messenger.
By phart [Ignore] 02,Oct,22 13:24 other posts 
only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

No arguement from me,it can happen.
Let's hope that Cody is ok!

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