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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by bella! [Ignore] 20,May,18 18:36  other posts
Please feel free to post miscellaneous subject matter, aka STUFF in this thread.

Please attempt to remain somewhat respectful to other members, ninnyhammers, dummies and folks you just don't like. Thank you.

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By dgraff [Ignore] 08,Dec,23 19:29 other posts 
Yo yo yo what up my bitches
By bella! [Ignore] 08,Dec,23 20:51 other posts 
Just who in the heck are your "bitches"? Hmmmmmm......????
By dgraff [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 04:42 other posts 
All le all
Iím practicing to be a gangster rapper
By bella! [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 12:25 other posts 
Nice to know! Hey, will you forgo grooming your facial hair? Yeah, I understand that by twisting hair and not combing will encourage the hair to mat and end result would be dreadlocks. Heck, yeah, dgraff you can pull off beard dreads for sure!
By dgraff [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 12:55 other posts 
My beard is getting pretty long but I run a brush through it every morning it keeps it soft and fluffy
By phart [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 18:25 other posts 
Well you have alot of work and practice ahead of you. First,you have to learn to hold your gun sideways,
your car has to be rollin' on 24's, your hat has to be turned around backwards, dread locks are a +.
Along with that, gold chains,and high priced tennis shoes are a must.
You will no longer be able to be respectful to women, they will all be bitches's and ho'z and you must want the largest ass or bootee.
walking around with the crotch of your pants down about your knees , you must learn to do that to be a rapper star.
when you walk around,you must learn to hold your privates with 1 hand while holding a cheap cigar with the other.

Like I said,alot of practice!
By dgraff [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 20:23 other posts 
By phart [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 23:54 other posts 

By bella! [Ignore] 03,Dec,23 22:06 other posts 
I just watched the Santa Clause with Tim Allen for the umpteenth time. Does anyone else watch Christmas movies?
By dgraff [Ignore] 04,Dec,23 05:42 other posts 
I love the home alone movies watch them every year
By bella! [Ignore] 04,Dec,23 17:37 other posts 
I watch Home Alone if I know it's on but I do like Tim Allen. I also like A Christmas Story, you know, the movie with Ralphie, the child who wants the official Red Ryder gun. Gee, I'm surprised with our overly sensitive society that that movie is allowed to be aired annually.
By dgraff [Ignore] 05,Dec,23 13:19 other posts 
Is that the one with the leg lamp
By bella! [Ignore] 08,Dec,23 20:51 other posts 
By dgraff [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 04:50 other posts 
I can always remember the leg lamp
By sherryann [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 23:44 other posts 
Yes I love Christmas movies bella!, I like movies like White Christmas, It's a wonderful life, etc. But those funny Christmas movies are nice too.

By phart [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 22:42 other posts 
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By bella! [Ignore] 24,Nov,23 16:06 other posts 
Did Boo92 have another meltdown?

I believe it was Wednesday that she reported gangbanger76 for posting one of her pictures. It was an odd referral because the picture was private and not visible in his gallery. As soon as that referral was dismissed, one of her buddies referred Ceoofhorny03 to the Abuse Panel because he had posted on of her pictures in his gallery. I reached out to the member and requested that he remove any picture that he did not specifically own or have permission to post he said he would however his profile was quickly deleted. Today I noticed Boo92 blogged that a member had asserted that he was going to post her picture. Her blog went on to say that she would like it if someone would let her know if this happened because she had blacklisted him.

All this drama in such a short amount of time and Boo92 has deleted her profile, AGAIN! What is up with her?
By phart [Ignore] 24,Nov,23 17:51 other posts 
if it's the 1 I am thinking of, I learned to ignore them,something is wrong ,I don't know what,but there is not a solution here.they need to look elsewhere.
By Jamie [Ignore] 24,Nov,23 19:15 other posts 
lolthis why she didn't like some answers on her poll /polls/4622.html
By #706114 27,Nov,23 21:31
Made a new account for anon reasons. Several people were telling her they were going to upload her stuff so she left. Think sir-skittles even did upload stuff. I get she was annoying but nobody deserves to have their stuff reuploaded just to be ridiculed. She didn't say but she sounded like she was done for good. With some of the jerks here, don't blame her
By bella! [Ignore] 27,Nov,23 23:44 other posts 
You created a profile in order to post here in an attempt to justify the actions of Boo92? Good on you! 👍

It's just my guess but I believe that the majority of folks have insecurities about something. Boo92, aka crimsonnoose, apparently has body image insecurities and no matter how many compliments or posts pertaining to her desirability, she could not be convinced otherwise.

SYD, SYC, Showitoff is like a spot some safe but boring baked chicken but you are hopeful that somewhere down that hot table you're going to find some yummy roast beef. What I'm trying to paint is that not everyone is attracted to underweight or average size women, some men appreciate the soft curves of the full figured woman. I really don't think her weight has anything to do with her desirability, it's her personality, her negative attitude. Her attitude was just too much, I can't imagine being in her company for any length of time, a real "Debbie downer".

What really put her in such a spin? I saw her anonymous post on your wall. Why does she feel that you're going to upload her photos?
By #706114 28,Nov,23 09:34
Bet she read the forum replies before she ditched. I recall seeing the same forum post about ceoofhorny posting her stuff. Skittles did in a stupid ass journal entry. Surprising it's still up since he finds her so revolting. She doesn't like people reposting her content. Not sure what's so wrong with that. I get it's the internet and people are dicks and I'm sure she knows that. She said several people were saying they were going to right before she left. That's what made her upset. Not much else to it. That is quite a big risk and understandable someone doesn't want to take said risk anymore
By bella! [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 16:59 other posts 
I understand that Pornacct123 was established by you, crimsonnoose/Boo92. You blacklisted me because you felt that you were the subject of my obsession? NOT! As you can see, this is a thread for miscellaneous subject matter. I must say that I like to discuss random STUFF and I couldn't help but notice that you deleted your profile after there were two attempts made via the Evaluation Panel to reprimand and/or delete two members for posting your content.

Next time, rather than leaving matters upto the voting members to take care of your dirty work, reach out to the offending member(s) and request that they remove your images. If that doesn't work, then refer the whoever to the Evaluation Panel.

By the way, I'm not obsessed with you. I find you interesting and believe me, it's not about your physical appearance it's because I find you to be whiny, annoying and super obnoxious.
By Jamie [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 17:50 other posts 
She got to me,so I had to get her poof..
By bella! [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 21:25 other posts 
Did she blacklist you, too?
By Jamie [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 22:20 other posts 
By WOODY58 [Ignore] 29,Nov,23 12:11 other posts 
You are right about physical looks.

A woman is a collection of many parts. They are not defined by shape or experience. They are defined, like a man, by their character. A man in their lives should be there to venerate them. tell them how wonderful they are, be thankful of the woman's love.

No one should be ashamed of how they look, man or woman, the only thing that matters is whatís inside of you.
By CAT [Ignore] 29,Nov,23 12:29 other posts 
By phart [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 18:16 other posts 
Looks, this is just my observations here,
When I see a woman that is 240 pounds wearing flip flops driving a 94 Camery with bent fenders and a busted taillight, loading bags of Cheeto's and cases of bud light into the trunk, I see someone that does not take care of themselves or what they are blessed with in worldly things either.
that prompts me to think I would just be another piece of rubbish to them ,perhaps a hard dick that happened to get in the right groove once in a while. I can't see that person being a positive influence on me either.
On the other hand if i see a well dressed lady a little chunky on the hips loading grocery's into a 94 Camery with a nice paint job loading vegetables and meats into the trunk along with some juices and soft drinks ,i see someone who take care of themselves, keeps themselves and their worldly possessions in good shape .A motivated person that would be a positive influence on me.
That is just a quick glance on what I use looks of a person for. That is the first thing I try to see about a woman is her car. her clothes come next as sometimes we all go out in our work clothes to run to the hardware or something.It is not about the latest styles, or names or anything of that sort. I am looking for clean,well maintained,cared for. If a woman takes care of herself,her car,more than likely she takes care of the other things in her life she cares about.And if i was her love intrest,my health and well being would be intrest to her.

By bella! [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 12:26 other posts 
Has anyone invested in gold? I'm thinking about it and I don't know where to start.
By dgraff [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 12:58 other posts 
Start with a pan up in the Yukon outside Dawson city if you find some stake a claim
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

Then let me know so I can bring a backhoe so we can start to digging
By phart [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 14:46 other posts 
Heheh, don't let the gold bug bite you,you won't sleep ,you won't eat!
I panned for a while years ago,loved doing it. found enough to know for sure I could find it.
As for investing in it,I don't know shit about it but don't quite know what you would do with gold if the shit hit the fan anyway. Shave off a flake for some bread?

By bella! [Ignore] 08,Dec,23 20:56 other posts 
Has anyone heard of deep fried butter? Yes, butter!! It sounds rather disgusting to me, how about you?

only registered users can see external links

When I Google'd "deep fried butter" this video popped up, too. Yep, deep fried butter wrapped in nut sack. You heard me correctly, NUT SACK!

only registered users can see external links
By phart [Ignore] 08,Dec,23 22:19 other posts 
The first link,instead of buttered biscutes i think I would use something with cheese in it,but it made my mouth water when they took them out of the deep fryer.

now for that nut sack shit, hell no.
what was that a full grown bull nut?
By kebmo [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 01:20 other posts 
Deep fried butterÖ how to get fatter faster!
I worked in an Italian restaurant that served
deep fried ice cream. Delicious!
By dgraff [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 04:48 other posts 
I donít know anything about deep fried butter
But I do like to brown butter in a cast iron skillet then cook spinach in it
Itís delicious and you get strong 💪 like popey the sailor

By bella! [Ignore] 30,Nov,23 23:13 other posts 
Are people really in need or just ballsy!?

What I'm posting about are two posts made within my Michigan community on the website NextDoor. Recently, a woman reached out to the community with a sad story saying her 4 children would be without a Christmas because of $2,200.00 plumbing repair. She didn't ask for toy donations, what she wanted was for the community to donate something, anything toward the GoFundMe account she established with the target amount of $2,200.00. WOW!

Several weeks ago there was a post made by a young couple that found a sickly cat. After calls to numerous vets they came to the conclusion that they would need approximately $500.00 to $700.00 to treat and "save" this cat. What did they do? Yep, they set up a GoFundMe account requesting $700.00. One response came from a poster who offered to provide assistance, what he/she needed to was the name of veterinarian so he/she could provide them with their credit card numbers, I "seconded" that and offered to assist as well. Did the initial poster respond? Heck, NO! Apparently all the couple wants is the $700.00.

Life is tough, but apparently it's not too tough to ask complete strangers to help you pay for financial obligations!
By phart [Ignore] 30,Nov,23 23:48 other posts 
yea there are scammers there for sure,homeless people get on there asking for tents and stuff. Claim their tent got stolen,who steals a tent?
By CAT [Ignore] 01,Dec,23 11:59 other posts 
Tonto and the Lone Ranger wake up in the morning, in the middle of the plains. Tonto looks at the Lone Ranger and asks him, ďKemosabi, what do you see?Ē. The Lone Ranger answers, ďI see clouds and a beautiful sunrise. Why?Ē And Tonto answers, ďBecause, you dumb fuck, someone stole our tent.Ē 🤣🤣😈
By phart [Ignore] 01,Dec,23 14:02 other posts 
By dgraff [Ignore] 01,Dec,23 18:55 other posts 
Let some liberal fuck help them their the ones that have people hurting
By bella! [Ignore] 01,Dec,23 22:23 other posts 
For sure, for sure!
By dgraff [Ignore] 03,Dec,23 12:09 other posts 
And again cat attempted to move a topic from this forum thread to hers
She posted Dgraff bla bla blah and Bella bla bla blah to
Post your answers in the forum thread it started in
Right here
By bella! [Ignore] 03,Dec,23 14:19 other posts 
BINGO! But why do you entertain her shenanigans when she does that? I haven't blacklisted her so she's free to post here. The other day she moved one of your posts to her thread, I commented on that and she still continues to do so. Remember, she needs you not vice versa.....
By dgraff [Ignore] 03,Dec,23 16:24 other posts 
I donít mean to itís an impulse when someone posts something towards me Iím use to answering it but this time I caught her
By CAT [Ignore] 03,Dec,23 16:59 other posts 
Dgraff, I did not attempt to move this topic to my thread. I DID MOVE IT TO MY THREAD. Iíve said it before. I like my thread, BECAUSE ITíS MY THREAD. You are not required to answer anything there. Neither is Phart nor @Balla!@. And, regardless of what Bella! said, I donít need you.
I donít move all posts to my thread. Iíve got lots to say and several members that do contribute to my thread. I move the ones that make me see red. The 💩💩💩 that you and your friends post sometimes needs for someone to refute. In Bella!Ďs thread I run the risk she might delete it.
In the name of transparency, the reason I highlighted your nics and used the third person, is because this post will also appear in my thread.
By dgraff [Ignore] 03,Dec,23 17:08 other posts 
Funny Iím reading this post and all I hear is bla bla blah Dgraff and bla bla blah phart and bla bla blah Bella and some more bla bla blah Bella
Bella is very popular she got more bla bla blah than any one
By CAT [Ignore] 03,Dec,23 17:16 other posts 
This is the first time Iíve heard of someone reading something with HIS EARS. Go figure.
When I read this post by you, I said to myself, ďIs he trying to kiss Bella!Ďs ass or are out of argument so you are deflecting?Ē
I donít care, really.
By bella! [Ignore] 03,Dec,23 21:28 other posts 
Hey, dgraff, this is merely informational, the reason I requested that admin allow the "owner" of a forum thread OR blog to delete comments is because there are some members that aren't able to be respectful and/or act civilized. Yes, as an "owner" of a thread, I may make the choice to delete posts for the following reasons;

● when members make defamatory remarks toward others, ie calling someone a "MOTHER FUCKING HOMO", "DIRTY FILTHY JEW", etc.

● when it is apparent that a member has copied and pasted the same "bla bla blah" in multiple threads. I mean what's the purpose?

I'm really okay with 99% of the posters and their posts however there are some members that just don't know when enough is enough and/or when to stop and it's for that reason their posts may be deleted.
By dgraff [Ignore] 04,Dec,23 05:46 other posts 
I understand that perfectly
By CAT [Ignore] 04,Dec,23 09:37 other posts 
Thatís something, I guess. Thereís hope you will understand more important things in life.
Tell your friend that, sometimes, calling someone a MOTHER FUCKING HOMO or a DIRTY FILTHY JEW fits the occasion. The truth is not always pretty, but, itís the truth. Political correctness goes out the window when the only reasonable response is the above.
And thatís why, posting in my thread is essential to show my views without fearing those views will be deleted.
By bella! [Ignore] 04,Dec,23 12:17 other posts 
So you really believe that calling someone a "MOTHER FUCKING HOMO" OR "DIRTY FILTHY JEW" was warranted and "fit the occasion"? Shame on you that you are not able to keep your emotions under control and lack the ability to filter your words.

Didn't you have an issue about one month ago when your name was mentioned for "worst member" poll? There were jabs made at you and how did you resolve that? Yeah, you ended up blacklisting me as well as another member just because..... I was under the impression that you wanted to concentrate on what initially drew you to this website, being an "incurable exhibitionist" as well as the thrill of knowing men were excited by your pictures and sexy chats. Did the well run dry? Perhaps there weren't as many "lollipops" interested in your stimulating conversations because you're back in the Forum going at warp speed.
By bella! [Ignore] 04,Dec,23 12:20 other posts 
Read those words and rationale, calling someone a "MOTHER FUCKING HOMO" and another a "DIRTY FILTHY JEW" fit the occasion and apparently justified.
By CAT [Ignore] 04,Dec,23 16:32 other posts 
By bella! [Ignore] 04,Dec,23 17:14 other posts 
She said, then I said and she responded and then I responded.....

You fricken did this to push my buttons because this post, with the exception of your last 3 sentences is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. And if that's not enough, you post the same "bla bla blah" ( thanks, degraff ) in your thread. FFS, do you think you're that "important"? NOT!
By CAT [Ignore] 04,Dec,23 17:37 other posts 
By bella! [Ignore] 04,Dec,23 18:38 other posts 
You're not as important as you THINK you are or WANT to be!
By phart [Ignore] 04,Dec,23 18:44 other posts 
only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links
How insignificant are we in the universe?
How Insignificant Are We? A Universal Perspective | by ...
Compared to our whole planet Earth, we are microscopic as human beings. The planet we reside on is minuscule in the context of our Milky Way galaxy. In the picture of our infinite universe, the magnitude is so great that our place in it is unknown. The concept of the universe can make us feel insignificant.Nov 28, 2022
By CAT [Ignore] 04,Dec,23 21:57 other posts 
How important do you think I think I am?
By dgraff [Ignore] 05,Dec,23 06:22 other posts 
The question is how important do you think you are?????
By CAT [Ignore] 05,Dec,23 07:37 other posts 
No, the question is correct. She said I'm not as important AS I THINK I AM. My question asked her, "How important does she think I'm thinking that I am.
Now, you question is different and the answer to YOUR question is, "I'm very important." 🤣😈
By dgraff [Ignore] 05,Dec,23 09:41 other posts 
Oh I see I have to start wearing my glasses to read i guess

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