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By Nigga! 20,Jun,24 17:22
Any niggas here

By Nigga! 13,Jun,24 12:39
Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas will not be allowed to compete in the Olympics only registered users can see external links

By Nigga! 30,May,24 18:57
Om my [deleted image]

By Nigga! 29,May,24 21:28
Her tits

By Nigga! 29,May,24 19:39
dgraff this member reminds me of lix?/member.php?w=710493

By Nigga! 29,May,24 17:48
I remember someone post a picture Monty walking around with a purse dress like a woman

By Nigga! 28,May,24 08:18
jam boys

By Nigga! 20,May,24 22:25
[deleted image]

By Nigga! 19,May,24 16:52
Why not she's real?

By Nigga! 15,May,24 19:51
Hospital severe some good stuff first time I like

By Nigga! 15,May,24 17:52
your so mean

By Nigga! 15,May,24 15:09
Yes 4 times a day and ice machine

By Nigga! 15,May,24 15:08

By Nigga! 15,May,24 13:42
I wish lol
[deleted image]

By Nigga! 15,May,24 10:03
That's for Sir-Skittles date

By Nigga! 14,May,24 11:19
Don't scare me now

By Nigga! 13,May,24 23:17

By Nigga! 13,May,24 23:16

By Nigga! 13,May,24 23:16

By Nigga! 13,May,24 21:34
No. I'm still in the hospital. Just walk with a walker a little bit got a little dizzy. Tomorrow I be in a CPM machine.

By Nigga! 13,May,24 18:34
think your right

By Nigga! 12,May,24 22:34
Getting ready for tomorrow morning knee replacement surgery though my left knee going out two

By Nigga! 10,May,24 17:34
Can't blame the old when they are bored

By Nigga! 08,May,24 21:23
I really don't like pizza. But get your ass here

By Nigga! 08,May,24 20:56
Mounted like his pizza delivered

By Nigga! 05,May,24 17:14

By Nigga! 30,Apr,24 18:19
We have allays where truck pick up the trash bins not mush of a mess

By Nigga! 30,Apr,24 14:30
Florida Boaters Caught on Video Dumping Trash Directly Into the Ocean only registered users can see external links don't you have a trash truck to pickup your trash

By Nigga! 25,Apr,24 18:27
Cologuard test I was ok

By Nigga! 25,Apr,24 17:37
Dick when I was 13 at 15 got suck
and rim by a older man. At 17 pussy

By Nigga! 25,Apr,24 16:31

By Nigga! 25,Apr,24 15:47
So I know now

By Nigga! 24,Apr,24 15:41
Sent by FedEx to bjuk

By Nigga! 23,Apr,24 08:53
Looks like the poster choke and die on 7 to 8 inches of cock.

By Nigga! 22,Apr,24 14:53
UnderCoverAngel she can't see a female on chatrooms if they not verified

By Nigga! 22,Apr,24 13:45
He probably uca. The same way of thinking

By Nigga! 17,Apr,24 17:31
Will our electric meters be hacked by Russia to...
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By Nigga! 15,Apr,24 14:27
Go California keep buying guns
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By Nigga! 11,Apr,24 12:11
We were 4 brothers and 4 sisters only older brother had some play with his cock when I was 10

By Nigga! 11,Apr,24 12:06
Fools for sure
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By Nigga! 09,Apr,24 16:44
Why not just because she doesn't have a cock. Just want to know

By Nigga! 08,Apr,24 14:43
At least it won't fuck up my eyes as they already are..
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I'm watching on tv

By Nigga! 08,Apr,24 14:29
It's to clody don't show very good
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[deleted image]

By Nigga! 04,Apr,24 23:41
cody8789 sorry your friend left hope you fill better soon

By Nigga! 04,Apr,24 16:32
I'm not. pitbull let's indians fuck him..

By Nigga! 04,Apr,24 13:20
Wow ain't that something

By Nigga! 04,Apr,24 13:19
pitbull sucks black cocks so I hear

By Nigga! 04,Apr,24 11:08
the wife and hubby did thay deleted ? And Mongo

By Nigga! 02,Apr,24 09:15

By Nigga! 29,Mar,24 12:49
Instate I 40 is a bait for drugs dealers state troopers get them every week