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By kebmo 26,Jul,21 18:38
Ahh you hurt my feelings. 😘

By kebmo 26,Jul,21 16:18
This is not confirmedÖÖ

SrCums is a crackhead alcoholic.

By kebmo 17,Jul,21 15:46
Canada has a child tax benefit which is based on your 2020 income, the way it should be.

By kebmo 17,Jul,21 15:39
It seems that all these uber covid Karenís are blonde!

By kebmo 14,Jul,21 04:43
The unemployment rate in South Africa is 33%.

-CTV News

By kebmo 12,Jul,21 22:02

By kebmo 12,Jul,21 21:32
What does that inane rambling have to do with what I said SrCums? As an American you should be extremely happy about this. I remember you agreed that the stock market would crash when Joe Biden became president but that didnít happen did it? Thatís a good thing.
You know, when youíre on a plane and you donít like the pilot you certainly wouldnít hope it crashed. Joe Biden is your pilot now.

By kebmo 12,Jul,21 20:21
Did you see that? The Dow Jones, NASDAQ And the S&P 500 all closed at record highs today.

By kebmo 05,Jul,21 21:41
Jimmy Carter was the first US president to be born in a hospital.
His 75th wedding anniversary is on July 7th.
-PBS News

By kebmo 04,Jul,21 23:45
The new record for eating hotdogs with buns in 10 minutes is 76 in NYC today!

By kebmo 04,Jul,21 23:14
Same message but one month, 21 days and 15 days ago to three different members is spamming? Really?

By kebmo 04,Jul,21 20:50
admin Iíve also been having this problem and I just experienced it again. On alibaba site I successfully left a message that said ďI can see your cock from Canada ď.
After that I immediately went to Johannes93 and said ď He looks happy to be hereĒ and received the ďare you spamming ďmessage. I have experienced this before with dissimilar messages.

--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes I just went back again and successfully left another message for Johannes93. Is it a time issue?
--------------------------------------- added after 69 minutes

No I donít think itís a timing issue because I just left two messages as quickly as possible and both were successful.

By kebmo 23,Jun,21 00:20
If Donald Trump dies will Mike Pence becomes president in August?

By kebmo 18,Jun,21 16:24
Why on earth would you blame Dr. Fauci for that?

By kebmo 17,Jun,21 16:32
To show off your Canadian cock!! 🇨🇦

By kebmo 14,Jun,21 02:19
95% of Americanís carpet is produced within 60 miles of Dalton Georgia.

-How do they do it?

By kebmo 14,Jun,21 00:12
Thatís fucking gross!!

Have you heard about the guy on CNN?
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By kebmo 13,Jun,21 15:40
Öand modest too!

By kebmo 13,Jun,21 14:02
I wonder how many thousands of people have received oral sex while on a zoom call. I bet it happens all the time, youíre on a zoom call and getting yourself licked or sucked under the desk while doing business or college/university work. I would definitely go for that!
Of course I heard about the guys getting caught masturbating and losing their jobs or saying ďI didnít realize the camera was onĒ.

-Sunday morning musings from Kebmo

By kebmo 13,Jun,21 01:49
The grocery store!

I wrote this blog story about being naked outside.

By kebmo 07,Jun,21 04:10
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By kebmo 04,Jun,21 04:49
Size matters!

By kebmo 03,Jun,21 15:18
Cody, waterfall showers are awesome! Yes they do have substantial water pressure, not just a drizzle.

I am a chef so I always shower before work but on particularly busy days itís a two shower day. Itís not a hot and sweaty kitchen. My cat likes the way I smell when I get home!

I havenít had a bath in decades!

By kebmo 25,May,21 15:53
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By kebmo 18,May,21 05:14
My electric bill is higher because Iím home all the time!

By kebmo 12,May,21 15:42
In Canada the minimum wage is set by the province or territory; it's a regional decision as apposed to a federal decision. Right now in Canada the minimum wage varies from
$11.45 in Saskatchewan to $16.00 in Nunavut.

Where I live in Alberta in a four year period between October 2015 and October 2018 the minimum wage went from $11.20 to $15.00 where it currently sits. A couple of unintended consequences was that wages trickle up at the low end of the scale. I saw it in the restaurant industry. As servers got raised to $15 they were making the same wage as cooks but also received tips! This is very unfair so the cooks had to get raises even though they were above the minimum wage. Suddenly the restaurant owner is paying their whole staff more which only has one outcome: higher prices for the food which is paid for by the consumer.

Having said that, I can assure you that not one single person who makes the minimum wage of $15 in Alberta wishes they were making less.

There are two sides to this coin. It has been said that high school kids living with their parents should be exempt from this high wage but what if all restaurants started hiring them instead of single mothers and adults without training for another job?

Could you live on minimum wage? Could you have attained your current lifestyle now own while earning minimum wage? I think not. Is $15 too much for the entire country of US or Canada? I think so.

By kebmo 11,May,21 17:05
Yes I have been vacinated. Just the first Pfizer shot.

By kebmo 11,May,21 17:03
I need to pee!

By kebmo 07,May,21 03:57
I canít believe I didnít have any Billy Joel on my Spotify! Fixed. ✅

By kebmo 27,Apr,21 19:44
Do you know what periodical cicadas are? They show up every 17 years in the eastern North America and they are coming soon. Billions of them!

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By kebmo 20,Apr,21 15:49
It has been announced that there has been a verdict reached in the Derek Chauvin case. Not a hung jury and all three charges have been dealt with. The verdict hasnít been released yet.
--------------------------------------- added after 79 minutes

Guilty on all three charges!

By kebmo 18,Apr,21 02:17
This is his story:

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By kebmo 18,Apr,21 01:28
Hi phart!
No a slap in the head wouldnít work for murderers butÖ
sometimes a teenager just needs to go home with a cop
and let his parents take care of it.
I donít doubt that there was some exaggeration involved
in his statement but the gist of it is true.

By kebmo 17,Apr,21 14:11
Iím sure that a good slap upside the head can benefit some situations more than a day in court can.

By kebmo 17,Apr,21 14:00
ďI have taken more people home that I have taken to jail.Ē

-L.C. Smith, 91 year old Camden Ar. Police Officer

That sounds like good advice that more officers should
consider as an option.

By kebmo 17,Apr,21 06:21
Detergents are often blue or green because people
associate cleanliness with both of those colors.

-Read on the Internet so it must be true!

By kebmo 16,Apr,21 06:29
Maybe grocery stores could put a broom in front of the cart so you can sweep their floors before you do the cashiers job.

By kebmo 15,Apr,21 18:32
$200 in ones and fives? Going to the strippers?
Canada switched our one and two dollar bills to coins
and we ditched the penny.

By kebmo 15,Apr,21 16:44
Drive through tellers? You meaan a real person without getting out of your vehicle? I've never seen one. Of course most banks that I've seen have drive through ATMs though.

Soon we'll have drive through grocery stores with RFID tags on everything so you just grab 'n go after your credit card is registered! We are getting so lazy!

Maybe grocery stores can put brooms on the front of your cart so you can clean their store before you do the cashier's job!

By kebmo 14,Apr,21 18:59
Me too!

By kebmo 04,Apr,21 05:49
Pornhub average is 115 million visits a day. Thatís more than Netflix or Amazon!

-CTV News

By kebmo 04,Apr,21 00:26
Stay calm, nobody's clubbing anyone in Canada. Although I have met a few Canadian guys with clubs that I was happy to see.

By kebmo 02,Apr,21 16:20
Read the whole article.

By kebmo 02,Apr,21 04:29
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By kebmo 02,Apr,21 04:04
The clubbing of baby seals was outlawed 34 years ago in 1987.

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By kebmo 02,Apr,21 03:59
I got the first shot of Phizer. The whole process was extremely efficient from booking it online to getting the needle at a grocery store pharmacy. No line ups, no problems and no side effects, all good.

By kebmo 02,Apr,21 02:38
I got vaccinated today. I want to fly for my vacation to Newfoundland in the summer. I want to spend time with my family, especially the 15 people who call me uncle and I want to go to concerts. This is a step in that direction.

By kebmo 28,Mar,21 12:46
Itís a breakfast cereal. Is it a Canadian only product? only registered users can see external links

By kebmo 28,Mar,21 04:46
Over 6 billion Shreddies are made every year at their plant in Niagara Falls Ontario where they have been making them since 1939.

-In case you were wondering. 😀

By kebmo 22,Mar,21 16:06
dgraff, a guy pulled up to my place and got out of his truck. He looked about 13! I saw his Driver's Licence before anything happened. I wrote a blog story about it.... but you wouldn't like it.