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Started by bella! [Ignore] 20,May,18 18:36  other posts
Please feel free to post miscellaneous subject matter, aka STUFF in this thread.

Please attempt to remain somewhat respectful to other members, ninnyhammers, dummies and folks you just don't like. Thank you.

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By phart [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 19:49 other posts 
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Cooking for 1 makes this about impractical for me to cook but damn it looks good!

By bella! [Ignore] 13,Jul,21 22:05 other posts 
Tushy was reported by leopoldij for an internet picture not in her gallery.
By Jamie [Ignore] 13,Jul,21 22:14 other posts 
Yea I help her up then she ban me
By dgraff [Ignore] 13,Jul,21 22:18 other posts 
Itís no use that system is fucked Iím glad Iím no longer part of it
By cody8789 [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 02:19 other posts 
I agree
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 19:22 other posts 
Cody8789 what up cunty???
By bella! [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 10:42 other posts 
Are you really and truly glad you are no longer a part of a "democratic process"? If there was something about the Abuse Panel or voting process that you didn't like or had ideas that would make it better or clearer, did you share them with admin? If you truly did not like the process, you could have decided, like cody8789 , to "walk away" and that would have been the end of story.

My takeaway from why cody8789 became disenchanted with the voting process was due to the BADGERING that accompanied his vote. Some member(s) chose to badger, brow beat, intimidate others because "your" vote didn't seem to suit "them" or their spin. Oh well, too bad, my vote is my voice.

Take for instance admin's stance on internet pics...we all know that some folks post them. Some use them in a deceptive manner and sometimes those pictures can be seen on the Popular page and in photo contests. IF and I stress IF, IF admin doesn't mind an occasional internet pic as long as it's not used to deceive the members, WHO AM I TO SAY OTHERWISE!? BOOM! End of story yet you still have the same folks reporting members.

It seems to me like no member, no profile is off limits. Like they were hand chosen by the higher power to clean up the site!
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 11:04 other posts 
Tushy went poof...
By Jamie [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 11:10 other posts 
Went poof cause he deleted the pic then reload another web pic.
By bella! [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 11:15 other posts 
Yes, I see.

I surely understand Jamie's frustration with being blacklisted because it happened to me, too, and just recently with member Reon26. He was worthy of saving being a longtime member, Tushy, NOT if indeed the picture she was reported to have posted was actually posted. And that might be wherein how the discrepancy took place. Perhaps leopoldij didn't fabricate the "abuse". Perhaps the picture was there and Jamie came along, reached out to the member, she understood the consequences of Jamie's contact, blacklisted Jamie, removed the picture and that's why I didn't see it. BOOM!
By Jamie [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 11:33 other posts 
I'll sent you a screen shot
By bella! [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 12:18 other posts 
Thank you, Jamie.

Basically, the scenario rolled out like what I described above. I do not recall that picture being attached to leo's report but I do remember that that was the ONLY picture featured in the member's gallery. The links leo included in his report reflected an entire torso, breaststroke and cooter, too. There were no links for the cooler only shot.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 20:51 other posts 
Reon26 is grassed???
By dgraff [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 13:36 other posts 
Democracy is dead ☠️ was my voice ever heard and how about this last presidential election was my voice heard it may have been but they do what they want anyway they all lie cheat and steal so as a result I have learned to trust no one and the voting process on this site is as flimsy as our real government
By phart [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 15:08 other posts 
We are not able to see our "real" government.They operate biden from behind the curtains.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 20:45 other posts 
If I wasn't banned from the panel... I would help sort this out.....
By SrCums [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 15:59 other posts 
Leopoldij has fakes on his site 100% and he's reporting fakes?
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 17:11 other posts 
LEO is a pos at best... a site toilet.
By SrCums [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 19:15 other posts 
He's the king of the fakes and he's reporting fakes??... Like what the fuck.. almost as bad as omar..

By bella! [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 01:26 other posts 
Who is currently holding the #1 position on SYD's Popular page? I'm unable to determine because the member has blacklisted me. Thank you.
By Jamie [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 08:59 other posts 
Is it ozzy45100 ?
By bella! [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 10:37 other posts 
Thank you, Jamie.

Surely OZZY45100 is not trying to deceive the membership by using that picture that he borrowed from the internet.

I understand admin's leniency toward internet pics however members should be required to upload their favorite internet pictures in a "miscellaneous" category as they should not be competing with/against the "common man".
By Jamie [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 14:27 other posts 
How could he post nake pictures in Twitter I thought it was like Facebook
By mr_blue [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 14:33 other posts 
Lots of pics here are from twitter or Instagram
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 14:59 other posts 
Auntie of the Abo's Licksipsuckit will investigate... her own fakes...

Auntie will make her report

The other elders gave Auntie Lix a boot to her head for playing their didjeridu. She was recently spotted back in her village in Aurukun.
By Jamie [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 15:53 other posts 
I didn't know you could post nude pictures there
By mr_blue [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 15:56 other posts 
Twitter you can, it's full of porn,Instagram will ban you for showing a nipple poking through your top
By bella! [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 17:33 other posts 
Jamie, just make sure you place a bandaid over your nipple(s) if you post a top less on Instagram!
By Jamie [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 17:49 other posts 

By phart [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 15:21 other posts 
How many times do people have to be told,"DON"T PEE IN THE POOL!".
No matter how big the pool is.
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By SrCums [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 22:53 other posts 
Hezbollah recruits child soldiers too

Hamas isn't the only anti-Israel terror group that actively recruits child soldiers. Hezbollah has been doing this for years.

Hezbollah openly started recruiting children in 2014 when helping the Syrian army.

A 2016 interview with Al Monitor of a soldier recruited as a child shows that brainwashing them with religious justifications for wanting to be martyred is a large part of the training:

Al-Monitor: How old are you and how long have you been with Hezbollah?

Karbal: I am 18. I joined Hezbollah a year and a half ago.

Al-Monitor: Why did you want to join the organization?

Karbal: To wage jihad in Syria. It is my religious duty to fight there. It is the duty of every Muslim. It will also ensure my salvation after my death.

Al-Monitor: Why do you want to wage jihad?

Karbal: I have always been religious. As a child, I used to attend religious majlis [religion classes at the mosque], where they explained to us the duties of a good Muslim. I think I have been ready to die for a long time, and when the war in Syria broke out, it was clear to me it was a war of good against evil. The takfiris in Syria were attacking our holy sites, our Mouqadassat, which are our most sacred places, such as the Sayyida Zeinab pilgrimage site. We could not let that happen.

Al-Monitor: What type of training did you receive from Hezbollah?

Karbal: We are submitted to three trainings. The first is a religious training. We are taught about jihad and about the goal of the war in Syria, which is the protection of our holy sites.

Houthis also recruit child soldiers, so every group that Iran supports also recruits children for war.

Human rights groups seem remarkably unconcerned over this.

Would anyone care to elaborate?
By phart [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 14:35 other posts 
The north vietnamese used children to carry hand grenades' and such into US soldiers camps. That is probably 1 of the things that messed up the minds of so many vets from that war,was either having to kill those kidz or witnessing it.

By bella! [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 03:28 other posts 
This is why I avoid shopping at Walmart.

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By SrCums [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 23:03 other posts 
Remember, that you are the source of what you seek. You are the freedom, you are the goodness, you are the wisdom, you are the worthiness, you are the love and the presence. All the self-limiting ideas are just thatóideas. And they all can be re-evaluated and discarded in favor of the timeless presence of your being.
ó Adyashanti

By SrCums [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 22:58 other posts 
This is the definition of faith:
A man has to get home late at night across the forest. And itís dark and itís raining and he canít see 10 inches in front of his own face. And heís lost in the hail and heís lost in the rain, he doesnít even know where he is anymore. And he canít find his home, heís walking around in circles, and he doesnít know what to do and itís just raining and raining and raining.
Finally, he sees a small mountain. And he says to himself ďIf I climb up that mountain, maybe Iíll see where my home is,Ē. So he begins to climb, but thereís so much mud that he keeps sliding down. But he climbs and climbs and pushes himself to the top. Finally, nearing exhaustion, he stands up straight on the top of the mountain and he looks into the distance and what does he see? Nothing at all. Total darkness and hail, and thick fog. He canít see anything at all. Finally broken and overcome with despair he turns up to Hashem and he cries ďHashem! Iím lost! Iím blind! I canít find my way home! Help me! Help me, Tatte! Help meÖĒ
And suddenly, bang! Lightning strikes.
And in that moment suddenly the whole forest is illuminated and filled with light and his whole world is filled with clarity. And itís in that moment, in that second, in that flash, everything he searched for is known. ďThere is my home, thatís where I live. There is my path and future and destiny.Ē
Now Iíve got clarity. Now Iíve got vision. Now it all makes sense! Iíll never be lost again!
But then all of a sudden - boom - the lightning stopped and the lights went out. And now heís back alone in the forest, in the dark, in the rain, with no clear path homeÖ
ButÖitís not like the darkness before. Even though itís just as dark, and heís just as blindÖ now he has the answer within him. And all he has to do is be true in the darkness to what he saw in the light, and he can and he will be able to find his way home.
In the light look for the truth, in the dark stay true to the light.
And that my friends, is the definition of emunah.

[deleted image]
By Dev01 [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 23:01 other posts 
By SrCums [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 23:02 other posts 
Good to see you again Dev.. Peace and love down under..
By Dev01 [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 23:03 other posts 
you too my friend.

By SrCums [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 22:44 other posts 
The Self has nothing to overcome, not even the mind. It has nothing to fight, not even the devil. It knows all of this is just dream.

By SrCums [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 22:35 other posts 
Jim Jordan
Public Official
Driving to the grocery store today?
Youíll have to pay more for gas to get there.
And when you get there, everything from milk to eggs to beer will be more expensive.
Joe Bidenís America.

By phart [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 22:07 other posts 
Could it be time to shut up about floyd? ZAP!
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By phart [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 09:00 other posts 
That vaccine is working great aint it?
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By Andthisisme [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 09:41 other posts 
No vaccine is 100% effective and anyone that tells you otherwise ism lying. However, all the evidence so far is that having had a double jab of a Covid vaccination gives yo upwards of 94% protection.
So there is a 6% chance you may catch Covid even after both jabs. In a US population of 320 million plus, 6% is around 19 million. The other key factor is that the vaccine reduces the severity of the virus and the likely hood of death.
If you have a person such as in your story link that is to be expected, it is not an argument against the vaccine.

By kebmo [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 04:43 other posts 
The unemployment rate in South Africa is 33%.

-CTV News
By phart [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 08:43 other posts 
Uh,just what is there to do there to hire anyone for?

By phart [Ignore] 13,Jul,21 22:29 other posts 
this is only 7 seconds of video,you have to watch it a few times to grasp what is going on.But let's just say,it was NOT that bus drivers time to go. I can't imagine the view from where he was and the thoughts going thru his head as he laid there.
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By bella! [Ignore] 13,Jul,21 10:52 other posts 
And this is why I DO NOT consider verifying anyone with less than 90 days membership. These are actual requests and were posted in a group established for verified members.

ē By #645554 at 08,Jul,21 04:23

Hello I need 2 more for verification please if someone can help.

ē By #643816 at 05,Jun,21 13:53

how do I get verified I am a new member and an actual guy

So, in approximately 1 week, both of these "real" members have gone POOF!
By dgraff [Ignore] 13,Jul,21 22:21 other posts 
Yeah screw that Iím done with that to

By Jamie [Ignore] 13,Jul,21 19:34 other posts 
So I know who the hunter of fakes are.and the grasser is.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 13,Jul,21 20:23 other posts 
quien, gato?

By bella! [Ignore] 13,Jul,21 06:30 other posts 
We basically have 100 days of summer in Michigan and it has been an odd summer thus far. Since the beginning of June, we've seen some days in the 80's and there there was a day about 10 days to 2 weeks ago that the temp climbed to 91 degrees. Strangely, there has been a lot of rain this month and with it has come a lot of mosquitoes, them nasty little bastards!

I wonder if this weather and mosquitoes are Donald Trump's fault? Oh, that's right, he's no longer the President, we can't point our fingers and blame him!
By phart [Ignore] 13,Jul,21 07:53 other posts 
Some people will blame Trump for hemmroids that happen 20 years from now.
Humidity is what is knocking me down around here.89 degree,but with the humidity feels like 98.
I feel like I am melting when I go outside.I spring leaks everywhere.
By bella! [Ignore] 13,Jul,21 10:39 other posts 
Please don't melt.

I've been scratching and scratching and scratching....

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