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Started by #610414 [Ignore] 14,May,20 02:51

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By #715698 20,May,24 12:54
Hey, _axcx_, here's the response to your post.

Of course I didn't think you stupid, but, with all the posts threatening CAT that you've made all through last week insinuating that you would make her participation in this site public, and, most were on threads that you can't delete the posts, I think a case can be made to investigate you and your friends. Just think, at that point, all will be public.
It's one thing to trade insults on site. It's quite another to do what you did.
I'm really not in the mood to get into a war with you. You went after my wife in a very unethical way, a criminal way. I'm willing to let things cool if you'll do the same. Think about it.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

Oh, BTW, I can be.
--------------------------------------- added after 19 minutes

I was going to cancel my account too until CAT got the text, so I stayed to make sure everything is documented here. Now Iím satisfied. Now I can leave, but, the text is saved in CATís files and she can bring charges if more happens.
Admin, police your site.
By dgraff [Ignore] 20,May,24 19:49 other posts 
He canít the liberals defunded the police
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 21,May,24 18:07 other posts 

guaranteed they sent the text to themselves!

Always the victim, always, blaming everything on others... fuck off.
By dgraff [Ignore] 21,May,24 18:13 other posts 
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 20,Jun,24 06:41 other posts 
Has anyone see that rat cat or her stump leg criminal hubby?

By dgraff [Ignore] 20,Jun,24 07:16 other posts 
Not that Iíve seen but she letís little messages on pharts wall mostly political would you believe that stupid old woman hates this country that bad she is still routing for that lump Biden
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 20,Jun,24 07:21 other posts 
She is an idiot... we have always known that.

A follower. No thoughts of her own. And yet she chooses to live in a hardcore red state reaping the benefits and still complaining!

A total loser who if she returns, will regret it.
By dgraff [Ignore] 20,Jun,24 09:25 other posts 
You bet she will regret it after we all know her dirty little secret

By #610414 03,Feb,22 21:01
If an ordinary person, not rich, just a regular Joe, is accused of all the crimes Trump is accused of doing, that person would be behind bars. Justice is bought in this country
By phart [Ignore] 03,Feb,22 21:18 other posts 
Yep,I am sure bill and hillary clinton would agree! Might even write a book about when they get a bit older.
By #610414 03,Feb,22 21:31
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 04,Feb,22 13:14 other posts 
Accused by who? You? The media? What has he been charged and convicted of...??

By #610414 04,Feb,22 15:09
Yes, accused by me, the media and 60% of the public. You donít need a conviction to know someone is crooked. Heís going down eventually.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 05,Feb,22 15:01 other posts 
Dream on cunt-ette!!

Only one going to jail is that lying rat Avenetti
By #610414 05,Feb,22 17:10
It will be funny when the Clown gets his ass spanked by Avenatti using the local prison rag
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 05,Feb,22 17:41 other posts 
What color is the sky in yer world? Old slag!!

You really are a slow individual.
By #610414 05,Feb,22 19:05
Skittles, I hear that when your family makes popcorn, one holds the pan and four shake the stove.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 05,Feb,22 20:43 other posts 
I heard when your scummy family wants popcorn, they have to save up for six months to buy some!

And when that is not an option, your scummy kids fight the crows for popcorn in the movie theater dumpster!

By #610414 05,Feb,22 21:11
WOW, what a comeback. How long did it take you to come up with that one?
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 07,Feb,22 08:09 other posts 
Cat Good morning Pot-bellied and Saggy!
By #610414 07,Feb,22 08:21
Broke your glasses, hey?
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 07,Feb,22 20:09 other posts 
Is there a GoFund for Charlie???
By #610414 08,Feb,22 05:44
You want to set one?
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 08,Feb,22 10:14 other posts 
I just need a copy of the death certificate...
By #610414 08,Feb,22 10:33
Why, he would love a Harley. Don't need to be dead for that. Truth is, Skittles, A New York City rat from the Bronx like you doesn't come up to Charlie's soles. Go back to your dumpster
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 08,Feb,22 12:40 other posts 
I don't live in the Bronx.. and you know that cunt.

Like that old rat could hold up a Harley without tipping over!
By phart [Ignore] 08,Feb,22 14:26 other posts 
HEY, they make trike kits,I know because I have been looking at them
By #610414 08,Feb,22 15:31
Skittles wouldnít know about that. He rides a dumpster in the Bronx.
By phart [Ignore] 08,Feb,22 21:49 other posts 
Hey they make cool rides man!

only registered users can see external links
By #610414 09,Feb,22 08:03
By phart [Ignore] 09,Feb,22 16:50 other posts 
By _AxCx_ [Ignore] 19,Jun,24 22:23 other posts 
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 20,Jun,24 06:43 other posts 
Avenatti in jail!

By #715698 20,May,24 10:48
We are coming upto the 4th anniversary of the George Floyd arrest resulting in his death. I am watching the actual footage of his arrest and vest cam coverage continually reminds me of how Mr. Floyd was not listening to the lawful commands given by police and that Mr. Floyd was non compliant. Things could have been so much different.

only registered users can see external links

He deserved to d,ie.

By _AxCx_ [Ignore] 20,May,24 12:05 other posts 
What do you think of sex offenders. Do you think they deserve the same fate as George?
By #715698 20,May,24 12:13
I think It depends on the offense. I also think that this photo

[deleted image]

that was texted anonymously to CAT's phone was sent by you or a friend of yours. You'll notice the sender's phone number shows on the top of the text. Sending unauthorized pornographic pictures is against the law. I wonder what
Admin would say about that.
By _AxCx_ [Ignore] 20,May,24 12:18 other posts 
You all should be put down.
By #715698 20,May,24 12:23
That is my though too, only, a different target.
By _AxCx_ [Ignore] 20,May,24 12:26 other posts 
Youíre a disgusting piece of shit.
By #715698 20,May,24 12:28
You are much the same
By _AxCx_ [Ignore] 20,May,24 12:24 other posts 
I wonder what admin would think of a registered Sexual offender who assaulted a minor being on a site like this?
By #715698 20,May,24 12:27
I don't know. Why don't you ask him? 😎
By #715698 20,May,24 12:38
I wonder what the Miami Dade County Sheriff's Doral detectives division would say about sending unsolicited porn pictures using text messages ?
By _AxCx_ [Ignore] 20,May,24 12:44 other posts 
Why donít you ask them? They would probably say you sent them to yourself. It is you and your wife is it not? Nothing surprises me, I would not put it past you two sick fucks. You should also ask them if youíre allowed to be on sex sites.
By _AxCx_ [Ignore] 20,May,24 13:10 other posts 
There you go again giving out your location informationÖ Jeez and you claim youíre being stalkedÖ Okay. Make that make senseÖ. Your logic is super flawed.

Again Iím not as stupid as you two look. Youíre the ones after all that posted her drivers license pic. Iím just pointing out information you provided and making assumptions. Youíre the ones who keep confirming those assumptions.
By Cody8789 [Ignore] 20,May,24 18:19 other posts 
Kat, I know exactly what they would say since I know them very well.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 20,May,24 13:13 other posts 
Or the probation officer

Itís my understanding these sites are off limits to these types of offenders
By bella! [Ignore] 20,May,24 12:23 other posts 
Gee, you copied my post made on May 14. I'm flattered that you felt it worthy to be reposted but in true CAT form, you didn't credit the original "author".
By #715698 20,May,24 12:26
CAT would have done so. It would have started this way:
"Bella! posted on etc" 😎
By bella! [Ignore] 20,May,24 15:06 other posts 
I think that regardless of whether the profile is established as being owned by Charlie OR CAT, there's only one person behind the keyboard. I think it's CAT while others believe it's Charlie behind the keyboard. Oh well, I guess we're going to have to wait to suss things out as you done went and deleted your profile. I leave you with these words;

"If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen".
By dgraff [Ignore] 20,May,24 20:02 other posts 
When I was a new member I browsed around I got to know you good people but most importantly I kept my mouth shut when it came to the forum after I studied everything that was going on then I started commenting but I went with the flow and the flow at that time was lixsipsucket John S and monted and I all ready had a problem with the three of them nope not cat she had to open her big mouth and defend lixsipsucket this is were her problem started and with lixsipsucket gone tag cat became it
--------------------------------------- added after 69 seconds

Just my opinion on what happened to cat
By bella! [Ignore] 20,May,24 20:29 other posts 
Okay, I agree with your assessment of CAT being "it" but I do have to fine tune some of the details.

I'm sure you've heard the story before but here it goes. CAT at the time was Twowarmtts and had been referred to the Evaluation Panel for deletion because she was posting internet pics and claiming ownership. That was at a time that it really didn't matter what the referral was for, JohnS and his posse voted quickly and people were deleted. Heck, JohnS sat on a pile of points accrued from all his referrals and didn't do squat with them. Bottom line, Twowarmtts was "caught" but became bitter that she was "outted". I'm sure she was angry with me because she felt that I was the source of her troubles. Her buddy leopoldij told her where she could find the folks that were a thorn in her side and yes, that's when she came into the Forum. Yeah, *lix* had quite the presence on the site as well as in the Forum and Twowarmtts idolized *lix*. You see what happened once *lix* left, Twowarmtts didn't have anyone to mentor her or support her and Twowarmtts had to tone herself down. Like I have said, you and other fellas have gone hard on her and her posts yet she always lapped it up because she had that attention. I don't know what happened but it's like you and phart began standing your ground and that was driving her nuts. The guys that she could say shit to were finally slinging shit back. She's got a bad mouth and a bad temper and it amazes me that she just didn't know when to shut the eff up!
By dgraff [Ignore] 20,May,24 20:43 other posts 
I remember it well I think she is an old alcoholic With nothing better to do than try to make others miserable
By phart [Ignore] 20,May,24 21:57 other posts 

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