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By PA-Freddy 29,Jan,23 17:11
fuck head. Thanks to you the forum is on top. Keep making comments. I want to be ahead of bella!s forum

By PA-Freddy 29,Jan,23 17:09

By PA-Freddy 29,Jan,23 16:55
you are a big imbecile. Thank you for keeping the forum on top

By PA-Freddy 29,Jan,23 16:45
Go clean your page you fucking imbecile, don't waste your time with me. Don't give me your fucking shit about English grammar. You only have a High School diploma with a lot of failing grades.

By PA-Freddy 29,Jan,23 16:42
I don't have audience. They are looking at your imbecility

By PA-Freddy 29,Jan,23 16:22
Trash is coming her way

By PA-Freddy 29,Jan,23 10:32
go lick bella! cunt

By PA-Freddy 29,Jan,23 10:32
you don't know anything about the composition of the English writing language. fuck up hillbilly .

By PA-Freddy 29,Jan,23 10:15
yes, I know. I hope you are satisfied because I am coming with more nastiness here thanks to you.

By PA-Freddy 29,Jan,23 10:14
they coming after you and your nasty old cunt CAT. They work here incognito 24/7.

By PA-Freddy 29,Jan,23 10:06
we know your dick doesn't work even CAT struggling with you to make it hard. Nasty old man

By PA-Freddy 29,Jan,23 09:56
bella!'s looney friends; buckfizz and slick. Nasty woman, she is.

By PA-Freddy 28,Jan,23 22:56
Bella used today foul language in the chat rooms insulting all men there. She can no longer chat in a clean way insulting others. Her drinking and weed smoking is taking control of her life.

By PA-Freddy 28,Jan,23 19:22
bella! told hooters to blacklist me. Hooters is the fake profile of the moron Buckfizz a/k/a fuckhead.


By PA-Freddy 27,Jan,23 17:15
they need the support if you become a paid member here. The site does not have senior citizen discounts.

By PA-Freddy 27,Jan,23 15:20
and I will be voting down your pic. You and your old cunt CAT are fucking desperate losers.

By PA-Freddy 27,Jan,23 12:02
The saggy granny CAT keeps voting for woody58 pic so he can be at the top. Saggy you are pathetic.

By PA-Freddy 26,Jan,23 08:58
I always piss showing my ass. I like it when some guys look at my ass when I am taking a pee.

By PA-Freddy 25,Jan,23 21:21
Bella has violated the rules of forums; not respectful to other members here

By PA-Freddy 25,Jan,23 21:19
This type of foul language is not acceptable here.

By PA-Freddy 25,Jan,23 21:15
I think Chinese women are beautiful. And when it comes to relationships they are very loyal.

By PA-Freddy 25,Jan,23 21:13
you are the #1 moron and stupid on this site, bitch go bake me some cookies.

By PA-Freddy 25,Jan,23 21:11
bella! mind your own business.

By PA-Freddy 25,Jan,23 18:03
Bella you are a fucking bitch. You are racist, a bigot, and not too smart either. Not given you are a free pass at your forum just to get your place at the top.

By PA-Freddy 25,Jan,23 18:00
and bigotry is your strongest point. honey look at your grammar too. Do you think you master the English language properly? You don't.

By PA-Freddy 25,Jan,23 17:45
go help the people of Ukraine. They need help I know you will help them since they are white and non-Asian.

By PA-Freddy 25,Jan,23 17:41
you are a racist. This type of behavior is not acceptable on this website.

By PA-Freddy 25,Jan,23 16:17
I don't care about your opinion you stupid bitch. Go fry some hot dogs for the people of Ukraine

By PA-Freddy 24,Jan,23 21:48
they both stinks

By PA-Freddy 24,Jan,23 16:53
you are too old to bet on it

By PA-Freddy 23,Jan,23 09:35
And most of those who blacklist are not even paid members here.

By PA-Freddy 23,Jan,23 09:33
Interesting report Dev01

By PA-Freddy 22,Jan,23 20:25
don't get jealous about him getting hearts on his page

By PA-Freddy 22,Jan,23 17:48
Did anyone notice Cody's page has floating hearts?

Go visit his page; cody8789

By PA-Freddy 22,Jan,23 14:22
Yes the dick and more

By PA-Freddy 21,Jan,23 18:46
I was 19 yrs old when I try anal sex. The guy was 20 and gorgeous with long brown hair here, a nice body, and 8 inches uncut. I have a great time with him. I told him this is my first time and he was super gentle. He shoots his load all over my belly. I still have memories of him. He was a good kisser too

By PA-Freddy 21,Jan,23 18:40
hey, Cody what about copies of your dick falling on bjuk's page. After all, he is the number one admirer of your cock here

By PA-Freddy 21,Jan,23 07:51

By PA-Freddy 21,Jan,23 07:50
Hey, guys, the National Masturbation day is on; Sunday, May 28, 2023. On this day we celebrate the "right to masturbate"

By PA-Freddy 18,Jan,23 10:41
I think Admin. should take at least 20 points for those who decided to blacklist others on this site. There is so much nonsense blacklisting here without any valid reason.

By PA-Freddy 16,Jan,23 20:27
I don't want that. It makes me dizzy.

By PA-Freddy 16,Jan,23 14:29
Admn. loves you so much. Ask Cody8789

By PA-Freddy 15,Jan,23 16:14
My first experience with a twink was hot. He was only 19 and he sucked me so good.

By PA-Freddy 15,Jan,23 16:12
Finally, years of drug and alcohol abuse caught with her. It's sad indeed

By PA-Freddy 15,Jan,23 16:09
Does anyone here has visit Sir-Skittles page lately? It has some snowflakes.

By PA-Freddy 14,Jan,23 11:37
I'd like to suck you and play with your nice foreskin

By PA-Freddy 14,Jan,23 11:35
I was 18yrs old when I sucked my first man. He was uncut and hairy. At that time I didn't have much experience sucking men.

By PA-Freddy 14,Jan,23 11:33
They are waiting for site translators to help them write. that's funny Skittles

By PA-Freddy 14,Jan,23 10:02
He is now charged with; Attacking the Court system.

By PA-Freddy 14,Jan,23 09:13
We are not amused by your comment.