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By PITBULL 13,Jun,24 06:48
show us your panties collection. I know you love panties.

By PITBULL 12,Jun,24 12:14
I voted

By PITBULL 08,Jun,24 16:45
It looks like plasticine... It's GROSS!

By PITBULL 08,Jun,24 16:39
pinco Expose; /blogs/57303.html

By PITBULL 02,Jun,24 13:35
bimbopecksniff Expose; /blogs/54561.html

By PITBULL 27,May,24 20:49
Looks like the Omega time bomb of 1996.

By PITBULL 26,May,24 08:17
Jamie fat rat faggot exposed; /blogs/56914.html

By PITBULL 24,May,24 12:03
Two scummy rats blown up - confirmation of their self-detonation! that's funny

By PITBULL 21,May,24 07:34
bad boy is gone from this site for good

By PITBULL 21,May,24 06:54
They should not return

By PITBULL 20,May,24 12:06
You have too with the blogs about her.

By PITBULL 20,May,24 08:33
when she is coming back?

By PITBULL 20,May,24 08:31
yes -gringo- is next. I need to expose him too

By PITBULL 19,May,24 21:15
And that includes her supporters

By PITBULL 19,May,24 20:30
KITKAT/Saggy Granny Exposed; /blogs/57380.html

By PITBULL 19,May,24 20:29
KITKAT Exposed; /blogs/57380.html

By PITBULL 19,May,24 20:05
I will come after KITKAT like she has never seen before.

By PITBULL 19,May,24 11:53
if you are 72 as you claim...why don't you post pictures of yourself as look today not 20 years ago.

By PITBULL 19,May,24 10:51
it looks like every time you change your profile you also change your age. YOU ARE PATHETIC!

By PITBULL 19,May,24 10:42
KITKAT you are an idiot. Gone before Obama? Obama is 62 yrs old and you are 79 yrs old.

By PITBULL 19,May,24 10:33
Get flood insurance. According to my sources, you will have until May 31, 2024, to get flood insurance in the state of Florida. Hurricane season starts June 1st.

By PITBULL 18,May,24 19:46
bella! lunatic coward bitch

By PITBULL 18,May,24 18:14
you don't know anything about me, you stupid old cunt.

By PITBULL 18,May,24 11:35
hey, gringo how much viagra have you used this month? I guess your pipes are not working since Obama was president.

By PITBULL 18,May,24 10:41

By PITBULL 18,May,24 07:12
Nobody wants to see your saggy body here. Cover up you old bitch

By PITBULL 17,May,24 17:29
you are a fat bitch. Nobody here wants to see your wrinkles

By PITBULL 17,May,24 16:43
Cody8789 you need a big cock in that skinny ass of yours

By PITBULL 16,May,24 20:15
nasty saggy granny

By PITBULL 16,May,24 19:47
Carlitos you are making everybody business whe you mention it on this moron.

By PITBULL 12,May,24 12:07
bitch nobody love you here, they hate you

By PITBULL 10,May,24 18:30
I don't think she is that stupid to get back here with another profile. if she does we will come after her again.

By PITBULL 09,May,24 17:00
Not only me will be hunting her if she tries to come back but Sir-Skittles will get her too.

By PITBULL 09,May,24 16:46
My INTEL people will get her .

By PITBULL 09,May,24 16:45
hey CAT if you try to come back here we will come after you.

By PITBULL 09,May,24 16:44
she just join the the other poofers in hell

By PITBULL 09,May,24 12:10
Now she is gone to take care of charlie

By PITBULL 09,May,24 07:37
Most members here knew that pic was more than 20 yrs old. I told her to deleted

By PITBULL 09,May,24 07:15
She deleted her fake pic of her cunt Best Image Contest. The pic was getting low ratings

By PITBULL 08,May,24 22:14
Yes is true. Maybe they didn't want to live anymore or their time was up on this planet.

By PITBULL 08,May,24 22:10
Ah, thank you Sir-Skittles for your concern. I have all my shots up to date.

By PITBULL 08,May,24 21:36
you don't wear panties anymore, but diapers

By PITBULL 08,May,24 18:04
fake date of birth you nasty cunt

By PITBULL 08,May,24 17:39
Hey, saggy aren't you too old to drive in Florida. DisSantis will make a law limiting driving until 70 yrs old and you are almost 80 yrs old.

By PITBULL 08,May,24 08:31
take care of your old cunt Woody58.

My raghead is between my legs you nasty old racist bitch. GET THE FUCK OUT HERE

By PITBULL 08,May,24 07:15
CAT-2 you nasty racist bitch don't you even try to come back here with another profile, we will get you.

By PITBULL 06,May,24 07:09
she deletes your post because the truth hurts.


By PITBULL 04,May,24 09:15
felt so good and don't want to stop

By PITBULL 03,May,24 12:59
It was just a dream

By PITBULL 03,May,24 12:51
also used in a Down's syndrome commercial