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Started by CreativeOne [Ignore] 20,Feb,13 19:49  other posts
Just curious how you see yourself ! Me ... I see myself as "Average" ! However when I am flaccid , I'm really small , but when I am aroused ... it grows alot !!! So how do you see yourself ???

Also ... Feel free to Add Pics if you want to !

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By Paktax [Ignore] 21,Aug,22 04:24 other posts 
Mine is small

By Justin20 [Ignore] 19,Aug,22 05:53 other posts 
I have an average penis.

By wycowboy [Ignore] 18,Aug,22 11:52 other posts 
On the small side of average

By Ohioguy [Ignore] 18,Aug,22 10:32 other posts 

By PA-Freddy [Ignore] 18,Aug,22 08:50 other posts 
I am average and proud of it

By Louis [Ignore] 18,Aug,22 06:25 other posts 

By Jublad36 [Ignore] 17,Aug,22 17:53 other posts 
Average, here.

By #667453 29,May,22 16:08
I'm average

By #622304 04,Nov,20 11:50
[deleted image]

Avg has worked for me

By #592419 01,Nov,20 19:13
Size does not matter. If it works and your partner loves you,, that matters

By #628518 26,Oct,20 21:32
the only thing that matters is do you have someone who likes pulling your pants down

By CAT [Ignore] 26,Oct,20 15:32 other posts 
Tell the truth SKITTLES. We know you are Bella! and her pee pee is SMALL

By hornyoap [Ignore] 26,Oct,20 11:31 other posts 
I think I'm average length but quite thick, seems to work for the women.

By galaxy123 [Ignore] 26,Oct,20 06:58 other posts 
I think I am small when soft.

and average hard...

By Ollieee [Ignore] 25,Oct,20 10:36 other posts 
Tiny, Im about 10.5 cm hard

By #621607 24,Oct,20 17:57

By #614125 23,Oct,20 11:19
[deleted image]
Im small😁

By Ninja1173 [Ignore] 19,Oct,20 11:05 other posts 
I go from small to average I guess, just over 7"
By Stigma33 [Ignore] 22,Oct,20 19:18 other posts 
Your cock is anything but small! You have a nice big cock dude!
By Ninja1173 [Ignore] 22,Oct,20 20:13 other posts 
Thanks! Looks like you're working with a generous tool yourself! Love the GF pics sprinkled in your collection too!

By #584899 21,Oct,20 02:26
Im as average as it gets...
By #551147 22,Oct,20 19:51
We could tell by the look on your face... 😉

By #600254 20,Oct,20 18:22
[deleted image] very much average

By Wbs1978 [Ignore] 19,Oct,20 13:56 other posts 

By #627313 19,Oct,20 11:24
Just an average guy....

By #533479 19,Oct,20 08:51
I'm definitely small and here's the proof. [deleted image]

By #605841 18,Oct,20 22:27

By winnie [Ignore] 18,Oct,20 02:40 other posts 

By liketoedge [Ignore] 18,Oct,20 13:39 other posts 
I would argue that its average

By #589692 18,Oct,20 02:21

By Richie [Ignore] 09,Oct,20 16:43 other posts 
I'd say average to large

By #623154 08,Oct,20 01:47
I think im average haha
By liketoedge [Ignore] 08,Oct,20 10:55 other posts 
I agree.

By What-once-was [Ignore] 07,Oct,20 22:09 other posts 
I'm on the long end of average but my girth is in the middle of average 6 x 4.9. If I could swap half an inch of length for girth I totally would though.

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 07,Oct,20 15:19 other posts 
Definitely average only

By PoloFields [Ignore] 07,Oct,20 14:20 other posts 

By johnleman82 [Ignore] 07,Oct,20 05:53 other posts 
Flaccid, i'm also very small

But when in erection, I am above the average, so I don't worry about my little flaccid dick

Are we brothers ?

By #608810 21,Sep,20 12:16

By #621142 17,Sep,20 12:39
I feel on the larger end of average.

By #625864 17,Sep,20 11:22
[deleted image]

I definitely consider my dick small. If I had about one more inch I would say Id probably think I was average. Im really starting to like my cock more for what it is

By joesg [Ignore] 17,Sep,20 10:45 other posts 
Small when soft about 1inch

By #516354 17,Sep,20 05:46
[deleted image]

Average. Although I've been told that I'm thick, but I don't know about that for sure, as it's always been online, and never in person.

By #1102 17,Sep,20 05:30
me average

By #551147 17,Sep,20 04:25
Meh! Small to Average?

[deleted image]

OR! How about this... NEVER a complaint!

🇺🇸 Keep AMERICA Great 🇺🇲

By #621517 17,Sep,20 02:34
Average 6 x 1 1/4 but judge for yourself. [deleted image]

By #625989 16,Sep,20 23:45
Average, though im short and thin so it certainly helps the scale.

By #624913 16,Sep,20 22:19
Hi. I think my dick is an average one.[deleted image]

By phart [Ignore] 16,Sep,20 19:40 other posts 
Small,just simply small and inadaquate

By new2day [Ignore] 16,Sep,20 13:07 other posts 
I've always considered myself to be average, I'm fairly small when flaccid like most, although my cock is fairly thick when erect. So about average length, above average girth.

By Showertogether [Ignore] 16,Sep,20 18:11 other posts 

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