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By galaxy123 17,May,24 06:42
Here is mine

By galaxy123 17,May,24 06:40
I like mine. Lucky to have it, my father was circumcised and it was considered for me.

By galaxy123 10,May,24 06:13
very big one

By galaxy123 04,May,24 07:09
and here is hard.

Mine is a grower I guess

By galaxy123 04,May,24 07:08
here is mine soft.

By galaxy123 20,Feb,24 09:02
Here is mine semi.

By galaxy123 05,Dec,23 12:02
Here is mine.

By galaxy123 30,Nov,23 09:35
Here is mine, veing and uncircumcised.

By galaxy123 27,Nov,23 08:37
here is mine

By galaxy123 23,Nov,23 08:39
I would say mine is a grower.
Soft about 2" - 2.5"

Hard 6.25"

By galaxy123 16,Oct,23 10:43
I have been caught numerous times. Especially when young. Both my older sisters have caught me, my mother, my father. A friends mother and I went to a boarding school so a couple of teachers caught me ding it there.

There was no privacy at boarding school.

By galaxy123 03,Oct,23 04:49
Yes, I think I did. Thanks Mum.

By galaxy123 02,Oct,23 10:46
I retract mine, especially in public when using urinals as my foreskin is very long and loose (see pic). Otherwise the flow can be unpredictable and spray a little. When young my mother also encouraged me to retract the foreskin when peeing to keep it clean.

By galaxy123 28,Sep,23 07:26
yes, I think I got lucky. It would have been easy for my mother to say, 'oh well his father is cut and so are all the men on that side so why not get him done too so he fits in.' But she didn't and persuaded my father to wait and consider it.

By galaxy123 21,Sep,23 05:17
I remember 2 in particular. The first was my fathers, his has much bigger than mine. It also looked very different as he was circumcised. Soft his was about 6" and hard it was probably just over 8". I was very curious about the difference in appearance and size as I developed late and when young we looked so different.
The second was a friend from school, David developed well before me and lots of the other boys. His was circumcised too - David is jewish. His was about 5" soft and about 7" hard when we were 13. I know the size as we went to a boarding school and it was common for us to compare and measure our dicks. I last saw Davids dick in the showers at school when we were 16 and his hung down half way to his knees.

By galaxy123 04,Sep,23 05:45
Here is mine.

By galaxy123 16,Aug,23 08:24
I developed late so I think I was 20 when I got fully grown.

By galaxy123 16,Aug,23 05:56
My Father was circumcised as are all the men on his side of the family. My mothers side are all intact so my parents decided to wait and then when I was older we talked about it to see if I wanted to get circumcised. They explained it to me and then, to find out more they took me to see a specialist doctor. We first discussed circumcision when I was 11 and went to see the specialist when I was 12. He talked us through it and examined me to check I had easy movement and that the foreskin retracted easily allowing me to clean under it and so it would not tear when I got erections. In the end after talking it over with my parents I decided to keep it.

By galaxy123 08,Aug,23 06:51
thanks, pleased that it grows but in the gym showers and on naturist beaches my soft length is not great.

By galaxy123 07,Aug,23 10:19
My parents and some of the wider family were naturists so it was easy growing up to see and compare against other males in the family and other boys and men at resorts or on nude beaches. By the age of 12 or 13 it was clear looking at my cousins, my father and uncle that I was not going to be as big as them. It was my mother that actually had the "late bloomer, don't worry about size conversation with me. As it happens I did develop late but I never caught up with the other men in the family, particularly my fathers side.

By galaxy123 07,Aug,23 10:04
Mine is 2" - 2.5" soft depending on temperature

And 6.25" long and 5.75" around when hard

By galaxy123 04,Aug,23 09:58
Yes, I got to like it from a very young age as my parents and family were naturists. Summer at camp sites and beaches in UK and 2 weeks in France at naturist resorts. Great experience. Despite developing late and being tiny when young it was fascinating to see all different body types.

By galaxy123 14,Jul,23 06:05
Yes, at school. I went to an all boys boarding school with no privacy and lots of games and rituals. I developed late so was teased and humiliated by the other boys the vast majority of whom had larger more developed genitals.

By galaxy123 14,Jul,23 05:56
Mine can get very small on cold days or after a swim in the sea when it is cold it can be about 1". Here is a pic of mine about 2" which is about my average.

By galaxy123 07,Jul,23 04:55
here are mine

By galaxy123 07,Jul,23 04:49
I went to an old style all boys boarding school when I was young. There were many rituals and games. On the first night in the boarding house all new boys were made to line up and drop our pants and show our dicks and have them measured by the boys in the year above as they had placed bets on who was largest and smallest. I developed late so mine was tiny then and out of 12 new boys mine was joint smallest.

By galaxy123 10,May,23 07:05
here is my small one.

By galaxy123 20,Apr,23 06:05
I remember being home alone one weekend when I was about 18. I decided to see how many times I could masturbate to ejaculation in 24 hours. Pre-internet so I had a few porn mags and a couple of my parents porn vids (VHS) to keep me going. The first couple were easy and I did those quite quickly, I then took a break for a few hours and went again. The cum started to get thinner and less creamy after the 4th one and then the volumes started to drop. I had started at midday and by mid night I had managed to orgasm 7 times. The 6th time barely a drop came out last one was a dry orgasm. I went to bed then and slept. My dick was quite sore by then from all the wanking. In the morning I started again and did it twice more before the 24hours was up. The first one in the morning was good but you could see the cum was watery and the second that morning was almost dry again. In all I did it 10 times in 24hours. I would define 3 as completely dry.

By galaxy123 04,Apr,23 04:51

By galaxy123 31,Mar,23 07:06
I went to boarding school in the UK and when I arrived aged 12 we were told we needed to have one. In our first PE lesson the teacher made us put them on and checked to see if we had put them on correctly and that they fitted. Mine was too big so he made me take it off. I passed the next inspection once I had the right size and wore them all the way through school.

By galaxy123 09,Mar,23 05:57
yes, here is mine.

By galaxy123 09,Mar,23 05:40
i agree. It was a debate my parents obviously had, my fathers side of the family were all circumcised and my mothers family intact. We talked about it, my mother explained that her father and brother were intact and as my parents were naturists, as was my uncle (dads brother) i saw his penis and my cousins when we were on holiday together.
My parents were very supportive and came with me to the specialist who examined me. He said there was no medical need as my foreskin was good and moved easily back and forth and was not tight. I kept it very clean and so no real need unless I wanted it to be done for aesthetic reasons or to be the same as my father. In the end, after talking to my parents I decided to keep it.

By galaxy123 07,Mar,23 04:11
thanks, lucky to still have it to be honest. My father was circumcised but my parents waited and when I was 12 they took me to see a doc about getting circumcised.

By galaxy123 03,Mar,23 05:28
when soft my overhang can be 1/2 and inch.
And when hard it still covers most of the head.


By galaxy123 25,Feb,23 06:53
thanks. And thanks to my parents. Especially my mother as her side of the family are all intact and my fathers circumcised. I think she played a big part in me not getting circumcised as a baby.

By galaxy123 24,Feb,23 08:51
I have been naked in front of many doctors and nurses and once or twice got an erection but one interesting time was when I was 14. My father was circumcised but my parents decided to wait and ask me if I would like to be circumcised too. So when I was 14 my parents and I sat down and they explained that if I wanted to get circumcised I could, I remember speaking to them about it and comparing mine with my Fathers. They offered to take me to a specialist doctor, so he could examine me and then we could all discuss the options and I could make the decision myself.
I thought this was a good idea so my parents and I went to see the specialist. He examined me, checked the coverage and movement, rolling it back and forth, checked to see if it was too tight, he did this when I was soft but then asked if I could get an erection so he could see if it got too tight when hard. He looked at the Frenulum and asked questions about if I had ever had any irritation or infection under the foreskin. My parents were present during the examination then afterwards I got my clothes back on and we discussed it.
The doctor said that my foreskin functioned normally and that if I wanted to get circumcised I could but there was no medical or pressing need. So I took a few days to think it over and then decided to keep my foreskin.

By galaxy123 24,Feb,23 06:28
I have been in health clubs in Germany and Switzerland where the changing rooms have been mixed and open. The first time I went in one I thought I had walked in the wrong one but to be honest it felt quite natural and it also meant families could stay together.

By galaxy123 21,Feb,23 09:22
My mother. She used to make sure I washed under my foreskin and would check to see if it was clean. I remember once about 10 years old she was doing it and I got hard when she held it and pulled the foreskin back. She told me not to worry or be embarrassed. She asked me if it felt nice to rub it. I said yes, so she asked to show her. At that time my technique was not great so i just rubbed my penis with the palm of my hand or just pulled the foreskin. She showed me how I should hold it properly and stroke it. It felt amazing so i did it for a minute or 2 while she watched. Great advice and never looked back.

By galaxy123 20,Feb,23 10:20
here is mine.

By galaxy123 08,Feb,23 06:53
here is mine.

By galaxy123 09,Jan,23 07:00
Here is my veiny one.

By galaxy123 09,Jan,23 06:58
you can see the veins in mine when soft as well as hard.



By galaxy123 04,Jan,23 04:55

Here are mine.

By galaxy123 20,Dec,22 07:18
exactly, it was mostly very quick to orgasm. Only thing that would slow some down was if they had had a wank already or had been in a game a short time ago. I was challenged a few times a night often and second or third go was always a little longer to reach orgasm.

By galaxy123 15,Dec,22 05:52
I think it depends on how much you grow. For example mine is small when soft, about 2" - 2.5" but grows to 6.25" when erect. So first impressions of mine are not always good. I was teased a lot when young as I developed late and it was particularly small compared to others my age. Even when older and when some women saw mine for the first time soft they commented that it was rather small, but once hard their comments were more positive.
My parents and family were naturists and I still go to naturist beaches and there you see all shapes and sizes. Those men who have naturally bigger flaccid penises are fortunate but I am sure some of those with smaller ones are growers but generally you don't get to show that on the beach.
As an example here is mine both soft and hard.

2.5" in this pic (including foreskin overhang)

6.25" in this pic, foreskin retracted.

By galaxy123 15,Dec,22 05:40
Sounds very similar, i guess isolated all boys environments meant we had to make up our own ways to entertain ourselves.

By galaxy123 13,Dec,22 09:50
How old were you when you got done?

By galaxy123 13,Dec,22 09:48
thanks, will have a look. I have thought about getting my frenulum trimmed as it tore when I was young.

By galaxy123 12,Dec,22 12:17
here is my foreskin. Quite long and loose as it tore when I was young.

By galaxy123 12,Dec,22 09:50
this pic was just after wanking so balls are tightening up.