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Ever been caught wanking?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by horny_col [Ignore] 25,Mar,23 22:50  other posts
When I was a teenager. I was caught in the act by my younger sister. Very embarrassing. Anyone else had any similar experiences?

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By Puma68 [Ignore] 13,Jul,23 08:28 other posts 
Back during our college days my girlfriend, now wife, unbeknownst to me had started seeing and fucking another boy! I went to visit her during that summer as we lived far apart from each other to attend with her the wedding of a friend. After the reception we went back to the hotel room and of course I was hoping that she and I would Fuck.She allowed me to undress her but then she didn't want to go any further and pulled the sheet over her naked body, kissed me on the forehead and said lets go to sleep Iím tired. I laid there next to her for awhile with an erection that would not go away! Thinking she was asleep I got out of bed and standing there in the moon lit room grabbed my hard cock and started masturbating. I stopped for a moment to gently pull the sheet away from her naked body, and gazing at her small teacup breasts, beautiful thighs and lil pussy, lightly covered with soft brown hair, I once again grabbed my cock and resumed masturbating. Bur she wasn't asleep! She had woken up and had opened her eyelids just enough to be able to watch me jerking off to her! She had never actually seen a boy masturbate so was fascinated watching me playing with myself and the expressions on my face. In hind site I should have noticed that her lil pink nipples were erect and there was some shimmer at the entrance to her pussy! As I stood next to her furiously jerking my 7 inch dick I felt my orgasm approach, I could feel my balls tightened and eventually threw my head back, closed my eyes as warm sticky sperm erupted out of the head of my cock, shooting through the air and landing, some on the bed, some on her thigh, some on her left breast and stomach and even some on her pretty and what I thought was sleeping face! She told me in later years she felt bad she didnít let me fuck her but on the other hand she had been excited to secretly watch me masturbate!

By Cummingforyou [Ignore] 09,Jul,23 19:28 other posts 
Was going on 16 when a friend a little walked in while I was wanking so he joined me and we had a mutual wank session

By Moench [Ignore] 09,Jul,23 17:34 other posts 
The first time, my wife wake up and ask me what I doing and I say I doing it my self and I say that some time I like to do. After this day ,she ask me some times to masturbate and she like to watching me with her hand at her pussy

By Lvphose [Ignore] 08,Jul,23 18:32 other posts 
Iíve had a pantyhose/nylon fetish for a long time and yet to share my fetish any gf. So I would call a 900 number and speak to a fem dom who of course I shared my pantyhose/nylon fetish with. She would tell me to either put some pantyhose on or just put my hand and arm through a leg and rub myself to a hard on then cum over the nylon.
Well one session I was doing the later and my gf came home unexpectedly and caught me! Didnít go over well with that night but in time sheíd indulge my fetish by letting me fuck her either in pantyhose I ripped crotch open or wearing nylon stockings for me.

By routemaster [Ignore] 08,Jul,23 03:52 other posts 
I was caught by my dad, he just smiled knowingly and walked away

By nekekal [Ignore] 07,Jul,23 19:30 other posts 
If you masturbate as much as I do, ofcourse you have been caught as many times as I have. It is sort of like getting caught taking a piss.

By XJacker [Ignore] 24,May,23 14:08 other posts 
Iíve been caught by my wife a few times as I try to jerk one off surreptitiously in bed next to her. She usually puts her hand on my thigh, tickles my balls and lets me wank myself through at full power.

By wycowboy [Ignore] 24,May,23 10:37 other posts 
It would be easier to ask who hasn't, lol. I've been caught by surprise a few times, once by my mom, a few times by my sister and my uncle once. I've always put myself in a position to get caught, and was, several times. The thrill of getting caught is very great and I delight in it.

By JohnRay1122 [Ignore] 24,May,23 06:10 other posts 
I have never been caught that I didn't want to be caught. I set up every time I've ever been caught.

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 03,Apr,23 07:59 other posts 
I got caught by my dad. I was about 16 lying on my bed naked threw my legs over my head and jerking off into my mouth when my dad walked in ......needless to say I forgot to lock my bedroom door

By Jamie [Ignore] 02,Apr,23 22:57 other posts 
I was caught by my sister fucking her friend

By Bobby95 [Ignore] 02,Apr,23 22:03 other posts 
I was caught wanking by my mom once

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