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guys who like wearing pantyhose & nylons! Not panties but pantyhose & nylon stockings! Also any gals who indulge a guy with thi 24,Jun,19 00:14


By Lvphose 01,Nov,22 00:09
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By Lvphose 01,Nov,22 00:03
A gf and I were working up to being in a threesome but in the meantime in our sex play we made it a part of our mental/talking about it spice! And oh yea it spiced up our sex umpteen fold! Listen and youíll understand!

By Lvphose 31,Oct,22 23:56

By Lvphose 31,Oct,22 23:55
Uncircumcised like this!

By Lvphose 20,Oct,22 18:33
A couple live not see whoís watched on. Video!

By Lvphose 13,Oct,22 21:58
Great story!

By Lvphose 10,Oct,22 01:09
Got anymore stories!

By Lvphose 10,Oct,22 00:37
Wish I could help! However, my experience has been the more conversation about something it identifies like thinkers, malleable might , obvious other no! But talking about things got a gf J to understand my nylons/pantyhose fetish and would indulge me in it and encourage me to wear them! Man that opened a lot of sexual openness! Exhibit A) J and I talk about adding another to our sex play! If itís audible enough you will follow!

By Lvphose 10,Oct,22 00:30

By Lvphose 10,Oct,22 00:29

By Lvphose 10,Oct,22 00:27
No but itís something I fantasize about!

By Lvphose 10,Oct,22 00:26
Lucky guy!

By Lvphose 07,Oct,22 08:36
I have a huge nylon/pantyhose fetish! For me it started when I was becoming sexually aware of my cock! I would be asked to dog sit for a friend when they went on vacation. One day going to let the dog out I went through my friends mom drawer and found a pair of her pantyhose. I first got naked and rubbed her pantyhose on my cock and man it felt good! The next time Iíd put them on and rub my cock from the outside of my pantyhose encased cock! Well you have to imagine I came in her pantyhose and Iíve had a. Lyon/pantyhose fetish ever since!

By Lvphose 07,Oct,22 08:26
Heck yes I agree!!!

By Lvphose 07,Oct,22 08:23
I have a huge nylon/pantyhose fetish! A now ex gf would endulge my fetish even encourage me to wear pantyhose! Getting to that point begins with a simple discussion of your turn ons! Then youíll figure it out from there! We got so comfortable and turned on by sharing with one another! Though no other guys or gals with us, for example Iíd talk dirty like J imagine I and my friend were touching you etc etc! Heck in this clip J says I want you and S to me at me from behind that way I wonít know itís you or him!
Watch, listen and enjoy!

By Lvphose 07,Oct,22 08:07
Amen! Nice verbal visual description but hey seeing her do it to you! That would be nice!

By Lvphose 06,Oct,22 15:55
I love it just like this from Miss J.

By Lvphose 06,Oct,22 15:54
Iíd jerk off for any chick anytime!

By Lvphose 06,Oct,22 15:53
Yes but pantyhosed feet!

By Lvphose 06,Oct,22 15:51
Maybe she will be like Miss J here?

By Lvphose 01,Oct,22 17:02
yes they were Swedish erotiva that the stars were seka and Jonh Holmes

By Lvphose 01,Oct,22 14:36
Agree nothing like the real thing to wank on!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 07:18
After miss J spanked my ball she did this to me!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 07:14
Iíve had long time fantasy. I should start by saying I also have a long time pantyhose fetish ( my first experience is for another time). I had a gf who knew of my pantyhose fetish and indulged me in it. Back the fantasy, she told me to come to her place at a certain time. When I got there here living room was full of women just in pantyhose. Their pantyhose feet, calves, legs, thighs, pussy & asses really got me hot! She then told me to strip naked and jerk myself and I was to spread some of my hot cum on each of the sweet pantyhose gals. If I didnít get them all on my first orgasm I had to keep jerking till I did! A little side to this fantasy was a boss, co-workers, neighbors were the gals I had to shoot my hot cum on!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 07:06
Great story!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 07:01
Would you let me fuck her like this?

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 06:57

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 06:56
Guess I have to add to my own topic!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 06:53
Iíd start with a cigarette!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 05:12
Could of cum on these sexy nylon feet but we wanted to play more!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 05:06
Wish I could see that!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 05:04
Great pic!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 05:03
Nice Iíd like to correspond about how horny we get in pantyhose!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:35
I hope so!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:34
A few guys but not to orgasm a few more chicks until I came!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:32
Close as I could get

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:30

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:29
Mine used to be straight but much older itís a poster for pyronniese

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:27
How about mine?

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:26
Old post but Iím in Ks game!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:23
I agree with you!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:22
Yes but nobody could do it like my woman!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:20

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:19
Donít have any guy friends willing to do in person so one reason on this site is to see some of that and hope someone watches me do it!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:16
Not a pic but most viewed!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:14

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:11
Weíve even talked about during sex play watch and listen!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:10
Iíve fantasized about it!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:08
Yes Iíd ! Like this!

By Lvphose 29,Sep,22 04:07

Like this one!