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guys who like wearing pantyhose & nylons! Not panties but pantyhose & nylon stockings! Also any gals who indulge a guy with thi 24,Jun,19 00:14


By Lvphose 21,Feb,22 18:27
Donít count at 62 not like I used too. Itís like this or vid below.

By Lvphose 21,Feb,22 18:24
Not daily, 62 and usually something like this.

By Lvphose 21,Feb,22 18:18
Not daily but when I do itís something like this.

By Lvphose 16,Feb,22 17:32
Most recent!

By Lvphose 16,Feb,22 17:32
I have no dog in this fight, but it seems both of you have no pics in your gallery that meet the topic!

By Lvphose 16,Feb,22 17:27

By Lvphose 16,Feb,22 17:26
Being horny with voyer & exhibitionist fetishes. Topped off by my pantyhose/nylon fetish!

By Lvphose 14,Feb,22 22:30
Like the open crotch nylons

By Lvphose 13,Feb,22 22:35
At least 2 guys on 1 gal. An ex-gf & I Used to do sexual scenarios in our sex play! Hereís a clip of the video we did when she talks about getting bang bang me and my best friend!

By Lvphose 13,Feb,22 22:27
This does it for me every time! My vocals announce and prove it!

By Lvphose 13,Feb,22 18:59
As my sexuality was developing and became aware of it I had 3 girl cousins. 1) older my brothers age, 2) my age 3) younger. There was a get together at their house and the cousin my age & a neighbor gal also our age was there. Without though I got an erection regarding my cousins friend. Those with dicks know they have a mind of her own. The first time just visual created an erection in me! Iím pretty sure my cousin and her friend who was the genesis of my hard on noticed it too in my summer shorts! Damn Iíd the to have sexual play with them!

By Lvphose 13,Feb,22 18:23
I like to give a hard cock while on it! My ex J indulged my pantyhose/nylon fetish and the combination of her hot ass, pussy, thighs, calves & feet in pantyhose/nylons, including the pheromones from her stockinged feetand the chemical use made me love this. Her sounds confirm she did too!

By Lvphose 13,Feb,22 18:07

By Lvphose 13,Feb,22 17:58
Tied with below for just 1

By Lvphose 13,Feb,22 17:57
This one and the previous tied for just 1

By Lvphose 13,Feb,22 17:54
Thought Iíd go take one now from the same spot ands its 5 pm still daylight.

By Lvphose 13,Feb,22 17:45
I like your fantasy but it would be a fem dom and sheíd have me in pantyhose! Sometime during her sexual play with me, sheíd do this,

By Lvphose 13,Feb,22 17:39
Can count on you to have pantyhose/nylon pic my bigger ear fetish!

By Lvphose 13,Feb,22 17:37
J was a great talker, moaner, screamer!

By Lvphose 13,Feb,22 17:33
Donít know if anyone mastutbated to any of my pics? It be nice to think so!

By Lvphose 13,Feb,22 17:27
Earlier post explains my exhibitionism turn on post a pic this is brief vid from same spot!

By Lvphose 13,Feb,22 17:24
Iím turned on by thought of exhibitionism, have done some outside stuff but it was very concealed ( not easily seen) Iím turned on by more obvious thought of exhibitionism! Pic like this!

By Lvphose 10,Feb,22 23:54
I can go for that!

By Lvphose 10,Feb,22 23:51

By Lvphose 10,Feb,22 23:44
Hereís mine thoughts?

By Lvphose 10,Feb,22 23:07
Like this you can hear the lube slurp sounds!

By Lvphose 10,Feb,22 23:03
Hereís a bit of a video wher both could hold on to justmasyerbating and had to fuck!

By Lvphose 10,Feb,22 23:00
I totally agree! Thatís a great turn on for me!

By Lvphose 18,Jan,22 01:48

By Lvphose 18,Jan,22 01:48

By Lvphose 18,Jan,22 01:44

By Lvphose 17,Jan,22 15:18

By Lvphose 06,Jan,22 22:58
Outside on the landing at top of the stairs to my Apartment.

By Lvphose 06,Jan,22 22:53
Excuse my audible breathing winter congestion. Me wearing pantyhose fucking a gf wearing nylon stockings!

By Lvphose 06,Jan,22 15:45
Great pic!

By Lvphose 06,Jan,22 15:39
You have a nice gallery and I would like to see your wife in pantyhose! I had an ex-gf who indulged me in my pantyhose/nylon fetish! She would wear them and also suggested I should too!

By Lvphose 06,Jan,22 15:30
An ex gf and I would go for literally hours, 3-4

By Lvphose 06,Jan,22 15:29
My best friend and his wife at the time would try to engage in adult talk, truth, watch porn, try dares.
In their bedroom Iíve watched Jen give him hand & head & one time he entered her. Iíd ask if it was ok that I touched myself while I watched, it was ok so I took off my pants & underware and sat in a chair touching myself as they played. Jen was somewhat self conscious so Iíd remark how hot she looked, how what she was doing must feel real good. As time progressed she agreed to me being naked on the bed, my friend ( her hubby was also) and I made it clear overtime of my pantyhose/nylon fetish, Jen put on some suntan pantyhose & agreed to stimulate my cock & balls with her pantyhose feet. Eventually she agreed to put me in her mouth and also pleasure me with her hands. On one occasion I asked if I could taste her and she agreed but I didnít stay on her pussy too long not wanting to freak her out or wear out my welcome. One time while they were engaged in sexual play and I was playing with myself my friend said Jen wanted me to stand on the floor next to the side of the bed she was on and jerk off. I gladly did and a bit later he said Jen wants you to cum. No standing up and coming has been one of the hardest things for me to do in my life, but I did cum on her.

In hind sight one reason I think fucking her was not obvious is because though my friend her hubby had a vasectomy, I had not! So pregnancy was a concern!

By Lvphose 06,Jan,22 13:25
Dare-take a pic of yourself either naked, maybe kinked (wearing pantyhose/nylons) somewhere outside!

By Lvphose 06,Jan,22 13:22
Name a turn on

By Lvphose 06,Jan,22 13:21
What are 2 of your turn ons

By Lvphose 05,Jan,22 00:29
Iíve noticed a lot of the gals are just overgrown

By Lvphose 05,Jan,22 00:23
Maybe youíll like seeing my ex-gfís ass and pussy as first play with her pussy with fingers, then stick them in her pussy and finally enter her with my cock and bang her!

By Lvphose 05,Jan,22 00:18
No I wish! My best friend & his wife and my girlfriend & I used to play some truth & dare. The girls were dared to shave my friends cock & balls so they did kind of jesterly as they were skidding but did it. I had to watch and boy was I jealous that they didnít get a double dare to do me too!
I would love to know a place that does Brazilians on men or a manzilian I guess! But donít know where I could find someone to do me!

By Lvphose 04,Jan,22 21:32
Is my other post notes that J usually starts out using a Pantyhose/ nyloned feet to get me hot before moving on to giving head and then stroking and combo head & stroke. Hereís an example of how she can use her pantyhose/ nylon feet to get me going!

By Lvphose 04,Jan,22 21:23
I can say from experience that J can really work my cock, with great moves, mouth, toungue, lips, even face ( sheíll take my cock and slap it on her cheeks & lips), plus others. Sheís a great stroker after she gets me hotter, she may use her pantyhose/ nylon feet first, suck and knows when to switch gears to combo suck & stroke! Hereís a bit of her pleasuring ability!

By Lvphose 04,Jan,22 00:27
Any where I rub their pussy, then I finger fuck them, then put my cock head in teasingly, then pound their pussy! Like this;

By Lvphose 04,Jan,22 00:21
Iíve thought of this type scenario a lot.

Yes Iíve have several in my head not written down. Kinda like:

When I got home, gf had 5 other women in the living room all just wearing pantyhose and pumps/heels. She tells me that following her commands could bring pleasure and/or punishment. The ladies in a circle all wearing shades of pantyhose that turn me on the most suntan, coffee & jet black, sheer not opaque, the sexy sheer nylon encasing their feet, legs, ass & crotch really highlights there shapes & contours.

First she says get down in front of her (my gf) and she tells me that what I am going to do to her I then have to do to each of the ladies. She tells me to lift up a leg and slowly remove her pump heel & smell her nylon encased foot, taking in deep whiffs of her pheromone mix of leather & nylon encased feet. She then has me rub her nylon encased foot, then lick, suck, rub them on my face and she then tells me to repeat that with her other foot. When sheís satisfied she has me kiss & lick up her nylon leg to her pantyhose encased pussy, where Iím to lick, suck, pleasure her pussy & clit through the nylon panty of her pantyhose. She then tells me to do the same to each of her lady guest. When done, knowing my fetish for pantyhose & nylons, how I get so turned on and horny by them, she tells me to strip naked and do it all over again, so they can see how my cock responds to their pantyhose/nylon bodies. Naturally my cock begins to swell, getting heavier & harder as I pleasure all of them!

When done my gf positions me at the edge of a chair where my cock & balls are free to dangle then she ties my hands and feet to the chair with some nylon stockings. Lastly she blindfolds me and tells me here is the next test. She gives each of her guest a Letter identification A thru E. She then tells me in order each gal is going to use their nylon encased feet on my cock & balls pleasuring, stimulating me but Iím not to cum! Then she says in random order they will do it again & im to identify their nylon feet pleasuring of me by their letter. The more I get correct the more reward Iíll receive but more wrong than right Iíll receive that end of their pleasure.

That starts off one of my fantasies that pertain to my pantyhose/stockings/nylon fetish & the test or requirement to perform sexually, get hard, donít cum when really want to, please & pleasure womenís feet, legs & pussy/clits encased in nylon to their liking!

Having passed the challenge by pleasing all, I get to fuck each one of them like this! All of their sweet sweaty nylon feet, their pussy juices through their pantyhose and them pleasuring my cock with their nylon feet, put my pantyhose/nylon fetish in hyper mode, I was so hot & horny I fucked them all like this!

By Lvphose 03,Jan,22 22:36
Iíd suggest the two of you watch a couple vids together. Included one where a fem dom doms a sub man. That time girlfriend and I first started and became more comfortable. But the mental dirty talk is just as important setting up a scenario of her being dominated! And this little weird before we got going on I told my girlfriend that she was going to be abducted and take it out to the woods tight helplessly man weíre gonna have a way with her and you could hear her as I can describe whatís happening to her as she masturbates that she gets really hot!

By Lvphose 03,Jan,22 22:28
You could always try a female chastity device!