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How did you get a self jerk group masturbation thing started?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Lvphose [Ignore] 11,Apr,21 03:04  other posts
Iíve fantasized about jerking off with guys and in front of women!

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By #623341 26,Apr,21 12:07
I'd be up for a UK South England group jerk off

By Strongmember# [Ignore] 24,Apr,21 17:44 other posts 
Link Shares??

By leopoldij [Ignore] 20,Apr,21 19:01 other posts 
Have you ever tried a masturbation event for charity?
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I was at this one several years ago
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It's pretty exciting. I managed to cum 3 times.

By knewbi [Ignore] 19,Apr,21 17:52 other posts 
did you start it? I would join it in an instant.

By #516354 13,Apr,21 03:22
My ex wife/Mistress and I used to chat and cam on a bdsm site.One Saturday afternoon when I got home from work there was six strange women in our living room.My Mistress explained they were from the site and here for a hen night and ordered me to strip.When I started to pull my trousers down the women started to point and laugh.Mistress had oredered me to wear a pair of Her panties that day.As I pulled my panties down more laughter and some name calling.They called me a sissy etc as my cock cage came into view.As I stood there the women got up and 'inspected' me giggling all the time.When they found my butt plug in my ass more name calling,sissy,fag etc.Once the 'inspection' was over Mistress took my cock cage off and ordered to masturbate for them.As I masturbated more humiliating remarks especially about my 'size'and Mistress ordered me to cum on the table.Once I had shot my cum all over the table She then,to the amusement of the women,ordered me to lick it all up.When I had finished my Mistress blindfolded me and informed the women the 'fun' was about to begin and to remove their panties.I was guided to each of them and was ordered to use my tongue to 'please'each of them in turn.Blindfold removed I had to serve them drinks and snacks all night.When one of the women asked were the toilet was I was led to the bathroom and made to lie in the shower and be used as the toilet.I was used as a toilet several times during the night.At the end of the evening,to humiliate me even more,I was laid over a table and each of them spanked my ass as they said their good byes.
By Lvphose [Ignore] 14,Apr,21 02:16 other posts 
I would find most of what your story shares as a turn on! Sounds like I need your mistress to have me participate in something!
By #516354 14,Apr,21 02:24
Unfortunatly as I said my ex wife/Mistress.

By thebeewolf [Ignore] 11,Apr,21 10:29 other posts 
I've only encountered this scenario once. It was about 15 years ago. I answered an ad on Craig's List and ended up in some apartment with 3 other guys. Everyone naked or naked from waist down. Standing in a circle and stroking themselves. No one did anything to anyone else and no one asked for it. One by one we popped off and squirted our hot seed onto a coffee table. I'll try anything once, but this experience didn't really do anything for me so I never sought another.

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