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penis obsession obv

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pretty sure i would make more money in gay porn. i saw a documentary about a male porn actor who was only a little bi.. so he popped pills to stay hard in gay scenes and get his cashouts

By Strongmember# 14,Sep,22 18:33
ya we should prob just circle jerk?

By Strongmember# 14,Sep,22 18:30
I like to use them to help prop up my self esteem

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By Strongmember# 14,Sep,22 18:25
i can like both.. some huge boobs sometimes just jolt me into attraction like Pavlovian response.. but I would also fully adore a beautiful gymnast type body too with no breasts

By Strongmember# 14,Sep,22 18:23
left hand habit developed around college when i started typing with right hand for internet porn

By Strongmember# 14,Sep,22 18:23
i have something to admit that i probably never have before.. I was once shopping for black leather shoes.. i liked them.. but they were pointy and only had size slightly bigger... It seemed really long and i kinda liked walking around with them.. like flashing i had a long dick.. although they were almost so long i then worried i might under-impress with my actual dick size if they based it off those shoes.. haha

By Strongmember# 13,Sep,22 13:21
yes, i was young for grade and also had slow puberty.. i was super curious at the urinals about size.. luckily mine kept growing til age 20.. took a while to feel confident

By Strongmember# 11,May,22 01:42
true.. democracy is maybe not the best system.. but so far i believe all human attempts at leadership systems have failed us.. and fuck no would i hand over power to the majority of this room lol

By Strongmember# 15,Jan,22 14:55
40 years old.. stopped counting around 80.

My estimate is currently 150-200 normal girls consensually, and an extra 100+ that paid for at various horny moments..

By Strongmember# 30,Nov,21 13:53
little bit more diversity overall would be awesome I think!

By Strongmember# 21,Nov,21 08:51
it is like total spectrum... from winter cold small dick.. too a bit aroused very warm.. nice and fluffy soft big but not erect.. shades between.. and then of course half hard..

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yes.. i was young for my grade.. and puberty started later..
so i started realising some of my friends were quickly growing so fast toward adult...i was still 2 inches 5/8 for so long.. until almost 14 it started..

By Strongmember# 20,Nov,21 02:08
i like them. very straightforward: if smaller than me it boosts my self esteem, and.. tho.. also.. if shapely they r cute

By Strongmember# 27,Oct,21 13:26
I just checked on your photos. Humble normal man you are. Where i see your blessing is in a wife that could communicate this with you. My feeling is this: clearly she knows bigger exists, may know that she enjoys this different feeling, so I don't see it as a worry she would leave you. RATHER.. you let her explore this, which surely she doesn't need all the time but wants sometimes, I feel like it would make you more of an attractive husband.

By Strongmember# 17,Oct,21 21:49
do it

By Strongmember# 17,Oct,21 21:47
damn, thick

By Strongmember# 17,Oct,21 21:40
long for sure.. hand certainly wraps way around tho

By Strongmember# 17,Oct,21 21:38
nice bod. cock getting bit lost tho with the grip

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I think @twowarmtts3 explained the Nword situation well. As for calling women hoes.. that is different.. I don't condone it.. tho some of it is done to be fun, some is done to make money, some for whatever. Um, but this is not a black people thing... this is a thing done by a portion of rappers on TV. No..never cracker honkie or whitie.. if I was I would think "what a lame thing to call me, you can do better"

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ya. always thinking about other things going in tht same pussy

By Strongmember# 13,Sep,21 16:05
hell of a freestyle @greenii03 Creative!

By Strongmember# 03,Sep,21 04:45
best scene ever: Tommy Lee whips out long dick under the steering wheel and Pamela starts sucking it..

By Strongmember# 03,Sep,21 04:43
um.. pretty sure we all are.. aren't we all sharing on ShowYourDick

By Strongmember# 04,Aug,21 18:12

I decided to try it at this suggestion.. don't think it is my thing..

By Strongmember# 31,Jul,21 17:38
Curiosity overlapping with horny feelings. I enjoy feeling proud of my penis at times, and like it if someone acknowledges this with compliment.. and also enjoy seeing bigger ones sometimes for voyeurism or idk... still figuring it out.

By Strongmember# 31,Jul,21 17:35
pretty good!

By Strongmember# 31,Jul,21 17:35
ah. fair

By Strongmember# 24,Jul,21 23:05
ya ill take the Clap over a Condom

By Strongmember# 24,Jul,21 16:29
exactly. come on. easy to find nice cocks

By Strongmember# 24,Jul,21 16:28
Nothing wrong with it. Though curious the sudden catalyst.

I suggest feel out with partner if allowed. If def not, then don't get caught, and don't admit it after out of guilt.

By Strongmember# 23,Jul,21 16:56
that's why i buy soft denim jeans

By Strongmember# 19,Jul,21 04:14
well u not exactly straight...thats certain

By Strongmember# 19,Jul,21 04:13
let go your label. sexuality is not cookie cutter 3 or 4 choice platter

By Strongmember# 12,Jul,21 01:03
bout 1.5 inches hard and quite thin. was rare sighting

By Strongmember# 26,Jun,21 16:35
Black Pussy matters. Chartin #1

By Strongmember# 26,Jun,21 16:13
the ass is really what stands out almost always imho
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and the grind if you can handle it.

By Strongmember# 15,Jun,21 22:55
get him inebriated

By Strongmember# 15,Jun,21 22:51
lmao. search for ones that haven't renovated in 30 years. New ones have individual showers mostly. May not see dick..

By Strongmember# 10,Jun,21 20:12
I will admit I have done a good portion of one half, which is finding the money behind "entities that would prefer climate change debunked." For years it has largely been petroleum invested corporations. Now I think we can all agree, whether these folks lobbied against climate change or not, that petroleum stands to benefit immensely if man-made climate change were to be dismissed.

How about other energy industries.. Coal? God help me if I was in charge I would give all the coalminers in the US free pension for life and shut down the industry. I believe it is the greedy folks on top who use the coalminers to their political benefit every election. It is still an ok energy source but outdated, soon extinct.

Before I ramble, you can check lobbying dollars spent on US Senate and Congressman per industry. Oil has been consistently up there for years.

I will concede, one of the biggest spenders recently was Healthcare Industry, and they went hard for Biden, which is potentially corrupt as well, just to show that I am kind of person to follow the numbers and data, even if it disappoints my original thesis.


By Strongmember# 10,Jun,21 14:35
Ok. I challenge you to this:

Count the money behind "people paying for work of scientists trying to prove climate change" and the potential payoff.

Compare this count to the money funding "scientists" , websites, movements, lobbyists, politicians, etc. and the potential payoff for having the public unsure about the cause of climate change, thus allowing government to respond with appropriate legislation/regulation.

I would like to see the thorough count, por favor.

By Strongmember# 30,May,21 08:58
Black cocks matter

By Strongmember# 29,May,21 16:13
just getting started.. will likely be a few hours at least

By Strongmember# 23,May,21 18:13
The internal conflict diminishes with repeated execution of endeavors along this path.

By Strongmember# 23,May,21 18:11
Yes. Perhaps work on your shave technique for less itch