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By Strongmember# 24,Jul,21 23:05
ya ill take the Clap over a Condom

By Strongmember# 24,Jul,21 16:29
exactly. come on. easy to find nice cocks

By Strongmember# 24,Jul,21 16:28
Nothing wrong with it. Though curious the sudden catalyst.

I suggest feel out with partner if allowed. If def not, then don't get caught, and don't admit it after out of guilt.

By Strongmember# 23,Jul,21 16:56
that's why i buy soft denim jeans

By Strongmember# 19,Jul,21 04:14
well u not exactly straight...thats certain

By Strongmember# 19,Jul,21 04:13
let go your label. sexuality is not cookie cutter 3 or 4 choice platter

By Strongmember# 12,Jul,21 01:03
bout 1.5 inches hard and quite thin. was rare sighting

By Strongmember# 26,Jun,21 16:35
Black Pussy matters. Chartin #1

By Strongmember# 26,Jun,21 16:13
the ass is really what stands out almost always imho
--------------------------------------- added after 23 minutes

and the grind if you can handle it.

By Strongmember# 15,Jun,21 22:55
get him inebriated

By Strongmember# 15,Jun,21 22:51
lmao. search for ones that haven't renovated in 30 years. New ones have individual showers mostly. May not see dick..

By Strongmember# 10,Jun,21 20:12
I will admit I have done a good portion of one half, which is finding the money behind "entities that would prefer climate change debunked." For years it has largely been petroleum invested corporations. Now I think we can all agree, whether these folks lobbied against climate change or not, that petroleum stands to benefit immensely if man-made climate change were to be dismissed.

How about other energy industries.. Coal? God help me if I was in charge I would give all the coalminers in the US free pension for life and shut down the industry. I believe it is the greedy folks on top who use the coalminers to their political benefit every election. It is still an ok energy source but outdated, soon extinct.

Before I ramble, you can check lobbying dollars spent on US Senate and Congressman per industry. Oil has been consistently up there for years.

I will concede, one of the biggest spenders recently was Healthcare Industry, and they went hard for Biden, which is potentially corrupt as well, just to show that I am kind of person to follow the numbers and data, even if it disappoints my original thesis.


By Strongmember# 10,Jun,21 14:35
Ok. I challenge you to this:

Count the money behind "people paying for work of scientists trying to prove climate change" and the potential payoff.

Compare this count to the money funding "scientists" , websites, movements, lobbyists, politicians, etc. and the potential payoff for having the public unsure about the cause of climate change, thus allowing government to respond with appropriate legislation/regulation.

I would like to see the thorough count, por favor.

By Strongmember# 30,May,21 08:58
Black cocks matter

By Strongmember# 29,May,21 16:13
just getting started.. will likely be a few hours at least

By Strongmember# 23,May,21 18:13
The internal conflict diminishes with repeated execution of endeavors along this path.

By Strongmember# 23,May,21 18:11
Yes. Perhaps work on your shave technique for less itch

By Strongmember# 11,May,21 01:56
Actually it is not clear at all who you are referring to that all hide behind masks, I can only think of Antifa I guess wearing masks ? I'm not wearing a mask. I would prefer to not provide my full name because of the site we are on, not because of the position I take. These arguments were lost around end of 2019, why still going on... must be boring in US still with all those libtards doing lockdowns. Glad I bounced. Btw, Tescan, don't let us believe your innocence, that was a clever use of mask in one post pushing 2 of your positions. Victory lap earned..

By Strongmember# 11,May,21 01:50
interesting. out of context does this tip the scale toward a particular group or party or side or opinion, or is this objective assessment, because I could maybe get behind that.

By Strongmember# 11,May,21 01:48
You base this on what Jamie? Politely I do not think you know what you are talking about at all.

By Strongmember# 11,May,21 01:47
I would prefer a boner. Taking a break from poli threads, put that mental energy into new creative ways for us to get excited.. more I type here the smaller it gets, I'm out. Oh, anyone consider changing the Topic name maybe? Suggestion only, with a big balls opinion to back it up haha

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By Strongmember# 09,May,21 18:21
Fastest: as teen could get worked up and run into bathrooom stall and tug it out in many 20 seconds. Another example, I uncontrollably came from lapdance at 18, first song too lol.

Slowest - In last couple of years I've gone for days without cumming.. I've gone the way of Sting

By Strongmember# 09,May,21 18:17

By Strongmember# 30,Apr,21 16:31
very soft boxer briefs of different nice colors.

By Strongmember# 30,Apr,21 16:30
girls usually request it and cum more easily that way. I like it of course but I must be sure to be very hard and I I like to push her forward and back with my arms for extra pleasure, so it is a bit of work, but I enjoy sex much more when the girl is satisfied!

By Strongmember# 30,Apr,21 16:28
why dont we have circle jerk sessions organized by SYD?

By Strongmember# 25,Apr,21 17:25
Great photography. Nice shaped penis. It is definitely not a large penis. Possibly can call medium sized.

By Strongmember# 24,Apr,21 17:44
Link Shares??

By Strongmember# 24,Apr,21 17:41
Did you want rating tithunter? I was unsure with your profile which to select. If not, no worries, sorry.

By Strongmember# 24,Apr,21 17:15
they are cool. helpful for long sessions. I would not try til after age 30 or 35 or so. The squishy ones, rubber or latex, that seem about your size, best to put around balls too.

But Yes! Be careful, if get carried away after half hour or hour can start swelling near base.

By Strongmember# 24,Apr,21 17:13
love an accidental premature cumshot, especially if it is humiliating.

By Strongmember# 24,Apr,21 17:09
I estimate most on this site qualify under 6. This may be because more smaller men have outsized interest, pun, in checking out cock competition. Anyhow, I think it is quite normal, and I enjoy getting occasional fanlove on my penis. It is amazing I can be twice as long as many men here, yet where I lived for a long time I felt medium-large at best because of ethnic mix around me being so damn large, like at one of my gyms, bunch of men just beasting through the gym showers with plus six inch softies. Also, the shower walls were only like 3 or 4 feet, so if you were tall or leaned, or stepped out, which it seemed.. like 80% of men were doing while I was in the shower, albeit mostly scary looking manly men (jail imagery), bi perhaps or whatever, then could check each other out. At that gym I was def on the small end, but was exciting to occasionally see hugge cocks in the flesh

By Strongmember# 24,Apr,21 16:55
I am circumcised. However as teen I could be super sensitive. Maybe stare at something a while with uncontrollable hard-on, and if wanted to could stroke it out in less than 30 seconds.

It took years actually to work on that so I would not worry during intercourse about cumming faster than I wanted. These days I have certain meds I have to take, plus am older, so I can stroke away almost forever without cumming, but still feels good. Varies, sometimes feels ok, sometimes it clicks and feels great.

By Strongmember# 23,Apr,21 18:45
Yes, this is a common porn search of mine. I am not sure I can post porn links, but I find it is all about search terms, trial/error, trying at each of the main free hubs. For more obscure amateur stuff need to explore secondary free hubs or lower. Terms: "Double Barrel", 'wife cuckold', 'size compare', 'big and small cock'

By Strongmember# 11,Apr,21 20:39
straight like a rocket ship

By Strongmember# 11,Apr,21 20:05
im very different than when i was young. then i had to try and not cum.

now sometimes can go long time..not cum... pick it up later...days

By Strongmember# 11,Apr,21 20:03
some give a hard on if sober...def dont believe ever make you larger long run. medical stuff better.

By Strongmember# 11,Apr,21 19:59
high preference to shaving for cleanliness. not anti-hairy, but can be more diff for oral imho

By Strongmember# 11,Apr,21 19:58
with all threesomes usually not as perfectly fantasized.. but if are a bit bi.. ya.. imagine each fav type. why not

By Strongmember# 28,Mar,21 16:23
all the time, when younger went up 20 or 30
years sometimes. more recently have gone down 15 - 20 years often, or most of the time i should say

By Strongmember# 28,Mar,21 16:21
tight feels good and gives you mental high of feeling big.
loose can give a humiliation mental high because you feel inadequate.
as far as big labia, love them

By Strongmember# 28,Mar,21 16:20
rarely due to my length, and that isnt so important or better anyway. I like enthusiasm and style

By Strongmember# 14,Feb,21 01:37
(raising my hand) I don't know about this particular poster, it seems off to me. Anyhow. This used to be a normal phenomenon in older times. It also still happens frequently in many other countries where they have very strong beliefs against gay people. These arranged marriages have allowed people protection to discreetly be themselves without being persecuted by society. I have a recent example of a friend of my ex gf in Indonesia who was crying at our cafe table because the love of his life was about to go marry a woman to please his family. Not everyone there is so drastic, but they are also not open. We had another friend who brought his bf home all the time to his family and they unknowingly let him sleep in his room because it was his "guy friend" but this friend knew better. He knew it would be better to play such games his whole life rather than tell his family.

By Strongmember# 14,Feb,21 00:47
@Phart I am sorry. I made up that post to see how people would react. I then had this "seemingly brilliant idea" to try to find out your name or something about you by researching your profile. I was not going to announce your name if i found it but say the initials maybe.

So anyhow I was trying to make this whole point, but when I looked at your profile I read some of your old writing. It humanized you so fast, and eventually I was tearing up. You seem like a good man.

When I argue with you I only want to convince you of what I believe because I think it is important. I have no ill will. I'm sorry that I played that prank pretending to be some globalist group member. I don't want to be in threads where we are threatening to hurt eachother. I did this partly because I saw you support Sr. Cums with a post something they want "desire,hatred,and division,confusion,poverty,depression in the citizens"

I don't know who you were referring to , if just so called "liberals" in power, or certain movements, or if you were broadly thinking that so many people on the other side of politics from you really wants all that. I just felt like there is something wrong if we are all thinking that the other half of the country is a bunch of completely immoral assholes. I think we have more in common than our differences. I have had many family issues related to issues you talked about. I have my own pain, more than I want to lay out here, but my family and my childhood, my recent separation from my fiance, I also have my own love for America and its freedom. I have my work, which I won't go into depth with, but use my finance background and business school degree to focus almost exclusively on small businesses that aside from money are doing positive social good in the community or working on the newest innovations to help our environment. I care a lot about many people and ideas. I don't call myself a liberal but I would probably be put into that basket based on certain positions I take. If nobody else cares, I hope maybe you will hear my words and see a real human being just like you.

By Strongmember# 13,Feb,21 22:26
Anybody ever fluff themselves up before going out in public sometimes? Or go even further, like work up a good erection, pop on a cock ring, stuff it down, pants on, leave the home... Anyone?

By Strongmember# 13,Feb,21 22:06
Yes. And we will. Our grip on power recently assured to a highest probability, some of our more clandestine tactics are at this moment irrelevant. I am a representative of a group that shall not be named. You call us Globalists. Just know your actions will be futile and we have eyes everywhere.

By Strongmember# 13,Feb,21 18:23
No. I don't really care to guess. I'm tired of arguing that is not result-driven with sincerity. There are things worth discussing inside of what you presented, but the tone is through the roof. But maybe you enjoy fighting politics for fun so that's also acceptable.

By Strongmember# 13,Feb,21 06:15
in a few threesomes or orgies ive seen or touched some big 9-10 inchers. That was just thrilling visually to see. As for blowjob there were 2 times, 2 different men, but similar in body type with black skin over six feet and muscular. Both had 8.5 with idk normal thickness for the length. first time i was more of a noob. The second time i was on some strong party favors and went to town on it.. for at least an hour or more. It was kinda funny because he was fully gay and I was acting that way so he was joking with me and calling me faggot.

By Strongmember# 13,Feb,21 05:55
i like them first off when they are different from mine in certain ways, like shape and color. Aesthetics behind that are probably similar to a body or face.. being smooth, symmetrical, clear skin..