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What's the smallest cock you ever encountered?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #599102 [Ignore] 08,Sep,19 12:36
Hubby has a very tiny cock... Actually it's the smallest I've ever had n seen. Is it smallest you seen? If not what is? Share your pics n give your opinion on hubby's cock. HK [deleted image]

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By pocolococat [Ignore] 20,Jul,21 23:37 other posts 
My (older) friend Rayís penis is only about 4 inches long when fully errect and he softens if I pause at all. I gotta tell you I am really into his dick! Itís easy to get it all in my mouth. I love getting his soft cock hard over and over, and he shoots a really big load of watery semen. Itís easily my favorite penis of all time.

By Ksguy961 [Ignore] 16,Jul,21 09:01 other posts 
Met a guy on cl a few years back and he had a thin 3Ē cock was nice guy still see him on occasion but only played once

By knewbi [Ignore] 12,Jul,21 10:28 other posts 
Got a friend of the wife's that is 6'6" tall. A big guy in almost every way... except his cock.. It is a minuscule 4" if it is that big. The wife still loves fucking him because he has made up for his small size with great oral skills. She still enjoys feeling his small cock when he plows it inside of her.. But then, she loves any cock that is inside of her orifices..
By Abrat [Ignore] 13,Jul,21 06:16 other posts 
Bigger than yours thatís why she likes it haha.
By knewbi [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 15:13 other posts 
Actually, she just loves cocks of any type. Since she can have any cock she wants she tries to enjoy them all... And I am just fine with that...

By Dev01 [Ignore] 13,Jul,21 07:12 other posts 

By Strongmember# [Ignore] 12,Jul,21 01:03 other posts 
bout 1.5 inches hard and quite thin. was rare sighting

By teenieweenie [Ignore] 09,Jul,21 21:16 other posts 
My own

By tcputts [Ignore] 09,Jul,21 15:54 other posts 
The smallest I've encountered was it a locker room at the gym, basically all you could see was his head. Not the smallest I've encountered but one of the smallest I've seen was a guy I went to school with. He was maybe 1.5 or 2 inches long and very thin. He had the biggest balls I've ever seen though. Both of most guys nuts put together would be smaller than just one of his
By whitebriefs [Ignore] 09,Jul,21 15:57 other posts 
Quite a lot of us smaller guys seem to have big nuts! Trouble is, as you get older what soft cock you do have gets buried inside them.
By Richie [Ignore] 09,Jul,21 17:19 other posts 
was it small than this?
By whitebriefs [Ignore] 09,Jul,21 17:23 other posts 
I love that one of yours
By Richie [Ignore] 09,Jul,21 17:40 other posts 
By tcputts [Ignore] 09,Jul,21 20:37 other posts 
Yeah, about like that, maybe a little longer but not much

By Richie [Ignore] 09,Jul,21 17:21 other posts 
Has anyone seen anything smaller than this?

By islandguy [Ignore] 09,Jan,21 16:34 other posts 
Many years ago I hooked up with a Kenyan guy, well over six feet and slender; between his legs was a small, cut and shaved cock, that looked just like a young boys. It soon grew, but not to gigantic proportions. Still, we had fun - which is the main thing!

By andrew999999999 [Ignore] 04,Jan,21 19:33 other posts 
I've seen some small cocks in the sauna complex I used to go to. The smallest one I saw was a guy who was getting into the hot tub I was sitting in. It was basically just foreskin, I didn't even see the head.

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 09,Sep,19 09:18 other posts 
Calling on Bjuk to post here!

By cody8789 [Ignore] 04,Jan,21 17:18 other posts 

By nekekal [Ignore] 04,Jan,21 16:09 other posts 
Honestly the smallest cock that I have ever see was my older brothers. He was a big guy, over 6 ft, and muscular. We shared a room growing up and used to play with each others cock. He liked to play with mine because it was big enough for him to get his hands on. He had big hands.

Anyway, I got to see his hard many times over many years. He was 3 years older than I was. My cock was already over 6 inches long, whereas his was perhaps 3 inches long and skinny. About the size of a thumb. Hard. Soft, he had to push it down when he was sitting on a toilet . Probably an inch or inch and a half. Like me he was circumcised.

But he had a lot of girlfriends. He was a jock, I was a nerd. I had no girlfriends. Early lesson was women don't really care about cock size and really don't like to fuck anyway.

It was tiny, but fully functional. Probably got a lot of blowjobs since it would have been so easy to suck. He did get married and fathered two kids. Got divorced because he was fucking another woman, and eventually married her.

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 04,Jan,21 12:17 other posts 

By Kwilla [Ignore] 04,Jan,21 12:15 other posts 
I was in a fivesome (three gals two guys) the three women were married and the other guy one of their husbands. After a story strip game and we all were naked i realized the guys Dick was really tiny. I thought that it was still flaccid barely poking out of his bushy pubic hair. Never knew why his wife kept on dropping the dice in front of me. Well it was hard and what she says about a ĎMy husbandís pre-pubescent sized dickí . He didnít get to tap any of the women (not even his wife) as i banged all three of them. Heís did jerk off many times..

By Alwaysnude [Ignore] 03,Jan,21 08:30 other posts 
here is mine
--------------------------------------- added after 4777 hours

Not me but I am close

By submissivemartyn [Ignore] 03,Jan,21 01:56 other posts 

My own

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 14,Sep,19 06:35 other posts 
When I was a boy my best friend was about a year younger than I was and he had a small cut cock; probably about 2 ins erect. His was quite sensitive and as I was uncut, I wasn't used to playing with a cut cock and in those days and in my circle, oral hadn't been invented! That was a pity because I could have given him a gentler time.

By liketoedge [Ignore] 09,Sep,19 16:09 other posts 
I had a buddy that totally hard was 3 inches but he had know problem showing it of and was a very horny guy. He also could shoot further than anyone I ever knew
By cutroundhead [Ignore] 12,Sep,19 03:18 other posts 
Good for him!How did he do with his girl/s?
By liketoedge [Ignore] 12,Sep,19 11:28 other posts 
He had girlfriends always it seemed.
By cutroundhead [Ignore] 13,Sep,19 03:03 other posts 
That's it proves that size isn't everything when it comes to cocks!
By Mowgli999 [Ignore] 13,Sep,19 16:41 other posts 
cutroundhead, size is not everything, it's sexiness that counts and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I think you have a very sexy cock

Here's a quote with another perspective from a website: "A friend of mine in New York once said, ďI literally donít give a fuck about dick size, long as heís slapping it around my face with the confidence of someone who has a 10-incherĒ.

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By Sal5408 [Ignore] 13,Sep,19 11:38 other posts 
I blew this 45 year old married guy a year or so ago who totally surprised me in many ways. He texted me his pic before we hooked up. He was 6-4 with a lean yet muscular build. Very handsome. His wife no longer provided him with oral so he went looking for a bi or gay guy who would do that for him.
Given his height I kind of assumed he was proportionally hung as well.

It goes to show you that height has little to do with cock size. With me sitting on the edge of the bed, I watched him disrobe down to his briefs and then walked closer to me inches from my face. I slowly pulled them down and to my amazement his semi-hard cock was barely 2 inches long and not particularly thick, either. I was a bit disapointed but decided to go thru with it.

I put my lips around it and in moments his fully erect cock grew only another inch or so to maybe 3 inches at the most. He was into being blown and told me to suck him hard, slowly and deeply. Holding my head with one or both hands the whole time and talking to me, encouraging me, he told me that he hasn't had this in years and that when he came, he came alot so I'd better prepare myself for that moment. And that when he did, he wanted to cum completely in my mouth and if I could, swallow all of him.

It took 15 or 20 minutes for him to give me his cum and when he did I found out he wasn't kidding. It felt shot after shot hitting the back of my throat. I tried to hang on by swallowing as best I could but I let maybe half of it collect in my mouth or let it drip out. After he finally let go of my head I gathered myself and slowly made my way to the bathroom to spit out what I just couldn't swallow.

Some of his cum was thick and lumpy, some of it was watery but all of it was very sticky, and strong-tasting with the usual strong smell. He almost made me gag and I came really close, but managed not to.

I had a blast blowing this guy. I still think about this experience to this day. I'm curious if anyone had a similar experience.

By #539191 11,Sep,19 20:35
My own

By #551147 10,Sep,19 22:00
About 3 1/2 inches... I still sucked it like a lollipop.

By wycowboy [Ignore] 10,Sep,19 09:34 other posts 
That would be mine

By pocolococat [Ignore] 09,Sep,19 17:45 other posts 

By 3fdfd [Ignore] 09,Sep,19 08:24 other posts 
My own ... maybe ?

By MybbwWife [Ignore] 08,Sep,19 14:14 other posts 
Can you enlarge pic? Hard to see

By Mowgli999 [Ignore] 08,Sep,19 13:53 other posts 
Fully erect, it looks about 3" and as thick as one twice as's lovely. And to answer the question, I've had one shorter and much much thinner - more like a little finger (but not in a good way )

By showit [Ignore] 08,Sep,19 13:29 other posts 
I wish I could get to play with it

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