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By nekekal 27,Nov,22 13:54
True. I have tried fixing transmissions and they are difficult.

But anybody running a company sets the vision. They can hire people execute the vision, but need to know and express the idea about what they want. It isn't clear that musk has any idea about what he is doing. He paid way too much money for a company loosing as much money as twitter is. Eliminating free lunches isn't going to save it and will drive some employees away.

Alienating commercial subscribers will not help either. I am not a known stockholder.

By nekekal 27,Nov,22 01:38
Nothing wrong with making money. But you are not allowed to rob banks. Musk is very good at making money. I don't think he knows squat about running a social media company.

By nekekal 22,Nov,22 16:05

By nekekal 22,Nov,22 01:53
There are always rules. No shouting fire in a movie theater for example. Even right wing rags don't allow complete lies. Musk will find that if there are no rules and no limits then there will be no companies supporting them. Musk wants to make money.

But I predict that twitter will just go broke and go away. Not that I care one way or another.

By nekekal 20,Nov,22 20:19
It was a semi gay experience. I was 19 and had met a guy in my small town who invited me to the bay area for a weekend. I agreed and made arrangements to visit him. I drove down to his house. Big place, he had a lot of roommates.

We went up to SanFrancisco and had a good time. I got to see the Jefferson Airplane among others. Then it was back to the house. Sleeping arrangements were I shared a bed with him. He wanted to play. So I let him play with my big cock and he jacked me off. I jacked him off. He might have wanted more but didn't ask, I didn't offer.

After breakfast, I left for home.

Hardly counts I suppose.

By nekekal 20,Nov,22 00:34
It should be a crime. In most places it is, but the world is still full of racists. What do you think that we should do.

By nekekal 19,Nov,22 20:45
She should keep her racist mouth shut. I doubt that there are enforceable penalties. But this is a fucking website, trying to encourage nudity and sexual freedom. I know that people who advocate sex with animals are removed. Racists should get the same treatment.

By nekekal 16,Nov,22 22:40
Mine has always been below horizontal when I am standing up. If straight out is 90 degrees, I am at best 30 degrees below that. Usually about 45 degrees. It was always too big and heavy to stick out.

Great angle for sucking. For a good fuck it doesn't seem to make any difference.

By nekekal 16,Nov,22 02:12
I don't remember my first cum. I played with my penis all the time. I can remember jacking off and cumming in the basement of a house that my family moved out of when I was in the 5th grade. So that would be about 10 years old and I had been spurting cum for years by then. I honestly could not leave my penis alone.

My penis was pretty big and easy to masturbate.

By nekekal 16,Nov,22 01:57
Back in the day when the wife would still fuck, she was not especially good at it, so I would still masturbate. Sometimes right after she was done. She would pull my cock out of her cunt and run off to the bathroom to clean up. I would masturbate while she was gone.

By nekekal 16,Nov,22 01:51
Back when I was dating, my only solution was to masturbate before the date started and if I got lucky several hours later, I would manage to fuck a few strokes before cumming if we didn't have much foreplay. If she wanted to suck my cock as foreplay, she got a mouthful of cum.

But I did find that if I just gritted my teeth and kept fucking, she would not really notice and I could fuck until I came again.

But the cure came when I had a regular girlfriend and she would fuck me several times a week. It finally got to the point where I was pounding cock into her one night and she ask if I was going to finish or fuck all night. I told her that I was done, pulled out and went into the bathroom and jerked my cock. After that I learned the value of foreplay and just having her suck my cock.

By nekekal 05,Nov,22 20:17
I fondle it in the morning, evening, and anytime I can in between. In the morning my wife is asleep or pretending to be. same at night. If she acknowledges that I have a hard on, she might have to help.

By nekekal 05,Nov,22 20:12
I also used the bed sheet against my cock head. It works particularly good with flannel sheets. I still do this.

By nekekal 05,Nov,22 19:55
What you know for sure, is that if you don't ask, you wont get one.

You say "isn't sexually active". Does that mean that she isn't fucking you, or that she doesn't fuck anyone. Not that it is important to this discussion.

You simply say " would you suck my cock?" or if you want to be a bit more subtle, " would you do a blow job for me? ".

Good luck.

I knew a guy who ask every woman that he saw if she wanted to go up to his place and fuck. A surprising number said yes. Several every week.

By nekekal 05,Nov,22 16:51
I don't really know. I played with my penis all the time. Indoors, outdoor, everywhere. I cannot remember it not being hard. At some point it started rewarding me with fluid and felt even better and I was a confirmed masturbator. We moved when I was in the fifth grade and I know that I was ejaculating before then.

Never any pain. Just awesome pleasure.

By nekekal 05,Nov,22 15:14
I was 8 or 9. But it was my brother. He was 3 years older and we shared a room. Bunk beds. We knew what each other was doing and we helped each other. He liked to play with my penis because it was much bigger. His was tiny. Even for my smaller hands.

I didn't feel another person penis or they felt mine until I was 18. I went to a party in San Francisco that degenerated into a group jerk. Everyone on everyone.

The first woman and first cock sucking by a guy was a year later.

By nekekal 26,Oct,22 18:25
No. I have small balls and a big cock. My cock is always bigger than my balls.

By nekekal 26,Oct,22 18:21
When I was younger, yes I could. No problem. And while it was a fun novelty, it was not great. Much better to have someone else suck it. Maybe I am just a terrible cock sucker.

By nekekal 27,Sep,22 13:59
Cunt. 18. I was 18, she was younger and really knew what she was doing. I was hooked. I am a slave to a womans cunt.

By nekekal 27,Sep,22 13:56
Mostly my right hand. On occasion, my left. It feels like a stranger is doing it.

By nekekal 27,Sep,22 13:50
I used to be able too. My cock was hard all the time. But now, I am mostly unable to take a picture of it. If I have to stop stroking, it starts deflating. My cock gets hard enough for good masturbation but when my mind diverts to something else. Softness sets in.

By nekekal 27,Sep,22 13:15
When I was 20, I fucked a 40 year old woman. My cock loved it. She was on top and really knew how to move her cunt. I fucked a number of women within 5 years of my age, just awesome fucking. The worst was women around my age or younger. They thought that there cunts were special and I should be very appreciative to the woman for her letting me fuck her. With older women is was mutual enjoyment.

But at my current age, I am pretty sure that there are no older women who want to fuck.

By nekekal 10,Sep,22 19:26
It has been mostly positive for me. It keeps my body knowing about erections and ejaculatjons. Early on, it was a good treatment for premature ejaculation. I would masturbate 15 minutes to several hours before fucking and it helped desensitization of my cock. A condom helped in that regard.

By nekekal 10,Sep,22 19:20
No. I lime my cock. If someone else likes my cock, so much the better. If being viewed by guys who like cock bothered me, I would not be here.

By nekekal 10,Sep,22 19:07
I saw my first pictures of tits around 1960. Befor that it was wondering what women had under their shirts and between their legs. I had seen my first naked girl in the mid 50s. But from a distance. There were a lot of second hand descriptions around which fueled endless amounts of masturbation. Then in the early 60s I discovered playboy and it was tits galore. No twat shots. By the 70s there were crotch shots everywhere. But by then I knew exactly what it looked like between a womans legs and how good it felt to slide my cock into her cunt.

But I still like porn.

By nekekal 05,Sep,22 02:01
Any way that my cock is in her cunt.

But if she is any good at fucking, my preference is woman on top. It is good penetration, and watching my cock go into her body, while her tits jump up and down is like a private porn show and feels terrific.

By nekekal 05,Sep,22 01:57
I like cunt. Probably the best is to cum balls deep in a really tight hot cunt.

Second best is a mouth. If she knows how to suck cock and really works it, cumming in her mouth is fantastic. Not many women are any good at sucking cock, but I love having the cum sucked out of me and swallowed.

Only did one ass. Nothing special for me. My cock was too big and hurt her. If requested, I would do it again, but not at my request.

By nekekal 05,Sep,22 01:50

By nekekal 05,Sep,22 01:49
My wife once ask me to not masturbate in front of her as she felt bad. I said fuck it. She said that I should masturbate, just not where she can see it. It made her feel inadequate. I told her she was inadequate. Now, she just doesn't watch.

By nekekal 20,Aug,22 14:05
The real question is why not? Why do people like to fuck? Because having something warm and wet tightly around our cocks makes us orgasm which feels incredible.

I had not considered having my cock sucked until someone suggested it and it was an OMG moment. My cock loves it, my body loves it, i would have it done all the time if I could.

By nekekal 20,Aug,22 13:44
Tough question. When I discovered my penis at 7 or 8, I could not leave it alone. By 10 or 11, my penis was always hard. By 15 or so, I was hard all the time trying to get someone else to help me cum. About 18 I discovered that my penis was a cock and that sticking it into a woman was absolutely the best thing in life. I spent all of my time trying to get it into a cunt. By early twenties, I was having some success getting my cock sucked or fucked, but it was still my highest priority in life. This was probably my horniest period, and led me to getting married. Probably my worst decision ever. My horny level stayed about the same, but my getting fucked level dropped dramatically.

Horniness stayed high until about 50. My body finally decided that it was not going to get fucked ever again and my masturbation fell off to only every few days.

By nekekal 20,Aug,22 13:21
I know that a lot of women, maybe most, will only have orgasms from their clitoris. They don't really like being fucked. So, I am very happy to caress their body and lick their clits. Extra points if they like having their tits sucked. I will lick their cunts for as long as they want. Orgasm after orgasm.

But all of that time licking and sucking with my nose in your cunt will make me really hard and horny and I would really appreciate some help by you for some relief. A few strokes with your hand or lips would be fine. Thanks

By nekekal 30,Jul,22 19:35
Sure. I masturbate all the time. She catches me a lot. But if it means that she doesn't have to touch my cock in any way, she just quietly leaves the room and lets me finish. I no longer try to hide, and don't say anything.

By nekekal 30,Jul,22 19:23
Thanks. I never actually knew how this worked. Ejaculation is one of my favorite subjects, but I never knew the details. My cum doesn't shoot much, never has and I have certainly exercised those muscles enough.

By nekekal 03,Jul,22 15:04
When you masturbate as much as I did, you get caught a lot. My brother and I shared a bedroom so we actually jacked each other off. Mom or dad must have heard us and dad came in to tell us to be quiet and we should not do that. I was caught out in a field by my best friend but no one ever said anything. My wife caught me but since the other option was that she do it, or suck or fuck, she just got careful about opening doors.

By nekekal 03,Jul,22 14:54
I always generate a lot of precum. My cock doesn't even need to be hard. Just thinking about sex gets the stuff running out.

By nekekal 03,Jul,22 14:49
I have used the toilet stalls a lot. On one job I had an office with a door and I would just masturbate at my desk with the door shut. Excitement made it better.

By nekekal 03,Jul,22 14:41
Ricky, once or twice a month would not be often. I masturbate once or twice a day. I used to do it more, but age is catching up to me.

By nekekal 03,Jul,22 14:39
I am familiar with a very small sample size. But of the women that I have known well enough to know about their masturbation rates, I definitely would say that women do not masturbate as much as men.

Admittedly, most men don't masturbate as often as I do, but the women seem to be much less than most men.

Another point is that women don't want to fuck as much as most men, and far less than I do. I have more experience with this point than the one about woman's masturbation.

By nekekal 14,Jun,22 12:19
I wish.

By nekekal 14,Jun,22 12:18
I am straight in that I love to fuck women and fondle their tits. But my cock loves to be sucked and doesn't care what gender the cock sucker is.

But to the question. I love my own cock and am interested in what other guys have for cocks. How they look. I don't want to touch them, but appreciate the differences in cock. There is a lot of differences.

By nekekal 14,Jun,22 12:11
Whenever I can and want to. Usually in the shower in the morning. So.etimes in bed after the wife gets up. Sometimes at night after the wife goes to bed. Sometimes in the middle of the day when I am alone.

The wife never helps, she would not touch my cock on a bet.

By nekekal 10,Jun,22 01:17
I have never had one. I masturbated a lot from an early age. Sometimes several times a day. So, I had no cum left for night. If I woke up with an erection I just masturbated.

By nekekal 10,Jun,22 01:07
I would have been a whore. Getting paid to get fucked. How great would that be? But I would probably be a ugly woman as I am not a fantastic guy.

By nekekal 10,Jun,22 01:00
Boxer briefs. Just briefs are too confining for my big cock. Boxers just let my cock hang down my leg. What is the point? So boxer briefs offer some control without pinching.

By nekekal 10,Jun,22 00:56
My last exam was with a woman doctor. She had a trainee, young woman, that did everything that the doctor did.

I like women to do the rectal exam and prostate fondling. They have longer thinner fingers and it feels less intrusive. I don't find anything erotic about a finger up my ass.

So, mostly i just suffered through the rectal exam by the both of them. When they did the testicle exam and and hernia I started to feel a bit aroused with two women playing with my cock and balls. I think the younger one was noticing something because she suddenly started talking about her husband. No particular thing but suddenly it was important to distract herself.

Then they left and I got dressed. Lol

By nekekal 08,Jun,22 18:25
The best blowjobs that I have ever received were from guys. Guys just understand cock.

By nekekal 07,Jun,22 22:30
Thank you.

By nekekal 07,Jun,22 16:45
Morning is good. Night is good. Sometimes midday is good. Basically, if my cock is in my hand, it is a good time to masturbate.

By nekekal 07,Jun,22 16:42
I get that a lot. I only wish that there was a flag of some sort to avoid wasting my time before I write a response.