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By nekekal 14,Jun,22 12:19
I wish.

By nekekal 14,Jun,22 12:18
I am straight in that I love to fuck women and fondle their tits. But my cock loves to be sucked and doesn't care what gender the cock sucker is.

But to the question. I love my own cock and am interested in what other guys have for cocks. How they look. I don't want to touch them, but appreciate the differences in cock. There is a lot of differences.

By nekekal 14,Jun,22 12:11
Whenever I can and want to. Usually in the shower in the morning. So.etimes in bed after the wife gets up. Sometimes at night after the wife goes to bed. Sometimes in the middle of the day when I am alone.

The wife never helps, she would not touch my cock on a bet.

By nekekal 10,Jun,22 01:17
I have never had one. I masturbated a lot from an early age. Sometimes several times a day. So, I had no cum left for night. If I woke up with an erection I just masturbated.

By nekekal 10,Jun,22 01:07
I would have been a whore. Getting paid to get fucked. How great would that be? But I would probably be a ugly woman as I am not a fantastic guy.

By nekekal 10,Jun,22 01:00
Boxer briefs. Just briefs are too confining for my big cock. Boxers just let my cock hang down my leg. What is the point? So boxer briefs offer some control without pinching.

By nekekal 10,Jun,22 00:56
My last exam was with a woman doctor. She had a trainee, young woman, that did everything that the doctor did.

I like women to do the rectal exam and prostate fondling. They have longer thinner fingers and it feels less intrusive. I don't find anything erotic about a finger up my ass.

So, mostly i just suffered through the rectal exam by the both of them. When they did the testicle exam and and hernia I started to feel a bit aroused with two women playing with my cock and balls. I think the younger one was noticing something because she suddenly started talking about her husband. No particular thing but suddenly it was important to distract herself.

Then they left and I got dressed. Lol

By nekekal 08,Jun,22 18:25
The best blowjobs that I have ever received were from guys. Guys just understand cock.

By nekekal 07,Jun,22 22:30
Thank you.

By nekekal 07,Jun,22 16:45
Morning is good. Night is good. Sometimes midday is good. Basically, if my cock is in my hand, it is a good time to masturbate.

By nekekal 07,Jun,22 16:42
I get that a lot. I only wish that there was a flag of some sort to avoid wasting my time before I write a response.

By nekekal 07,Jun,22 16:02
Yes. Guys are expert cock suckers and will usually swallow cum. Women suck cock because the guy wants them to. Guys suck cock because they want to. Makes a world of difference.

By nekekal 07,Jun,22 15:57
Mine is completely straight. So heavy it hangs down but not bent.

By nekekal 02,Jun,22 13:29
Sure. It is one of my favorite subjects. If I am not doing it, I like to be talking about it.

By nekekal 02,Jun,22 13:26
I just enjoy another hand on my cock and will jack the guy off to repay him. I do a good job since I am an expert masturbater.

By nekekal 02,Jun,22 13:22
I always have a lot of precum. Sometimes I don't even have to be hard. Just thinking about sex gets my precum flowing. It used to be a problem when I used a condom. Lots of precum made it really slick and when trying to fuck my cock would slide back and forth inside the condom since I was slicker than she was. I did lose a few condoms inside a few women.

By nekekal 26,May,22 13:39
I originally tried shaving because the wife bitched and moaned about getting pubic hair in her mouth when sucking my cock, so I thought that I would get rid of the hair and get my cock and balls sucked more.

Didn't work. She noticed but still only sucked if I begged. Downside was also the stickiness of my balls, cock, and legs as noted in the question. I think being shaved makes my cock look better, bigger. But it is big enough anyway.

Then there is the stubble. Not really good. Too much trouble to shave if no one cares but me and itches growing back.

So currently I just trim the hair to look and feel good. To me. The wife never cares and doesn't touch my cock.

By nekekal 23,May,22 13:46
I imagine most guys have. I have had my cock fondled and jacked off by quite a number of guys. I reciprocated with their cock. We always came.

By nekekal 21,May,22 14:17
The head of my cock was always too sensitive. When i was young I would sometimes cum after about 3 strokes. I hated that. I actually sometimes used a condom to desensitize my cock so I could fuck longer.

I did get so that I could stay hard and fuck for as long as she would let me. I love to fuck and would love to do it for hours. I certainly don't need my cock head to be more sensitive.

It seems in porn that I have seen that for sucking, mostly the skin is retracted. I love to have my cock sucked so permanently retracted has not been a problem.

For me, there is no disadvantage to being circumcized.

By nekekal 13,May,22 16:06
I also would not change it. My cock looks nice, works perfectly, and has no problems. What could be better?

By nekekal 11,May,22 16:18
Not a contest, but everyone standing around masturbating. if it was a cum first contest, I could have won every time. I masturbated a lot, my cock was trained to cum quickly.

By nekekal 09,May,22 21:57
Not very often. As in never.

By nekekal 09,May,22 18:00
I have used sildenafil a few times. It does make my cock harder and bigger. I can feel the difference in 30 minutes. It just seems that my cock is heavier.

And then when I can get aroused, usually by my self, my cock gets to its full size and hardness of 30 years ago. That alone feel great. Since I am older, I can play with it for a long time. It just feels wonderful to have a fully hard and sensitive cock.

Cumming feels great, but my prostate doesn't produce that much cum anymore, so there is only a little cum.

Without the stuff I can get my cock hard enough, and could even fuck with it but it is softer and smaller. It is great for getting sucked on. Less of a mouthful until just before I cum, then it grows for a few seconds just before I cum. With the drug it is much harder thru ejaculation.

By nekekal 02,May,22 02:10
I was circumcised at birth. Cut is all I know. But I cannot imagine that my cock head could be more sensitive. Nor would I want it to be. It has always been a bit too sensitive.

A lot of erect cocks with foreskin look like cut ones. The skin slides back and the head is exposed and my guess is that it stays like that while fucking.

When masturbating I know that my hand goes up over the rim of my cock so I get good stimulation. I don't know, maybe this is overblown.

By nekekal 27,Apr,22 16:34
You know, a guy comes home after a tiring day it would really be nice to just sit back in a comfortable chair and get his cock sucked. No stress, no worry, no effort. Just a warm mouth and hands on his cock until he gets relaxing relief.

Then after something to eat, take a snhower, together, and off to some really good fucking. Enjoying each others body and cum.

By nekekal 23,Apr,22 20:44
i could never convince my wife to let me fuck her.

By nekekal 20,Apr,22 02:03
Interesting calculation. But there has never been a period in my life when I only had cum twice a week. Sometimes multiple times a day. But I bet the average was 5 or more times a week. That is a lot of cum. But I think I am at the low end of quantity. Probably only 1 tsp.

By nekekal 20,Apr,22 01:59
I don't actually. I played with my penis all the time for as long as I can remember. I cannot remember a time that it didn't get hard. My brother was three years older and we played with each other almost every night. When he was about 12 or so he showed me how to masturbate with the classic up and down motion. His penis was not big enough for his hands but mine was.

So he masturbated my bigger penis until I ejaculated. Oh it felt so good. After that I spent every minute that I could pumping cum out of m body.. I must have been about 9.

By nekekal 20,Apr,22 01:18
I need to get a picture up. My cock is 6.3 inches around.

By nekekal 22,Mar,22 14:25
I love my cock. I love to show it. I love to have it sucked and fucked. I really love to shove it will nto hot wet cunts, but don't get many chances.

By nekekal 22,Mar,22 14:20
My older brother. We shared a bedroom and played with each others penis all the time. We had bunk beds so we both knew when and what the other one was doing. And we helped each other. He was older and had a tiny penis, even for my smaller hands. My penis was much bigger and easy for him even with his bigger hands.

One night he said that a friend had shown him another, better, way to rub his penis and he wanted to try mine. This was the classic grab the shaft and slide the skin up and down. It was wonderful. I switched to that from then on and masturbated whenever I could. Several times a day. He was 3 years older than I was and he was probably in the 5th grade.

By nekekal 15,Mar,22 02:05
I like the look of naked. And I like the feel of a shaved cock when naked but when clothed, I don't like the feel of shaved. Sweaty and sticky.

The growth out is not that much fun either. So I shave my cock shaft, and trim the hair on my balls. Compromise.

By nekekal 15,Mar,22 01:49
Town I lived in had a public swimming pool. My mother thought everyone need to know how to swim. So she enrolled us in swim class when we were 6 or 7. The change room was common for men, and another for women.

So about age six I saw lots of kids naked. Besides my older brother that I shared a room with. We were naked together every night.

By nekekal 09,Mar,22 13:38
That is better than I have it. Mostly I get 15 minutes in bed after she gets up, or a few minutes in my workshop, taking a shower, or just in a separate room. Once in a while, she will to to bed and I will stay up in the living room, get naked, watch some porn and play with my cock until I get really aroused and jerk off. sprays cum all over the place. Whole thing takes 30 to 45 minutes.

I have sort of trained my cock to act quickly.

By nekekal 08,Mar,22 23:36
I masturbate almost every day and have for decades. I cum pretty quickly and it feels great.

By nekekal 08,Mar,22 23:33
Exactly my condition. My wife doesn't want to watch, or help, but if my masturbating means that she doesn't have to touch my cock, she is all for it.

Like you, my wife is a lousy fuck, is pretty bad at masturbating me, and has never been a great cock sucker and then she gave up completely.

I would pay someone to help me if I could.

By nekekal 08,Mar,22 23:26
That is me.

By nekekal 27,Feb,22 14:23
They knew that the russians were going to kill them anyway. Or send them to prison in siberia. So they probably thought that going out with some defiance was probably the best that they could offer.

By nekekal 22,Feb,22 21:43
Naked women make my cock hard. I would lobe to be able to do a show and tell.

By nekekal 22,Feb,22 14:38
Absolutely. Showering with a bunch of naked women would be a dream come true. Naturally, my cock would get hard. Hopefully they would admire it. Maybe some would want to try it. The worst that can happen is that I go home with a big hard on, but that is my normal state.

By nekekal 18,Feb,22 00:57
My cum is more of a spray than a stream. But It is body shaking when it happens. My wife also assumes that anytime I am in a room with the door shut that I am masturbating. She is not often wrong. I also have a shop and she always knocks before entering. Yes, I masturbate a lot up there.

My wife feels bad if she catches me masturbating. Like she is inadequate. Besides the fact that she is a bad wife, she just doesn't want to feel bad about it. So she doesn't really want to know that my cock is out and in my hand.

I sometimes worry that I may be doing it too much. Developed a sore spot on my cock a few months ago. and I was out in the forest last summer and decided to get my cock out and masturbate in the trees.

By nekekal 17,Feb,22 18:11
I masturbate whenever I can. I would do it daily but sometimes I don't get the opportunity. The wife watches me like a hawk. Apparently afraid that I will enjoy myself.

I cum almost every time that I take a shower. Probably 4 days a week and manage to jerk my cock another time or two during the week. On rare occasions I do it twice in one day.

Honestly, I don't produce much cum. A few drops. But it feels better than it used to. Or maybe I just don't remember. Lol I am mid 70s.

By nekekal 13,Feb,22 03:48
Guys have cocks. Cocks get hard, either intentionally or unintentionally. Happens to everyone. No one really minds and some people enjoy it. Just enjoy it.

By nekekal 13,Feb,22 03:45
The last time that I belonged to a gym, there was a common shower area. I always enjoyed soaping up my cock and balls getting a hard on and enjoying everyone watching.

By nekekal 13,Feb,22 03:40
I don't actually remember. I played with my penis a lot for as long as I can remember. Mostly at night. I mostly played with it until it got hard, then rubbed the head against the bedding. It felt so good.

I shared a room with my older brother. Bunk beds so we knew what we were each doing. both playing with our penis. We played with each others penis. My brother was 3 years older. One day when he was in about the 6th or 7th grade, he was like 11 or 12, so I was 8 or 9, and he said that he learned a new thing to do with our young cocks. So we got naked and he demonstrated how to grab it in the middle and slide the skin up and down. My cock was always big so it was easy to do. It was not long before I started cuming. It felt so good that I did it every chance I had. My brother did it to me every night.

By nekekal 13,Feb,22 03:18
Correct. Bodies are to enjoy. We do the best with what we have.

By nekekal 13,Feb,22 03:17
I am 74. I play with my cock every day. But, I only cum about 3 days a week. Usually in the shower. Hot water and soap are hard to resist.

By nekekal 10,Feb,22 14:30
I remember playing strip poker at an early age, less than ten I think, with my brother, cousin, and a few friends. I lost of course. Everyone liked to see me naked I think. I am a terrible poker player.

By nekekal 10,Feb,22 14:25
I think all guys have a slight interest in seeing cocks. Guys are pretty obsessed with their own cock and doing a bit of comparing seems normal.

By nekekal 04,Feb,22 18:47
I enjoy some biting and chewing. Especially the head. My cock head will deform and really enjoys a little biting. The shaft no so much.