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First experience with oral sex

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Started by #64328 [Ignore] 23,Jan,18 15:42
When was was the first time you had oral sex? Was it with a guy or girl? Did you give or recieve?
also how did you learn about it?

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By nastyjoker21 [Ignore] 01,Mar,23 13:10 other posts 
I was about 12 going on 13 it was a friend of the family he was 19 .I got involved in this dance group one night he asked my mother if can stay over for more practice of course my mom agreed ..So that night i had my blow job and i gave him one two ..This went on for a couple on weeks . till one night before taking me home he stops at his brothers home .after being there for a bit the 19 asked me to fellow him to the bedroom were his brother was there with his towel wrapped around him. .before u know it his towel drop and brot er was sucking him off .The 19 yr old asked if i wanted to touch it And if was was willing to suck his brother .I didn't know any better .so at the of the night i had both broters got fuck and sucked . but older brot er took me home he asked me who did i prefer .so i told him i picked the older brother he was relaxed and the 19 . that went on till about till i was 16wit the older brother .which the 19 never knew what i had going on with his brother.there's more but it was gettting to long

By #689532 01,Mar,23 08:42
I was in HS at the time he was older and I was still a virgin (vaginally) but really liked him. I thought at the time that would be equal to sex and 'keep him happy', oh how the young mind thinks lol. Instead he fucked two of my friends and I was known as the bj girl my freshman year.

By #275407 01,Mar,23 03:56
Can't remember my first experience

By se-kent-uk [Ignore] 01,Mar,23 03:33 other posts 
Age 8 (ish), I used to get the girls in a large concrete pipe in the playground at school, make my cousin stand gard, while I had the girls nickers down and went licking.

By quint [Ignore] 28,Feb,23 06:50 other posts 
When I was about 13.. my best friend and I were comparing cocks during a sleep over.. we were both getting hard and he asked to look closer at mine. He kneeled down in front of me checking me out and he touched it. I got rock hard. He was stroking it and then just started sucking me. I remember it felt so good. I came in his mouth and he spit it out.. After that he would suck me off anytime I wanted.. which was all the time.. lol. .. pretty much everyday after school. I never returned the favour until we were in our 40's.. when I surprised him one night.
By Ksguy961 [Ignore] 28,Feb,23 10:23 other posts 
By tb1 [Ignore] 28,Feb,23 13:44 other posts 
Youíre a lucky guy quint, your cock is so tasty
By PITBULL [Ignore] 28,Feb,23 20:04 other posts 
I bet you cum a lot for being a 13 yr boy

By #657920 27,Feb,23 09:42
I was 9 the first time I received oral sex. It was with my mother's boyfriend. We only had one bathroom and came in acting like he had use it when I was in the shower. He was in there still when I was done. After I turned off the water he said I could step out of the shower and dry off if I wanted. I did. I heard him say I wish I could touch you under his breath. I told I wouldn't say anything if he did so he caressed my body and stroked my dick then put it in his mouth. After that experience when I knew we were home alone together I would get naked and let him him suck my dick and touch me. I also slept naked so he had easy access when he snuck into my room. During a camping trip he took me on when I was almost 10 is when I gave him a oral for the first time. I saw that he was hard as he watched me strip in thetent. I could barely get tip past my lips but it didn't take long until he came in my mouth. He wasn't the first to touch me though. My grandfather had started touching my dick and ass when I was 7. After my experience with Al it went further with my grandfather.Even though I enjoyed it I know it was wrong but it happened. Nothing I can do about it now. My mother's boyfriend and my grandfather were wrong.
By PITBULL [Ignore] 27,Feb,23 11:36 other posts 
did you have pubic hair at 9 years old?
By #657920 27,Feb,23 14:44
I didn't until about 11.
By PITBULL [Ignore] 27,Feb,23 15:27 other posts 

By PITBULL [Ignore] 22,Feb,23 14:11 other posts 
the first time was with a guy with a thick uncut penis. I didn't have much experience and the guy noticed that.

By #685481 22,Feb,23 13:46
It was a guy I met online just a sloppy bj in his car during a rainstorm I was unsure of it all but he did cum

By #677384 20,Feb,23 19:41
I used to get naked with the girl down the street when we were about 11. She found her older brothers porn mags, so we thought it would be fun. We both just started to get pubic hair...she even had lil boobies lol.

By cumonme1 [Ignore] 20,Feb,23 19:31 other posts 
I had received lots of BJ'S when I was younger, I had wondered what it was like to suck another man's cock, for many years. Then I finally decided to find out what it's like, so I went to an adult bookstore,stripped off my jeans put on some gay porn I had left the door unlocked and it didn't take long before I had company we played with each other. I asked him to pull down his jeans, he put a his hand on my shoulder and gently pushed down and I went to my knees. I was inches away from his hard cock, it was now or never, so I opened my mouth and for the very first time I had a cock in my mouth. I sucked it as he fuck my mouth after several minutes he said he was going to cum i just continued to suck and he pushed his cock balls deep in my mouth and filled it with cum and I swallowed it all. Actually it was a very pleasant experience something I should have started doing when I was much younger.

By #689038 20,Feb,23 16:57
I was 11, my aunt bf and give and recieve

By #688483 20,Feb,23 02:04
I was almost 13 years old when I sucked the cock of our old German neighbor Werner, who also regularly fucked my mom and my sis.
He often let me secretly watch when he had sex with my mom or my sister.
At some point when I was watching porn with him in his apartment, he said to me "Too bad you're not a girl. Otherwise I would make you my bitch like your whore mother and cunt sister."
What he said made me so horny that I wanted to suck his old uncut cock.
I told him that I would love to suck his cock, so I had to put on some of my sister's clothes and kneel in front of him.
While having his cock in my mouth I realized how awesome it was for my mom and sister. It tasted and felt just sooo good.

By #463848 21,Jan,23 04:20
All my experiences of oral have been with females. Time to change gender

By Cummingforyou [Ignore] 16,Jan,23 18:54 other posts 
Was with a guy who was my best friend in a park one evening after we got back from the movies. We were both 18!and got a couple of beers . After a while he needed to pee and took out his cock . I decided to join him and we were both staring at each otherís penis pissing away . We both finished when out of the blue he said he needed to jerk off and tugged away his rock hard member which got me hard. He asked if he wanted a mutual wank which I agreed . I took his cock, he took mine rubbing the fore skin back and forth when he got on his knees and put his mouth on my cock. Pure pleasure .he then said do my so we took turns when he squirted a Hugh load of his into my mouth . I was a bit slow so he finished me off with a handjob

By #628350 15,Jan,23 15:36
when I was 17 and fucked my first girl, I licked her pussy first and after our first fuck she sucked me back hard again for our second. I'v been forever grateful to Pauline.

By #662360 15,Jan,23 10:15
I was mid to late teens. At my all boys school we had school sports swimming classes. One week for some reason I had to share a changing cubicle with another boy. When we got naked we played with each otherís cocks. He asked me to suck him off. Iíd never done it but Iíd read about it in porn. I wanted to enlarge my sexual experience and didnít want to seem scared. He sat on the little bench with his legs wide and his cock hard up. I knelt in front of him. His cock head tasted of chlorine from the pool. I got his cock head in my mouth and slid my lips up and down his shaft. I remember his cock getting incredibly hard and he rammed his pubes into my face when he came in my mouth.
By german_guy [Ignore] 15,Jan,23 10:25 other posts 
nice breaking in

By #657920 15,Jan,23 03:10
I was about 9 or 10 the 1st time I received oral sex. It was my mother's boyfriend. I started sucking his cock when I was about 11.

By stiffone4u [Ignore] 14,Jan,23 12:54 other posts 
With a girl at 13 , she was 12 and my friends sister. I ate her soon after that. Never sucked a guy but first time a guy sucked me was about 21.

By PITBULL [Ignore] 14,Jan,23 11:35 other posts 
I was 18yrs old when I sucked my first man. He was uncut and hairy. At that time I didn't have much experience sucking men.

By bil47 [Ignore] 14,Jan,23 10:15 other posts 
Did it with a boy. We were both 13. He introduced me to dominant/submissive play and we were playing "master and slave". I was the slave and we were in the woods. He commanded me to strip naked and suck his cock. I loved it. He didn't cum that time, but did numerous times on later occasions.

By earthy [Ignore] 20,Aug,22 14:00 other posts 
When I was 13 a friend of my stepdad asked me to take my clothes off so he could watch me masterbate, so I did. He watched for a few minutes, then told me to lay down on my bed and sucked my dick. It was so damn hot!

By #675771 20,Aug,22 08:14
I was 13 and my step bro 17. Alone At home he showed me his thick long curvy dick. I rubbed it, my little cock hard. He told me to suck, putting his cock in my mouth.

By Hrnyboy90 [Ignore] 11,Aug,22 17:33 other posts 
My very first experience was with my first girlfriend at her mom's house. Her mom left us alone for a few min and soon as she left we went into the back room and started making out. We were both getting pretty into it but knew we didn't have much time. Our hands found there way into each other's pants and we played with each other for a min. Then to my surprise she undid my pants and pulled them down and got to her knees and just started sucking me. It felt pretty incredible. She kept at it and I said I was gonna cum and she didn't stop and I came in her mouth. Her mom got back home just seconds after it was hot

By #628350 11,Aug,22 14:42
My first fuck, she was a year younger than me but had a boyfriend and had been shagging for a couple of years, he was away in the army, she was horny, told a girkfriend who was my mates girlfriend and a date was arranged, she kicked things oof and was soon sucking my dick, I was amazed but very stimulated so I came quite quickly. She then got me hard again quickly with her hand, put on a condom and really worked me and herself over, I never looked back and wa soon fucking pretty well anything that cme my way. she was a very sexy girl.

By #463848 10,Aug,22 04:09
My first and only was with a gf who initiated the event. It was a good feeling and I changed it into a gentle mouth fuck. I probably messed it up as I let my spunk go into her mouth without warning. She didn't complain and just spat it out into a tissue. It didn't happen again.
Perhaps doing it with a male would be different.

By #578931 30,Oct,19 10:25
Back in the late 1950's, I had fucked a couple of girls but it was not so easy then to get them to fuck, I met my wife, fell at once for her, I'm still crazy about her now. she didn't fuck at all, told me straight she was going to be a virgin when she married. This didn't stop us from playing around, she loved to be fingered and would orgasm often but was not too keen on touching my dick. We got married and soon after the honeymoon I went down on her for the first time, she loved it and I switched to the 69 position and suddenly I had the most amazing feeling as she took my dick in her mouth, I can feel it even now, after that it wasn't often and she had to be in the mood. Once we weredriving along a road and she told me to stop as soon as I could. i did and she at once got my dick out and blew me dry, smiled and said I've been wanting to do that all day.

By #603203 30,Oct,19 06:35
I was 11 and it was friends older sister she was 16. She was hot had very sexy curvy body We had been swimming and she had a two piece on. I was tired of being in the pool I got out and she did to. She went inside to shower but before she did she had seen how I kept looking her up and down that she went to her room and took off her bikini bottom and changed into a thong and came out her just as I was in the hallway I saw her ass and said damn that she looked at me and said I know you like it she then said if I wanted to shower with her and of course I said yes. We went into the bathroom I closed and locked the door while she turned the shower on and started taking her top off then got close to me and bent over shaking her ass while pulling her thong off grabbed my hand and walked in shower she started touching herself getting me hard and how I still had my shorts on she saw how I was getting hard and starting to show she got close again and said take my shorts off and let her see so I did and she grabbed it and started stroking it then got on her knees and sucked it then I started touching her then licking her pussy eating her out she made me bust in her mouth

By #603065 28,Oct,19 21:19
Around 14 with the girl cousin one yeaar older than me.We were having sleepover with other cousins in the same bed.We started showing our sexy parts to each other.She showed her pussy and asked me to kiss it.I did and it tasted salty.She asked more so I started lick her there.It wasnt tasty ,but she enjoyed it.

By #593516 04,Oct,19 23:47
It was a guy i met on grindr, i went to his house pulled my pants down and sat on the couch, he didnt say anything, just grabbed my dick and started sucking. He was really going for it but he was not sucking but going up and down roughly with his mouth around my dick, and it was nice at moments but it also hurt.

By Bigdaddy402 [Ignore] 26,Sep,19 11:07 other posts 
I was 12 the first time I ate pussy. 13 the first time I had my dick sucked by a girl

By #571187 09,Jul,19 16:18
Me 12yo Boy Scouts him 18yo sucked be Gabe me my first orgasm and it was wet.
By #463848 13,Jul,19 08:40
I was a year younger, but he wanked me to a dry orgasm
By #571187 13,Jul,19 09:57
Cool man cool! Bet you both enjoyed that
By #463848 14,Sep,19 06:28
Sure did and all that followed
By #571187 14,Sep,19 07:06

By #599476 14,Sep,19 02:01
I was 13 years old. I caught my German schoolmates grandpa masturbating and watching gay porn. His uncut fat cock and shaved balls looked so yummy. And they also tasted yummy.

By overeight [Ignore] 06,Sep,19 13:48 other posts 
I was like 15 and went to a school friends birthday party. I went to the lake to the party. The lake was very low because it had been drained to repair the dam and it was filling up. This girl who really liked me that I knew from the skating on weekends because she was a year younger than me ant went to a different school. The whole party played hide and seek. She and I ran off and hid under a dock until people went past us. We climbed up in the dock and there was a picnic table there. So we started making out. She felt that I was very erect and she asked can I see it I feel it but I wanna see. So I undid my pants and pulled it out. She grabbed it stroked it and said oh its nice and I love seeing a guys dick. Let me show you something. She then started sucking my cock and pulled my pants down and sucked me and did a good job. She even swallowed. I was like ok now let me see yours. She said i want to but I'm having my period. We were young and neither had ever thought of sex at that time. So we wandered back to the party in the dark. But she did a very good job to be as you as we both were.
By tb1 [Ignore] 06,Sep,19 14:23 other posts 
Good read

By #598483 30,Aug,19 11:07
I was seven years old and the two men were at least forty years old. They told me that they were pediatricians and some other bullshit.
They showed me a blowjob video and told me that I had to do the exact same thing.

By Bigdaddy402 [Ignore] 24,Aug,19 07:45 other posts 
I was 12 and she was 13 I ate her pussy.

By Gntlmn [Ignore] 13,Aug,19 21:43 other posts 
I lapped the pussy of my chearleader GF on her living room couch, me kneeling on the floor. I was nervous as hell her dad might've walked in and seen us. We were in our senior year summer, before college. To this day, I'd rather eat pussy than fuck or
anything else.
--------------------------------------- added after 31052 hours

Being obsessed with cunnilingus has its drawbacks. I can't go a minute without the memories of eating pussy commandeering my thought process. I have to really concentrate through the interruptions. My deepest fantasy is eating out several women in sequence, after they've used the toilet. I'd be crawling on the floor inside their circle of chairs, then repeating the process -this time licking their assholes clean.
--------------------------------------- added after 31091 hours


By #513813 13,Aug,19 12:33
I was 17 and she was 13.

By #590925 12,Aug,19 17:58
It was when I was 16 with my older girl cousin.

By #593234 11,Aug,19 14:34
I was 12 the time I took a dick down my throat and choke on a dick

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