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By cumcouplessa 21,Aug,23 16:36
Hubby here. I honestly cannot think of anything better than eating wifeys pussy after a guy has dumped a load in her. I crave the taste of her, especially when her juices are mixed with cum. In addition to the taste, her cunt is always soft and swolen after, that coupled to the taste drives me crazy 🙈

By cumcouplessa 21,Aug,23 16:29
Thanks so much for the advice. Much appreciated

By cumcouplessa 28,Apr,23 00:00
Hubby here. Mine would be 69 with wifey, whilst a guy fucks her doggy style. I get to lick her clit whilst he pounds her hole AND it's fun to clean up any mess when he's done.

By cumcouplessa 27,Apr,23 23:50
Hubby here. Nothing in this world turns me on more than watching wifey ride a nice hard cock. Specially if the guy is sexy as fuck and leaves me a nice creampie. Sadly, we haven't had a 3'some in a while now, but DAMB, we did have some realy sexy fun in the past.

By cumcouplessa 25,Apr,23 23:37
Hubby here. I've always been rather quiet when I cum. Wifey on the other hand likes to inform everyone in our street that she's having a good time 🤣🤣. It's easy to tell the intensity of her orgasm simply by the noise she makes.

By cumcouplessa 25,Apr,23 23:24
Hi. Is anyone else having problems logging in to syc or Syd? When we try login to either it takes us straight to "show it off", and tells us the other domains are no longer available. Has the site changed something?

By cumcouplessa 18,Apr,23 23:11
Hubby here. I would have to say watching the wife orgasm. The way her toes curl up, her face contorts, and her entire body shudders and jerks. Especially if she's riding a nice hard cock.

By cumcouplessa 14,Jan,23 23:11
I would have to say we both prefer smaller, but not TOO small. Nice sucking size, hard, and maybe an upward curve

By cumcouplessa 01,Jan,23 07:17
Hubby here. VERY, VERY suckable 😍😍😍😍

By cumcouplessa 20,Dec,22 22:59
Hubby here. I love cock! Love seeing cock, love sucking cock, love EVERYTHING about cock . Am totally addicted.

By cumcouplessa 03,Dec,22 21:47
Hubby here. I am very far from straight, and when we are in a 3'some, I am not "giving" my wife to the guy to fuck! We both love cock, and we are simply sharing the guy and having fun. We both get enjoyment from him, and are even considerate to one another in taking turns with his cock. We had a very close friend with whom we had an awesome relationship for many years before he left the country and we "both" had a lot of fun with his cock. If we both enjoyed this, why would it be an issue???? We both enjoy this site, and both flirt on here. There is zero jealousy from either side.

By cumcouplessa 20,Nov,22 11:34
Hubby here. There's something about wanking a close friend that is extremely satisfying. Unfortunately, every friend I ever experienced this with, it soon became a blowjob session. Not that I'm complaining, but feeling a cock ejaculated in your hand is amazing when it isn't yours. Sadly my craving to swallow cum always takes preference 🙈🙈🙈🙈

By cumcouplessa 20,Nov,22 11:29
I used to jack off before sex. This somehow gave me more staying power. However, nowadays, if I tried that, wifey would likely be dissapointed. Age is a mother-fucker 🙈🙈

By cumcouplessa 20,Nov,22 11:26
Hubby here. My only preference is that the guy is soft at first. I love to feel a cock "growing" in my mouth.

By cumcouplessa 20,Nov,22 11:21
Hubby here. We live in an extremely "racist" country, where people of different skin colour don't generally get along. This has always dis-heartened me. Personally, I'm generally colour blind, and find people of ALL races sexy and hot. I do understand however that this country has a history. Something I was never involved with but now have to suffer the consequences 🙈🙈🙈🙈

By cumcouplessa 27,Oct,22 00:08
Hubby here. I was of a similar age when I had a jack off buddy. We would go to the drive in cinema, and Jack off in my car. After some time we became suck buddy's, but never took it further than that. Unfortunately.

By cumcouplessa 17,Oct,22 23:13
Hubby here. I'm bisexual, and there's two things that realy turn me on. Firstly, a nice, hard, up-curved cock. Secondly, a big, hot, curvy overweight chick, with a big butt. Something about the larger lady's that realy gets me hard.

By cumcouplessa 10,Oct,22 22:57
Hubby here. Pity you're so far away? You have a realy sexy cock, such a lovely mushroom head, I'd love to be your jerk AND suck buddy

By cumcouplessa 07,Oct,22 15:18
Exactly!! We could be BEST friends?

By cumcouplessa 06,Oct,22 15:15
Hubby here. Best ever

By cumcouplessa 06,Oct,22 15:09
Hubby here. What exactly is "bi curious"? If you like cock, then you like cock. PERIOD! If you like pussy too, then you are bi. End of story????

By cumcouplessa 06,Oct,22 15:05
Hubby here. DUDE! You are FAR from straight! Go out there find a nice hard cock to wrap your lips around. Enjoy life 👍👍👍👍

By cumcouplessa 03,Oct,22 23:39
I'm no spring chicken, and I can't see myself ever saying no to a nice, hard,sexy cock. Luckily hubby feels the same way, so doesn't mind at all.

By cumcouplessa 02,Sep,22 20:58
Hubby here. Doubt I'll ever be able to watch a guy wanking without at least trying to get my hands or mouth on his cock, and if he cums, I'm definatelly going in for a taste 🙈🙈

By cumcouplessa 22,Aug,22 21:46
Hubby here. One of the best series ever is "The guns of Will Sonnett". Pretty old series, but anyone who enjoys a good western needs to watch this. Good gun slinging, and realy excellent story.

By cumcouplessa 21,Aug,22 21:31
Unfortunately, all the compatible guys we chat to are thousands of miles away

By cumcouplessa 21,Aug,22 21:28
Definatelly not enough

By cumcouplessa 13,Aug,22 22:08
Hubby here. Sometimes wifey isn't in the mood to be pounded, and I'm quite happy to just eat her till she cums. I love eating her pussy, in fact sometimes that's all I want aswell.

By cumcouplessa 13,Aug,22 21:55
Hubby here. Favourite position for me is to be on my back, 69 with wifey whilst a guy fucks her doggy style. I get to eat pussy AND lick/suck the guys cock and balls as he slides in and out of her. Best is when he cums, and their juices combine and drip down onto my tongue.

By cumcouplessa 13,Aug,22 21:49
Hubby here. WOW, that sounds amazing. We've had our fair share of mmf 3'somes over the years, but I'd LOVE to have a one on one with a sexy, horny guy. I always try to ensure that wifey is getting the attention. Would be awesome to just concentrate on a nice hard cock for once. Have tried realy hard to find TWO guys that are keen, so we can do like a mm/mf thing, but no luck so far 🙈

By cumcouplessa 06,Aug,22 18:27
Haven't "caught" her as such, but on a few occasions when we've had a "friend" share our bed for the evening, I've woken up to find her either sucking the guy, or riding his cock. It's a great way to wake up, and I love joining in the action.

By cumcouplessa 06,Aug,22 18:19
Hubby here. DEFINATELLY not enough. So difficult to find guys in SA that want a guy to suck them off 🙈.

By cumcouplessa 18,Jul,22 14:13
Wow. Thanks for the response. At least I know I'm not alone in the world 🙈. I honestly do love pussy, but DAMB, I crave cock sometimes. I've been blessed with a wife that understands, and loves a good 3'some, but have yet to spend an evening with a guy alone. Not sure how to behave, or what to expect IF the opportunity ever comes my way?

By cumcouplessa 18,Jul,22 14:06
Hubby here. My fantasy, is to be alone in a quit campsite with a realy horny bi guy who has a lovely upcurved cock. We party, we have a bonfire going, and he tells me how badly he needs a nice blow job. I'll leave the rest to any bi guy's imagination

By cumcouplessa 18,Jul,22 14:01
Both of us love a nice, hard upcurved cock. Big mushroom head is a bonus. Hubby does have a thing for hairy, big lipped pussy, especially if the lady is plus size. He's been trying to fatten me up for years 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣

By cumcouplessa 09,Jul,22 23:22
Long, thin, upward curve with a BIG mushroom head 😍😍😍😍

By cumcouplessa 03,Jul,22 01:07
To be perfectly honest, life is a rat race. Always busy, always hectic and sometimes there simply isn't time to have sex, so yes, I believe I masturbate just as much as hubby does. We all need to cum, and sadly this is sometimes the only thing we have time for. Isn't realy by choice.

By cumcouplessa 21,Jun,22 00:59
It's not hard work as such. Simple truth is that we don't have internet banking, and likely cannot afford to "buy" points. We set our goal at 5000 points and have "sneaked" away to be on the site every opportunity we have. At 5000 we likely would have given them away and started over. In getting these points, we are constantly voting, hitting excitement meters etc and basically being very "active" members of the site. Can you not understand that we feel "robbed"? How would people feel if the bank suddenly took their savings away, because they were "accumulatig" too much wealth? Absolute madness! You offer these points as "reward" for participation on the site then simply take them away at your will. Sounds like the "government" to me? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

By cumcouplessa 20,Jun,22 22:55
Well FUCK. We've been active members of this site since 2014 and built our points up to over 4000. This was hard work, through the excitement meter, voting more than once daily for top image, etc etc. Creeping up at 3 points at a time. It's very sad that someone chose to simply TAKE over 4000 points away with no warning. How do we use 4000 points in 60 days? And why the hell would anyone be offended by the fact that we had so many? We worked harder than most on the site to get there? Absolutelly absurd!!!!

By cumcouplessa 17,Jun,22 23:34
Hubby here. Covid has not been kind to our social lives. Right now, any sex that involved me having a nice sexy cock in my mouth would be my preference . Am literally CRAVING a nice hard cock.

By cumcouplessa 04,Jun,22 20:16
Hubby here. Wifey does like to masturbate on the odd accasion, but no where nearly as much as Ido. She says on average about once a week, when she's home alone and can realy get into it.

By cumcouplessa 24,May,22 22:22
Hubby here. No guy will ever have to force me to swallow. By the time he's ready to offload, I'm usually in a frenzy and willing to "beg" for his load

By cumcouplessa 17,Apr,22 17:35
Hubby here. Happily married, and love my wife's pussy, but for some reason I literally CRAVE cock 🙈. I love sucking a nice hard cock and swallowing cum. Unfortunately, it is SO very difficult to find a willing recipient around here 😭. Luckily wifey doesn't mind and is happy to join in, just wish there were more available?

By cumcouplessa 20,Mar,22 23:52
Hubby here. You most definatelly wouldn't have to ask me twice

By cumcouplessa 26,Feb,22 18:01
Hubby here. Not too thick, a bit longer, with a nice curve, is my favourite, but realy not that fussy? Beggars can't be choosers I guess.

By cumcouplessa 13,Feb,22 00:07
Hubby here. I'd be happy to assist if you weren't so damb far away

By cumcouplessa 12,Feb,22 05:08
Hubby here. My problem with showering at gym is there isn't any cubicles. Just a row of showers. I have never been able to stand there and shower without getting rock hard. I have no idea how everyone remains soft, and I end up feeling embarrassed. Not ever ONCE, have I been able to stay soft. Those naked gym bodies drive me nuts and my balls feel like they going to explode.

By cumcouplessa 12,Feb,22 05:00
Hubby here. I think ALL dicks are sexy in one way or another, weather soft, or hard. The sight of a long, thin, soft penis with the foreskin hanging over the end is just as big a turn on as a hard, upcurved solid cock. I honestly can't remember seeing a cock of any kind, that didn't make me horny.

By cumcouplessa 11,Feb,22 20:35
Hubby here. Luckily for me, wifey loves to suck cock so I get a blow job anytime I want. I don't always cum though, as sometimes I know she wants a good fuck too. However on many occasions, she'll blow me till I cum, then lay on her back waiting for me to return the favour. I never dissapoint in this regard, as I truly enjoy eating her pussy. We don't always have sex. Many times just oral.

By cumcouplessa 18,Jan,22 23:31
Hubby here. That's a definite YES. Neither of us can imagine masturbating without going on the site first. There are so many beautiful hot cock pics, and gorgeous pussy pics to choose from? All that's needed is a vivid imagination, and you can truly take mistreating to a whole new level