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By cumonme1 24,Mar,23 10:47
Oh yeah smooth and no hair, is the best way to enjoy sucking hard cock.

By cumonme1 20,Feb,23 19:31
I had received lots of BJ'S when I was younger, I had wondered what it was like to suck another man's cock, for many years. Then I finally decided to find out what it's like, so I went to an adult bookstore,stripped off my jeans put on some gay porn I had left the door unlocked and it didn't take long before I had company we played with each other. I asked him to pull down his jeans, he put a his hand on my shoulder and gently pushed down and I went to my knees. I was inches away from his hard cock, it was now or never, so I opened my mouth and for the very first time I had a cock in my mouth. I sucked it as he fuck my mouth after several minutes he said he was going to cum i just continued to suck and he pushed his cock balls deep in my mouth and filled it with cum and I swallowed it all. Actually it was a very pleasant experience something I should have started doing when I was much younger.

By cumonme1 08,Jan,23 09:25
I have

By cumonme1 22,Dec,22 08:04
If you are sucking a nice hard cock, swallowing is just the best thing to do.

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By cumonme1 05,Aug,22 08:28
I have a plug In my hole now

By cumonme1 28,Jul,22 06:59
The presidential election is 2024 not 2022.

By cumonme1 20,Jun,22 10:39
Really what Does it matter to other members paying or otherwise. I spend my points on a special friendship I have with a special young lady. I use these points on special occasions for her and now I can't do this during the Christmas holiday I spent a thousand Plus points on her a just recently I sent a birthday day cake. Why does it bother paying members, I didn't have an enormous amount of points. It's your right to change your rules, but you should send a message to let membership know of changes that are coming and the effective date of the changes I have been a member for several years. I might have to reconsider my continued affiliation with this site. I don't hoard the points I use them !!!!!

By cumonme1 15,May,22 07:24
Long,thick,hard and uncut

By cumonme1 26,Apr,22 12:11
I do why waste it.

By cumonme1 17,Mar,22 06:35
An uncut 8 inches or bigger thick hard cock of any color..

By cumonme1 08,Mar,22 07:19
I had only average size cocks, I really want to try a very large, thick, hard dick. I don't know if I will like it, but I certainly would like to find out.

By cumonme1 11,Feb,22 08:55
Tell her to arrange it and you will suck and swallow. Just go for it.

By cumonme1 14,Jan,22 06:54
After many attempts my wife finally let me, and she loved it.

By cumonme1 14,Jan,22 06:50
5 I started when I was 60 and I swallowed too, should have started sooner.

By cumonme1 23,Oct,21 08:41
I like big cock and there are plenty of them here.

By cumonme1 22,Oct,21 08:48
Dick is why I came here. After a few years on this site I wanted to try suckin cock I finally did it should have tried it sooner.

By cumonme1 09,Jul,21 18:30
It's just the right thing to do, swallow the reward for doing a good job.

By cumonme1 09,Jul,21 09:02
My wife recently let me eat her cream pie, it was terrific much better than I had imagined.

By cumonme1 09,Jul,21 08:52
I swallowed my first time and will every time.

By cumonme1 06,Jul,21 08:14
I was 60 years old in a adult bookstore video booth, no glory holes so i shares a booth with another guy. We played with each other for a bit, then i got down on my knees and finally i did what i wanted to try for many many years. It was a great experience, shouldn't have waited so long.

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If you suck cock you should always swallow the reward for doing a good job. I haven't sucked a lot of cocks but I have swallowed the cum every time

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Big, thick and hard

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Tell her you want to watch

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By cumonme1 26,Apr,21 08:08
Yes I do

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Big and hard

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By cumonme1 08,Apr,21 10:15
A hair free cock and balls

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By cumonme1 01,Mar,21 08:19

By cumonme1 01,Mar,21 08:12
I don't have to be forced.

By cumonme1 27,Feb,21 22:39
Because they can

By cumonme1 15,Jan,21 08:14
I agree, I sucked one for the first time when i was 60 yrs old. I could have and should have started sooner

By cumonme1 10,Jan,21 07:20
To avoid the itch, whenever you shower just use the razor and get rid of the stubble.

By cumonme1 08,Jan,21 10:37
No I fixed the curious part many years ago

By cumonme1 20,Dec,20 08:21
I have sucked small and medium sized cock, I sure would like a go at a large cock,

By cumonme1 22,Nov,20 07:47
okay many have tried some sexually taboo things, what was it you did that was taboo.

By cumonme1 11,Nov,20 15:55
I believe it will happen someday, it has to feel amazing.

By cumonme1 11,Nov,20 08:00
My wife took my anal cherry when i was about 25yrs old,with a 10 in vibe, I was hooked. I then bought a strap on dildo I have had many anal orgasms.m'm now in my 70's and as I write this I have a butt plug in my ass, i have never had areal cock fuck me up the ass, but my plans are to make that happen.

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I have when the Mrs fucks me in the ass with a strap on dildo, and when she plays aggressively with my nipples

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about 10 years old

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Well my lady finally let me eat her cum filled pussy, she was so wet I totally loved eating her creme pie.

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wow I'm with you, I would love to take a big thick hard cock up the ass getting pounded hard an deep in my fuck hole.

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yes love the ladies feet

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