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How many cocks have u sucked?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #132246 [Ignore] 20,Feb,11 09:50
I have been sucking cocks since I was 13. I know I must have sucked between 500-700. I love it and still want more, If anyone need theres suck cum use my mouth.

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By Wrath [Ignore] 19,Jan,24 13:53 other posts 

By beachbummed [Ignore] 10,Jan,24 20:00 other posts 
lost count, but started in early teens must be in 100's yum

By #699038 03,Dec,23 22:38
Lost count but been sucking cock since i was young and i will always be on look out for more cock to suck so i can get fresh load of cum

By Wvnudist [Ignore] 23,Nov,23 11:18 other posts 
Only sucked 66 cocks so far

By Jamie [Ignore] 12,Nov,23 21:50 other posts 
>-1 (none)

By #688320 12,Nov,23 21:13
Don't know. Never thought about keeping track.

By wirda [Ignore] 20,Oct,23 19:14 other posts 
I lost track lol

If you’re talking about the same dick, then thousands

If unique dicks, then hundreds
By hairypussywife [Ignore] 12,Nov,23 13:18 other posts 
Amazing woman i wish you would suck my dick

By Dave4u [Ignore] 07,Nov,23 23:08 other posts 

By Wvnudist [Ignore] 07,Nov,23 21:20 other posts 
66 cocks

By Bicockwhore [Ignore] 30,Oct,23 07:43 other posts 
Well I have been sucking dick since I was 12 so I have probably sucked over 500 hundred dicks

By gayguy [Ignore] 30,Oct,23 07:12 other posts 
Not enough

By Momo69 [Ignore] 29,Oct,23 22:41 other posts 
I probably sucked a 100; from meeting to going to sex clubs

swallowed for the most part

By cruz69696969 [Ignore] 21,Oct,23 04:48 other posts 
Well where near the number I've fantasized about sucking.

By SexyboytoyzMtl [Ignore] 17,Oct,23 16:26 other posts 
60 i guess but Maybe more

By #663407 11,Jun,23 23:07

By probowler298 [Ignore] 08,Jun,23 07:53 other posts 
0 but looking for cock to suck.

By oraljoeforyou [Ignore] 08,Jun,23 02:15 other posts 
Maybe 50, but more than once for some!

By cocklvr [Ignore] 18,Jan,22 01:33 other posts 
I tried to keep count of how many unique cocks I've sucked, and how many loads of cum I swallowed. I stopped keeping count at around 50 different cocks and over 400 loads of cum.

By #657920 15,Jan,22 14:23
I've sucked around 45 cocks.

By yoursINmine [Ignore] 14,Jan,22 19:05 other posts 
Just two...so far

By cumonme1 [Ignore] 14,Jan,22 06:50 other posts 
5 I started when I was 60 and I swallowed too, should have started sooner.

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 13,Jan,22 12:54 other posts 
Tecsan On yer iPhone- slide down, get to the search, type in calculator

By tecsan [Ignore] 14,Jan,22 03:41 other posts 
What other dumbass gay comment will this bitch come up with today....Tune in, same gay time tomorrow....

By #637049 13,Jan,22 12:52
I have easily sucked over 600 men and many of them more than once.

By #652988 19,Dec,21 10:14
None yet but sure to and have h cum in it

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 11,Oct,21 09:15 other posts 
Tecsan post here with your tally
By tecsan [Ignore] 11,Oct,21 23:55 other posts 
SHITTLES post here with your friend piss ass freddy...

By anyfun [Ignore] 11,Oct,21 12:11 other posts 
I haven't counted. Many

By #553032 11,Oct,21 10:20
It's hard to say really, I sucked my first Cock at a very early age, and since then, have sucked quite a few, I would have thought about 70 or 80 at least. The older I get , the more I am craving Cock again, as for about 20 years I barely touched one, apart from my own of course!

By #650629 28,Sep,21 01:08
I haven't but I'm hoping to get lucky here
By 3fdfd [Ignore] 10,Oct,21 22:35 other posts 
Very attractive cock. You should have no problem finding a guy

By #644817 10,Oct,21 22:23
6. 3 of them were pretty big

By 3fdfd [Ignore] 10,Oct,21 22:07 other posts 

By #574505 24,Sep,21 14:53
I last of to many

By #652088 24,Sep,21 12:13
Rough estimate...150 or so. Not from lack of trying.

By knewbi [Ignore] 20,Sep,21 13:01 other posts 
Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 15.

By CountryCouple54 [Ignore] 19,Sep,21 00:08 other posts 

By #631579 18,Sep,21 22:35
2 and I liked it. Working to increase my count.

By #620014 18,Sep,21 22:10

By PSerect [Ignore] 15,Sep,21 08:14 other posts 
I had my first cock at 9 and i haven't stopped yet. I can honestly say, I've sucked thousands of cocks in my life, and some of them more than once

By #64328 14,Sep,21 16:11
4, not counting my own. 3 were in my youth. Only one as an adult

By bona-fide [Ignore] 14,Sep,21 11:52 other posts 
I have sucked a number of cocks. However, that number is zero.

By #628350 14,Sep,21 10:38
Only one but that one a few times and he sucked and wanked me. I did enjoy it but never took the cum in my mouth.

By #644817 14,Sep,21 00:51
7. 4 as an adult. Thé last one I sucked over 200 times

By thicknsmooth [Ignore] 14,Sep,21 00:22 other posts 
I can remember as far back as age 3 or 4 being fascinated with my dick and balls. This is what led me to interest and curiosity of other boys. By the time I turned 8 I experienced my first blow job from another boy the same age. We explored our bodies and took turns sucking on each other. I loved every single minute of it. After that I played with other boys from age 11 all through my teens. As of today I have sucked 27 cocks and loved every one of them

By bil47 [Ignore] 20,Jun,20 09:20 other posts 
Maybe 50. I went to a couple gay-sex orgies 10 years ago, which accounts for about 20 of those cocks.

By #294596 14,Jan,16 17:04
I don't know if I have answered this one or not. Don't feel like looking back through the comments so I will answer anyway.

I started sucking my cousin's cock when I was 14 and continued tosuck him off all through high school. I went to a few public restrooms when I was 16 and sucked off some older guys, but that was mostly it until after I got married.

When I turned 30 I did some math and figured up that I had sucked off 17 guys. I decided I wanted to suck off 35 guys by the time I turned 35 and went on a mission. Everytime I was near a porn shop with a gloryhole I stopped by looking for cock to suck. Needless to say, I hit 35 in just a few months. On top of that, I was addicted. I wanted as much as I could get.

Over the next few years I kept a running record. On my 35th birthday I had sucked off 377 different men, all but a handful though gloryholes. I also was still sucking off my cousin regularly until he got ill a few years ago and had picked up another local feeder that I was sucking off 2 or 3 times a week.

About 6 months after my birthday I hit 400. At that point I thought it seemed silly to keep on keeping count so I quit. I am now 46 years old and still suck cock any and every chance I get. Assuming I have averaged just 25 new guys per year (a gross underestimate considering just this past December alone I sucked off 6 new guys and I wasn't even really trying) then I am up to around 650 different men. If I go with a more realistic estimate of 50 new guys per year then that puts me up around 925-950 different guys.

Toss in a blowjobs per week for my cousin over the last 25 years (600 blowjobs) and 2-3 blowjobs per week for my regular feeder over the last 10 years (1000-1500 blowjobs) and I have given somewhere between 2500 and 3000 blowjobs...and swallowed every single time
By tb1 [Ignore] 22,Jan,16 12:10 other posts 
wow awesome
By #618071 05,Jun,20 00:07
i got a bit hard reading it, how about you
By arend65 [Ignore] 20,Jun,20 05:11 other posts 
You have lived your life well. you must be good, wish I could try out your mouth
By #583549 20,Jun,20 06:20
Wow! You sure took the lead on cock sucking!I am impressed!

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