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By cocklvr 20,Mar,24 19:40

By cocklvr 20,Mar,24 19:38
The longest I have ever sucked was about 7.5". The thickest so thick I could barely get it in my mouth without straining my jaw. Big cocks are a lot of fun, but so are the smaller ones that fit nice and easy in my mouth.

By cocklvr 20,Mar,24 19:36
Those both look like wonderful cocks to suck!

By cocklvr 20,Mar,24 19:26
I have a related fantasy where I see how long I can hold a cock in my mouth.

By cocklvr 20,Mar,24 19:06
No way he walks on all, especially if he loses in November. Actions still have consequences.

By cocklvr 19,Mar,24 21:28
I eat my cum as often as I can. I especially enjoy cumming on my food before I eat it.

By cocklvr 19,Mar,24 21:25
I love eating cum, whether it is my own or from someone else. It is delicious and fun to eat!

By cocklvr 19,Mar,24 21:21
I have swallowed a lot of cum from many guys, but I have not yet had anyone pee in my mouth. I think that would be fun, especially if they are well hydrated and their pee tastes good.

By cocklvr 19,Mar,24 21:16
I swallow it all and make sure to get every last drop of delicious cum!

By cocklvr 19,Mar,24 21:12
I am romantically straight, but I absolutely love sucking cocks and eating cum! I eat my own cum often too.

By cocklvr 19,Mar,24 21:10
I don't mind sucking cock all day without ever needing to receive anything more than a mouthful of delicious cum!

By cocklvr 08,Jun,23 11:48
Wearing clothing around the home makes no sense to me. I love being nude as often as possible.

By cocklvr 08,Jun,23 11:46
Yes! I love eating cum! I also drink my pee on occasion.

By cocklvr 08,Jun,23 11:45
I would say I have sucked at least 40-50 different cocks, and several of them multiple times. Most of the cocks I have sucked also ejaculated in my mouth, and I always swallow. I have definitely sucked more than I have been sucked, but I don't mind that since it allows me to then eat my own cum as well.

By cocklvr 07,Jun,23 18:20
I tried once in my early teens with a friend my age, but I couldn't stomach the taste. I didn't try again until my early 30's and found I very much love sucking cock and eating cum!

By cocklvr 10,Aug,22 18:31
I like seeing other people going barefoot in public, then I don't feel like I'm the only one who does that.

By cocklvr 09,Aug,22 13:43
I don't think you understand how science works. Studies funded through grants still have to go through independent peer review before being published. Your healthy skepticism has run amok.

The carbon tax does multiple things including create incentives for carbon reduction. Its the old carrot and stick approach that has been used for centuries. The same way companies had to evolve to stop polluting rivers, they will now have to do the same for carbon emissions.

By cocklvr 09,Aug,22 11:38
Obviously the forces of nature never stop, that isn't the issue. You seem confused as to what the actual issue is so I will try to help you. The issue is that humanity is pushing the climate toward warmer average temperatures through what is known as a greenhouse effect. The urgency is that at some point we will trigger a feedback loop that rapidly (10-50 years) changes the climate irreversibly for generations. The science is available if you do an honest search. You just have to look beyond what the oil companies want you to believe.

By cocklvr 08,Aug,22 15:59
You got me there, I should have stated "man made climate change" is happening now and has been accelerating since the industrial revolution.

By cocklvr 08,Aug,22 15:51
Alex Jones is a prime example of everything wrong with America. What a total asshat!

By cocklvr 08,Aug,22 15:48
The GOP is full of self-serving fake patriots, and traitors.

By cocklvr 08,Aug,22 13:58
It doesn't matter what anyone "believes", the science is in, that facts are readily available, climate change is happening.

By cocklvr 08,Aug,22 13:56
Its not odd at all. I am much the same way, I love everything about women, and I really really love sucking cock. I have used the terms bi-oral and straight-cocksucker, but lately I just say bi for simplicity when sharing my orientation.

By cocklvr 28,Mar,22 21:15
Yet To Do:
1. Have 3 or more guys cum in my mouth at the same time.
2. Eat food while someone sticks their cock in it.
3. Have someone cum on my food while I'm eating.
4. Have someone piss on my food while I'm eating.
5. Receive a golden shower from multiple guys at once.
6. Suck cock in a public place.
7. Suck off 10 or more cocks one after another.
8. Eat food covered in fresh cum from multiple guys.
9. Hold someone's cock in my mouth for at least a full hour.
10. Make private videos of everything above and below.

Things I want to do again:
1. Eat cum in public.
2. Suck 2 cocks at the same time.
3. Suck a cock covered in my own cum.
4. Fuck a woman while I suck cock.

By cocklvr 28,Mar,22 20:48
My first attempt at sucking cock was back around 12 years old with a friend as we were learning about our bodies. I tried a couple times but could never stomach the sweaty taste as soon as I took his dick in my mouth.

Twenty years later I tried again and absolutely loved it! A gay guy offered to give me a blowjob and I agreed, before he made me climax he asked if I would like to try sucking his cock. I was so horny I dove right in. I was surprised by how much I loved sucking cock!

By cocklvr 28,Mar,22 20:30
Yes! I wish gyms would offer both cubicle showers for those uncomfortable in their skin, and open group showers for the rest of us who aren't bothered with nudity.

By cocklvr 18,Jan,22 01:44
I love swallowing cum, whether it is my own or another guys. I especially love it on my food, but I also enjoy it out of my hand. I will slurp it into my mouth and swish it around for several minutes enjoying the flavor and texture before finally swallowing it all down.

By cocklvr 18,Jan,22 01:39
I'm all for it. I love how they feel and how I feel wearing them, but I'm a die-hard nudist and most of my skimpy sexy underwear never gets worn. It would be fun to wear that stuff in a fun social setting sometime.

By cocklvr 18,Jan,22 01:33
I tried to keep count of how many unique cocks I've sucked, and how many loads of cum I swallowed. I stopped keeping count at around 50 different cocks and over 400 loads of cum.

By cocklvr 18,Jan,22 01:30
When I suck a guys cock, I like to suck on his cock until he cums, then hold his cock in my mouth letting all his cum drain onto my tongue, until he is totally flacid. I try not to overstimulate his cock too soon after his orgasm. After a bit, with his cock still in my mouth I will slowly slide my mouth off his cock, savoring every moment of the orgasm he just fed me. Of course I always swallow. I love sucking cock and swallowing cum!

I'm usually ready to go again before he is.

By cocklvr 18,Jan,22 01:20
Yes, that is a total rush. I have done that a number of times in various places I've lived. I leave all my clothes behind so I am 100% committed to being fully nude and barefoot. I have done this during the day too on secluded hiking trails. I would usually encounter at least two or three other people on the trail. I'd say hello and act totally natural after all what is more natural than fully nude?

By cocklvr 28,Oct,21 09:33
I swallow, of course, but not always immediately... I like to hold his cock in my mouth until he start getting soft again, then I squeeze out the final drops from the shaft before showing him his load of cum on my tongue. Only then do I swallow it all down.

With guys I fully trust are safe, I will hold their cum in my mouth as long as I can to really savor the taste. Its fun to go out in public after sucking a guy off and still have his cum in my mouth.

By cocklvr 27,Oct,21 10:03
I am dying to find out how much I could fit in my mouth. I imagine how much fun my tongue would have playing with that awesome cock head!

By cocklvr 26,Oct,21 18:01
I would love to suck your dick and make you edge in my mouth over and over until finally your cock can't take it anymore and you have a deep toe-curling orgasm that pumps thick gooey cum across my tongue.

By cocklvr 26,Oct,21 13:50
I love eating cum, my own and from others.

By cocklvr 26,Oct,21 13:08
Exactly! Why would anyone spit or get upset over a load of cum in your mouth??? It tastes great, and I love the warm sticky texture in my mouth!

By cocklvr 26,Oct,21 13:06
The first time for me was from a guy when we were teenagers. I tried to reciprocate but couldn't stomach the taste of his cock. Nowadays, I love sucking cock more than any other form of sexual pleasure.