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Question for guys who suck cock

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by bil47 [Ignore] 26,Jul,21 16:50  other posts
Would you rather:

- get a blowjob by a talented cocksucker; or
- give a blowjob to a cock that checks all your boxes for suck-ability.

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By Wantsome [Ignore] 01,Dec,23 01:07 other posts 
I would rather suck someone nothing better than having a nice big cock in your mouth

By nekekal [Ignore] 29,Nov,23 22:39 other posts 
Get a blowjob by a talented cocksucker of course. There is nothing that even comes close to this experience. It is just awesome. Please, suck my cock.

By hotcock33 [Ignore] 29,Nov,23 14:44 other posts 
Since this was just a question for "men"...I'm assuming it's about men sucking men, or being sucked by men. When u say talented cocksucker...depending on who it was...I may rather get blown by a woman that I was into.
However, as a fully bi male, that prefers being sub, and LOVES sucking cock...well I think you know where this is going. Especially if, as you say, the cock checks all your boxes for "suck-ability"...well than I'm 100% gonna be dropping to my knees!

By Momo69 [Ignore] 21,Nov,23 11:14 other posts 
Iíd rather give a blowjob, it just tastes awesome 🤩

By Zainn122 [Ignore] 20,Nov,23 12:43 other posts 
I prefer giving it than receiving it but thatís only if the person is nice and not too dominate as I donít mind gagging but some guys ďtake it too farĒ but some cocks are too big and heavy, it will ache your jaw so itís best to take a break and get sucked off while you get ready for 2nd round of blowjob

By Hrnyboy90 [Ignore] 30,Oct,21 12:18 other posts 
I prefer to give myself.. getting is always pleasurable but there's just something about a guy wanting you to suck him and that feeling of making him cum knowing the amount of pleasure you're making him feel mmm

By #632705 30,Oct,21 11:42
Iíd much rather suck a cock. Iím not a submissive at all! But I get my pleasure by know I made a guy cum

By #650574 30,Oct,21 03:15
I just love sucking cock. So addictive.

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 28,Oct,21 14:58 other posts 
Tecsan respond!
By tecsan [Ignore] 30,Oct,21 01:42 other posts 
Hell shittles will check both boxes...It does not care...He loves giving BJs...

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 28,Oct,21 12:03 other posts 
I love sucking cocks and swallowing their hot spunk while being watched by other guys who then want me to give them a BJ.

By #637145 28,Oct,21 11:50
I donít reciprocate. I love grabbing the back of whomeverís head and forcing it in a little deeper from time to time. Especially when Iím about to cum. In that case, I shove it all the way in and maintain eye contact.

[deleted image]

By PSerect [Ignore] 28,Oct,21 11:40 other posts 
Always better to give than receive

By #654585 28,Oct,21 11:07
Prefer to give rather then receive. I like no-recip situations. And I'll suck ANY cock, even better if the guy takes charge and is vocal about what he wants.

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 28,Oct,21 06:15 other posts 
Definitely receive but always like to enhance it by movement

By Dave4851 [Ignore] 30,Jul,21 12:16 other posts 
Give....and one of my boxes is smaller size. When there is no concern of gagging, I can get really get into giving the guy a highly satisfying orgasm.
By bil47 [Ignore] 31,Jul,21 12:06 other posts 
You would love to suck mine.

By #631189 31,Jul,21 17:35
That is the perfect cock. For sucking and for frotting with too

By Apantyhoselovr [Ignore] 28,Oct,21 04:41 other posts 
give. better to give than receive.

By allin4cum [Ignore] 31,Jul,21 19:04 other posts 
VERY hard choice. a couple years ago, I think I would have said get. Today, I think the answer tilts the other way and I would give the blow job.

By cumcouplessa [Ignore] 31,Jul,21 17:57 other posts 
Hubby here. Most definatelly would rather give. Especially a nice hard up-curved beauty, but at this stage I'm not fussy at all. Beggars can't be choosers. Sadly, cock isn't so easy to find around here

By cumn4u [Ignore] 31,Jul,21 01:06 other posts 
my fantasy is to swallow 25 loads of male cum, as i love the taste and feel of loads of warm cum in my mouth. after 25 loads are in my mouth, someone can suck me off and spit my cum in my mouth, so i can swallow 26 loads
mmmmmmmmmm got my cock throbbing

By #644585 30,Jul,21 16:29
give. i love to suck.

By knewbi [Ignore] 30,Jul,21 12:53 other posts 
Give a blow job every time... while I love having mine sucked sucking another guys cock is my main interest...

By #535695 29,Jul,21 15:49
I'm a cock sucker so it's easy to guess my preference.

By PSerect [Ignore] 29,Jul,21 03:05 other posts 
For me its better to give than receive. I love sucking cock and Im happy to say that Im very good at it. Getting blowjobs is not as fun for me because so many people are really bad at it.

By spermkiss [Ignore] 27,Jul,21 10:57 other posts 
Suck, without any doubt what-so-ever. Mainly because I can do it more often.

Let's face it, even the most potent of men can only climax a limited number of times per day. So there is only a limited number of blowjobs a man can receive. But there is no limit on the number he can give. I've sucked off as many as twelve men in one evening.

By baldguy2 [Ignore] 27,Jul,21 08:38 other posts 
I'm sure most guys enjoy having their cock sucked. But for me there's nothing sexier than sucking cock. Nothing compares with having a friend's warm, firm and velvety cock in my mouth and throat. It is an added thrill if he climaxes while I'm sucking. Feeling my partner's cock start to twitch as he ejaculates in my mouth and I swallow his essence is the ultimate!

By lovetolickyou [Ignore] 27,Jul,21 03:04 other posts 
It's got to be give rather than receive. It's happened occasionally, but I don't reliable cum from being sucked, but I always enjoy giving a complete oral surrender to someone who has my ideal cock ready for sucking. I love small cocks and the kind of oral engulfing they encourage. There's nothing better than the feeling of having my tongue on somebody's sticky glans.

By #516354 27,Jul,21 02:41
As a submissive it's got to be suck a cock even if it does not tick all the boxes!

By gayguy [Ignore] 27,Jul,21 02:32 other posts 
I love having my cock sucked, but I do like cock in my mouth as well

By Sucklove [Ignore] 26,Jul,21 21:31 other posts 
Absolutely without a doubt Id rather suck on that perfect cock. Sucking dick is completely different kind of horny. I can cum hard without touching my dick just by starting with a completely limp dick and with only my mouth get that dick so hard and throbbing pre cum oozing out the tip. Itís a great feeling and takes me over the top. Wrapping my lips around tight and go really slow feeling he shaft pulse with every heartbeat. The head is swollen to the max and is velvet smooth head. Nothing compares to the texture of a swollen cock head on your tongue. The only way to really know is just do it already. Look over at your buddy and say hey man if you let me suck your dick you can cum in my mouth. You donít want a date you just want his rock hard cock down throat. Remember all you pervs out there that wont go down on a person of the same sex. There would be no Fucking at all without 2 balls a cock and oh so sweet juicy pussy. Show dicks some respect and suck one.

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