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By knewbi 26,Sep,22 12:15
Would love a guy to piss up my ass some day.. Have yet to do any piss play though. It's one of a few things left in my bucket to do.

By knewbi 26,Sep,22 12:13
One of the things that I have yet to do is piss play. What a fucking turn on it is to watch on sex videos. Maybe some day, who knows.

By knewbi 08,Sep,22 10:34
It certainly does...

By knewbi 06,Sep,22 10:56
Love fucking fat chicks. Had my share of thin and fat and prefer fat if I have the choice. As a matter of fact, my biggest fantasy is to have a real fat black woman with massive tits to use as my personal cum dump... Love the comfort of a fat chick!!

By knewbi 01,Sep,22 12:39
If you did know us you probably would have plowed her a number of times. All of our friends that are sex maniacs have enjoyed her many times over. We are older now and slowed down but still have a few friends that drop on by to work her over with and without me involved. As far as I can remember, she has only turned down one cock... The guy was an idiot...

By knewbi 01,Sep,22 10:35
Yep, wife and I have been swingers for years. I have seen her fuck many men. Sometimes many men at once. I have even set her up and had guys drop by to fuck her... She loves it and so do I.

By knewbi 01,Sep,22 10:28
Mine refers to the fact that I ..."knew that I was bi". You would be welcum to suck my cock any time!!

By knewbi 30,Aug,22 11:30
Sure, why not?

By knewbi 30,Aug,22 11:30
All of the time. I see those that can and wish that there was some way that I could do it too. While younger I tried every trick in the book trying to accomplish it. Never did... I never will but will always want to.

By knewbi 22,Aug,22 11:07
I can understand spitting out your own piss and swallowing your cum makes sense too. Never waste cum. Piss from someone else is determined at the particular time. Sometimes I would some I prefer to just push it out and dribble it down my chin.

By knewbi 18,Aug,22 16:49
Gals did for years.. I was in my mid 50's when I started playing with the guys. (stupid me). These days it is guys sucking me about 3 to 1.

By knewbi 18,Aug,22 16:47
I do at times. Use to jerk off with my feet in the air over me and my cock pointing at my face. I got pretty damned good at hitting my mouth and when I jerked like this almost always hit the mouth or within licking distance. Today I just cum on my hand and lick it up that way.

By knewbi 09,Aug,22 16:31
Just one.. Met him somewhere else but knew he was here too.

By knewbi 08,Aug,22 11:27
Well, to me it shows that they are a bit on the kinky side and I love kink!! But when it cums to playing with his cock I prefer that he remove it...

By knewbi 08,Aug,22 11:25
Either will do the job but if I had to make just one choice it would have to be cut... with uncut a very close second.

By knewbi 02,Aug,22 12:53
I totally prefer getting and giving head to a guy. Before I started doing just that I would fantasize about it and even pretend that the woman giving me head was a guy.

By knewbi 02,Aug,22 12:51
Well I like to swirl my tongue as I travel up and down his shaft. Swirl it around his mushroom head and try to detect him flinch. Whatever I do I always look for a response from him. Then I know what he likes.

By knewbi 02,Aug,22 12:48
On my knees with a guys cock in my mouth while I stroke!!

By knewbi 02,Aug,22 12:45
All the time. But then we are swingers and if she wants to fuck someone she is free to.

By knewbi 20,Jul,22 15:09
While I have been a swinger and experienced a lot of shit. The one thing that I have not is a sweet passable shemale with a nice big rock hard cock!!

By knewbi 18,Jul,22 11:02
When I wear them it is the feel. When the guy wears them it is the attitude that he has when wearing them...

By knewbi 18,Jul,22 11:00
Love grinding my cock with another until we cum...

By knewbi 11,Jul,22 16:45
Nope but it might be fun to try.

By knewbi 11,Jul,22 11:24
So far I have never had another guy in a public rest room. Had a few women though. But, I have jerked off many a time in them after seeing some guy or gal that got my motor running and needed to be relieved.

By knewbi 11,Jul,22 11:22
A nice cock from any angle looks sexy to me...

By knewbi 11,Jul,22 11:20
All stiff cocks are suckable in my book!!

By knewbi 11,Jul,22 11:19
To be the center of attention in a bukake and piss fest...

By knewbi 11,Jul,22 11:17
The wife has used her strap on on me at times but none of the guys that I have played with have been able to penetrate me. So very tight and the wife was willing to work for as long as it took to loosen me up. Unfortunately the guys not so willing. And I so want to feel what it is like to have a guy plowing my ass and then explode in there. Maybe even piss up my ass. I have always wanted that too...

By knewbi 11,Jul,22 11:09
Damn!!! I just love a sweet bulge... Some nice ones here...

By knewbi 11,Jul,22 11:06
While I love pleasuring the other guy, I am ok with nothing in return but most guys that I play with love sucking cock as much as I do so it is rare that I do not get sucked in return. ANd, again, I am just fine with that because all I really need it that cock to suck off..

By knewbi 11,Jul,22 11:04
EXACTLY!!! That is exactly what I would be doing....

By knewbi 27,Jun,22 11:33
That would be me!!!

By knewbi 27,Jun,22 11:32
Absolutely magnificent!!!

By knewbi 21,Jun,22 17:56
I would so love spending an afternoon or two with my face buried in that gorgeous juicy pussy!!!

By knewbi 20,Jun,22 11:05
Yes, too bad. I have always said that in any given neighborhood there are always guys and gals willing and wanting to have sex at that very moment. Too bad there isn't a good way to find each other. There are a lot of places to advertise but they all seem to take too long to achieve any results. Right now I know there has to be someone just as horny as I am and willing to play. Damn if only i could find them or they find me.

By knewbi 20,Jun,22 11:02
It can be exciting!!

By knewbi 15,Jun,22 13:45
I did that for years as a kid. Loved watching the cum as it hit the water...

By knewbi 15,Jun,22 13:43
I think most, if not all, of us would love a bating buddy or two...

By knewbi 13,Jun,22 13:15
I have had guys wearing panties and panty hose and would chew my way through them and rip them off of them to get at their cocks...

By knewbi 13,Jun,22 13:14
I almost always end up jawjacking instead of hand work. Had this gay couple that I played with often. Every so often they wanted to be hand jerked so I would oblige. But, as they were ready to cum they would easily let me know and my mouth always ended up over the head of their spitting cocks. That was something i loved doing and they actually enjoyed lips wrapped around their cocks as the came.

By knewbi 13,Jun,22 13:11
No, not really. But had I been I am very sure that I would have been once hell of a slut!!

By knewbi 13,Jun,22 13:09
Love putting on a condom and wanking while I drive. Then once filled I love draining it after the drive is finished.

By knewbi 13,Jun,22 13:07
Probably a guy in hopes that he will invite me to jaw jack it for him instead...

By knewbi 09,Jun,22 11:19
While a cock is a cock and they are all great I actually prefer a cut cock but would never turn down an uncut as I love them too..

By knewbi 09,Jun,22 11:18
Generally week days during the morning or afternoon. Anytime from about 8am to 4pm.

By knewbi 09,Jun,22 11:17
Nothing wrong there. For years I thought that I was straight but also liked watching guys bulges. I later realized that I was bi and finally made the move to give it a try. Maybe these guys are doing the same thing.

By knewbi 09,Jun,22 11:15
Mid 50's. I had always liked to watch a guys bulge, and still do, but I made a decision that it was time to give it a try. So, I was very fortunate to find a local gay couple looking to add a third to their sexual fun. So, my first time was with 2 cocks and was I ever hooked after that!!

By knewbi 09,Jun,22 11:10

By knewbi 31,May,22 11:54
Hot story.. Mine was me in my mid 50's and they about 60ish. It was a gay couple. Met them on Silverdaddies. They lived close by and I decided to visit them as I had been so damned horny to try this. Our first visit was suppose to be just that. A visit and then I would decide. But, they made me so damned comfortable with them that withing 20 minutes or so of stepping through the front door I was on my knees with two cocks in my mouth. For the next few years we got together a couple times a month. Finally, they moved away for job reasons and I lost touch with them. What a way to start sucking cock!!

By knewbi 31,May,22 11:44
During the winter I have this large heavy coat that I have removed the pocket lining from and made a slit on the inside material. I wear that and pants that are lose and also remove the pocket lining. No undies at all. Then I just slip my hand in and reach for my cock. I can stroke it ever so slowly as not to draw attention and can be almost anywhere and jerk off. I find if fun jerking off like this when others don't have a clue.