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So fucking horny!! 15,Jun,22 17:54
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By knewbi 17,Sep,23 16:31
Not a single legit response. If mature men are fine with you give silver daddies a try. Almost all of my contacts were for there

By knewbi 12,Sep,23 22:51
Oh hell yeah. That could use a good tongue fucking followed up with a good plow job.

By knewbi 08,Aug,23 20:37
I absolutely love a big veiny cock. Looks so fucking masculine.

By knewbi 25,Jul,23 12:12
Same results here. I deleted my membership.

By knewbi 08,Jul,23 12:01
And you did not let him place his cock down your throat and jaw jack it for him?? I know that I certainly would have. But the show must have been great just the same!!

By knewbi 08,Jul,23 11:59
Fucking hot!! Too bad the other two did not join in on the fun...

By knewbi 22,Jun,23 22:27
Don't get to do it often bu do enjoy it..

By knewbi 22,Jun,23 22:25

By knewbi 22,Jun,23 22:24

By knewbi 07,Jun,23 12:53
So sorry.. keep looking. It'll happen some day... I hope.

By knewbi 01,Jun,23 13:02
Damn sweet!!

By knewbi 01,Jun,23 13:01
Mmmmm, having a friend, out of the blue, ask you to suck them off sounds like some real fun...

By knewbi 01,Jun,23 13:00
I know what you mean. I learned in my 50's about sucking cocks and have never looked back. Only wish that I had learned it years earlier.

By knewbi 30,May,23 09:26

By knewbi 18,Apr,23 10:52
Damn!! I'd like to have that dick in my hand.. And then my mouth!!!

By knewbi 12,Apr,23 13:34
What fun!! Has it led to any action for you?

By knewbi 12,Apr,23 13:33
Sweet... Has it led to any real action? Sounds as if it might...

By knewbi 11,Apr,23 10:58
Wife and I have been doing it for years. It has always been a fun experience. Of coarse we are selective so that we can avoid trouble. Sometimes at sex parties where someone opens their home to a large group of people or a sex club, you can run into trouble. But you learn early on how to avoid future issues with people.

By knewbi 11,Apr,23 10:56
In my case, I didn't start until I was older. But, once I tried it I couldn't stop. While I love sex with women, give me a choice of a pussy or cock and I'll go for that cock almost every time.

By knewbi 11,Apr,23 10:53
I know that this is a 10 year old post but looks like some have resurrected it.

As to me, every time I get into a jerk off session with another guy or guys, I always end up with stiff cocks in my mouth. But then, that is always better as far as I am concerned.

By knewbi 11,Apr,23 10:51
I guess that here would be a good place to start a jerk off session. A good friend of ours, his lady can't have sex other than oral and hand jobs. He gets damn horny to fuck a pussy. My wife and I have been swinging for some years now and since he is a good friend and his lady is fine with it, I loan my wife to him from time to time. We use to swing with him and his lady when she was able to. Always willing to lend a helping hand, or whatever it takes, for a friend.

By knewbi 08,Mar,23 11:01
I know what you mean. I have few neighbors that I'd love fucking. Unfortunately, it'll probably never happen. So, I find porn videos that remind me of them and jerk off to them. I also have an ex that I would enjoy fucking at least once more. Again, videos of some woman that reminds me of her has to do the job.

By knewbi 22,Feb,23 12:09
No... just wasn't in the cards.

By knewbi 21,Feb,23 12:04
I use to open my business in the morning before anyone else arrived. I would head for my computer and do some searching. When I found some babe that I wanted to jerk to I would do just that. Then I would print a photo of the jerk off girl of the day and give it to a friend that had a business next door and he would do the same each morning..

By knewbi 16,Feb,23 16:29
Well, it achieved the desired effect. That being, stop me from cumming. She actually did it a number of times.

By knewbi 15,Feb,23 11:24
Well, yes. Sort of.On a couple of occasions I caught the wife in action with another guy. But that was ok as we were swingers and it was allowed in our relationship.

By knewbi 15,Feb,23 11:22
I've had a few times when a woman would grab a hand full of ice as I was getting close to cumming and slap a that hand full against my nuts. I also had a GF who loved putting ice in her mouth and then sucking my cock.. That was fun!!!

By knewbi 17,Jan,23 16:31
The bigger the better for me. As a matter of fact, the bigger the tits the less important her looks will be. I've truly enjoyed some pretty homely women that had massive tits and enjoyed them as much as any babe.

By knewbi 17,Jan,23 16:28
The fact that I am always horny directed me here and the great people around here keep me here..

By knewbi 17,Jan,23 16:25
I am just fine with normal sizes like 5 to 7 inches. But, a larger cock would be extra fun to play with. I have had smaller cocks and enjoyed them too. I have yet to meet a stiff cock that I don't like. As to the woman's G spot. My wife tells me that almost any size works. She just guides the man to the spot that she wants excited. I find that a good sex partner is not only willing to help but is active in making sure that she gets off many times during the session. ..

By knewbi 17,Jan,23 16:23
Being former swingers I have experienced most of my fantasies. But, I would have to say that I would just love finding a quite large black woman with massive tits to use as my personal cum dump. Maybe share with friends at times. The bigger the tits the less important looks will be..

By knewbi 17,Jan,23 16:21
I can't say that I am drawn to Orientals but can say that I like them about the same as any other woman.

By knewbi 17,Jan,23 16:19
I just love a dick heavy with extreme veins!! Get that thing rock hard and shaven or trimmed and I am in heaven playing with it.

By knewbi 03,Jan,23 13:48
Probably because a guy the lets another guy suck his cock knows how kinky it really is and just enjoys the kink part as much as being sucked off..

By knewbi 03,Jan,23 13:43
I know this is an older post but some of you still visit it so it is still active for the rest of us. Yep, I did once. Had my suitcase full of toys and just had a massive desire to spend the night pleasing myself so I check in and had one fucking hell of a great wank session that lasted for many hours. That was back in the days when I could reload over and over.. It was probably one of, if not the, best wank session that I have ever experienced. The fact that I was in that room for one reason knowing that it was all about me and sex just made it so damned hot!!

By knewbi 03,Jan,23 13:40
Once, a long time ago. This girl that I was about to play with was so fucking gorgeous and everyone wanted to fuck her. Well, I got the chance and she went down on me and within seconds I blew my load... She first looked disappointed, but i told her to let me work her while I reloaded. She was ok with the option. In the end we spent the next 4 or 5 hours working one another over. It was the first of many times we would play together. And, she swallowed that first load by the way.

By knewbi 03,Jan,23 13:36
Sure have.. With the wife as well as other sex partners.

By knewbi 03,Jan,23 13:33
I felt that way for a few years and finally told myself that If I did not try it I would always be disappointed. But if I tried it and did not like it, at least I would know. Turns out that I love it. While I am not attracted to men, I am sexually attracted to them. As a matter of fact. I love women and love sex with them. But if there were two sex partners for the night and one was a man while the second a woman, it would take one heel of a sexy woman to beat out the guy. Generally, give me a stiff cock over a juicy pussy any day. So... get out there and find some cocks to suck!! If you don't you will regret if the rest of your life.

By knewbi 13,Dec,22 11:16
My wife and I have been swingers for years. She loves fucking other guys and since she loves that I am just fine with it. Actually, it is a turn on watching her with another guy or group of guys. Oh, and I get to fuck other women too. She loves that too. Remember one thing... a person can have sex with anyone but can only make love to that special person. So, with that in mind, sex is just an adult recreation so enjoy it... But you do have to have a very strong relationship between the two of you in order for this to work. Trust me on this as I have had years of experience and have the absolute strongest marriage of anyone that I know.

By knewbi 29,Oct,22 13:03
Back when I was still working I use to go on line and bring up some sexy babe's picture and jerk off before opening up for the day. I use to print out the photo and give it to a friend that worked next door and he would jerk off to that same babe. Some times I would have a couple babes of the day so would jerk off to one and print the photo of the second and have an afternoon jerk session in the rest room.

By knewbi 29,Oct,22 12:41
Yep, never tried a glory hole. Would love to though some day..

By knewbi 26,Oct,22 12:43
Always thought it would be so fucking hot to suck a number of cocks where you did not see any of the guys faces. Just stiff cocks cumming through a hole in the wall!!!

By knewbi 26,Oct,22 12:40
If I could I would be doing that right now instead of jerking to the many fine cocks on this site...

By knewbi 26,Oct,22 12:38
Head on over to That is where 95% of the cocks that I have played with were found. Last week I received a contact from a guy that was a crossdresser. Two hours later he was stuffing his cock down my throat and I the same to him...

By knewbi 07,Oct,22 16:52
Interesting. Made me think. I would prefer a woman jerk me off but sucking me off I would prefer the guy. Why? Because if he is sucking me off I get to suck him off too. But seeing a woman work my cock just seems more arousing.

By knewbi 07,Oct,22 16:50
As for me... I prefer the guy wear panty hose or just stockings. Seems just a bit kinkier...

By knewbi 03,Oct,22 14:07
Hell yes!! I would be happy to..

By knewbi 03,Oct,22 11:46
Damn.... Would love seeing you plow my wife with that beauty... She would absolutely love it!!

By knewbi 03,Oct,22 11:44
Same here. Love driving around with pantyhose that have the crotch cut out. Love jerking until it spitz... Pantyhose just look and feel so damned sexy!!

By knewbi 03,Oct,22 11:43
Great story. I am always ready to tongue fuck a clean ass.... And "YES" I'd be happy to do yours... (Read another post of yours and love the kinkiness that you seem to posses..)