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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #27233 [Ignore] 27,Mar,11 04:30
Has anyone out there ever taken part in group masturbating
if so what was it like did if feel strange to srip of and wank whilst other around you were doing the same thing or have you jack someone else off while being wanked yourself if you have what age were you and the other in the group or do you just do it alone.

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By nekekal [Ignore] 19,Apr,23 22:57 other posts 
While I was in high school a bunch of us were on a field trip that required us to stay overnight in a motel. I think that there were about 8 of us, probably 4 rooms. There were chaperones, but they went uptown somewhere.

We really wanted to find some girls but probably would not have known what to do if some were there. Someone did get some beer. As we all sat in the room, drinking beer, the subject was girls, and how they could be fucked. As everyone had visions of tits and ass dancing in our heads our cocks were all getting hard. Someone started rubbing their cock and conversation turned to jacking off.

Some suggested that we have a circle jerk. We get in a circle, get our hard cocks out and masturbate. It seemed like a good idea in our young hormone filled minds or at least didn't seem like a bad idea, and our cocks were all in pain, crammed into our pants. So out they came. 8 guys in a circle, pants down cock out in front, hands around them jacking off. The idea was to see who would cum first. Hard to believe that someone beat me.

Soon someone was cuming, then others. We all kept stroking until the last guy came. Then we all laughed self consciously, finished our beer and returned to our rooms and went to bed.

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 19,Apr,23 18:41 other posts 
I did with 3 guy friends Back I was 13 or 14 we jerked off Together. I was the first to come. I was a premature ejaculator back then

By XJacker [Ignore] 19,Apr,23 17:13 other posts 
I had my first group wank in a dormitory on a school trip with my all boys school. There were four of us together in a dorm. We all got naked, got out girly porn magazines and put on sexy panties “borrowed” from mothers and sisters. We did erotic nude poses copying the girls in the magazines. We masturbated ourselves, all of us trying to put on an impressive show of our wanking technique. That was very erotic exciting fun. We wanked each other too. I enjoying stroking off other boys cocks, and having mine stroked off. It was all very erotic and very exciting.

After my school days I didn’t group wank much except at university student parties. We all gradually got nude. Girls were there at those parties and kept asking us boys to show them some wanking. Masturbating with other boys with girls watching us was also extremely exciting and erotic!

Years later we had a group wank on a hill walking trip. A bunch of us guys were in a dormitory. We were drinking and someone found some girl’s panties in his bed. Someone suggested a group wank. We all got naked, played with the panties and put them on. Then we all jerked off together. That was fun!

By #667453 08,Jun,22 17:01
I've never been in a group like that.

By #350718 07,Dec,18 23:39
I have had a LOT of experience with this since I was in High School but here is probably the best one of all my experiences.

I headed down to my local sex shop which has an adult theatre upstairs. They show straight porn (my preference) and a lot of straight guys go there simply to masturbate and watch porn. There are also guys that go there to interact with others in various ways....handjobs, blow jobs or even just watching other guys stroking their cocks so I new that if it was busy I might find some willing sperm donors.

As soon as I entered the porn lounge I had a feeling it might be a good night based on the number of people there. The place isn't very large with a big screen TV in the front and couches in a U-shape around the walls of the room.
The couches on opposite walls are close enough together that if you stretched out your legs and the person opposite you did the same your feet would touch so it's a fairly cosy set up and the floor space in the centre is carpeted.

I sat down in the middle of the far couch as this was the only seat available and I waited for my eyes to adjust to the dim lighting. I looked around the lounge to see what my options might be. There were 4 guys in a row on the couch opposite me, 4 guys on the couch to my left and 2 guys to my left and 1 to my right on my couch. Nobody was doing anything and it was obvious that everyone had covered up when they heard me coming up the stairs to the theatre (which is really common in places like this).

The other guys were all looking around and it seemed like they were trying to assess what this newcomer was into and everyone seemed to be waiting for someone else to make the 1st move. I decided to get the ball rolling so I undid the zip and the button on my jeans, opened my pants and pulled out my cock. I leaned back and watched the porn while I worked my cock towards a nice stiff hardon.

This seemed to put everyone at ease and all but 2 of the guys got there cocks back out and went back to enjoying the porn on the screen. The guy directly opposite me pulled his pants down to his ankles and lay back stroking on a very nice looking cock. It was about 7 inches long, reasonably thick and cut with a smooth dead straight shaft. I alternated my attention between the porn on screen and him stroking his great looking cock and he didn't seemed to mind me watching him stroke it so I made no attempt to be subtle about my interest. After a couple of minutes he caught my eye and I licked my lips quickly and he nodded, stopped wanking and leaned back with his cock pointing straight up. It was all mine!

I immediately decided to put on a bit of a show. I slid my pants and underwear down to my ankles then removed them completely along with my shoes. Then I stood up and removed my t-shirt and put all my clothes on the seat I'd been sitting on. So there I stood in the middle of this small room, stark naked with my completely erect cock waving about as I moved and surrounded by 11 other guys all just staring at me by now.

I dropped to my knees on the carpet and then leaned forward onto all-fours in front of Mr Hot Cock. He thrust his cock upward a bit and I just lowered my mouth straight onto it 'no hands' and started sucking on it with long slow strokes. He let out a sigh and I heard at least one other guy behind me catch his breath at this sudden turn of events. I think my sudden complete lack of inhibitions surprised everyone and I could make out that the guys around me were all whispering to each other although I couldn't hear what was being said.

I could tell my 'victim' was enjoying the experience as he was spread out and was moaning quietly. I accelerated my thrusting and on each upstroke I sucked a little harder and pressed my tongue against the underside of his shaft to increase the friction. It felt so hot having a delicious cock in my mouth and knowing that a bunch of other guys were watching. The guys directly behind me would have had a fantastic view of my thighs and slightly parted ass as I leaned forward to pleasure that tasty cock. The guys to my left would have had an excellent profile view of my mouth sliding up and down a very stiff cock. Either way I hoped they were enjoying the show.

Suddenly I felt warm hands brush against my ass. One of the guys behind me obviously enjoyed seeing my bare ass pointing at him and had sat forward and begun to run his hands over my smooth ass cheeks. I just carried on feasting on that nice prick as he squeezed and rubbed. He ran his hand down between my cheeks, brushing past my hole and down to my balls. He cupped them gently, squeezed them and then tugged them a bit. The feeling got me even hornier and I sucked harder and faster which my cock-donor seemed to be loving if the bucking of his hips and the loud groaning was anything to go by.

Then I heard a voice from behind me say 'can I fuck your tight little ass?' I have never been fucked....just not really my thing I suppose so I stopped dead in my tracks for the 1st time since I'd started. I took my mouth of my new favorite lollypop, rocked back onto my knees and and turned my head around to face the ass groper. 'Sorry mate' I said 'I don't take or give cock in the ass but other than that it's yours to play with.' He looked a little disappointed but I just smiled and said 'if it helps I'd be happy to suck you off when I'm done with this gentleman's lovely dick?' His face went from disappointment to shock...and then to a big smile. He nodded and said 'definitely' and that was it. I took the time to have a good look around the room while I was up on my knees and other than and old guy in the corner who was just sitting there fully dressed and staring, all the other guys had there cocks out and were stroking away nicely. PERFECT...a room full of guys wanking over my live sex show...I was in heaven! I get pretty bold when I'm ridiculously horny so I looked around and announced 'if any of you guys feel the need to cum please move closer and cum on my body.' Then I immediately dropped down to my hands and knees again and plunged my mouth back onto my new friends cock again.

We picked up where we left off and despite the short break I could tell that he was pretty close to losing control. I was excited at the prospect and I bobbed my head up and down enthusiastically, making loud slurping sounds to compliment his increasingly loud grunts. I heard some movement over to my left but paid no attention as I was too close to my prize to care. My guy started to thrust uncontrollably and I could feel the head of his cock pulse. He let out a long really loud moan and he shot a jet of warm salty juices into my mouth. I carried on sucking hard and fast as I felt 3 more squirts on my tongue. Just as all of this happened I became aware that there were 2 sets of grunts and I suddenly felt warm drops of moisture landing between my shoulder blades. I drained the last of my man's seed and then cleaned the head of his cock with my tongue. It had got really sensitive and he pulled it away and just sat there squeezing it. I looked over to my left and the previously fully dressed old guy was standing over me with his half mast cock in his hand still dripping. He had just pumped off a load all over my back. I looked up at him, smiled and said 'thanks, that was hot!' He smiled, put away his cock and left immediately. The other guy said 'thanks mate that was the best head I've had in ages' and he also got up and left.

I was already well pleased with my day's efforts but now I was in horny overdrive. I spun around still on my knees and faced my ass-groper. He immediately stopped stroking his cock and lay back with it pointing in the air. It was smaller than the previous guy...maybe 6 inches but very thick and uncut. I leaned forward and took it in both hands and started to slowly roll his foreskin up and down his cock. When it comes to handjobs an uncircumcised cock is always a little easier to play with so I took my opportunity to have a look around the room while I fisted his thick meat. I now had only 8 guys in my audience and 1 guy hard in my hand but it was still better than I'd ever had and I was intoxicated by the rush. One of the guys to my left was leaning over and sucking the guy next to him with his haed turned sideways so he could still watch. All of the guys were in various states of undress, all of them had their cocks out and hard and they were all clearly enjoying the show.

Just then we could hear someone coming up the wooden stairs leading up to the theatre. Usually when someone new approaches everyone covers up and waits to see what happens. I always find this to be an annoying and unnecessary interruption. Guys generally come here to wank so why bother! My guy started to move and I placed one hand on his thigh and pushed downwards gently. I immediately got to all fours again and took his thick cock straight down my throat. He slumped back in his chair and just gave in to the sensation of my hot mouth around his prick.

The door opened and I heard someone enter the room, immediately followed by a voice saying 'Holy shit!'
Obviously this guy had never entered the theatre to the sight of a stark naked guy on his hands and knees with a mouthful of cock before. I just carried on working that knob with my tongue and pretended I hadn't noticed. The new guy sat down where my 1st guy had been and he was obviously not the shy type. 'What a view' he said as he sat down, 'can anyone join in?' I was about to sit up to explain the rules of engagement again when one of the guys to my left piped up 'you can't fuck him but you can play with his ass or you can cum all over him, he likes that.' 'It looks like it' laughed the new guy, obviously now looking at the pool of cum running down from my shoulder blades to my lower back.

I just continued working my new target and ignored the conversation when I felt a pair of hands grab my ass, one hand on either cheek. Then they pulled my cheeks apart slightly and I felt the divine sensation of a hot wet tongue pressed agains my manhole. Nothing drives me quite as crazy as having my ass licked out and the guy with his cock in my mouth immediately benefitted. I started sucking and licking like a crazy cock whore, plunging my face down until my nose was pressed flat against his belly then sucking hard as I pull back. He responded by holding my head with both hands and pushing my head up and down while bucking his hips, giving my face a good fucking! I was panting and moaning with pure lust as holes at either end were invaded. 'You have one tasty man-pussy' I heard a voice say and I then knew it was our newcomer that was doing such a fine job of munching my back passage. He had the busiest tongue I'd ever had in my ass and he was driving me wild.

'I want to stand up' said the guy with the cock in my mouth, I want to fuck your mouth hard!' I got back up on my knees and he stood up and forced his cock straight back into my mouth. The guy behind me could no longer lick my ass unfortunately but he must have got to the floor because he had taken to licking the old guy's cum off my back. I was even more turned on by that and I was loving having this guy in front of me holding my head and plunging himself in and out of my mouth. An asian guy in his 20s that had been sitting to my left had also stood up and he was now standing next to me with his cock right next to my face, stroking it hard and fast. He was staring at the other guys cock pumping into my mouth and he was loving it.

My face fucker quickly pulled his cock out and held it for a bit...obviously trying to avoid coming so I turned my head to the asian and he didn't miss the chance. He pushed his cock downward and fed it to me immediately, grabbing my head and taking over where the other guy had left off. He was pretty excited and he thrust that thing hard and fast. He had a long thin cock and it went a fair bit further down my throat. I could feel myself gag a little from it pressing so far back and I let out some gurgling sounds. That turned him on even more and he pumped my mouth so hard that his balls made a slapping sound against my chin as he plundered my mouth. This was too much for the other guy and he started jacking his cock wildly next to my face. I didn't want to miss out on his load so I freed myself from the asian guy and just knelt there with my face right in front of their cocks, mouth wide open and tongue stretched out.

Mr thick cock lost it 1st and began squirting uncontrollably. He was wanking so hard that cum just went hair, my face, shoulders and chest. The asian guy was obviously inspired by seeing me drenched in cum and he went over the edge too. His aim was far better and he landed one direct hit after another on my tongue and into the back of my mouth. I kept my mouth wide open and let his cum run over my lips, down my face and onto my chest. As they finished squeezing out the last of their jizz I polished each nob clean for them and swallowed everything I could. Two more happy customers.

The guy who'd cleaned my back was back in his chair so I turned to see if he was keen as well. He was now also completely naked and 2 guys (one sitting on either side of him) were stroking his cock and their own. He had one of the finest looking cocks I'd ever seen. It was long enough for both these guys hands to be wrapped around his shaft and there was still about an inch sticking out the top. I admired the show for a while, just kneeling naked in front of them so they had a full view of my stark naked body. I grabbed my own cock, leaned back and stroked it hard and fast for them. 'Nice show' said Mr Big Cock....obviously enjoying the 2-handed cock massage he was getting from his neighbors. 'Show me your ass again' he said, so I turned to face away from them and got back on all fours. 'Play with it for me' he said....I want you to tease us.'

I've jacked off in front of a lot of guys but I'd never been asked to do this before so I was pretty turned on by the new experience. I reached back with one hand and started rubbing my index finger over my little brown starfish. I licked my finger and rubbed the moisture over my hole. 'Finger that tight hole' he said and I immediately obliged. I eased my finger gently into my ass up to the first joint. I'd never had anything other than my little finger and a few tongues in my ass so it's pretty damn tight. 'Deeper' he said, 'stick your whole finger in there' he demanded. I pressed firmly and slowly until I finally managed to get the whole finger in as far as it would go. 'Now finger fuck that ass for me' he said. I pulled it out and then eased it back in slowly, then again....and again. It was a little uncomfortable at 1st but as I relaxed it became easier and I began to speed up. The sensation was incredible and looking back to see 3 pairs of eyes staring directly at my finger probing my hole was such a turn on.

The guys on the other couch who had been taking turns sucking each other while watching me suck 'thick-cock' and the asian guy had now got up for a closer look. They were standing on either side of me watching my little finger fuck show and both were jacking themselves furiously. The guy to my left suddenly let rip with a huge stream of man sauce and it splatted all over the back of my head and the side of my face. He obviously hadn't cum in a while because it just kept blasting. After about 8 or 9 massive jets of cream he finally stopped. I had cum dripping down my face and he squatted down and rubbed his cock against my cheek, then across my lips. I stuck out my tongue and he rubbed his gooey head all over it, cleaning off the last drops. Meanwhile the other guy also reached the point of no return and he also let his cum fly. He wasn't as full as guy #1 and he blew about 3 squirts over my ass. He leaned forward and the last of his baby-batter dripped onto my ass cheeks. I pulled my finger out my ass as a steady stream of his juices ran down my butt crack and over my freshly fingered hole.

The vocal guy behind me was loving the show. "Look at that hot jizz running down over your balls...damn that's hot!' he said. 'Come and finish me off I'm so ready for your mouth.'
I turned around again and lowered my mouth onto the tip of his cock sticking out over the 2 hands that were still pumping it in perfect time. One of them let his cock go and the other guy started wanking him hard and fast into my mouth. 'I'm gonna drown you in cum' said Mr Big and with that his cock started to pulsate in my mouth. The 1st massive load hit the back of my throat with such force that I almost gagged. He yelled out 'drink my spunk baby...swallow every drop' as his piston of a cock pumped out more cum than I'd ever had the pleasure of tasting! I swallowed as fast as I could but there was still heaps of it oozing out the sides of my mouth and running down my face into his lap. This guy was like a fountain and I was loving it. When he was done cumming I carried on sucking as his cock soften slightly in my mouth. 'Yeah keep sucking you dirty cumslut' he said and I gave his big plunger a thorough cleaning.

When I was done he patted me on the head like a dog and said 'good boy' then started dressing himself. I was pretty tired at this point and I just flopped onto my back and lay there stark naked, spread-eagled on the carpet. My mouth was too tired for anymore cock so I lay there stroking my cock. It was pretty surreal lying on the floor looking up while other guys were still sitting around jacking off and staring at me naked on the floor. The whole thing was like a dream and I was loving it.

I just lay there and one by one the remaining guys got up and stood or knelt over me and jacked off over my naked body until finally I gave in and shot my own load onto my cum covered body. I had lost count and I didn't care but that was by far the best experience I'd ever had. I've never again had that many cocks unload all over me but I'll keep never know!

By #553294 06,Dec,18 16:43
Many times back when I was young. Had a couple of regular JO buddies back in grade-school, and a bunch of my buddies & I did it together from grade-school through junior-high during sleepovers & during Boy Scout camp-outs.

By wycowboy [Ignore] 01,Dec,18 19:16 other posts 
I did it a few times when I was in junior high. One time I was at my cousins house and we were watching tv on the couch with his little **** and the girl next door. I was about 13-14, so was my cousin, his **** was about 10 and the girl was about my age. My cousin pulled out his cock and started stroking which kind of shocked me since the girl was there but since she didn't leave or anything I decided to pull mine out and stroke too. The girl seemed interested in the differences between our cocks. I'm about 5 inches, cut and slender, mu cousin was about 7 inches, bigger around and uncut. I guess the girl liked it since she started rubbing her mound too. After we all had a good cum we noticed the little **** had been stroking too. We were all so busy watching each other we forgot he was there,

By #573046 01,Dec,18 00:05
I had masturbated with my other 3 friends in the same room at the same time.We were around 15 and one friend took his pants off and started playing with himself.We got interested in him and I felt excited seeing him.So we all got bottom naked and walked around the room, while watching each other.

By #500100 30,Nov,18 17:29
I'd love to do this, just a bunch of guys and girls sitting round naked wanking. Each person playing with themselves until they cum.

By #555896 29,Nov,18 08:43

By lovetolickyou [Ignore] 28,Nov,18 17:49 other posts 
I had a girlfriend pull my cock out and jerk me off in front of my best friend and his girlfriend one night. It felt embarassing and at the same time really exciting. The other girl's reaction when I shot a big load was memorable.

I'd love to get a group of mixed men and women together now to jerk off together. If I could figure out how to arrange it, I'd do it, but with craigslist gone, it's hard to find interested people.

By #537175 28,Nov,18 15:43
a regular occurrence when I was at high school ,usually 4 or 5 of us . but sometimes a couple others joined in . we also jerked each other , and apart from the usual comparing who was biggest we competed to see who could squirt most and furthest.It got a bit sticky and messy , but as it was mostly outside in some local woods it wasn't a problem except for any guy who got in the way and ended up with stained trousers .

By #64328 28,Nov,18 13:30
We never had circle jerks or masturbated in a group but had several friends that we masturbated together one on one. We were always very secretive of the horny things we did and the funny thing was we were all doing the same things. Most of the friends that I masturbated with admitted they had done it with other friends too

By knewbi [Ignore] 27,Nov,18 11:27 other posts 
It would never work for me as I would always end up on my knees with all of those cocks in my mouth...

By #572188 18,Nov,18 16:33
In my school years I was at school and we had a PE lesson.So after that all boys went to a shower.We were 15 boys naked in a showers.I started jerking and got erection.So did my friend.Then few other classmates.Very soon every naked boy in the shower had an erection and masturbated

By routemaster [Ignore] 27,Nov,16 03:58 other posts 
I've been to LOTS of gay group masturbating and circle jerk sessions, they're GREAT, especially if, like me, you enjoy being the guy in the middle with everyone shooting their HOT LOADS over you!

By niceonebighead [Ignore] 26,Nov,16 18:06 other posts 
1st time jo another guy iwas about6 iwas jo in coal housegot caught by 2 older boys said they would tell my mom if i didnt go with themwe in there house oldest about 13gets his cock out its hard tells me 2jack him im strokein him other boy say let me stroke it okhes strokein him says 2 him does hurt yet he says no hes says here u can stroke it im jackin it good it goes 2 cmmin i never missed a stroke the one that give me the cock back 2 strokeis laughin cause i got cum all over my hand just wiped it off 1st time i had seen a cock cum jacked it off many more times

By smartex [Ignore] 17,Feb,13 11:08 other posts 
Love masturbating in company. I have done so with girlfriends (duo) and other guys (up to 3)...

By #11431 15,Feb,13 09:46
a gf of mine once took part in what was called a 'greedy girl' session , which meant she stripped off , lay down & then frigged herself in the centre of a circle of guys all tossing themselves off. One by one the all splattered her with cum . I watched but didnt take part . She did this a few times but I only went along the once . I have only done this with a single partner , which hardly counts .
By #341563 15,Feb,13 13:49
My fantasy...did she cum as well
By #11431 16,Feb,13 06:40
I honestly cant remember ... the men all came really quickly that I doubt it actually. What was amazing ( to my mind ) was that none of the mind attempted to fuck her ( or me ! ) . We had said up front that wanking only , and they did respect that , which was good as most men in my experience dont have much control once they have glimpsed a wet pussy !
--------------------------------------- added after 39 seconds

neant to say 'men ' not 'mind' !

By #166058 15,Feb,13 08:15
i had a group wank with a load of lads from school on a school trip once.. there was about 8 of uss all 15 and we had a race to see who could come first and the last one to cum had to drink everyones cum from a glass

By #265525 01,Jan,13 07:21
Group action is fun, Its so nice to watch others stroke!

By tallmanjd [Ignore] 31,Dec,12 19:00 other posts 
many times at a warehouse in san franciso was the best had about 100 guys san francisco jacks First time when I was 17 with 8 other guys

By #299180 31,Dec,12 18:51
I participate in a few looking for more to wank with.

By #188813 31,Dec,12 12:56
YES! I love being in a big circle jerk. Especially when I'm in the middle and all the guys cum on me. Bukkake!!!
By spermkiss [Ignore] 31,Dec,12 16:01 other posts 
Isn't that great? I like it when twelve or fifteen guys show their love by shooting their jizz on me. I like having a face with so much jizz on it that it looks like a glazed donut.

By pornlover59 [Ignore] 31,Dec,12 08:26 other posts 
i'm up for joining one!!!

By #196621 30,Dec,12 12:39
jerk partys are lots fun mixed sexs orall male its aways fun i
By slipper [Ignore] 31,Dec,12 01:35 other posts 
"...orall male..." A slip-of-the-tongue? Good one!

By #220845 30,Dec,12 13:03
A few times

By #27233 07,Apr,11 07:37
I go to the local sportscentre either to use the gym or to have a swim ,but its afterwards i enjoy its going back into the changing rooms to get out of my sweaty clothes or my wet trucks its taking of that last bit off and standing there naked so others can look on sometime i have a long slow shower or i towel dry my hair and upper body whilst leaving my cock in full view for others to see i get a buzz and turned on to know that other are looking its not all one way i do look at other guys cocks as well. so my question to all you out there do you do the same when your in the changing rooms or do you just get dressed as quickly as you can and get out of there.
By spermkiss [Ignore] 11,Apr,11 13:18 other posts 
Easy answer. Keep the clothes off as long as possible.

By spermkiss [Ignore] 28,Mar,11 02:34 other posts 
Dozens of times. Coming with a group of other men is really fine. To go together is blessed; to come together devine.
By #152815 10,Apr,11 17:16
I'll bet you do it religiously.
By spermkiss [Ignore] 11,Apr,11 13:14 other posts 
Well, yes, I do spend a lot of time on my knees.

By jocstfr [Ignore] 10,Apr,11 22:07 other posts 
I have participated in several circle jerks. It is very erotic to jerk one guy while someone else strokes your cock. One time at a gay resort a group of 8-10 guys jerked each other in the pool. When one guy shot his load it was like a chain reaction for me and the others. The hot thing was that in water, your cum stream goes on forever sometimes 3 feet while still attached to your cock slit.It was very hot seeing all these cum streams leading to the various cocks, sometimes cris crossing each other.

By #7976 10,Apr,11 20:11
If two or three women and myself count, then yes. It can be a totally erotic experience just to sit back and watch your partner(s) masturbate while you masturbate yourself. It's a freeing type of experience since it's something most people don't every do in any type of public setting and consider being caught by someone else a bad thing.

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