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By wycowboy 01,Mar,24 10:37
A lot of us do

By wycowboy 21,Feb,24 11:27
Riding bulls in rodeo. That's why my body is so broken down at 60

By wycowboy 16,Feb,24 10:16
Yes, with my cousin and others including one girl, starting at about 12

By wycowboy 13,Feb,24 15:04
The internet wasn't available in the 70's so most porn was in a magazine. Penthouse and Hustler were my favs

By wycowboy 13,Feb,24 15:03
I wish I had been there, I would have jerked off too

By wycowboy 13,Feb,24 15:00
First orgasm I was about 11-12, first time squirting semen out of my cock I was about 14, maybe 13. Been doing it ever since.

By wycowboy 13,Feb,24 14:58
My 84 Ford P/U sounds kind of odd/bad, but then, it's a diesel, lol. But there ain't nothing wrong with the radio!

By wycowboy 12,Feb,24 11:29
I wish I still had the ones I took back then. Or the ones I found in a trash pile when I was about 13. I bet I jacked off a thousand times over those.

By wycowboy 10,Feb,24 11:49
I've got a pretty large 8 track collection as well

By wycowboy 09,Feb,24 10:50

By wycowboy 09,Feb,24 10:50
I'm the same way, luckily I live where country is king and there are a few stations playing older country music.

By wycowboy 08,Feb,24 11:17
Exactly. My small cock works just like their bigger cock and can give just as much pleasure so why worry about it.

By wycowboy 07,Feb,24 10:44
Thinking back on it and knowing the bastard better now I'm surprised he didn't try something with me back then

By wycowboy 07,Feb,24 10:42
I've loved his singing ever since he got started. Too many of the last people to sing country western music are dying these days. I'm glad I am getting old too so I won't see the actual death of it.

By wycowboy 04,Feb,24 05:42
The first real porn I saw was when I was 15. My brother in law took me to a porn place in downtown Denver called Kitty's. We saw Debbie Does Dallas. I came in my pants (hands free) and loved it.

By wycowboy 03,Feb,24 08:58
I miss them all time and always sing along to their music. They made music when it was actually music not this autotuned crap today's "artists" are making.

By wycowboy 25,Jan,24 10:11
I'm old enough to have noticed the trend in fashion and what you have said is true.

By wycowboy 23,Jan,24 17:03
I don't remember for sure, must have been 12 or 13 as I had a full bush to show off by 15.

By wycowboy 23,Jan,24 17:00
I want to get my frenulum pierced

By wycowboy 23,Jan,24 09:44

By wycowboy 19,Jan,24 10:28

By wycowboy 15,Jan,24 12:05
I agree. Leave it natural, whatever that is.

By wycowboy 15,Jan,24 12:04

60 year old cock, still works.........mostly

By wycowboy 14,Jan,24 12:09
Many prayers for the people in Grindavik and all of Iceland

By wycowboy 09,Jan,24 15:43
The back seat of my old Mercury's and Pontiac was pretty comfortable and my current truck has a flatbed. You're welcome to use it. The hood and or truck isn't too bad either.

By wycowboy 08,Jan,24 20:40
depends on the vehicle

By wycowboy 28,Dec,23 10:00
I'll let anyone suck my cock. Man, woman, trans, I don't care. A blow job is a blow job.

By wycowboy 28,Dec,23 09:58
I have three butt plugs, a 6 inch dildo, some sounding rods, a penis pump, a masturbation cup and an estim machine.

None of this stuff is hidden, it resides in my bedside table. I decided a while ago I did not care if my wife knows about it. If she doesn't want to have sex anymore she will just have to deal with these things being there.

By wycowboy 26,Dec,23 15:04
I think using my vacuum cleaner would be about as good

By wycowboy 26,Dec,23 15:02
It's not something I ever thought or even cared about

By wycowboy 24,Dec,23 11:38
It's simple for me. My wife can't get pregnant anymore (hysterectomy) so having a stranger dump a load in her is up to her.

While I love to cum a huge load in any womans pussy I'll only do it if she asks me to.

By wycowboy 11,Dec,23 17:37
Classic country or rock

By wycowboy 06,Dec,23 11:18
Sad news

By wycowboy 04,Dec,23 11:13
I walk around naked in the woods every chance I get, no pics though

By wycowboy 04,Dec,23 11:11
I've fucked many times in the front seat and the back seat, on the hood and or the trucnk lids out in public. I never cared when I was in high school. I was horny all the time and if a girl was willing I was ready.

By wycowboy 30,Nov,23 11:13
I didn't think about this yesterday but Wyoming passed a law allowing women to be topless in public if they wished. It got a lot of support when it was first proposed. After it passed I saw several women here that tried it out. Sure, men leered and made rude comments but after a bit no one made a big deal over it. After a few months it was rare to see a womans tits.

Vermont allows full public nudity unkess they passed a law there prohibiting it that I didn't here about. You have to be in good taste, no erections etc but it is allowed.

So, the US is catching up to Europe, slowly, very slowly, but we are catching up.

By wycowboy 29,Nov,23 09:35
I don't think so. Once it became common place and usual it would not be a big deal and would lose the sexuality of being nude in public.

By wycowboy 24,Nov,23 10:55
I've fucked on the hood of a car, on the trunk, in the back seat, in teh front seat and while driving. I've also gotten blowjobs and handjobs in all those areas.

By wycowboy 21,Nov,23 10:15
Mine was the first chance my GF, now my wife, and I had to fuck after I returned home from boot camp. I hadn't had an orgasm, except for one wet dream, in over 3 months. Nor had I had one in the 3 days until we got our chance. Her parents had gone somewhere for a couple of days and her older sister went with them. My GF and I planned for me to spend the night at her house. We started in with some foreplay and quickly moved on to fucking. I came pretty quickly but just kept on pumping until I came a second time about 15 minutes later. We made love 6 times that night. My best time ever and also my personal best.

By wycowboy 21,Nov,23 10:10
Mine hangs to the left and also has a slight bend to the left when hard.

By wycowboy 15,Nov,23 20:00
I don't wank much in the am. I have all day to do it so.......

By wycowboy 15,Nov,23 19:59
I have only had 2 lapdances. Only one made me cum although the other one came close. The one that did was rubbing her thong covered ass all over my erection, still in my jeans. then she pulled it to the side so I could see her pussy. I gently rubbed her ass and pussy for a minute. My cock was leaking precum at a furious rate by then. I think she felt the wetness because she told to get it out, which I did. It wasn't 2 minutes later that I spurted a big load on her ass and cunt. Totally hands free.

By wycowboy 15,Nov,23 19:58
I have only had 2 lapdances. Neither one made me cum although one came close. She was rubbing her thong covered ass all over my erection, still in my jeans. then she pulled it to the side so I could see her pussy. I gently rubbed her ass and pussy for a minute. My cock was leaking precum at a furious rate by then. I think she felt the wetness because she told to get it out, which I did. It wasn't 2 minutes later that I spurted a big load on her ass and cunt. Totally hands free.

By wycowboy 13,Nov,23 11:50
I just ordered 2 from etsy. They should be here in about a week. I'll post pics when they arrive.

By wycowboy 13,Nov,23 11:49
Yeah, I'm about average I guess

By wycowboy 12,Nov,23 10:30
She's 85 and weighs about 100 pounds and she lost interest in sex about 40 years ago according to my deceased father in law

By wycowboy 08,Nov,23 09:32
I never skinny dipped at a pool but I would go skinny dipping at local ponds with both girls and boys. Lots of good fun was had by all. I always got fully erect and sometimes somebody would help relieve the pressure. I still go but rarely. Mostly because now it's more of chunky dunking than skinny dipping.

By wycowboy 06,Nov,23 15:45
I'm maybe an inch or so flaccid and about 5 inches hard. I love piercings, I'm thinking of getting a Prince Albert.

By wycowboy 31,Oct,23 18:20
I took German in middle school. I've forgotten almost all of it though. It's been since 1978,

By wycowboy 30,Oct,23 11:39
My sisters and I would masturbate in front of each other all the time, especially my younger sister.