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By wycowboy 29,Nov,22 10:42
That's exactly why I occasionally like to wear them

By wycowboy 15,Nov,22 12:18

By wycowboy 12,Nov,22 17:02
Mom is probably hoping to have some of that beautiful cock of yours in her pussy

By wycowboy 12,Nov,22 16:59
Cumming in a pussy is a beautiful thing. I've been privilaged to be able to do that all of my life.

By wycowboy 12,Nov,22 16:57
Shortly before I got married my wifes parents had gone out of town for the weekend. I had gone over to their house to see my girl, now my wife, and maybe get a little. Well, I got a lot. We went into her parents bed room and fucked 5-6 times in a row on their king size water bed. I was home on leave from boot camp so I was very horny and full of cum. Anyway, I finally pulled my underwear on and fell asleep. When I got up the next morning I went in to the bathroom to piss and I remember it hurt like a sumbitch to get the underwear off enough to piss. I'm pretty sure I left some skin in the fabric, LOL

By wycowboy 10,Nov,22 10:58
My little sister had a friend who was crushing on me when I was about 18, she was 15. She was always grabbing me cock and loved it when it would get hard. She knew I wanted her but I refused since I could get into some trouble even though the age of consent in Colorado is, or was, 14 at the time. Finally I said fuck and we had a lot of fun one night with my sister watching and fingering herself.

By wycowboy 07,Nov,22 10:10
The kind that makes me cum

By wycowboy 04,Nov,22 12:44
I used to be a lifeguard in high school and we wore speedo's. I loved the attention my small cock bulge got, especially when I had a stiffy. I've worn them ever since, even now that I am 300 pounds. The more sheer it is the better. I bought one a few years ago and the first time I wore it was on a trip to Vegas with my wife to hang out with some of her internet friends. I didn't know when I bought it just how sheer it was. Well, I found out the first time I got out of the pool. It was see through, which got my wifes friends attention along with every other person at the pool. Of course I got hard at the attention. It made for a lot of fun over the next few days including one nice orgasm in the pool from my wifes handjob.

By wycowboy 04,Nov,22 12:38
I don't use twitter so what Elon decides to do or not don't with it is not my business and I don't care.

By wycowboy 29,Oct,22 11:12
I've grown kind of attached to mine......

By wycowboy 27,Oct,22 11:21
I used to work security at a Merrill Lynch facility. I would find any place I could to wank off there. The top 2 floors were unused and pretty open so I loved to go to the windows and wank where I could be seen. One day I discovered a ladder to the roof so I want up there and walked to the edge and jerked off until I came and sent my cum to splatter on the sidewalk 6 stories down.

By wycowboy 25,Oct,22 11:47
My wife loves to have her pussy licked and always has a squirting orgasm when I suck on her clit.

By wycowboy 25,Oct,22 11:46
I was about 12 fooling around at my cousins house. We were all nude inside, Jeff and I had rock hard erections. I'm cut, he isn't but I had the bigger cock. His little brother Wade was about 8 and also erect. All of a sudden, while we were jacking out cocks Jeff reached over and gave mine a few tugs, I returned the favor. That was the start of a long summer of sexual fun and experimenting. The only bi experiences I have ever had.

By wycowboy 22,Oct,22 11:52
I walk along my park trails a lot. I wish I could meet someone who would suck me off there. So hot.

By wycowboy 21,Oct,22 12:08
If I had a 9 inch cock instead of a 5 inch I would, every day.

By wycowboy 20,Oct,22 11:33
In high school, probably 81 or 82, my friend and a girl were sitting around his house and had broken out a bottle of Jack Daniels green label and were drinking it. A third of the way through the bottle we started playing strip poker. Being an experienced poker player from hunting for several years they were losing. Jackie was nude first, no surprise, we had to teach her how to play and then Joel. He has an awesome cock by the way. I was last and was rock hard as was Joel. What could Jackie do? she started blowing me and Joel was doing her doggie. we swapped places a time or three and positions too. After everyone had cum at least once we all passed out on his bed, still naked. His mom came home from work and found all of us that way and started freaking out. She was an 80's style MILF so I told her to chill out and join in which got me kicked out of her house for ev

By wycowboy 20,Oct,22 11:24

By wycowboy 20,Oct,22 11:24
I was watched last night. My wife had to stay overnight at work so I was alone in the house. About 10:30 I decided to let the dogs out one last time and I went out on the deck too. I am naked all the time in the house so I was nude. I'd been horny all day and being outside got my cock hard so I started stroking. A few minutes later I noticed the young woman next door was watching me out her kitchen window. That was all I needed to blow my load. After I was done cumming I turned to go in the house but I paused to wave goodnight at her. She quickly ducked out of sight. LOL

By wycowboy 18,Oct,22 11:09
When she sits on your face and her ass cheeks keep your ears warm

By wycowboy 18,Oct,22 11:06
I've been married 39 years. My wife has been taking care of me all summer,ever since Memorial Day weekend. I broke my ankle pretty bad and it won't heal.

By wycowboy 15,Oct,22 14:25
I like seeing cum stains so I joined the group. Why not? It might be fun!

By wycowboy 10,Oct,22 18:25
Come onnnn, ice cream!

By wycowboy 10,Oct,22 11:16
I'm not anywhere near Boston, I live in northern Wyoming so I have no idea but we have a small group of people, that me and my niece belong to here who like to get together once a month and fuck and suck. If we can have one in my small town I am sure there are several in Boston. Just keep your ears open and ask if you can join in.

By wycowboy 10,Oct,22 11:12
Sure, here's one. When I was about 12-13 I was in my parents bedroom with some of my dad's Hustler mags open and jerking off. My little sister and her friend decided to burst in and catch me. Well, of course they startled me and I yelled at first but they convinced me to let them watch. I, being the always horny teen agreed. I continued pulling on my cock, hoping they might join in (and maybe let me fuck my sisters friend who was my age) when, to my surprise, they took off their pants and started rubbing their barely hair covered cunts. It didn't take any of us long to cum after that. I was first and splashed my cum all over both of them which set them off. Good times, in the 1970's, good times.

By wycowboy 09,Oct,22 18:22
The first girl I saw naked that wasn't one of my sisters loved to watch me and my cousin jerk off, alone and each other. My sisters enjoyed me jerking and cumming for them and their friends.

By wycowboy 09,Oct,22 18:20
Not always but I do sometimes

By wycowboy 05,Oct,22 13:06
I go nude in public as often as I can. I always get hard if I know someone is looking at me.

By wycowboy 05,Oct,22 13:04
I was a lifeguard at an indoor pool for a little over a year in high school. We wore speedo swim briefs (men did anyway, lol) and it wasn't always easy to hide a stiffy, especially since we switched stations every 20 minutes. With all the young hotties (this was in the early 1980's) it could be VERY difficult. I finally decided I would not worry about it anymore. I got some smiles every now and then from that decision.

By wycowboy 05,Oct,22 13:01
A true lady who will be missed by every true country music fan.

By wycowboy 02,Oct,22 11:56
I wouldn't make it

By wycowboy 02,Oct,22 11:51
2 of the hottest and best porn stars of their time, especially when they were together.

By wycowboy 02,Oct,22 11:46
Yep. Blue whales I believe.

By wycowboy 02,Oct,22 11:44
I was about 13 or 14 I think. I had been looking at some hardcore magazines of my dads I had found stored in a box in the basement where my bedroom was. The basement was unfinished but had some rooms roughed out with lumber where you could slip through the walls. I was super hard and wandering around naked with my cock bouncing and leaking precum all over my balls and legs. The thought that my mom or dad or one of my sisters might come down the stairs and catch me had me vibrating with pleasure. About 11pm or so I decided to go to bed. As I pulled the bedsheets up the pressure and friction of them was just right and I shot cum all over my chest and face. I loved it and tried to recreate it often afterwards. I've been jacking off ever since and love every orgasm I create.

By wycowboy 29,Sep,22 09:47
My wife generally says no but that's ok, I just get some elsewhere.

By wycowboy 26,Sep,22 14:43
I always did, there is no replacement for experience. I still do fuck older women but it's getting harder to find one since I am now an older man at 59. Good thing is there are younger women looking for an experienced man, lol.

By wycowboy 26,Sep,22 14:41
I do this every now and then. The feel of the warm piss running down to my asshole always gets me hard.

By wycowboy 26,Sep,22 14:39
I bet it was. I had a hard on 90% of the time anyway,

By wycowboy 26,Sep,22 14:38

By wycowboy 26,Sep,22 14:36
I love piss play. I'd be happy to piss on you before a bj or ass fucking you.

By wycowboy 23,Sep,22 12:04
Even when I was young, dumb and full of cum and getting laid almost every day I was masturbating. Usually to get rid of my morning wood.

By wycowboy 22,Sep,22 11:15
Mine is small too but I have always been able to make a woman cum with it, sometimes more than once and when I was young I could shoot cum 3 feet. Now that I am older (59) it just dribbles out and the volume is less but I can fuck longer because there is also less sensation.

By wycowboy 22,Sep,22 11:13
I don't cross dress and am not opposed to people who do. I live my life believing that if you enjoy it and it isn't illegal then go for it. I served in the Marine Corps to give you that right so do it.

By wycowboy 13,Sep,22 11:01
Having a small cock myself I would have to say that I love small ones!

By wycowboy 13,Sep,22 10:59
I've worn the wifes panties before but I much prefer her pantyhose!

By wycowboy 13,Sep,22 10:57
I'm cut but the doctor left a lot of foreskin on. I've always been able to see most of the glans but I don't remember when I first saw all of it, pretty young is my guess which means late 1960's.

By wycowboy 11,Sep,22 19:39
I'm sure there was some of that but I never noticed any of it when I was a boy.

By wycowboy 11,Sep,22 09:23
If a man is inclined to be a pervert he is going to be one. Just swimming naked with other men and boys isn't going to turn him into one anymore than turn him "gay".

By wycowboy 10,Sep,22 15:49
I doubt that men and boys being naked in a swimming pool has anything to do with someone being a pervert. That's just absurd.

By wycowboy 10,Sep,22 10:23
What time should I be over, lol

By wycowboy 10,Sep,22 10:22
I think most men have considered it at one time or another, I know I did. I've done some amateur stuff but that's it. It's fun.