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By wycowboy 16,Jun,22 10:24
I use one a lot.

By wycowboy 13,Jun,22 13:23
Once, in the park. She came over, to see if I was doing what she thought I was I guess, and smiled and gave me a thumbs up and walked away. I came so hard as she turned away, not sure if she saw though.

By wycowboy 12,Jun,22 19:48
I do it all the time. There is something about getting naked and wanking innmy truck that turns me on.

By wycowboy 10,Jun,22 12:52
My wife calls it Henry but I call it the purple headed yogurt slinger

By wycowboy 10,Jun,22 12:50
I've never had any one offer but I'd take the offer if it ever happened.

By wycowboy 10,Jun,22 12:48
Yep. Screwdriver and hammer handles work pretty good.

By wycowboy 10,Jun,22 12:45
The last one I had was in boot camp. I'd been there about 6 or 7 weeks and I woke up one night cumming in my skivvies. I got out of the rack, went to the head, cleaned up, and went back to sleep. I haven't had one since.

By wycowboy 10,Jun,22 12:42
Disabled people need loving too

By wycowboy 07,Jun,22 11:11
I drove truck from the late 80's through the early 90's and loved those Texas rest areas. Anyplace I could show my cock off was a good place.

By wycowboy 07,Jun,22 11:06
Not my thing

By wycowboy 25,May,22 09:33
I've done it a few times but more often I will do it in front of my open front door. Seeing my hand rub my cock and knowing that someone may be watching me masturbate is very hot and as I get closer to cumming seeing my balls bang around is even hotter.

By wycowboy 22,Apr,22 11:50
I love having something in my ass when jerking. Cumming is so much better.

By wycowboy 21,Apr,22 16:46

By wycowboy 14,Apr,22 19:32
About 25 years ago when I was still riding in rodeos we traveled to a rodeo in Kansas with another couple. We got one room with two beds to save money. That night my wife and I were fooling around in our bed while all of us were watching tv. my wife finally pulled me on top of her and inserted my cock in her cunt. I didn't care if Jim and Michelle could see or hear us by then so went for it. The next morning we fucked in the shower and could hear them fucking in the room. After the rodeo we drove home. On the way the girls, who must have planned it gave us boys hand jobs at the same time. Jim and I flooded that poor Mpnte Carlo.

By wycowboy 12,Apr,22 14:53
When I worked security at a hotel I would walk the halls with my cock out and erect all the time. I would also sometimes do it completely naked leaving precum leaking all over. I also loved stripping down and getting in the jacuzzi after it was closed. It was very visible through the glass doors and walls so my cock was erect. I would enjoy the hot water while slowly stroking my cock. I would always bust a great nut in the water thinking about how someone might see me.

By wycowboy 30,Mar,22 18:53
I have an exam at the VA every year with a Labs checkup half way in between exams. My primary physician is a female and I see her every exam and usually at the checkups too. She is very good looking, in her 30's probably, decent body. I get a raging hard on every year when she checks my cock and balls. I quit even getting embarrassed as she doesn't seem fazed by it. I imagine a lot of males get that way with her. I usually have to go home and wank out a load after.

By wycowboy 24,Mar,22 19:09
You had the right to refuse the dare so no one dared those who were strictly straight to do that. Also, you had the right to refuse to have something done to you, such as, daring a male to fuck a virgin female who was not ready or wanted to wait for marriage.

By wycowboy 22,Mar,22 22:32
I met both Katie and Tricia a few years ago in Buffalo, Wyoming at Longmire Days. They are both very fuckable and are actually very nice women.

By wycowboy 17,Mar,22 14:00
Yep, well said. I want to get my wife, or some other woman, interested in doing it to me but I know my wife would never take pics or videos of her doing it.

By wycowboy 13,Mar,22 20:21
Hair or no hair, I don't care. As long as I can get my nut it's all good.

By wycowboy 13,Mar,22 20:19
A friend of mine from my Marine Corps days got one on his cock when we were at Subic Bay in the Philippine Islands. It said Blow Me right on the top. The thought came from all of us in the squadron as we were always saying BMP or blow me pal to each other. We were both drunk on Red Horse beer, what can I say, lol. His wife loved it when we got home and immediatly gave him a hummer.

By wycowboy 13,Mar,22 20:14
I'm not sure nut probably about 4 or 5. My parents rented a house with a partially finished basement. To get to my bedroom I had to go through my older sisters bedroom. She was older, about 8. There wasn't a door on her room or mine. So, I started seeing her nude every now and then and she saw me. Being the ages we were it was no big deal to us. We moved from that place to another rental with an unfinished basement and 3 upstairs bedrooms. I got to sleep in the unfinished basement and my parents and my 2 sisters got their own bedrooms upstairs. By now me and my sister were so used to seeing each other nude we just continued to do so at times as did my little sister. I was about 10 by then so getting an erection took about as much effort as blinking your eyes so every time I saw my sister my cock got hard seeing her pointy tits and little hairy muff. We started masturbating in front of each other and little sis joined in later, something we continued into the times we left home.

By wycowboy 10,Mar,22 09:18
I can't answer that but it sure as hell turns me on! Especially when it's on me!

By wycowboy 06,Mar,22 18:28
We would usually dare him/her to do something sexual to another player.

By wycowboy 06,Mar,22 18:24
I go skinny dipping, chunky dunkin' in my case as much as possible. Anything that might get my cock seen by others is ok to do.

By wycowboy 02,Mar,22 13:03
I'd love to be the serving dish. My cock would be so hard!

By wycowboy 02,Mar,22 13:00
Fuck Putin and Russia,

By wycowboy 02,Mar,22 12:58
I would too! Loved having a boner and knowing other people could see it.

By wycowboy 24,Feb,22 17:24
I grew up in Thornton at 78th and Washington. I graduated from Thornton High School in 1981. I moved to Wyoming in 1992.

By wycowboy 24,Feb,22 17:22
I wouldn't have a problem with it. I can control my erection if needed and seeing all that bare flesh is what I like to see.

By wycowboy 13,Feb,22 16:15
I'd let someone shave my little gherkin if they wanted too. I know it would get very hard.

By wycowboy 13,Feb,22 16:13
I show off my cock as much as possible, a lot of time sitting in my truck at a park with the door open and jerking to an orgasm.

Yesterday I was home alone and it was warm so I had the front door open, we have no screen door either. I was sitting in my recliner jerking off and decided to go to the front door and jerk it a bit. It didn't take very long and the cum was flying. After cumming I had to take a piss so I continued to stand there and pissed on my porch. This was about 2 in the afternoon and I was very visible if anyone looked my way. I enjoyed every minute of it.

By wycowboy 25,Jan,22 08:22

By wycowboy 23,Jan,22 17:08
Well, my wife had three children and I fucked her during all 3 pregnancy's so, yep, I have. Loved it every time.

By wycowboy 18,Jan,22 14:03
I;m very sensitive there too. Playing with my ass while jerking always makes it more pleasurable. Being rimmed by someone also helps.

By wycowboy 10,Jan,22 22:46
I played strip poker with a friend (male) and a girl in high school. We were drinking Jack Daniels as well. After a while we started fooling around which led to sucking cock and fucking her ass and pussy. Good times.

By wycowboy 06,Jan,22 13:38
No but I would love to have someone shave it for me

By wycowboy 06,Jan,22 13:37
My wife knows I look at and wank to men and women on the interwebs. She doesn't like it but she also doesn't care to have sex anymore so..........

By wycowboy 06,Jan,22 13:35
I never had the desire to fuck my wifes sister, just not appealing to me, she weighed maybe 100 pounds and ugly as sin.

By wycowboy 31,Dec,21 11:15
Oh yeah, always checking out the cock next to me and I stand back so they can see mine if they want to. If there is no one next to me when I finish I just shake it off and put it away, if someone is there I give it several slow strokes to milk out any stray urine and get it a little harder and hope he notices.

By wycowboy 31,Dec,21 11:12
I'm 58 and will play with any female from 18 to 80. A cunt is a cunt, they're all pink on the inside.

By wycowboy 17,Dec,21 09:55
I sucked my first cock at about 13, it was my same age cousins. We sucked each other off quite a bit over a years time and then experimented with anal. I haven't tried same sex things since.

By wycowboy 17,Dec,21 09:53
I'm cut but never worried about it.

By wycowboy 17,Dec,21 09:51
I was about 9 or 10. I had been getting erections for a while which could have been embarrassing but my cock has never been very big. Any how, one day I was in my bedroom and decided to play with my self for a longer time than usual. The longer I played the better it felt when suddenly an intense feeling overcame me which I tried to recreate every chance I could. I've been jacking off ever since. 50 years of great orgasms and counting.

By wycowboy 09,Dec,21 15:41
Too many variables. How long has it been since my last orgasm, how long did foreplay last, how hot the woman is. On average I would say about 15-20 minutes,

By wycowboy 08,Dec,21 10:01
Never have and never will. My SIL weighs about 90 pounds soaking wet with three bottles of pop on top and is uglier than a camels ass.

By wycowboy 05,Dec,21 13:16
Mine is 6 times. I had just returned home from boot camp. Not having an orgasm for 3 months meant I was super horny but having to be at my parents house there wasn't much I could do about it until I went out with my gf, now my wife, that night. While on the way to a party for me at my buddy's house we stopped and fucked. While at the party we kissed and fondled which had me in a state of semi-hard and leaking precum. She gave me a hand job in the toilet while there, that was number 2. After we left the party I was taking her home when she mentioned that her parents were gone for the weekend. We went in and got naked in her bedroom and got busy. We fucked 3 more times before finally falling asleep. In the morning I woke up with some morning wood and seeing it had my gf mount it and ride us both to a shaking orgasm. 6 times in about 12-13 hours.

By wycowboy 28,Nov,21 09:09
I don't wear clothes anymore than I have to and never to bed.

By wycowboy 27,Nov,21 10:25
All the real greats are passing and the sad news is......there is no one replacing them.

By wycowboy 16,Nov,21 17:47
I'm 58 and masturbate almost every day but........I only cum once a week, sometimes twice