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Brothers fucking eachother

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #66318 [Ignore] 07,Apr,10 18:07
I'm 18, and have a brother who is 24. We shared a room when I was 11 and he was 17. He would sit in his bed and wank, and I would pretend that I wasn't looking, but of course, I was. Ever since, I have had fantasies of me and my brother wanking together, and sometimes even more. Ideally, I would let him fuck me. I don't find anything wrong with this, because it just doesn't seem wrong to me, but what do you guys think?

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By Jamie [Ignore] 11,Apr,24 12:11 other posts 
We were 4 brothers and 4 sisters only older brother had some play with his cock when I was 10

By wycowboy [Ignore] 11,Apr,24 10:21 other posts 
I never had a brother but I often wish I had

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 10,Apr,24 15:21 other posts 
its more common than you think

By Blade [Ignore] 10,Apr,24 00:15 other posts 
Not me but my best friend; I was sleeping over his house because his older bro was sleeping over HIS friend's house. I was in his bro's bed as they shared a room with twin beds.

Room was lit from street lights, and I was woken up by voices of his brother. I peeked a look because thankfully I was already facing towards my friends bed. His bro insisted he "needed it". I pretended to sleep but I heard movement, and peeked to see friend's older brother pull his head over to far side of bed; brother standing there facing me.

I literally didn't figure out what was happening for minutes. Then the bro's hips start pumping and it dawned on me he was mouth fucking my friend. I heard my friend resist at first, but didn't understand until now.

This went on for what felt like 15 minutes. I felt bad for my friend, but watching his bro just use his little brothers mouth without any apparent concern for him got me hard. I never wanted a little bro more than then, but I didn't have one.

I realized my face was shadowed by window behind me, so I just watched without peeking after that. I was so hard watching this. Then the brother held his head with both hands and was obviously cumming. He then pulls hard on his head as he finished cumming. I realized he's cumming down this throat, OMG.

I touched my hard dick and realized my dick was poking out of my shorts, and I had a puddle of precum in the sheets. As the bro was cumming my friend sounded like he was trying to quietly argue or complain, but he was probably holding back because he didn't want to wake me up. The brother whispered 'clean it up' twice and stood there as my friend apparently must have since his head was still there.

his bro then thanks him with a sarcastic voice and turns and leaves just like that. He closes the door, not as quietly as he could have, and I pretended to wake up. I sat up, and whispered if my friend was there. He didn't respond, so I got up and went to bathroom.

I was so hard still walking to bathroom and when just about there my dick pops out of fly and I leave it. I go into bathroom and jerk off immediately. I wondered what my friend's mouth felt like and after only pumping a couple times at the sink, shot one of my hugest loads ever probably in my life. I meant to shoot into the sink but I over shot at the backsplash, and soaked everything on the sink. toothbrushes for whole family prob (5), razor, hair scrunchies, etc. ever cum so hard it hurts?

Once I came out of cum cloud, I said Fuck to myself because of the mess I made. Back then I hated how much I came normally, but get a kick out of it now. Luckily there was a laundry hamper in there, and full, so I used a dirty towel to wipe up the puddles of my cum. then used a couple of shirts and shorts to wipe off the rest, including my own dick. I clean up what showed, and left toothbrushes and the hair brush with my cum in them still probably.

I went back to room after I flushed and got into bed. my friend had moved but still played asleep. So I just laid down, my dick still throbbing. I pulled it out so it could leak my cum on the sheets instead of my shorts and fell asleep. Never talked about this with friend.

By pifad [Ignore] 07,Apr,10 23:16 other posts 
I have abrother who is 4 years younger than me. When I was 16 and he was 12 we would play with each other. Lick ass holes and balls and suck each others dick.
I didn't and don't see anything wrong with brother to brother sex play. But for some reason cannot identify with brother/sister sex play.
By Jamie [Ignore] 09,Apr,24 16:44 other posts 
Why not just because she doesn't have a cock. Just want to know
By pifad [Ignore] 09,Apr,24 21:51 other posts 
Yeah, I really donít know

By nekekal [Ignore] 09,Apr,24 16:07 other posts 
My older brother and I shared a bed room he was 3 years older and had the top bunk. There are no secrets with people in bunk beds. I played with my penis all the time. I didn't know what it was for, but it was fun and felt good. I was 7 or 8 and he was ten or 11 when we figured out that we were doing the same thing and decided to do it together. Almost every night. Somehow he found out about classic masturbation and showed me and we started doing that. Then started cuming and we did it all the time. No sucking though.

By #675771 02,Apr,24 18:06
When I was 13 my new step brother who was 17 showed me his big hard dick one night. We were alone that night and in the living room we showed each other our dicks. His was big and mine was tiny, we wanked each other and soon took turns sucking. He eventually bent me over and fucked my ass

By #689965 08,Mar,23 14:21
Not with my brothers , but I have with my now brother in law,, when we were young teens we hung out a lot and found we liked being naked together, we use to skinny deap a lot when we went camping, the 2 of use, we would sleep naked then one night we started play which turn to sucking then lead to fucking each other, was awesome, by the time I was 19 I started dating his sister, married her when I was 21, still married to her, he also got married, we played around with each other for a while after getting married,

By pke111 [Ignore] 03,Mar,23 08:57 other posts 
There's nothing wrong with it. My brother is 7 years younger than I, so we didn't spend much time together.

He came to stay with me for a week, which was the first and only time, and on the second night we went to bed and I couldn't get the want out of my head. After a couple of minutes I went into the room he was in, grabbed his hand and led him into my bedroom. He didn't resist.

We had the best time, all night. We were both right into it.
He was 38 and I was 45.

By nakedjim [Ignore] 01,Mar,23 09:51 other posts 
My 3 yr older Brother showed me what my hard little dick could to to feel good. At 11 I wasn't squirting yet but it was great to stroke & suck each other. Sister opened door & found Dave sucking my cock. She was 13 & just starting to bud. Dave pulled off & Janie stayed looking at our naked bodies asking if she could watch. She closed the door & slid her panties off from under her shirt. Dave timidly took my now limp dick back in his mouth & Jamie started rubbing the first pussy Dave & I had ever seen. I pulled out of Dave & started cumming. Jamie started coming with me. From then on until they went to college it was a regular sibling play time for us all. I see nothing wrong with consenting sibling sex.

By #568769 29,Oct,18 13:24
onthelose and foreskin...Did you not notice the date on this post? As I did not either until it was TOO late? It was April 7, 2010. OVER 8 years ago!! This 'guy' has long since done whatever he did and may, for all we know, be deader than a door nail...Unless foreskin knows something none of the rest of us do? Please fill all us pissed off and confused in if you do, foreskin...

By onthelose [Ignore] 24,Oct,18 23:29 other posts 
To many on here what you want to do would be life altering. Some are against anything but married in the dark missionary position sex for the sake of procreation. I think most of us see sex as just that sex! If you over think everything then I would guess you don't do much in life. If you have to have a committee meeting or ask for permission, you also will never do anything of importance. If you have to be IN LOVE to have sex ,well you will miss out on a lot of sex and later say to yourself what was I saving myself for. Many of us regret not doing some of the things that came our way, when we are older. This of course doesn't mean you should go out and do everything that comes to mind. Some common sense is in order. Sadly that is sorely lacking in todays world. So should you have sex with your **** if he is willing, I would, but I may be unbalanced. Your parents and friends might not think its a good idea, keep that in mind if you decide to follow your desires.

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] 24,Oct,18 15:50 other posts 
We have been naked together many years, jerked and sucked eachother off too..We loved rubbing our cocks all over our naked bodies..Never had anal with him but dont have anything against it..Would love too!

By #568769 24,Oct,18 14:17
While I am at it...FUCK GOD, TOO. He, hopefully she, is just a sadomasochist. Just LOOK at this World and it's PAIN...He/She must be enjoying themselves immensely...If 'they' existed at all 'they' would be very balanced and understanding, like the most perfect parent. NOT threatening Hell and DAMNATION on us all if we don't behave but actually showing us love and understanding...If God were alive and in human form...would YOU like him/her? I say, HELL NO! He/she would be the absolute WORST friend/colleague/boss EVER!...SO...I say again...Fuck religion ALL TO FUCKING HELL

By #568769 24,Oct,18 14:04
--------------------------------------- added after 51 seconds


By #568769 24,Oct,18 14:01
JEEZ FUCKING LOUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did I NOT notice the fucking date on this??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whatever happened is LONG SINCE FUCKED AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I have said this before. This forum is like Penthouse Forum of years ago. Things are posted or stated JUST to get a reaction...CAN I delete what I just WASTED my time on????????????????????????????? @#R$#%T$T%YYUUU!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~FUCKFUDCK FUMFICLSL;DEUIT;AUWA;KMJG

By #568769 24,Oct,18 13:56
I know you're 18 and that is a VERY confusing age, but I suspect if you are asking a discussion forum having to do with big dicks and have been lacking in some sort of parental guidance? Moreover, I think you ALREADY know you should not do this. But just want someone, even someone you do NOT KNOW ANYTHING say; 'Yeah, sure. Live your fantasy. It's OK!'....I see some have basically said this. Believe me, the internet is NOT the place to find such morally impacting answers! It's quite the opposite...So PLEASE, wake up about where you get your life altering advice...Your answer is within yourself. Don't ignore it if you want to live a happy life into old age.

By #537175 22,Oct,18 08:44
I have an older bro ther like you , but he is 4 years older . Also like you we shared a room and even froma young age we were both comfortable naked around each other . So when he first entered puberty , I saw all the signs , i.e hair around his cock and on chest , cock getting longer and thicker , and often hard . When we went to bed and lights were out I could hear the noise of rustling bedclothes and occasionally he would do aloud sigh . eager to find out what this was I shone my torch over one night and saw him eyes closed but with hand around his cock and stroking hard . As he was close to to cum which at that stage I didn't understand , he just carried on and I saw a few streaks of fluid shoot up and land on his body . he cleaned up and explained wht he had been doing and my 9 year old little cock was hard so I let him gently stroke me till I felt like I was about to pee , but in fact I reached my first orgasm , Obviously dry orgasm till I was a few years older . We often lay in each others bed and stroked each other . I was fascinated just how big my siblings cock was becoming , indeed he is hung and now over 8 inches . He started uni a year or so ago , but on the odd weekend he is home we still jerk each other , even although he has a gf . we have never gone further than jerking each other , except one night when he was drunk he asked me to blow him I am a gay guy , which he knows , and have a bf . my **** has actually been in same room when I have been having sex with my bf which I get a huge turn on from . he sometimes has his gf aat the house having sex and I listen next door

By #502711 22,Oct,18 06:00
If it feels good, do it!
By cumonme1 [Ignore] 22,Oct,18 07:04 other posts 
I agree do it if you like it

By #563965 21,Oct,18 04:04
I think it's more common for boys in general to experiment while young sexually and a lot of people do with their mates but I suppose if that doesn't happen you might end up doing it with your **** but your really need to think about something more healthy. You may not have much sexual experience which might be why or might be very curious but it's your ****! Your bond is by **** and shared experience of family and growing up together, not one of sexual experience.
If anyone who likes **** can tell me why, I would love to have a conversation to try and understand it's popularity

By #568296 21,Oct,18 03:08
My step **** would put his cock in my mouth and thrust his cock down my throat. He slapped his cock against my face when he wanted. when done with my mouth he would strip me naked hold me down and fuck me in my ass

By cumaddik [Ignore] 01,Feb,14 14:02 other posts 
When i was 16, i had sex for the very first time...and it was with a male...and he was my older gay ****.
I have to admit...i loved it!
After that first time, we use to play for a while.
I'm not really proud of it...but i'm not ashamed either.

By #95006 11,Nov,10 08:31
I can't believe the double standard so many seem to have on this site when it comes to this topic. Incest topics are pretty common here as many of you know, but when it's a brother and sister most people are against it. Now that it's two guys many seem to condone it. Incest is incest, and is wrong no matter the gender.

By spermkiss [Ignore] 07,Apr,10 18:43 other posts 
This is a very interesting question, especially since you indicate on your page that you identify as straight. It does not seem wrong to me either, but this is an hypothetical answer since I never had a brother. Brother/sister sex, however, seems very wrong and I'm not sure I can explain the difference. I'm sure that it must have to do with the imposibility of pregnancy resulting from sex between brothers. I'm egar to hear what other SYD members have to say on this. Please, more comments.

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