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What's the longest you've masturbated?

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Started by #550700 [Ignore] 09,Jul,18 01:55
How long have u masturbated b4??my step **** and I n play..get spun out and masturbate confront eachother ..get freaky..dress truth or dare...role play...sph...we do all kind of freaky stuff.a couple weeks ago we masturbated for 38 straight hours!!it was awsome!!we shower n have eachother...jus have spun fun!!!

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By Greek18cm [Ignore] 05,Jun,22 03:15 other posts 
25 hours...
The ending was bot enjoyable but...
...the process was awesome.

Ofcourse half of those hours was just me keeping my cock erect instead of really stroking it..

I wanted to see if I could do it and I did...

Did not have an appetite for hard on for 2 days after this.. It could still get up but I was giving no attention to it.

By #667453 23,May,22 09:12
I've edged for hours if I'm chatting to a real attractive man☺️

By allin4cum [Ignore] 28,Mar,21 16:51 other posts 
for me, my longest time was about 12 hours. Just sat in front of my PC and kept at it for the entire day.

By thebeewolf [Ignore] 18,Mar,21 18:54 other posts 
The longest I can remember was a couple of years ago. I put on a 50 minute Cock Hero video, got out the lube, and followed along. Granted Was using a fairly light touch, but I still felt very proud of myself that I made it to the end and when told to cum boy did I. I had earned it.

By overeight [Ignore] 15,Aug,20 18:41 other posts 
Well once I went to a swinger party but I was single and the only single guy there. Well it being my first time at a swinger party and not knowing but one couple I sat there looking around for awhile and after a bit I just stood up dropped my pants and slowly sat and stroked my cock while I saw women sucking cocks and eating pussy and guys eating women and taking turns. I didnt get fast or anything just a slow steady little stroke. The next thing I know 3 of the ladies come to me and said hmmm you have a nice cock can we suck it. I was like have at it. That night I had 5 women suck my cock and 3 fucked me. I was blown away and I was invited to come the next time they met but I lost contact with the folks. But I did have one hell of a night that night. I probably stroked my cock for an hour until I got my first woman sucking it.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 15,Aug,20 21:45 other posts 
I've done that too: stroke my cock at swingers club. But I've been sucked by one woman who was being fucked by a black dude.
By Lvphose [Ignore] 16,Mar,21 15:32 other posts 
Great story! Something I would fantasize about.

By #637729 16,Mar,21 11:04
Maybe 1.5 hours. But I usually j/o for about 30 mins daily. I've never had more free time for longer sessions...

By willylee [Ignore] 16,Mar,21 06:22 other posts 
About 18hrs and came for nearly 2 minutes

By #637996 13,Mar,21 02:27
About 10 hours

By #637531 13,Mar,21 00:41
I'm always around 2 to 4 hours. I was blessed with stamina.

By #631189 12,Mar,21 13:00
I can usually last about 2 to 2 1/2 hours before my penis begins to hurt. I love giving it a good hard workout but have to be careful as it gets sore eventually and I get recurring balanitis. But at the time I absolutely love a nice long dry hard wank

By #600792 12,Mar,21 11:45
around 36 hours xxx

By #638108 12,Mar,21 08:53
The longest was probably at least 40 hours out of 72. And then there was probably 8 hours of assplay.

By j0shua [Ignore] 14,Jan,21 16:45 other posts 
The longes I have done was about 5 hours and it was great.

By #621517 14,Jan,21 16:25
About 6Ē masturbating my own cock, about 7Ē giving someone else a helping hand

By KingSparks [Ignore] 13,Jan,21 20:45 other posts 
Somewhere around 15 hours was my longest. Never thought I could cum so much. It was fantastic

By #632553 05,Jan,21 14:50
All day

By #611811 23,Dec,20 07:50
About one to one and a half hours to pictures.

By #631189 22,Dec,20 16:00
Around two hours and I canít hold it in any longer. I always find it pretty arousing the next door when I have a piss and see how sore and red my cock is

By Greek18cm [Ignore] 22,Dec,20 15:09 other posts 
Once I masterbate for over a day (more than 25-26 hours).

Wanted to see if I could.
And yes admittedly some of those hours (6-8 you know 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there) was spent just trying to keep it hard instead of jerking it...

When I decided to cum it was unpleasant.

Generally fucking or masterbating it takes more than 4 hours to me but that's me,its not normal.

By leopoldij [Ignore] 20,Dec,20 19:48 other posts 
5.3 kilowatts

By #621142 30,Sep,20 15:22
7 inches
By german_guy [Ignore] 12,Dec,20 16:57 other posts 

By KingSparks [Ignore] 12,Dec,20 13:35 other posts 
15 hours is the most for me.
Right now I'm at hour 6.

By #599419 29,Sep,20 06:26
I usually edge for an hour but have gone up to 4 hours before cumming. The longer I refrain from cumming the more explosive the ejaculation and I tend to shoot pretty far basically hitting my chin as I'm lying on my back. The orgasms leave me breathless.

By earthy [Ignore] 28,Sep,20 12:53 other posts 
I masturbated/edged for about 3 hours or so once. My roommate wanted to watch me. It was amazing and erotic. Funny thing is, he still insists he isnt gay or bi, that he just gets off on it. He even let me give him a handjob twice, but same thing, not gay. Hmmm

By #613564 25,Sep,20 01:19
video chatting with a lady love? Getting close to that 4 hour thing, they warn guys about, taking those pills, but I wasn't but like a CEDAR TREE with her!!

By #626465 23,Sep,20 19:12
In the days of a prevalent orphan annie, it was common to edge and get off sometime after 48 hours. I managed inly once to extend that, only after i fell down on the ice could i replicate it. 32 - 36 hours of edging , smoking and spun with several sexy trannies on chaturbate. And like others , i got off so hard it was almost transcendent, i couldnt walk for close to an hour afterwards - damn those were the days!

By #624140 22,Sep,20 15:06
Maybe about 36 hours with stopping and edging.My cumshot was biggest I ever blew

By #621517 22,Sep,20 14:55
I guess solo wanking no more than about 10 minutes. After Iíve edged for a bit Iíve just got to take myself through to a cum. But when my wife HJís me I take much longer perhaps 20 minutes till I spurt my load.

By liketoedge [Ignore] 22,Sep,20 14:13 other posts 
I learned from a friend growing up that the longer you do it without having a orgasm the more intense it feels

By #608810 21,Sep,20 12:03

By #551147 16,Aug,20 14:00

🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇲

By Strongmember# [Ignore] 16,Aug,20 11:38 other posts 
hmm i started Wednesday

By #623896 15,Aug,20 22:21
When I used meth in my 20s I could masturbate for 10 hrs..felt great..hard to come but when I did..boom

By #620471 10,Jul,20 09:31
59 years straight!...and counting!!!

By #621421 10,Jul,20 09:08
When I was high on speed I masturbated for 3 days straight.

By DDDP [Ignore] 10,Jul,20 00:41 other posts 
I rubbed hIm for like 28 + hours. Boy was he sore and rubbed raw the next few days. Alls I can say is cocaine is a hell of a drug lol. I think I got off like 7 times that day.

By #522791 23,May,20 17:59
Geeesh idk 1 hour max edging wise...i love cumming again soon after tooo

By #615192 22,May,20 13:24
Lately its been some 6-8 hour long sessions of edging (enough tugging to keep it hard) while teleworking.

By Greek18cm [Ignore] 22,May,20 11:29 other posts 
25 hours but more than half of that was just keeping it hard instead of stroking it...

I was experimenting of how long it would be if I try and after the first 10 hours it came the idea of making an all day effort... it has been 4-5 years...
It was not satisfying when I let it go and cum.

By dragonsegg [Ignore] 22,May,20 06:50 other posts 
My longest edging session was for 4 hours, chatting with some one

By knewbi [Ignore] 21,May,20 16:06 other posts 
Probably 4 hours. I generally bate 2 to 4 hours daily. I stroke until I find that special picture, video or stream that tells me that "this is today's jerk off partner"!

By #516354 21,May,20 00:41
My ex wife,who was also my Mistress,loved to edge me and a loved it.After a couple of hours of edging the orgasm was fantastic.One day she caught me masturbating to some porn when I was not allowed to and decided to teach me a lesson.It was a Monday evening and she edged me for 2 hours without letting me cum and then left me till my cock went soft.She then put my cock cage on and repeated the process for the rest of the week till the Saturday.On the Saturday evening she edged me again and after 2 hours I was expecting the same thing again.But she kept going and 4 hours later my balls were aching,I was crying in pain and begging her to let me cum.She started laughing and edged me one more time before letting me cum.The orgasm was so intense that my whole body shook and I nearly fainted.

By anyfun [Ignore] 20,May,20 13:26 other posts 
3 hours

By #538837 03,Aug,19 12:19
I can go for a few hours when chatting. If I start chatting with someone and we click ( talking dirty, trading pics, etc)
it doesn't take long til I just wanna blow my load. I like edging with a friend, watching each other.

By #583549 31,Jul,19 07:28
For me I can hold off cumming for 2 to 4 hours at the longest while solo masterbating. While having sex with my gf I last about 15 to 20 minutes at best!

By #595788 31,Jul,19 07:26
I usually donít wank for more than about 15 minutes, including working myself up hard then edging a couple times. When I start I just want to cum!

By #595956 31,Jul,19 07:08
3 hours with exgf, no edging just straight up masturbation while she periodically would lick my cockhead

By dragonsegg [Ignore] 25,Jul,19 08:59 other posts 
my longest edging session was for around 4 and a half hours, great cumshot at the end. cock was a little sore too

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