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By Greek18cm 15,Jul,22 18:59
Oh my, I almost cum by reading it...

I am uncut but my skin is usually back...

But I can make it civer the head if I want...

A friend of mine did to my cock what you said... with the tongue inside my skin...

But I don't think an othe coxk can fit in there...

By Greek18cm 05,Jun,22 03:15
25 hours...
The ending was bot enjoyable but...
...the process was awesome.

Ofcourse half of those hours was just me keeping my cock erect instead of really stroking it..

I wanted to see if I could do it and I did...

Did not have an appetite for hard on for 2 days after this.. It could still get up but I was giving no attention to it.

By Greek18cm 24,Apr,22 14:15
Nah not really like all those thinks.

I just, well when watching porn, if the cock is look like mine, I like watch it, like feeling it's mine that fucks the pussy or mouth etc...

Nah generally don't like cocks, just love to compare it with mine.

By Greek18cm 24,Apr,22 12:35
No, I don't touch cocks.
Generally I don't like cocks.

Well I like to compare mine to other cocks yeah but I am not into men...

It's just I don't care if a friend wants so badly to touch or play with mine, I will not say no... Just making clear to him that this is the only thing is gona happened.

By Greek18cm 22,Apr,22 12:43
The random instances occurred about 3 or 4 years back...

But there is one friend (that I am pretty sure os gay) that every time he finds a chance makes contact with my cock.

So that was...I don't know a week ago maybe, by he did ot jack me off or something, but it was the last time someone touched my cock...

By Greek18cm 21,Apr,22 16:03
Both. Usually if it is a female it stops to be a friend and becomes a girlfriend though...

But yeah there are a couple male friends, or more than a couple maybe...

By Greek18cm 20,Apr,22 15:52
Does the following story counts as that?

When we were young kids at a small village all boys and some girls used to play at a nearby river (usually naked at summer).

I was an early developed boy with about 7 inches hard cock compared to 2 inches or 3 inches of other boys.

Plus my cockhead was different from others. My skin was retracted due to a female cousin from Germany that played with my cock preferred it like that.

So bigger and different I was the main atraction for them.

One of our exhibitions was me strapped naked in a poll (or two boys hold me even though it was not neseasary I wanted it) and force my cock to an erection.

Then they make a line and one by one was jerking their little cocks on my cockhead. Every now and then a girl or a guy gave me some strokes if I was going flaccid and the rest continue to masterbate..

By Greek18cm 20,Apr,22 15:23
Oh I feel nice and don't care that I can't cum really.

It's girls that don't like it and I wander why is it so bad...

(And also some friends that played with my cock don't like that I can't cum)

But I feel great.

By Greek18cm 20,Apr,22 15:13
Well to me orgasm and cumming seems the same.

If you mean that if a feel pleasure yeah I feel good at times...

If you mean if my cock have spasms and contracts (sory if the words are not correct) but not shooting cum then no... I no dry orgasms if you mean that, no spasms no cum no nothing.

Just a fat hard cock that you can beat as much time as you please until you bored

By Greek18cm 20,Apr,22 14:59
Even that is a rear thing.
Usually I masterbate 1 hour or two and just stop.

If I insist in order to cum it will take me 4,5 or even 6 hours...

Ofcourse there are exceptions (we'll come ones) that I manage to cum in less than 1 hour but that's not something that happens often

By Greek18cm 20,Apr,22 13:09
Hi. I am not cut (so I guess other guys will give you better answers) but my foreskin is retracted, meaning my cockhead is always out like those guys you see with cut ones!

Personally I like rubbing my cockhead dry, no wet no lubricant nothing. Most guys don't like that or can't enjoy it.

But for those there are many solutions, some use lubes some have a little more skin even they are cut and use it, some use clothes or other substances.

My advice. If you retract your skin obviously the first (many) times you will not feel comfortable to play, especially the first seconds or minute.

After some minutes you will see that it will become more comfortable. After many times or a year you will become like me, you will have a cockhead that does not care about uncomfortable touches.

Be ware, my skin can easily stays behind the cockhead on its own and without complications. If yours Do not stay on its own don't force it. (you can retract to play for some minutes if you want but don't force it to stay for long).

Only if it stays alone, then you can let it there for a day and start to pretend you are cut... It feels awesome.

I tell you what. It sounds stupid but...
Even if I am naked infront of someone, only when my cockhead is out of the skin I feel really exposed and naked...

If that's make any sense. It's that feeling that make me retract my skin. That and that my cock looks awesome like that I guess. Cut ones look better I guess..

By Greek18cm 20,Apr,22 13:00
Let?? Lettt????

My friend until my 20th birthday I did not own my cock.

It was property of my female cousin.
I did not LET her.
She forced it to me... 😂

By Greek18cm 20,Apr,22 12:57
I think your are gonna like mine

By Greek18cm 20,Apr,22 12:55
Well... Let's set some things in the correct order. If you mean embarrassed due to small size then No since I was from very early developed my length (18cm, around 7inch) even at age 8,9 or 10 years old. (at the same point other guys had 6,7 or 8 cm, like 2 or 3 inches)...

I was embarrassed in other ways.
One it was that I was also hairy very early.
Two it was due to my female cousins preferences my cockhead was out of my foreskin which was weird for my homeland boys.
Three. My cock was kinda famous about some incident or should I say hobby the boys and I had at the small village we grew up...

I can elaborate all 3 of those but that's the gist of it.

By Greek18cm 20,Apr,22 12:36
Thise days I usually 99% don't cum.

But back ar my first experiences I remember have orgasms and cum as normal person.

My first was also the first time a girl gave me a handjob.

It was a female cousin that even younger she knew what to do and she show me how to play with it.

By Greek18cm 20,Apr,22 12:33
What's the FMm ??? Female male male??? If you mean that then no...

She just had that fantasy.
Her friend was gay and wanted to.
So they collaborate into making me accept and participate to ...put out my cock...

But no, there was no 3some fuck.

By Greek18cm 20,Apr,22 12:31
Generally I dont/can't cum... But I have to admit that my cock was felt closer to cum during the time she was rubbing the two cockheads together than when I was fucking her...

By Greek18cm 19,Apr,22 16:08
Yeah my female cousin.

We were really young she even younger than me but she knew everything and teach me.

Every summer she came from Germany to Greece for vacations and we... Well she spent hours every day teasing, and playing with my cock.

She was really in to it and she teach me how to masterbate (but as long she was around she was the only who get to play with it).

By Greek18cm 04,Apr,22 08:57
90 % of my friends want to see my cock.
About half of them even want to touch it.

And yes, if we don't count one of my friends, all the others are straight...

So I guess it's kinda natural...

By Greek18cm 26,Mar,22 20:35
I did not know that...

How the thing we did is called?

The cockhead rubs and the shaft to shaft thing..?

By Greek18cm 20,Mar,22 16:44
Forced by a girl to ruby cockhead to an other cockhead before she let me fuck her.

By Greek18cm 20,Mar,22 16:42
Yeah but not straight forward. A little of drink a little of dark room and yeah...

By Greek18cm 20,Mar,22 16:41
Looks interesting

By Greek18cm 18,Mar,22 08:48
Ugly and not beautiful is not the same...

This is not something I have to explain...

Either you get it on yoyr own or you just don't... So move on...

By Greek18cm 17,Mar,22 08:22
Just a typo... ignore the "hurt"

By Greek18cm 16,Mar,22 19:10
18 cm (around 7 inches I think) at 17 years old almost 18 years.

Clearly remember because I had a female cousin that every summer came for vacations and measured me...

So we both remember the year it stop growing...

By Greek18cm 15,Dec,21 14:26
Well my cockhead can cover a tennis ball so I guess I have mushroom head or how else you say it...

By Greek18cm 15,Dec,21 14:24
I can't cum... I guess it's not a skill since is not something a can do but something I am incapable of doing and also it makes the women get tired and bored...

But I think that's my skill...

By Greek18cm 14,Oct,21 18:53
Hi. I am straight to so I will give you my perspective if you asked to suck my cock and how to do it.

First of all you don't know if it will be OK to ask. You can't k ow that for sure. If you know that this guy is gay or by and has experience on that then that's a little more promising for you to be OK to ask...

After that, you obviously asking how to propose without being annoyed. That also depends on how well you know the guy.

Variables could be more than enough to start analyzing them now.

Start by flattering his cock if you have seen it.

Then ask first if it is OK to touch it instead of having a blowjob.

One good excuse to show curiosity about not being or being circumsized.

Then you proceeded according to the responses. If the guy is close to you I suggest not to try anything and keep the social relationship but if you insist I belive the direct approach is the best.

Compliment your friends package and tell him that you craved for his cock... That's all

By Greek18cm 22,Aug,21 15:45
When I was younger I did not have a preference so let It naturally over my cockhead.

A female cousin like to jacking me if and she preferred it pulled back.

I get used to it and later make a conscious dissicion to wear it permanently pulled back as like a cut cock.

Generally I love the feeling and the look.

By Greek18cm 22,Aug,21 15:25
The desire to expose my cock and get opinions and critics about it.

By Greek18cm 22,Aug,21 14:58
When we were young, I grew up in a small Greek village near a river.

As young boys and girls we used to bath their in the summer (when we had no way to go to the beach 20 minutes away).

At the age we all start to explore our body and the body of others those river gatherings was getting more and more exciting.

First the naked swimming.
Then the first erection.
The girls smiles and pointing.
The comparing of length etc etc.

Eventually the next step took place.

The basic manue was as I said naked swimming, then some guys was just standing there with erect boners, some girls was looking, one or two maybe touch and play with dicks and about 8 or 10 guys group masterbate and the absolute finale was rubbing cocks together.

Usually my cock was the basic center and the others took turns to rub theirs on mine. Girls always there. Looking. Lougjing. Partially participating. Offering tissues etc.

Not even my best friend knows that.

By Greek18cm 04,Jul,21 10:57
I have let guys to touch my cock or rub their cocks on mine but I already was hard...

I think it's OK to let a guy suck it but I don't know if a guy can make me hard in order to suck it...

By Greek18cm 02,Jul,21 18:47
If you try and overcome the first 3 days then you will not feel that unpleasant feeling you saying. For me it took me just hours but generally in 3 days you will feel no discomfort and in a week you will not even notice that your head is uncovered

By Greek18cm 24,May,21 20:08
I can't cum at all.
The longer a woman tried was 5 hours...
A friend once jerk me for 3 hours, no cum...
My own masterbation could last 7 or 8 in order to make me cum (even tried and achieve a 24 run once, painful cum).

By Greek18cm 24,May,21 20:03
I am uncut, and almost 90% of the day my skin is permanently retracted...

So if I go pee and it happens to be over my glans I retracted again... It's better to pee like that any way. Easier to clean...

By Greek18cm 22,May,21 07:36
What do you mean exactly? (I am not English speaker)

By Greek18cm 01,May,21 13:12
Janice Griffith
Cassie Young
Gina Devine

My top 3...

Then in no particular order...

Alyssa hart
Brandi edwards
Brandi love
Harmony hex
Izzy bell
Jasmine caro
Jenny blighe
Kendall woods
Kitty jane
Lexi lore
Marsha may
Morgan layne
Milky/Tiffany Victoria
Trisha parks

By Greek18cm 09,Apr,21 20:04
Well it's more of that it swallena after 12 or so hours if I masterbate a lot in the meanwhile... If I just retract it and let it it will not swallen...

I don't know!!!

By Greek18cm 18,Feb,21 07:23
I dont think so...
Carefully what you wish they say...
It was very boring.
Our options were limited...

By Greek18cm 15,Feb,21 15:00

By Greek18cm 13,Feb,21 17:41
My skin is always back.

Due to extensive retract when we were young. I had a female cousin that she was obsessed to make my glans be permanently exposed. It worked...😂

So if I want/need to do what you said I need to try and make it go forward which is not really my thing.

I like how my cock looks and feel with the skinny pulled back...

By Greek18cm 13,Feb,21 17:34
Cum is a very nice sensation of a human experience.

So sharing it is great. To be there while it happen or cause it to the other.

I personally cant cum but I made others cum (females)...

My first experience with female orgasm was my second cousin. My cock was like a warship pillar to her. She could cum even a dozen times according to her in an hour.

Of course she was young as I was. No we both know that half of those orgasms was not orgasms...😂

By Greek18cm 13,Feb,21 17:30
Suck... no I think...
But I could let him play with a handjob...

I let people touch my cock so playing with it would be so terrible.

But I dont think so...

By Greek18cm 13,Feb,21 14:25
In order to understand why you said this let me ask... You wanted to be there... For the whole experience or just for my cock?

By Greek18cm 12,Feb,21 09:46
For me the thrilling point it was that my cick was the center of all of them.

I had this great pole that they all wanted to touch their little pricks...

I feel bad my cock dud not continue to develop even more later when I grew up

By Greek18cm 12,Feb,21 01:17
I like the word cock.

And the cock rubbing...

(Yeah it's an experience that I never repeated later,but it was one of the bests)

By Greek18cm 11,Feb,21 19:23
Mine dies not cum...
Need hours and hours..
And none has the patience...