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By leopoldij 16,Jul,24 12:16

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By leopoldij 16,Jul,24 11:39
Stretching both of her holes

By leopoldij 16,Jul,24 11:33

By leopoldij 16,Jul,24 11:32
Why didn't you take the offer? Never ignore such things. Go for them.

By leopoldij 16,Jul,24 02:27

By leopoldij 14,Jul,24 17:50
You live in a very dangerous country

By leopoldij 14,Jul,24 11:33

By leopoldij 14,Jul,24 11:32
You're very right my friend. I like your analysis. And I too think that dark times are ahead. Unfortunately.

By leopoldij 14,Jul,24 11:05
Exactly. I can say that I get HUGE orgasms this way, often better than real fucking. I'm lucky that my gf has friends who don't mind watching me. It started as a challenge, as a game, but it became more frequent. My gf is watching too and loves it that the other girls find my libido very high. I have never had sex with them, they don't think it's appropriate, but watching me masturbate is just fun for everyone. And no harm is done. I think their male friends know that this is happening, but it's not a big deal. For me, as I said, is an awesome experience every time it happens. What I don't understand is why this sort of thing isn't more common. Nobody cheats on their partner AND is 100% safe. I just don't understand.

By leopoldij 14,Jul,24 05:54

By leopoldij 14,Jul,24 02:58
You're so romantic!

By leopoldij 14,Jul,24 02:56
That's something I wish I could do.

By leopoldij 14,Jul,24 02:56
I got women friends who do watch me masturbate. It's awesome.

By leopoldij 14,Jul,24 02:55
Yeah but you don't do it, though you could any time you wished.

By leopoldij 11,Jul,24 03:14

By leopoldij 11,Jul,24 03:12
Oh that must have been great!!+

By leopoldij 10,Jul,24 21:31
Did the friends watch?

By leopoldij 21,Jun,24 20:29
Can I lick your girl's pussy please?

By leopoldij 21,Jun,24 11:37
I agree

By leopoldij 30,May,24 19:15

By leopoldij 20,May,24 14:02
Oh well... Actually, if you had insisted for an explanation I would have continued the "joke".

By leopoldij 20,May,24 04:08
"Post whatever the fuck you want here."

By leopoldij 19,May,24 20:51
Learn basque here only registered users can see external links

By leopoldij 19,May,24 20:48
Boring nonsense then

By leopoldij 19,May,24 20:27
I'm not aware of any such information.

By leopoldij 19,May,24 19:30
Thank you for letting me know

By leopoldij 19,May,24 19:30
How do you know all these details?
Where you involved?

By leopoldij 19,May,24 19:13
And gringo is who? New?

By leopoldij 19,May,24 18:28
Does Bella still exist?

Who is the cranky Tom she's talking about?

By leopoldij 19,May,24 18:22
What's "dow"?

By leopoldij 19,May,24 14:18
I need to show you the pussy I've been enjoying recently

By leopoldij 19,May,24 14:06
He declared: "On the search for men to fuck my wife." So I'll fuck her.
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She's got a fine pussy. So, why not? He'll watch me fuck her, exactly as he wants, I'll get to fuck her and cum--- it's a win-win situation! I love fucking women in front of their partners, as in swingers' clubs that I use quite frequently.
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By leopoldij 19,May,24 14:05
It's the communists who do that. And the Muslims, like Obama. And the illegal immigrants. If we kill then all there'll be no problem in Amerika.

By leopoldij 19,May,24 10:50
Obama and his communist friends
are causing climate change. Crooked Biden is also responsible for the storms. Only when America is great again the atmospheric phenomena will go back to normal.

By leopoldij 18,May,24 20:41

By leopoldij 18,May,24 20:40
Search no further. I'll fuck your wife.

By leopoldij 03,May,24 19:18
David Dennison is fucked up.

By leopoldij 01,May,24 21:00
God bless trump and America 🤜🏻🙏🏼🇺🇸💪🏼

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By leopoldij 29,Apr,24 19:51
Not true. I've met with women from here and had sex with them.

By leopoldij 29,Apr,24 19:50
Did you have sex?

By leopoldij 28,Apr,24 00:17
Ok, I accessed this last one from the guardian. Works. Sad story. But he should be careful in places with lots of thieves.

Sometimes a page will give different kind of privileges to different users, depending on their location, on the number of times they accessed the site before, on the kind of computer they have and on the type of browser.

By leopoldij 27,Apr,24 19:26
Then, I guess, it's free only for people in the US. I honestly can't access this content.

By leopoldij 27,Apr,24 15:48
By the way, trump, who thinks of him as jesus, has launched his bible (that he's never read) and sells it to idiots who're willing to give him $60.

Since it's difficult to understand (he used his father's nazi German language) it's now been translated into ordinary American English and is available for 1/12 of trump's price:

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

By leopoldij 27,Apr,24 15:43
By the way, you should know that when you link stuff from Microsoft, one must have an account in order to read them; otherwise did, they're not available to a person without an account. And, of course, many won't open an account in order to access that shit site.

By leopoldij 25,Apr,24 19:13
A 13 year old girl tried to kill 3 people in a school in Dyfed-Powys.
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But she could only get hold of knives, so nobody died. I'm sure she would have easily used guns if she could get hold of them. But there aren't many around.

By leopoldij 19,Apr,24 19:25
Being watched fuck or being watched masturbate

By leopoldij 14,Apr,24 14:29

By leopoldij 13,Apr,24 19:29
Ok. Thanks.

By leopoldij 13,Apr,24 19:28
I am wondering why you engage in discussion with people like phart when you know very well the he's never going to accept anything that you logically explain to him: he's merely unable to do so. I am wondering about your motives.

My motives are simple, albeit cynical. I don't expect any kind of rational response from him. But I find it interesting to see how low a human being can fall. How it's possible to have lost all kinds of freedom and free will due to continuous indoctrination and due to being in a place where he's kept ignorant of anything that's happening in the world. It's like observing a human who, unfortunately, has been lobotomized.
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P.S. so much so that the label "human" seizes to apply.

By leopoldij 13,Apr,24 19:23
You know what? If you Americans want to keep shooting one another and have the largest number of mass murders/shootings and largest number of guns in the world, then keep doing that. I don't give a shit.

What I find extremely interesting is the existence of such fascistoids like you in America that I want to keep poking in order to see what kind of ridiculous response they'll give so I can collect data about your likes. You're pathetic.

It's also fascinating to see how perverted your mind can become, by it being indoctrinated by constant propaganda, say after day. You and your likes have reached the vegetable state and nothing can be done to make you free again. You live in subjugation, you lost your freedom, it's only fear that can affect your brain.