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By leopoldij 04,Feb,23 15:36
The problem with assholes like him is not themselves only but everyone else who licks them. That's why they are around. Because there are many lickers/suckers out there.

By leopoldij 23,Jan,23 16:05
I didn't make myself very clear.
It's fine for everyone to have some money to live a comfortable life, after all, this is the way we chose to live starting some 5 thousand years ago.

However, when I say that he perceives money as god is that he thinks that the filthy rich have the divine right to their fortunes and that he thinks of them as gods. However, he doesn't realise how many unethical things they've done in order to make such profits.

Nobody should have the right to handle more than, say, half a billion dollars.

By leopoldij 22,Jan,23 18:41
I know. But some men like them without the decorations.

By leopoldij 22,Jan,23 07:47
I bumped onto this page
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showing women without and with makeup.

Well, in many cases I like them without makeup.
I don't understand why they have to hide their natural looks.
I'm much more attracted to natural and ordinary looking women.

By leopoldij 22,Jan,23 07:45
Happy birthday to him.

Mi piacce la musica! Grazie.

By leopoldij 21,Jan,23 19:26
I see your point.

By leopoldij 21,Jan,23 19:07
Of course I agree with marriage,
why not?
I also agree with simple partnership.

Even animals, especially primates, get married (have partnership). Since we are animals marriage is a natural process. It's great to feel close to someone and take care of him/her. The more one gives to another person, the more balanced he or she is.

As for Buzz, finding someone to be close to you at this age probably prolongs his life by virtue of the fact that he is loved and he loves. Provided, of course, that it is not a fake marriage.

Humans need humans very very much. Friends and partners. I have dozens of them, in real life, and almost nobody on the Internet.

By leopoldij 21,Jan,23 15:57
And yet, there are still hundreds of members, especially "female" ones, who keep posting pictures from porn sites.

By leopoldij 21,Jan,23 15:56
few views, she's not happy about that

By leopoldij 21,Jan,23 15:55

By leopoldij 21,Jan,23 15:52
However, according to only registered users can see external links one should look at the *percentage* of national debt increase per president. Let's look at the last 45 years. We have:

Donald Trump 33.1% increase
Barack Obama 74% increase
George W. Bush 101% increase
Bill Clinton 32% increase
George H.W. Bush 54% increase
Ronald Reagan 186% increase
Jimmy Carter 42.7% increase

So, from worst to less worse, we have

Ronald Reagan WORST
George W. Bush second WORST
Barack Obama third WORST
George H.W. Bush fourth WORST
Jimmy Carter fifth WORST
Donald Trump sixth WORST
Bill Clinton seventh WORST

So the Donald isn't the worst. Reagan and Bush are.
Obama is almost there too.

By leopoldij 21,Jan,23 15:44
Let's read it elsewhere:
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So what? National Dept for the US means nothing.
The US prints money ex nihilo.

Now watch how the reactionary fucked up phart will justify
the dept. He'll say it's a communist propaganda or that
it's fake news or that the money was actually borrowed and
will be used in the near future to make loyal true fascist
americans richer.

By leopoldij 21,Jan,23 15:41
Good for him!
I couldn't read the page you sent, it requires an app and I won't download an app,
but I found the news elsewhere.
His wife, Anca Faur, about 63 years old.
30 years difference. Good age gap.

By leopoldij 20,Jan,23 05:19
That's right. People like phart believe in money (in other people's money because they typically aren't rich themselves) as if money were god. And, exactly like religion, even though they're fucked up, they believe more and more.

By leopoldij 19,Jan,23 18:36
When you talk about socialism you're making phart and all extreme right wing totalitarian reactionist non-thinking slaves of the capitalist society upset. Be nice.

By leopoldij 19,Jan,23 05:59
Fully agree

By leopoldij 19,Jan,23 05:58
Let us know

By leopoldij 12,Jan,23 20:31
Time for pussy.
She's giving me a show here
and I'm about to fuck her

By leopoldij 12,Jan,23 20:23
Correct. So the reason that the guns in the US are more than people is because people commit more crimes in the US than any other country in the world.

Then we agree. The US is the most dangerous place on earth.

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By leopoldij 12,Jan,23 16:08
The existence of poverty is due to there being so many filthy rich, individuals who have more money than entire nations.
Some of their money should be redistributed to poor people or, better yet, by creating new sustainable conditions for the welfare
of the poor. Nobody should own more than, say, 10,000,000,000, that is like owning 10 million luxurious houses each 10 million dollars worth. It should be illegal to have that much money. It's too much and such people are a threat to the stability of a nation (because they can, for example, pay politicians, buy armies , etc).

That's the sustainable solution.

Together with an obvious disease: there are too many people on this planet. We should go down to at most 5 billion people by asking people not too have too many children.

By leopoldij 12,Jan,23 12:38
You said EXACTLY what my all Americans I know in person say:

* Most [Americans] live a lifetime
* without ever coming face-to-face
* with a gun wielding person.
* But, we all live with the fear
* that it could happen at any moment.

By leopoldij 12,Jan,23 12:26
Cat is right

By leopoldij 12,Jan,23 12:19
He doesn't miss the point.
He understands what the problem is
but he avoids admitting it.
So, as usual, he shifts the subject
to something else.

That's why it's impossible to converse
with phart. He doesn't know the way to do that.

By leopoldij 12,Jan,23 12:16
But you changed the subject again,
as per your inability to understand
that drifting away is a ridiculous

I gave able evidence of how the US
is so dangerous and you end up
asking what should happen to those who steal.

By leopoldij 12,Jan,23 12:12
People who steal should be punished.
Isn't that obvious? I don't understand
why you're even asking.

By leopoldij 12,Jan,23 09:34
Oh my! Second batch of classified Biden documents found.
Political embarrassment for the White House.

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By leopoldij 12,Jan,23 07:38
And, as I said many times in the past, I, too, would
probably have been forced to have a gun when every home
around me has more guns than family members. This is unique
in two countries: US and Yemen, except that Yemen is nowhere close to the US.

By leopoldij 11,Jan,23 16:57
Do you understand what I proved?

(Forget it, I know you don't. You're just
an extreme-right wing guy with anti-democracy obsessions
and know absolutely nothing about how the world views
your country or how other countries operate.)

By leopoldij 11,Jan,23 16:37
one doesn't have to dress up as lgbtq in order to support them. in fact, it's much more sincere if you don't dress up. i don't believe the motives of the police.

By leopoldij 11,Jan,23 16:21
It's YOUR problem dude, not mine.
Accept the fact that you may have to face the dilemma
whether to shoot a 6-year old or not.

And, as I said many times in the past, I, too, would
probably have been forced to have a gun when every home
around me has more guns than family members. This is unique
in two countries: US and Yemen, except that Yemen is nowhere close to the US.

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By leopoldij 11,Jan,23 13:30
I love them.

By leopoldij 11,Jan,23 11:28
Now I know *exactly* what you mean and meant.

By leopoldij 11,Jan,23 08:49
Look at how British police does to ridicule itself.

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UK police spend £66,000 on 'woke' rainbow LGBT merchandise.

Nothing wrong about treating lgbtq people as equal human beings, politically, socially, financially, etc. But why does the police have to decorate itself as if they're taking part in a Brazilian carnival? That's ridiculous. Instead, they should focus on treating everyone equally, regardless of race, sex, status.

By leopoldij 11,Jan,23 08:43
Thanks. I actually knew some of the history but took the time to read about it triggered by your messages, in wikipedia but also in books about history of byzantium and Russia.

So the answer is that Russian Orthodox Catholic is the same as what is more commonly known as Russian Orthodox, that is, only registered users can see external links

By leopoldij 10,Jan,23 12:53
I still do not understand the branch of christianity you associate yourself with. You mention "Russian Orthodox Catholic". By this, I suspect, you mean that you do not associated yourself with the Russian Orthodox church, the one that was started in 988 when Vladimir I Sviatoslavich was so impressed by the Patriarchate of Constantinople that he got baptized and declared Christianity (that is, Orthodoxy because 988 was before the separation of Western Roman (=catholic) and Eastern Roman (=orthodox) churches). T

There is a small branch of the Catholic church in Russia (1/2 % of Russians are Catholic), but you seem to be neither Orthodox -- as explained in the first paragraph -- nor Catholic.

There are, of course, hundreds of branches of christianity nowadays, and new ones pop up frquently, so I may just be ignorant about the existence of the "Russian Orthodox Catholic" branch. (According to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity only registered users can see external links there are 45,000 branches.) A quick search on the Internet revealed nothing a propos your denomination.

Just wondering, I'm curious.

By leopoldij 10,Jan,23 12:31
I apologize for the mistake in using "you" in a multi-pluralistic fashion. I MUST have excluded you (singular) and all my rational American friends, and, trust me, I got many.

The "you" in the above, was meant to be for the ultra-far right wingers.

By leopoldij 10,Jan,23 07:47
My experiment has finished.
My intention in asking the question below whether you should shoot the 6 year old kid who's about to shoot you was in order to make you, American friends, realise that when you live in a dangerous country with more guns than people then guns can be found in the hands of everyone, adults, kids, good guys, bad guys and guns will be used to shoot innocent people and lead to fucking ridiculous situations where a toddler shoots a teacher. I asked the question "should she shoot or not" to see your reactions. In the end, you couldn't just focus on giving an answer per se but you were itching to justify the fact that the situation arose by blaming the parents, the upbringing, the disobeying the laws,... anything BUT the proliferation of guns and the fact the you've made your country very very dangerous but are unable to see reality.

Situations such as a kid killing a teacher a student killing a couple of dozen students and teachers, a church goer shoots other church members in a church, a policeman raids a random house and kills people, and so on, are natural consequences of the way you decided to live, by having guns everywhere and accessing them at any time.
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

So, go ahead and shoot your brains out. Kids shoot kids and adults, keep the warzone like situation in schools. The point of my question was for you to see that the answer to the question "kill the kid?" poses a huge moral dilemma, a dilemma you find, and you will find, yourselves in because you have millions and millions of fucking guns.
So go ahead and shoot yourselves and your kids.

By leopoldij 09,Jan,23 23:08
Of course, but the point of my question was whether the teacher should shoot to protect her life.

By leopoldij 09,Jan,23 11:29
I knew it was a very disturbing deja vu. I was just expressing, once again,
my dismay at the rise of thuggism/fascism/backwardness in many places around the world that are supposed to have democracies (not talking about China or North Korea or Saudi Arabia. Those places are open dictatorships anyway). And your (sorry for the pun) ex president fueled the thuggish beliefs and behaviour and opened the path to many assholes around the world. He'll remain in history as the piece of shit of America. That is, the big turd that he is.

By leopoldij 09,Jan,23 08:15
This is funny! They send drag queens, that is, men who use over-sexualized clothing and makeup to imitate and often exaggerate female gender signifiers and gender roles for entertainment purposes, to kindergartens and schools:

only registered users can see external links

Children shouldn't be indoctrinated about religion or nationalism or sex at that age. I know jews who send their children to kindergartens to learn parts their "holy" text torah by heart. That's pathetic. In exactly the same vein, teaching a child that it is normal to dress up and behave like brothel mamasans is pathetic. All these things fuck up childrens' brains.

By leopoldij 09,Jan,23 08:03
Age restriction on what? Owning a gun?
Is 21 the lowest age one can legally own a gun there? Is that what you meant? Thanks.

By leopoldij 08,Jan,23 22:39
Please feel free to contribute

By leopoldij 08,Jan,23 22:38
Well, depends how you see it.
If my life was threatened and if I had a gun and if I saw that there was no way to size the gun from the child then I'd kill the child rather than stay there and have the child kill me.
After all, it wouldn't have been my fault that the child had a gun. Moreover, the school had provided me with a gun and instructions on how to shoot, and kill, were I threatened by one of these children who get hold of a gun and start the common massacres. The only issue here is the age of the child but since there's no age restriction of gun carrying children, neither a rule on what age children to shoot or not, I'd be acting completely within the law, making use of my training in gun shooting and protecting my life. It's all perfectly justified.

By leopoldij 08,Jan,23 20:44
Great. Just like that
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By leopoldij 08,Jan,23 19:51
I would too, but in the absence of anything, I'd shoot.
Since guns are necessary for American democracy, they must be used when there's no other option.

By leopoldij 08,Jan,23 18:59
There's no justification except one.
You know that the 6 year old is gonna shoot you and you'll die.
You know that pupils and toddlers are allowed to have guns, responcibly trained of course, from a young age, by parents and grandparents because they must become free American citizens and there's no freedom without guns. They'll be told this again and again in their life.
You're obliged to carry guns while working in schools where pupils or other trespassers may, at some point, start shooting. You don't like guns, but you have to have them.
The clock is ticking, the child holds the gun.
You're trying to deter the child by using your sweetest voice and most kind approach.
The child doesn't understand. After all, online and on TV people die and are reborn. He's seen that hundreds of times.
His small finger is still at the trigger and you see he's about to do it.
At this point, you do it first.
You shoot and kill the child.
You've no other choice.

All that is possible and a very logical consequence of reality.

By leopoldij 08,Jan,23 18:53
Far-right rioters storm Brazil's Congress and top court

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Why does this seem like a déjà vu?

All fascists and fascistoids of the world unite!

By leopoldij 08,Jan,23 13:50
Being sarcastic is one of my strong points but many perceive it as a weakness.
By the way, I take your answer and its meaning, at face value. I never mess with Texas, esp. Texas women---personal experience.

By leopoldij 08,Jan,23 13:42
That is impossible and quite inappropriate for me to find out. Let it be a rhetorical question.

By leopoldij 08,Jan,23 13:40
Thanks for the direct reply.
We agree on that.

If I were a teacher there I'd certainly carry a gun and would have sought to be trained on how to use them correctly to protect my life and the life of others and of shoot when I had to.