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By leopoldij 18,Feb,24 09:29
Stop being conservative and become a human being.

By leopoldij 17,Feb,24 07:39
Exactly. Right wingers, just like catholic priests, do all kinds of things secretly. Those who shout they're not gay are more likely to be gay. They don't have the guts to be honest. Be honest, say you're gay, and that's fine. But they're afraid they'll lose money by admitting that, exactly like your typical male evangelist who preaches against same sex marriage every week but secretly has a few male lovers. He doesn't dare admit that. He hides it because he'll lose his flock, and so he'll lose money.

By leopoldij 17,Feb,24 07:33
New York Attorney General L. James is a true American, faithful to Democracy and to the Law. She's my hero. In her, I recognize the true American values, those that have been accused by Nazis and Crooks like trump.

"Trump may have authored the Art of the Deal, but he has perfected the Art of the Steal", says one of the top persons of the Law in the US.
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They'll get him and, hopefully, once again, the US will get rid of the vermin that threatens its democracy in the US and worldwide.

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By leopoldij 15,Feb,24 14:23
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The asshole is facing 34 counts of fraud under campaign finance laws, and has pleaded not guilty to all of them.

But I hope they get him. Like they got Sarkozy.

By leopoldij 14,Feb,24 12:20
This is what happens to presidents who think themselves above the law

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And Sarkozy is not nearly as bad as trump.

By leopoldij 12,Feb,24 08:11
You need to be selling weapons because the US economy is based on this. So you need a market. NATO pays this role for the US.
But, of course, a totalitarian governement, like the one you dream of, would be there to fuck you even more, not to look at the economy.

By leopoldij 11,Feb,24 16:55
Even NATO says that Trump undermines security of the US.

What a fuck tard

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By leopoldij 06,Feb,24 15:15
I noticed that.

Donald Trump does not have presidential immunity and can be prosecuted on charges of plotting to overturn the 2020 election, a US court has ruled.

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By leopoldij 03,Feb,24 20:06
Wouldn't it be great if redneck fascists like phart suddenly realized they've been deluded?

By leopoldij 02,Feb,24 18:25
Trump loses support as America wakes up

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By leopoldij 27,Jan,24 17:32
You're not just a fascist, but a stoopid one too. Just like all the idiotic rednecks who let the rich **** them. You and they have been so much brain-fucked that you even say thank you for the shit. As Ananas2xLekker brilliantly proved to you, you have no fucking clue of what a democratic, safe, society can be like. You're stoopid. But you're not unique. Millions others around you are the same.

By leopoldij 27,Jan,24 15:37
I've an American friend who's Republican (but not a fascist like phart). I spent 5 days in Arizona recently, at his house. I brought him a gift,a book, that caused him to change his mind about many of the bullshit that Republicans support.

Here's the book. It's excellent! 90% of American readers gave it 4 or 5 stars. The book has been hailed as a tour de force in politics in major reviews.

Here it is.

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It's OK To Be Angry About Capitalism†presents a vision of what would be possible if the political revolution took place. If we would finally recognize that economic rights are human rights, and work to create a society that provides them. This isn't some utopian fantasy; this is democracy as we should know it. Is it really too much to ask?

By leopoldij 27,Jan,24 15:26
And the reason he got into a fight is because his pockets are always full, yet he claimed to care about poverty in the UK.

By leopoldij 27,Jan,24 15:24

It's like telling an American you're walking on the pavement when there's a lot of traffic.
They'll think you're crazy.

By leopoldij 24,Jan,24 19:35
A man walks into a pub and sees this hot slutty woman tending the bar. Above the bar there are 2 signs:

"Grilled Cheese Sandwhich: $7.50"


"Handjob: $40"

The man goes over to the bar, and asks the bartender: "Are you the one who gives the handjobs?"

The bartender nods and bites her lip seductively.

The man says: "Then wash your hands, bitch, cause I want a grilled cheese sandwich."

By leopoldij 24,Jan,24 19:30
Have you ever tried vaporrub in your ass?

By leopoldij 24,Jan,24 19:29
They can then have a foursome.

By leopoldij 24,Jan,24 19:28
Fahrenheit or Centigrade? Or are they college degrees?

By leopoldij 24,Jan,24 19:27
A joke only for those who confuse pronouns and verbs.

By leopoldij 24,Jan,24 19:26
It's unbeatable.

By leopoldij 24,Jan,24 19:26
They (Americans) don't know what copper means.

By leopoldij 23,Jan,24 20:33
And do you think that Trump knows anything about history? The guy is totally uneducated and full of shit.

By leopoldij 23,Jan,24 19:59
She has no chance.
Far right people like you would never vote for an Indian woman.

By leopoldij 23,Jan,24 19:55
Are you listing these words to deter his voters?

You're so wrong.
His supporters vote for him PRECISELY because he's all of the above.

By leopoldij 18,Jan,24 22:37

By leopoldij 17,Jan,24 12:17
Bella, phart, are nazis? I hadn't realised that. 😳

By leopoldij 17,Jan,24 12:13
That will never happen. The Chinese need a market to sell their stuff, e.g. their electric cars, so they wouldn't bomb their buyers.

Your belief that Chinese is a threat stems from the fact that the US weapons manufacturers must make profit, and so they need people like you who are kept in fear. Same role that religion plays: it keeps people afraid and it's easier to control people if they're scared.

Of course, I don't expect you to understand what I'm saying. You're indoctrinated in fascism beyond repair.

By leopoldij 17,Jan,24 03:45
Who said that Biden is good? I didn't.
Trump, however, is a fascist.

By leopoldij 16,Jan,24 17:17
Trump supporters advertise trump everywhere.
They even put his photo on their shit.

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By leopoldij 15,Jan,24 14:54
He fucked up the city so much that even wall street crooks don't like him. They stopped lending him money. That's why trump had to kiss putin's ass.

By leopoldij 15,Jan,24 14:52
Conservatives want to have control of others so that they themselves act recklessly and irresponsibly. They don't give a flying fuck about morality. That's why they appeal to religion: in order to be free to roam and kill and fuck everyone up.

Besides, when YOU say "conservative" you don't mean someone who acts conservatively. You mean "fascist".

By leopoldij 15,Jan,24 14:49
Your god said so. Other people have different gods who never told them so. What makes you think that your god is better than others? How about Ahura Mazda?

Your god also said that there are some sins that her followers should not commit. One of them is gluttony. Another is killing. And so on. And yet every single evangelical American, say, is doing exactly the opposite.


1) you're silly to believe that your god is better than others.

2) you're violating the teachings of your god.

By leopoldij 15,Jan,24 08:20
Even right wing magazines make fun of the nazi bufoon:

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By leopoldij 15,Jan,24 08:18
Do you really expect fascists to have any inclination towards social policies and social care for children? And look at this: fascists have banned abortions but, at the same time, claim they want fewer children.

By leopoldij 01,Jan,24 21:00
"Prosperous are the believers, who in their prayers are humble, and from idle talk turn away".

It's from the Quran.

All religions condemn idleness. Islam does the same.
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Of course, I googled it.

By leopoldij 01,Jan,24 20:58
I never said I'm an expert in English. I never actually said that people who don't know words are dumb.

By leopoldij 01,Jan,24 18:57
"لقد أفلح المؤمنون الذين في صلاتهم خاشعون وعن اللغو معرضون".

"laqad 'aflah almuminun aladhin fi salatihim khashieun waean allaghw mueariduna".

By leopoldij 01,Jan,24 18:53
Happy new year

By leopoldij 01,Jan,24 18:53
So what? Did you expect me to know the word? It's not an English word.

But be honest: did you know the meaning?

By leopoldij 31,Dec,23 22:53
What's this word?

By leopoldij 29,Dec,23 04:58
Yet again:

Maine disqualifies Trump from presidential primary ballot, citing insurrection clause

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How embarrassing! It's never happened before with another president. He should be in jail.

By leopoldij 19,Dec,23 18:16
Well, in the holocaust case, lots of brave people hid Jews and lots of kids to save them. In the case of Palestinians there's nobody who can help those kids. They're trapped in a huge concentration camp.

By leopoldij 19,Dec,23 18:14
He was a failed businessman who became president to avoid bankruptcy.

In that sense, he's different from Hitler. Hitler actually believed in the shit he was shouting about (he could only shout and bark, he couldn't speak, like Trump).
But Trump believes in nothing else but his pocket.

By leopoldij 19,Dec,23 18:11
Can you read English?
I repeat:

No, sorry, you're not a nazi yet, you're just like one of these idiots in the Weimar Republic who voted for Adolf.

Those who supported Hitler were not nazis to start with, they were people who wanted to Make Germany Great Again.
As you know, the failed.

Hitler behaved exactly like Trump.
Or, rather, the other way.

Take a look at Octavius too. He convinced everyone he'd make Rome great again. And what happened to his triumvirate? And eventually to Rome?

By leopoldij 19,Dec,23 08:41
3% of 1400 killed by Hamas were Israeli children

45% of 19,400 killed by Israel were Arab children

3% of 40,000 killed by Americans were American children
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By comparison,
25% of 6 million Jews killed by Nazis were children

By leopoldij 19,Dec,23 08:39
Fuck off phart, you're just a nazi.

Remember, exactly year ago, Trump has suggested the US Constitution should be torn up.

No, sorry, you're not a nazi yet, you're just like one of these idiots in the Weimar Republic who voted for Adolf.

By leopoldij 18,Dec,23 11:35

Number of Israelis killed by Hamas' guns in 2023: 1,400

Of which children: 3%

Number of Palestinians killed by Israel guns in 2023: 19,400

Of which children: 45%

Number of Americans killed by American guns in 2023: 40,000

Of which children: 3%

By leopoldij 16,Dec,23 18:08
After a party we all feel asleep, I had to much to drink and so did the others. I had no idea how I ended up there. I woke up in the middle of the night, one of the girls' crotch was right against my face. I could literally smell her pussy. I feel asleep again. I never told her. We were young.

By leopoldij 07,Dec,23 11:56
Rudimentary decency is deemed laughable by repukers. That's how indecent they are.

By leopoldij 07,Dec,23 00:37
According to phart, Liz Cheney is a traitor.