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By leopoldij 28,Sep,22 17:55
Yes, but why do the Tories exist?
Because idiots support them.

By leopoldij 28,Sep,22 14:44
I couldn't agree more on that.
Have you realised that that bitch
gives tax releases to billionaires?
And several poor, but stoopid, people support that.
Just like poor Americans who vote for trump...

By leopoldij 28,Sep,22 14:42
I'm being honest. What I meant to say is that I'm not turned on by men but don't mind facilitating their enjoyment. I'm glad to see happy people around me.

By leopoldij 27,Sep,22 14:02

By leopoldij 27,Sep,22 13:58

By leopoldij 27,Sep,22 13:57

By leopoldij 27,Sep,22 13:56
I knew you'd agree with me mate, that's why I mentioned its name. Even her family hate it.

By leopoldij 27,Sep,22 13:22

By leopoldij 26,Sep,22 11:27
Liz Truss, for example.

By leopoldij 26,Sep,22 10:17

By leopoldij 26,Sep,22 04:50

By leopoldij 26,Sep,22 04:49

By leopoldij 26,Sep,22 04:48
People are stoopid.

By leopoldij 26,Sep,22 04:47
You need to apply for a small business permit first.

By leopoldij 26,Sep,22 04:46
I like to watch myself shoot my cumload freely. Condoms restrict this.

By leopoldij 26,Sep,22 04:45
I would piss on you just to see your reaction, but nothing else.

By leopoldij 26,Sep,22 00:12
Fascism is on the rise everywhere.
This, alongside with the war(s)
as well as the increase in people's idiocy,
bring us closer to a global danger..

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Giorgia Meloni: Italy's fascist party leader on course to win election.

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Fascism/totalitarianism is on the rise in many places:
Sweden Akesson
Italy Meloni
Hungary Orban
USA Trump
Turkey Erdogan
Russia Putin
Very scary.

If *only* the people had a bit of education and common sense they wouldn't vote for those who fuck them up. They fuck them up so well that people believe they're on their side. They're so stoopid and can't understand that the only ones who benefit from them are the Musks and the like. The rich assholes. People will wake up only when they're about to be killed in a civil war or WW3.

By leopoldij 25,Sep,22 19:50
That's why I don't live in your countries like the US or Colombia or Saudi Arabia. To minimise the risk of being a victim of a senseless violate crime.

By leopoldij 25,Sep,22 12:12
I never said that murderers should be treated leniently.
I said that this person, who didn't commit a murder, shouldn't have been treated this way.
In fact, no human being should be treated this way.
As for those who invaded your Capitol, like all insurrections, it's your problem that you have a declining democracy, not mine. Only in third world countries and banana republics does the president support and/or organise insurrections. So far, that is. Now you can add the US in this list but, as I said, that's your problem for the moment.

I was talking about humanity.
Since I'm not religious I care deeply about human life, human dignity and human rights.

By leopoldij 25,Sep,22 07:59
The first black woman to run for US president was Shirley Chisholm. The US needs a black woman to be president, a true one, not a puppet of the extreme right.

Take a look: only registered users can see external links

Shirley Chisholm announced her intention to run for the US presidency on 25 January 1972 . She became the first major-party black candidate to run for America's highest office.

By leopoldij 25,Sep,22 07:55
Yes, I have. Half of my neighbours are black. But I don't live in the US. Even though there is racism everywhere, blacks in the US are being killed by cops (and others, including other blacks) at a much higher rate than in Europe and for no real reason. Take, for instance, Breonna Taylor Or George Floyd. Police in the US are basically uneducated, except in killing. To wit: In Germany, for example, police recruits are required to spend *two and a half to four years* in basic training to become an officer, with the option to pursue the equivalent of a bachelorís or masterís degree in policing. Basic training in the U.S., by comparison, can take as little as *21 weeks (or 33.5 weeks, with field training)*.

The particular black person I mentioned above did not commit any murder. He spent 44 YEARS IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. The primary reason I pointed the article above was to show the lack of humanity (especially in the US, alongside with Saudi Arabia and China) when it comes to punishing humans. I hope you agree on that: that no human being should suffer for 44 years in this way. Not even the worst war criminals have to go through this. Being killed is a better option.

By leopoldij 24,Sep,22 13:23
They did. He developed a sense of right and wrong in prison and helped other inmates. For instance, he taught an inmate to learn how to read by communicating through the wall. I guess they were shouting to one another. The other guy, initially illiterate, still owes a lot to Woodfox. Woodfox opened new horizons for him.

If we were more compassionate towards those who have erred (is it their fault?) and less racist, then we could create a system that leads people back to life, rather than to death. We should not punish everyone as if they're psychopaths, as if they have a disturbed brain.

The dichotomy "good ones are outside prison, bad ones inside" is totally flawed.

By leopoldij 24,Sep,22 12:56
First and foremost, he was black.
Second, he was charged for a murder he didn't commit.
But, having had a police record (for being a thief when he was younger) and, of course, being black, he was charged to spend his life in solitary confinement. But he also became aware of several social problems, he studied law (in his cell) and made other prisoners aware of iniquities. He kept being punished for this. For wanting to understand what freedom means.

By leopoldij 24,Sep,22 12:51
Oh sure, here's an ex gf , i used to cover her with cum, often on her face or in her mouth

And here's an Asian girl I used to fuck

By leopoldij 24,Sep,22 12:46
Very interesting article

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Albert Woodfox found his true self in prisonThe man who endured the longest period of solitary confinement in American prison history died on August 5th, aged 75
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Or on his concrete bunk, the only furniture apart from a metal toilet and a metal sink. There were bars on the door, and a tiny window that let in a sliver of sky. His ankles were shackled, and a leather strap bound his wrists to his waist. In these he would shuffle alone for an hour a day round a larger concrete space, ringed with barbed wire, which was laughably called the exercise yard. The other 23 hours he spent in his cell in the Louisiana State Penitentiary. He was there for almost 44 years, or 16,000 days, probably the longest spell of solitary for any man in the history of American prisons.
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The rest of the article online

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By leopoldij 24,Sep,22 12:44
He's not a pile of shit .
He's a mountain of shit, a seriously disturbed sociopath.

By leopoldij 22,Sep,22 12:02
Don't you know that Martians are communists?
Yes, those vicious little green men have no property
because twice a year they redistribute equally everything they have obtained in six months.
They're fucked up. They all have the same value,
nobody is rich and nobody is poor.
And if someone tries to colonize them they kill them.

By leopoldij 22,Sep,22 11:58
Me too

By leopoldij 22,Sep,22 10:52
Ha ha

By leopoldij 22,Sep,22 10:19
Yes, I read that.
But so what?
The guy is a thug.
He managed to get away with so many other lawsuits, with indictments, and even an insurrection against his own country.
He'll pay his way out again.
Whoever has money, in out modern democracies, has a higher chance to win.

By leopoldij 22,Sep,22 10:13
That's absolutely right.
Well pointed out.--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutesBut we're defective humans, you see. We love to be right, we love to be smart, we love to be better than others, we love to say we're right and they're wrong, we love to hide our mistakes and crimes.
We're nasty.

By leopoldij 22,Sep,22 09:50
The debate is precisely about the "right or wrong"
(and who defines these terms?)
and the tacit assumption that the monarch, whichever monarch, is a god-like figure and the head of an empire.

By leopoldij 21,Sep,22 06:52

By leopoldij 20,Sep,22 19:19
Don't show to your friend bella!.
She hates pussy and sex.
She might report it to her church.

By leopoldij 20,Sep,22 07:21
Es gibt nicht

By leopoldij 20,Sep,22 07:18

By leopoldij 20,Sep,22 07:16
Let's lighten up.
Here's a closeup of julie's jewel

By leopoldij 19,Sep,22 20:10
I agree with you on that.

By leopoldij 12,Sep,22 20:27
One idea is to let someone else give you a hadjob and film it.
That's what I do and it often works.

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Sometimes I get lucky and cum while holding the cam

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but often i do it by filming a handjob

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Another technique is to film myself while cumming in front o f the computer screen

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By leopoldij 11,Sep,22 19:11


By leopoldij 08,Sep,22 15:04
The worst part of the story is that you has to lick the back seat. Imagine how disgusting that could be...

By leopoldij 08,Sep,22 15:01
You're right, logically speaking. But it's a fallacy that we get to choose the prime minister. Don't forget the role that money and business play. I don't know what's worse: to have someone be a leader because of an accident of birth or to have someone be a leader because (s)he has money or obtained money from companies or that he's being supported by a few super-rich? I'm not sure.

By leopoldij 08,Sep,22 14:56
I think that what you're saying is that all lives are (should be) equal. And that many deaths go unnoticed and that millions of people die unjustly and on horrible conditions. But the death of a monarch is like the death of a god, because people feel they lost something that was connected to them. If you think logically you should conclude that's no biggy but if you take into account all these other factors, myths, religion, stories, symbolism, then it's the opposite. That's the role of monarchy. To provide some kind of secular religion because the majority of people need it. If people were able to argue and live without emotions then monarchy wouldn't exist. So, it's natural for people to feel sad. They're conditioned to feel so.

By leopoldij 06,Sep,22 14:58
A blonde was driving along the highway and approached a service station with a sign that read, "Clean Restrooms."

So she did.

By leopoldij 06,Sep,22 14:56
We may agree on few things but you did consider this from me:
a. I like to laugh, especially at NOT politically correct things.
b. I will never ever ever hurt you or shine else physically (if I knew you).
c. I do NOT classify myself as a leftist. I have no label.

By leopoldij 06,Sep,22 00:24
How else to reply to such nonsense?
First, nobody in his right mind does anal without condom.
Second, what stain? Maybe he stuck his dick in tar?

Btw I don't care about anal.
I love pussy.

By leopoldij 06,Sep,22 00:24

By leopoldij 05,Sep,22 18:42
Ha ha. I made the word up dude. I was just joking.

By leopoldij 04,Sep,22 22:36
Mix vinegar with citric acid and Chinese chilli bean sauce. Stir and set in the fridge. When ready, stick a dildo in the solution and then in your ass. Repeat as needed.

By leopoldij 04,Sep,22 22:34
Of course