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By willylee 24,Dec,21 13:38
6.9" girth and only 5.2" long

By willylee 22,Dec,21 12:22
Definitely my favourite

By willylee 15,Dec,21 08:59

By willylee 15,Dec,21 08:16
Mine is tiny when soft

By willylee 14,Dec,21 11:28

By willylee 27,Nov,21 11:17
definitely grower

By willylee 29,Oct,21 03:25
I enjoy all. Young, middle aged or old, love them all

By willylee 24,May,21 02:28
Your pussy is just gorgeous

By willylee 01,Apr,21 07:52

By willylee 16,Mar,21 06:22
About 18hrs and came for nearly 2 minutes

By willylee 11,Mar,21 11:27
I think it is gorgeous and would love fucking her as often as I could, given the chance

By willylee 10,Mar,21 19:46

By willylee 13,Feb,21 05:49
Mine retracts completely when i get hard

By willylee 13,Feb,21 05:37
Love watch women masturbate and cum

By willylee 13,Feb,21 05:36
Yes quite often

By willylee 10,Feb,21 18:47
Yeah love it

By willylee 10,Feb,21 18:44
Mine is short and easily rolls back when I become hard

By willylee 02,Nov,20 14:27
in my 20's I definitely would have said young woman. Now in my early 40's and having been fortunate to be with numerous women from 35-63yrs, older mature ones only from now on!

By willylee 02,Nov,20 13:50
Small uncut do it for me

By willylee 02,Nov,20 13:47
I love my uncut cock, especially when I wank. It's a pity that women appear to prefer cut cock. I also like little uncut cocks

By willylee 17,Sep,20 03:14