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By willylee 04,Feb,23 08:24
I was 13 and she was 17

By willylee 20,Nov,22 00:43
The strange thing is and it is very obvious as you have pointed out is you are of Asian descent and definitely have no obvious "first nations Australian " in you.

By willylee 20,Nov,22 00:39
Being Australian I am totally aware of how deeply offensive the derogatory and racist term "abo" is to describe Australian "first nations" people. To these people it's equivalent of calling a African American a "n*****" and will generate a similar response when used to describe these people.
As this term is possibly not as known as well as the "N" word as to the extent its offensive nature and hopefully wasn't used in that context, this should be a reminder that we shouldn't use words that are potentially offensive to others when describing them.

By willylee 24,Dec,21 13:38
6.9" girth and only 5.2" long

By willylee 22,Dec,21 12:22
Definitely my favourite

By willylee 15,Dec,21 08:59

By willylee 15,Dec,21 08:16
Mine is tiny when soft

By willylee 14,Dec,21 11:28

By willylee 27,Nov,21 11:17
definitely grower

By willylee 29,Oct,21 03:25
I enjoy all. Young, middle aged or old, love them all

By willylee 24,May,21 02:28
Your pussy is just gorgeous

By willylee 01,Apr,21 07:52

By willylee 16,Mar,21 06:22
About 18hrs and came for nearly 2 minutes

By willylee 11,Mar,21 11:27
I think it is gorgeous and would love fucking her as often as I could, given the chance

By willylee 10,Mar,21 19:46

By willylee 13,Feb,21 05:49
Mine retracts completely when i get hard

By willylee 13,Feb,21 05:37
Love watch women masturbate and cum

By willylee 13,Feb,21 05:36
Yes quite often

By willylee 10,Feb,21 18:47
Yeah love it

By willylee 10,Feb,21 18:44
Mine is short and easily rolls back when I become hard

By willylee 02,Nov,20 14:27
in my 20's I definitely would have said young woman. Now in my early 40's and having been fortunate to be with numerous women from 35-63yrs, older mature ones only from now on!

By willylee 02,Nov,20 13:50
Small uncut do it for me

By willylee 02,Nov,20 13:47
I love my uncut cock, especially when I wank. It's a pity that women appear to prefer cut cock. I also like little uncut cocks

By willylee 17,Sep,20 03:14