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Do you prefer shaved, trimmed or all natural for pubic hair?

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Started by #594036 [Ignore] 02,Aug,19 05:59
What do you think is best for a guys pubic hair? To be shaved, trimmed or let it grow out totally natural. What do you guys do? Do you switch around between the 3? How many of you guys leave your pubes totally natural?

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By lawrenceo [Ignore] 07,Mar,22 08:39 other posts 

By #613564 06,Mar,22 02:49
For both genders, shaved clean, where they want oral stimulation!

By MYDICK4U [Ignore] 02,Mar,22 14:29 other posts 
Bald pussy and bald dick & balls, I use a hair remover to keep mine hair free. Have to be careful with this I have been burned

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 01,Mar,22 13:58 other posts 
Tecsan I guess for you lass, it depends on what merkin you pull out of your top drawer!

By tecsan [Ignore] 02,Mar,22 03:43 other posts 
I guess it depends on what brand of tampon you decide to try today douche bag......You really sound like piss ass freddy the snitch bitch, please stop that.....

By All469ernow [Ignore] 01,Mar,22 16:29 other posts 

By Olddude [Ignore] 01,Mar,22 06:04 other posts 
I prefer shaved

By allin4cum [Ignore] 28,Feb,22 15:13 other posts 

Which do you like more, my preference is shaved.

By allin4cum [Ignore] 28,Feb,22 15:11 other posts 

By #1102 26,Feb,22 17:03
i like mine trimmed not to hairy

By Dev01 [Ignore] 15,Dec,21 04:29 other posts 
I like Tecsans little clit tickler he has on the clit. sucks ass like the human centipede as well
By dgraff [Ignore] 26,Feb,22 08:14 other posts 
Omg i loved that movie the centipede kinda gross but demented as hell
By Dev01 [Ignore] 26,Feb,22 16:01 other posts 
It is definitely an "out there" movie.... Like wayyyy ou there 🤣🤣🤣🤣

By kockslinger [Ignore] 26,Feb,22 15:20 other posts 
Shaved or well trimmed for men and women

By dgraff [Ignore] 26,Feb,22 08:15 other posts 
I like my pubic hair in a bowl with a little milk and sugar

By averagebropgh [Ignore] 26,Feb,22 06:54 other posts 
for me... all natural. if you are naturally smooth or got very little bush or hair- that's great... if you are naturally hairy af and got a big, fluffy bush- that's fuckin' awesome! but shaved? with all those prickles and bumps? to each his own, that's just my preference.

By Lukas123 [Ignore] 22,Feb,22 16:18 other posts 
Only shave public arena

By willylee [Ignore] 14,Dec,21 11:28 other posts 

By geranium [Ignore] 14,Dec,21 09:47 other posts 
shaved or trimmed

By steve8211 [Ignore] 14,Dec,21 09:08 other posts 
Shaved feels and looks show much better. Can't anyone knock it till they try it. The very first time I Shaved it all off it was the best feeling. I was so horny all day

By Lukas123 [Ignore] 10,Dec,21 18:16 other posts 
All the time shaved I star shave 16 I donít like hair without hair more clean and more nice

By #652979 10,Dec,21 17:36
i love shaved. Also shaved pussies.

By Dick60 [Ignore] 02,Dec,21 09:21 other posts 
Why wouldn't men keep it shaved

By #652954 02,Dec,21 07:51
all natural or trimmed

By rick0200 [Ignore] 02,Dec,21 07:48 other posts 
We both let it grow out totally natural.

By Dick60 [Ignore] 21,Nov,21 23:37 other posts 
I prefer shaved . I keep mine shaved

By yellowman [Ignore] 20,Nov,21 13:30 other posts 
I prefer shaved....

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 15,Jul,20 17:18 other posts 
I like trimmed
By lawrenceo [Ignore] 19,Nov,21 11:45 other posts 
That will suit me; love to work on it from there

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 19,Nov,21 11:44 other posts 
Prefer shaved but any port in a storm

By PoloFields [Ignore] 16,Nov,21 15:16 other posts 
Natural. Sometimes I trim, but mostly let it go as nature intended.

By #653836 15,Nov,21 02:19
Shaved most of time

By liketoedge [Ignore] 26,Oct,21 15:45 other posts 
Trimmed or shaved is always hot it see at the gym.

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 26,Oct,21 08:40 other posts 
Shaved but trimmed will do.

By #650629 04,Oct,21 09:01
It looks so much cleaner this way

By 3fdfd [Ignore] 11,Jul,20 17:48 other posts 
All natural

By #621517 11,Jul,20 17:03
Natural or trimmed. Like pubes round my balls but like to keep my shaft smooth.

By wycowboy [Ignore] 09,Jul,20 08:52 other posts 
I keep it all natural.

By overeight [Ignore] 09,Jul,20 00:29 other posts 
Once again I like bring waxed might not be as fun for the gay guys because its generally a woman doing the waxing. However not only do I enjoy that usually a hot chic is handling my junk but once she gets done its a lot cleaner,all smooth and it last a couple of months before you get noticeable stubble. Plus the more you have it done the thinner it makes the hair. That way if it does grow completely back its not so thick. I really like it being clean and with the buttstrip done its really a lot cleaner and you don't get smell at all. I really like feeling clean. Its lots better than with hair on your butt and having no hair is cooler and it also helps when you sweat it dries fast. Just clean in many ways.

By new2day [Ignore] 09,Nov,19 13:48 other posts 
I prefer to be trimmed or shaved smooth. Trimming with clippers is low maintenance, and that's how I am now in winter months. In summer I shave most days especially if I'm going to nude club or beach.

By cutroundhead [Ignore] 05,Nov,19 02:51 other posts 
The bushier the better as far as I'm conecrned!

By #542155 03,Nov,19 03:08
By #583549 03,Nov,19 07:24
Same with me!I am a long time nudist and too be truly nude you should be smooth!Although neatly trimmed pubs are nice too!
By german_guy [Ignore] 03,Nov,19 12:06 other posts 
same here, I like it smooth
By cutroundhead [Ignore] 05,Nov,19 02:50 other posts 
why should a nudist have to be smooth? A man is meant to be hairy down there!

By #534268 04,Nov,19 21:58
Vote here: /polls/1564.html

By #551147 01,Nov,19 03:46
In this regard, I'd personally take a guy with any of the above.

For myself... I like a nicely mowed yard (trimmed #3), completely shaved balls, nice clean lines, edging (shaved), showcasing the yard. Like a picture frame. 😉 If I let it go wildly, since I'm loosely cut, hairs get caught between foreskin and the head thereby occasionally yanking a pube or two out here and there. OUCH!

By Ynottt [Ignore] 29,Oct,19 19:40 other posts 
Smooth is best for me.

By #583549 29,Oct,19 18:49
I like my cock and balls smooth shaven and my gf too!

By What-once-was [Ignore] 29,Oct,19 16:56 other posts 
I'm natural and sometimes lightly trimmed but never shaved, I did it once and I will never do it again!

On others I like basically what I have but them being shaved isn't a deal breaker it's juts not preferred is all.

By #603065 29,Oct,19 13:29
I like when trimmed or shaved.

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