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By yellowman 12,Jan,23 12:48
Indeed, a lovely, heart-warming story.

By yellowman 12,Jan,23 12:46
Yes it is certainly a matter of personal preference. I am in my natural state and have a very distinct preference for men that are the same. Generally, I find something distinctly unsatisfactory about the circumcised penis. Of course there are those occasions when one has to make an exception, when the man himself is very nice, and that of course is the most important aspect.

By yellowman 07,Jan,23 09:49

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By yellowman 06,Nov,22 11:27
When I wake my cock is hard, I stroke it. If I have the time I stoke it for quite a while. Later throughout the day I will also stroke it. I am a masturbator....

By yellowman 23,Oct,22 08:41

By yellowman 18,Oct,22 06:00
Sheer good fortune and being an avid masturbator. Glad you like it....

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By yellowman 14,Oct,22 13:21
Sustainability - way overused

Invite - when they mean invitation

Wanna - instead of want to

By yellowman 13,Oct,22 13:20

I'm shaved and I love to see other guys shaved too....

By yellowman 13,Oct,22 13:16

I love piss......

By yellowman 13,Oct,22 13:10

By yellowman 18,Jun,22 10:28
Here's mine....

By yellowman 18,Jun,22 10:26
When ever I need to.....

By yellowman 10,Jun,22 18:24
Much prefer a natural penis.

By yellowman 06,Jun,22 08:57

By yellowman 06,Jun,22 08:52
my penis and I'm facing the mirror...

By yellowman 06,Jun,22 08:49
Absolutely yes, I do this often....

By yellowman 04,Jun,22 09:51
Like this...

By yellowman 04,Jun,22 09:50

By yellowman 04,Jun,22 09:48

By yellowman 04,Jun,22 09:46

By yellowman 04,Jun,22 09:42
Masturbating, I am a solosexual masturbator.

By yellowman 27,May,22 09:24
Certainly.... but then I like to masturbate in front of mirrors too. I'm a Solosexual masturbator....

By yellowman 27,May,22 09:22

By yellowman 27,May,22 09:20
Yes, I love watching men piss. Yes, I also masturbate while watching men piss. I love piss.

By yellowman 27,May,22 09:18
I shave and not because porn stars do it. I first shaved my pubic hair when I was 16 and didn't even know about porn stars then. I prefer my penis and balls to be smooth. I like the look and feel and I like seeing other men (and women for that matter) shaved too, or certainly trimmed. Even though I am blessed with big balls, no, they do not get stuck to my legs .... So this has nothing at all with 'being a man' it is just personal choice.

By yellowman 11,May,22 19:30

Here is me.....

By yellowman 11,May,22 19:24

Here is mine

By yellowman 05,May,22 04:00
Not so easy..... I am self employed...

By yellowman 30,Apr,22 06:00
Plenty of pics here with my face....

By yellowman 30,Apr,22 05:59
I once had sex in a gallery in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. I used to live near a wild area of trees and bushes and I often went there and had sex or if there was no one that wanted to play I would just get naked and masturabe. What I would like to do is make another visit to the Folsom Street Fair, be naked and masturbate while people are watching or passing by.

By yellowman 30,Apr,22 05:51
Me .....

By yellowman 30,Apr,22 05:47
Thick, shaved and uncut....

By yellowman 30,Apr,22 05:46
I am a solosexual masturbator so I masturbate as often as is possible. However, sometimes work gets in the way and then I cannot masturbate as often as I would like.

By yellowman 30,Apr,22 05:40
Here is mine... looks as though I needed another shave when I took that picture....

By yellowman 30,Apr,22 05:36
Yes, I am addicted to penis, I am a total masturbator, penis is god....

By yellowman 30,Apr,22 05:33
I'm in my natural state and prefer other penises in their natural state.

By yellowman 30,Apr,22 05:30
I'm happy in either position.....

By yellowman 16,Mar,22 14:53
I have always preferred the natural state of my cock and others like mine to cut cocks.

By yellowman 16,Mar,22 14:48
Yes, love it.....

By yellowman 16,Mar,22 14:47
Here's mine, shaved..... the way I prefer it.....

By yellowman 25,Jan,22 07:31
This is the view....

By yellowman 25,Jan,22 07:23
Here's mine ....

By yellowman 19,Jan,22 13:28
this is me.....

By yellowman 11,Jan,22 04:39

By yellowman 11,Jan,22 04:31
I wanted to show off my penis......

By yellowman 11,Jan,22 04:21
Good to see you got your priorities right...

By yellowman 09,Dec,21 08:36

I love piss.......