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By yellowman 21,Feb,24 13:42
... and I really meant every word...

By yellowman 21,Feb,24 08:27
Well there you have it.... exactly what I described as being my idea of The Perfect Penis. The fact that it is attached to a stunningly handsome man is a real bonus...!!!

By yellowman 20,Feb,24 15:57
For me the perfect penis first and foremost has to be in its natural state - not circumcised. About 8 inches in length and between 6 and 7 inches around. Smooth or at least very closely trimmed.

By yellowman 04,Feb,24 07:09
As nature created, unmutilated, every time.

By yellowman 03,Feb,24 07:21

By yellowman 03,Feb,24 07:19

By yellowman 23,Jan,24 06:31
Firstly, intact - that's a must. 7-plus inches long, thick, shaved or very trimmed.

By yellowman 23,Jan,24 06:25
...and this is now....

By yellowman 23,Jan,24 06:23
That was then....

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By yellowman 17,Nov,23 06:40
Oh how I wish that I could.......

By yellowman 17,Nov,23 06:35
I certainly don't think that wearing a cock ring is mutilation. I've been wearing them for many years.

By yellowman 17,Nov,23 06:31
I certainly don't think that wearing a cock ring is mutilation. I've been wearing them for many years.

a much younger me wearing one.

By yellowman 08,Oct,23 09:55

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By yellowman 14,Jul,23 06:52
Yes, certainly....

By yellowman 14,Jul,23 06:51
Today id Friday, I started edging on Wednesday evening and edged most of yesterday.... I've still not cum yet but have been pretty close at times..... I love masturbating...

By yellowman 02,Jun,23 13:01

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By yellowman 07,Apr,23 08:16
Yes I do, often....

By yellowman 07,Apr,23 08:11

Here I am, showing my face - and hard cock on here....

By yellowman 19,Mar,23 11:55
I agree, I love being smooth.

By yellowman 19,Mar,23 11:54

By yellowman 16,Mar,23 07:42

By yellowman 12,Jan,23 12:48
Indeed, a lovely, heart-warming story.

By yellowman 12,Jan,23 12:46
Yes it is certainly a matter of personal preference. I am in my natural state and have a very distinct preference for men that are the same. Generally, I find something distinctly unsatisfactory about the circumcised penis. Of course there are those occasions when one has to make an exception, when the man himself is very nice, and that of course is the most important aspect.

By yellowman 07,Jan,23 09:49

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By yellowman 06,Nov,22 11:27
When I wake my cock is hard, I stroke it. If I have the time I stoke it for quite a while. Later throughout the day I will also stroke it. I am a masturbator....

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By yellowman 18,Oct,22 06:00
Sheer good fortune and being an avid masturbator. Glad you like it....

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By yellowman 14,Oct,22 13:21
Sustainability - way overused

Invite - when they mean invitation

Wanna - instead of want to

By yellowman 13,Oct,22 13:20

I'm shaved and I love to see other guys shaved too....

By yellowman 13,Oct,22 13:16
[deleted image]

I love piss......

By yellowman 13,Oct,22 13:10

By yellowman 18,Jun,22 10:28
Here's mine....

By yellowman 18,Jun,22 10:26
When ever I need to.....

By yellowman 10,Jun,22 18:24
Much prefer a natural penis.

By yellowman 06,Jun,22 08:57

By yellowman 06,Jun,22 08:52
my penis and I'm facing the mirror...

By yellowman 06,Jun,22 08:49
Absolutely yes, I do this often....

By yellowman 04,Jun,22 09:51
Like this...

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By yellowman 04,Jun,22 09:42
Masturbating, I am a solosexual masturbator.

By yellowman 27,May,22 09:24
Certainly.... but then I like to masturbate in front of mirrors too. I'm a Solosexual masturbator....