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who is masturbating now

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by steve8211 [Ignore] 30,May,11 18:50  other posts
Who is masturbating now and for how long? I have been for over an hour doing the start stop method. I love it when I cum I will shoot it out far.

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By Lvphose [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 15:41 other posts 
Getting ready to

By hardguyb [Ignore] 08,Dec,23 21:18 other posts 
wanking now come join only registered users can see external links

By Lvphose [Ignore] 30,Nov,23 00:21 other posts 

By htyjut [Ignore] 15,Jul,23 04:24 other posts 
Been rubbing my nipples for a while now, making them very hard fantasizing about a hot guy just biting on them

By dragonsegg [Ignore] 22,May,22 04:05 other posts 
If I'm logged in I'm usually edging along
By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 14,Jul,23 12:51 other posts 
Smae here

By yellowman [Ignore] 14,Jul,23 06:51 other posts 
Today id Friday, I started edging on Wednesday evening and edged most of yesterday.... I've still not cum yet but have been pretty close at times..... I love masturbating...

By PITBULL [Ignore] 09,Jul,23 15:30 other posts 
I've been masturbating all day. My cock is been hard

By hornydad23 [Ignore] 09,Jul,23 14:51 other posts 
if i'm on, i'm playing with myself, i have fun, love to cum.

By #625826 04,Jun,21 23:46
Edging right now , nice flow of pre Cum
By Cmecum69 [Ignore] 19,May,22 01:07 other posts 
i barely ever get good volume of pre-cum. any secrets in diet?

By Cmecum69 [Ignore] 19,May,22 01:03 other posts 
bought a new toy - a vibrator for just the head of my penis. i have been masturbating with it for the past two days while driving between motels.

By #625826 26,Jun,21 15:35
Slowly caressing myself , cupping my balls , teasing myself to getting hard ,slow strokes

By Olderguy321 [Ignore] 19,Jun,21 13:53 other posts 
I'm stroking my cock 2p minutes now so hard and so horny. Wish i had a horny neibour who liked cock. Just sitting here naked while wife us cooking some dinner

By #574505 19,Jun,21 13:23
I like to have some one me.

By #639200 19,Jun,21 09:24
For like 3 hours now ...booty bump and I'm ready for what ever happens

By #625826 17,Jun,21 18:26
Edging along ,

By #631189 17,Jun,21 18:02
Me. And very enjoyable it is too

By #641494 17,Jun,21 16:54
I'm masturbating right now

By #625826 17,Jun,21 13:32
Softly groping myself , looking at the eye here , mmmm

By Lvphose [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 08:42 other posts 
I will when I get out of chastity!

By #639200 17,Jun,21 01:39
I am , well using the cock pump right now

By #613564 16,Jun,21 00:39
Just casually touching, teasing, while looking at the beautiful penises. Hoping someone is online, and want to share some fun!

By #628350 06,Jun,21 13:10
I'm half and half, trying to make it last.

By Willy8642 [Ignore] 05,Jun,21 01:08 other posts 
I'll be on edging for next couple hours

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 08:39 other posts 
I wank at most times of the day - just edge - love it and like doing it on c2c sites so guys can watch.

By #639200 01,Jun,21 07:00
Awesome Im jacking and I'm feeling good !!;!

By #643438 30,May,21 17:09
Im edging and lapping up my precum, so sweet and delicious

By leopoldij [Ignore] 30,May,21 11:20 other posts 
The president of some Asian country.

By #628350 30,May,21 07:32
I am just starting the slow tease while I'm reading this, not very hard yet.

By Dougskrilla [Ignore] 30,May,21 04:03 other posts 

By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] 30,May,21 02:42 other posts 
I am!!

By Strongmember# [Ignore] 29,May,21 16:13 other posts 
just getting started.. will likely be a few hours at least

By #643024 29,May,21 14:45
Been stroking for the last 90 minutes or so whilst viewing pictures on this site getting near to cumming

By yellowman [Ignore] 26,May,21 05:53 other posts 
I am ... I would like to cum now but I think I will continue to edge for a while yet....

By cruz69696969 [Ignore] 26,May,21 04:08 other posts 
Is playing with yourself considered masturbating?

By #643120 25,May,21 23:06
More like massaging my semi hard looking at pics.

By #631189 10,May,21 17:52
I can do up to about two hours before it becomes sore and aches, then I need to blow

By #641295 10,May,21 17:15
Im stroking my cock right now

By #638797 10,May,21 13:41
I Have been Masturbating slow all morning, I enjoy the Feeling on mine along time until I have a great Feeling when I can really say that it is Feeling good on mine, Start stop method here too I will ejaculate OFF so much feeling, I love masturbating slow along time

By #553640 02,Apr,18 00:50
mmmhm, just started!

By #478298 31,Mar,18 20:39
I am
[deleted image]

By #544985 31,Mar,18 15:14
i am have been for three hours just love the feeling of my hands and fingers caressing my hard cock

By #544985 31,Mar,18 15:10
[deleted image] i am have been for three hours just love the feeling of my hands and fingers caressing my hard cock

By Username22 [Ignore] 22,Mar,18 15:48 other posts 
I did on my morning drive, and I've been stroking it here and there all day at work so far. When I get home in about three hours or so I'll spend some time edging and I plan to have a very explosive orgasm!
By louther [Ignore] 24,Mar,18 10:58 other posts 
Id love to pass you on the way to work when your stroking!

By t-rex [Ignore] 24,Mar,18 10:22 other posts 
I am right now 😃

By #478298 23,Mar,18 19:22
Just starting some self lovin

[deleted image]

By #552510 23,Mar,18 19:22
I am

By #506199 23,Mar,18 17:58
I am; about 10 minutes into a quick session!

By leopoldij [Ignore] 22,Mar,18 14:04 other posts 
Lots of people are masturbating right now.

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