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By t-rex 24,May,24 14:31
I guess nothing is a guarantee, I was divorced once, will never happen again, I could be committed, but never another marriage.,I still love pussy though, I guess itís the same power as a blowjob over a guy, making her cum with my mouth still gives me a rush !!!

By t-rex 23,May,24 20:51
Quite a few handjobs, they donít usually end that way, but sometimes it just feels so good I let her make me cum. Iíve never had a girl complain, most loved watching me cum. I especially love when they are stroking it and stop and squeeze it tight and comment how hard it is. Of course Iím usually playing with their pussy at the same time, sometimes itís hard to concentrate with both going on at the same time.

By t-rex 22,May,24 19:43
I have sucked quite a few, I love doing it, as long as itís clean, Iím there. Some to make them cum, some just to warm them up

By t-rex 10,May,24 23:07
Iíve done this a few times, they have all loved it, and were very turned on

By t-rex 07,May,24 20:02

By t-rex 06,May,24 23:45
Great tits, love those nipples

By t-rex 06,May,24 07:55

By t-rex 05,May,24 21:27
Itís mine and I love it 🤣

By t-rex 20,Apr,24 07:23
You must be excited

By t-rex 09,Apr,24 15:57
What a sight

By t-rex 06,Apr,24 07:06

By t-rex 26,Mar,24 19:27

By t-rex 26,Mar,24 18:34

By t-rex 25,Mar,24 17:30
I have only ever had blowjobs in a vehicle, I have fucked ladies on the hoods of their cars, or in the bed of my pickup,,, thatís right, Iím a pickup man!!! 😃

By t-rex 14,Mar,24 23:27
Not at all

By t-rex 03,Mar,24 20:54
Nothing wrong with a good handjob, although it normally leads to something else .

By t-rex 06,Feb,24 22:31
Such a sad loss,,, hereís to you Toby 🍺

By t-rex 09,Jan,24 20:12
You can spam me anytime sweetheart

By t-rex 17,Dec,23 21:14
Nice 👍

By t-rex 17,Dec,23 15:58
Now that is hot buddy

By t-rex 13,Dec,23 19:28

By t-rex 10,Dec,23 17:28
All my wifeís pictures are fake,,, wait Iím not married 🤣

By t-rex 18,Nov,23 20:54

By t-rex 14,Oct,23 20:51
Divorced here

By t-rex 14,Oct,23 10:10
Hell yes,

By t-rex 09,Oct,23 22:17
Very nice

By t-rex 09,Oct,23 07:49

By t-rex 09,Oct,23 07:43
Nice 😃

By t-rex 21,Aug,23 01:17
Yes, it comes up under a different title, I think it says show your Cunt miscellaneous category

By t-rex 31,Jul,23 17:45
If I remember correctly i was 14,a few of us were playing doctor

By t-rex 31,Jul,23 17:17
You want to suck socks ?

By t-rex 10,Jul,23 22:23
Definitely prime material

By t-rex 03,Jul,23 22:15
I would, conditions being correct

By t-rex 20,Jun,23 20:28
Sometimes nothin can be a real cool hand,,,,, movie Cool hand Luke

By t-rex 24,May,23 19:53
A sad loss

By t-rex 24,May,23 19:37
Such a historic lady, bless you young lady and RIP

By t-rex 26,Apr,23 21:21
Iím a moaner, I have to concentrate to be quiet, I dirty talk some, depends on the womanís reaction and if she gets turned on by it

By t-rex 26,Apr,23 21:16
And I love it

By t-rex 19,Apr,23 06:26
Thank you

By t-rex 18,Apr,23 22:16
Itís a shame, luckily the kid wasnít killed

By t-rex 18,Apr,23 21:33
Yes I heard of this, Iím sure the 84 year old was frightened, but what have we come to, that we shoot first, and ask questions laterÖjust my opinion, I donít know the details of the case

By t-rex 18,Apr,23 21:17
Nice view

By t-rex 18,Apr,23 21:09

By t-rex 13,Apr,23 18:38
Much nicer than going at it alone

By t-rex 13,Mar,23 22:35
You are a lucky couple

By t-rex 20,Jan,23 21:17
Another sad loss

By t-rex 27,Dec,22 22:47
They are beauties

By t-rex 27,Dec,22 22:46

By t-rex 27,Dec,22 22:43
I love all sizes 😁

By t-rex 21,Dec,22 09:55