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Handjobs? Yay or nay?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Antonek [Ignore] 03,Mar,24 20:10  other posts
My first sexual experience with someone other than myself was getting a handjob. I still love a good handjob (or at least a reasonable facsimile) Whos with me? Dont get me wrong, there is a mutual connection with intercourse of any sort but a handjob really brings me back. I still love them. Guys and gals, Id love to hear your input.

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By Cummingforyou [Ignore] 19,Mar,24 04:51 other posts 
My first ever orgasm was a hand job from a complete from stranger when I was 15. Guess I was molested but will never forget it . He took his dick one night in a park and told me to suck it .. guess I wasnt good at it as he pulled me away . He then put his hands in my underwear and grabbed my penis which got hard in an instant, pulled my pants down to my knees . Then he put his hand on my rock hard shaft pulling the fore skin back and forth. No idea what was happening bus enjoying having a hand of someone else on my penis . As I said I had never cum before ) late starter) after a couple on minutes I felt I needed to pee which I said to him . He just went faster when all the sudden I got this incredible pleasure sensation and rope after rope of this white liquid shot oil it of my penis causing my legs to go weak . Best ever cum your first one but yay love hand jobs ffrom both. Genders

By nekekal [Ignore] 18,Mar,24 00:56 other posts 
I have done self hand jobs my whole life. As long as someone is enjoying my cock it is good with me. Having someone pump the cum out of my cock is always better than doing it myself, although I usually beg them to suck it a bit. So I like hand jobs. I wish I could find someone to play with my cock right now.

By Lvphose [Ignore] 16,Mar,24 17:52 other posts 

By #668890 07,Mar,24 16:29
I'm with you, Antonek. I LOVE getting and giving handjobs!
By Antonek [Ignore] 07,Mar,24 17:46 other posts 
We must share the same affliction! Id take a handjob from you any day!😘
By #668890 16,Mar,24 17:42

By #694265 15,Mar,24 02:09
New hand job upload

[deleted image]

By #694265 14,Mar,24 23:42
[deleted image]

Hand jobs are awesome, some of my biggest loads I have ever had has been getting milked from the wife 🥳
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That's a link to our handjob gallery if you wanted to check it out 🤤

By t-rex [Ignore] 03,Mar,24 20:54 other posts 
Nothing wrong with a good handjob, although it normally leads to something else .
By Antonek [Ignore] 07,Mar,24 17:44 other posts 
Youre right about that, none of which is bad!
By t-rex [Ignore] 14,Mar,24 23:27 other posts 
Not at all

By JDSRock [Ignore] 12,Mar,24 08:00 other posts 
Love having my wife pull my cock while she is getting it hard from her bull...nothing else compares..

By Luvanicecock [Ignore] 08,Mar,24 08:05 other posts 
I like hand jobs, but my first sexual experience was being molested by a stranger
By Antonek [Ignore] 10,Mar,24 15:52 other posts 
Ooh, sorry dude.
By Luvanicecock [Ignore] 12,Mar,24 07:53 other posts 
Shit happens. I've gotten past it, and maybe that's part of the reason I love to suck cock now

By Maxwell_93 [Ignore] 11,Mar,24 19:21 other posts 
I had one amazing handjob that I would be elated to experience again, but I want more than that typically
By Antonek [Ignore] 11,Mar,24 20:53 other posts 
I hear you bud, so true!!!😁

By knewbi [Ignore] 11,Mar,24 14:47 other posts 
When I was a teen my girlfriend and I were afraid of getting her pregnant so we did not fuck at all. She would suck my cock and I'd eat her pussy and we would both work the other to get them off.. She just loved giving me a hand job until it spitz. She became very, and I do mean very, good at it. It's a shame to say that we are no longer together but we did get married for a few years. I have had my share and then some of sex partners but nobody cums close to her hand jobs. She knew all of the tricks and the right lube to make it so much more enjoyable. And when Ii was going to cum, she would sometimes wrap her lips around me and swallow. She did love seeing it spurt though too. I so miss those hand jobs she gave...
By Antonek [Ignore] 11,Mar,24 20:50 other posts 
Wow! What a great story! 😊

By Oddmanout [Ignore] 05,Mar,24 16:21 other posts 
Fuck yes!! I absolutely love a good handjob!
By Antonek [Ignore] 10,Mar,24 15:53 other posts 
I agree.

By wirda [Ignore] 03,Mar,24 23:16 other posts 
A handjob is great and all for me personally I love having a guys cock in my mouth

It makes me wet feeling a throb inside my 👄
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A handjob is great and all for me personally I love having a guys cock in my mouth

It makes me wet feeling a throb inside my mou
By Antonek [Ignore] 10,Mar,24 15:51 other posts 
Well, if given the choice, your mouth would be a great option!😘

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 04,Mar,24 08:41 other posts 
I like giving and getting a good handjob

By Cody8789 [Ignore] 04,Mar,24 00:50 other posts 

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