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By LGA6969 15,Jun,24 08:52
I like watching my self masturbate in front of a mirror

By LGA6969 13,Jun,24 17:17
10 times the last 2 were dry

By LGA6969 10,Jun,24 09:07
[deleted image]

By LGA6969 03,Jun,24 09:09
no lube lot of precum though

By LGA6969 16,May,24 09:17
9.5 shoe/ 6” cock

By LGA6969 11,May,24 17:48

By LGA6969 10,May,24 09:04
in high school. First 2 yrs. Then the School pool was closed down, because of repairs.

By LGA6969 05,May,24 09:33
The head is my favorite

By LGA6969 04,May,24 09:17
played when I was around 13. all guys. Of course I was always the first one completely naked. What fun.

By LGA6969 22,Apr,24 08:59
mine tastes good

By LGA6969 22,Apr,24 08:58
men are always horny at any age

By LGA6969 10,Apr,24 15:21
its more common than you think

By LGA6969 06,Apr,24 15:28
Beautiful beg and gorgeous

By LGA6969 06,Apr,24 15:27
I love them all. Huge underwear fetish here.

By LGA6969 11,Mar,24 08:28
prostate stimulation such as Aneros anal stimulator takes practice but once mastered you will enjoy hands free orgasms

By LGA6969 09,Mar,24 09:13
get a prostate stimulator Aneros while it takes practice once you master the technique you will have mind blowing orgasms

By LGA6969 04,Mar,24 08:41
I like giving and getting a good handjob

By LGA6969 13,Feb,24 17:29
[deleted image]

By LGA6969 23,Jan,24 15:27
[deleted image]

67 yo

By LGA6969 20,Jan,24 16:27
About 12

By LGA6969 12,Jan,24 16:51
66 year old

By LGA6969 02,Jan,24 08:42
I notice when I am soft I have a hood over my glans

By LGA6969 31,Dec,23 22:46
They show off your pkg.

By LGA6969 30,Dec,23 09:53
I like to swallow but I don't mind a good face glazing

By LGA6969 17,Dec,23 18:05
Love frot

By LGA6969 16,Dec,23 08:35

By LGA6969 10,Dec,23 16:26
As long as it works

By LGA6969 10,Dec,23 08:47
I am a lefty, but I have used my right sometimes. The orgasm feels a lot different when I use my right hand

By LGA6969 03,Dec,23 08:54
I love my cock and creamy reward

By LGA6969 03,Dec,23 08:52
[deleted image]

By LGA6969 29,Nov,23 19:50
I don’t wear it, but don’t mind if they do.

By LGA6969 23,Nov,23 08:30
[deleted image]
straight down when soft/ straight out when erect

By LGA6969 23,Nov,23 08:22
Huge underwear fetish here. I have all kinds...... briefs, boxer briefs, boxers, trunks, ass out ones, crotch out ones, jockstraps, tighty whites. You name them I got em

By LGA6969 13,Nov,23 08:30
it will likely be a great orgasm

By LGA6969 09,Nov,23 16:38
Most small tiny panties remind me of a cheap hotel…….there is no ballroom

By LGA6969 07,Nov,23 18:27
All the time when I was a teen with the neighbor friend next door
A lot of naked swimming fun

By LGA6969 29,Oct,23 17:23
Definitely. I use to when I was younger. Not as limber now as I use to be 😝

By LGA6969 29,Oct,23 17:12
I like shaving especially my balls

By LGA6969 19,Oct,23 18:44
My first real orgasm when I was 11 or 12
I use to hump my big pillow at night.
One night it happened I was going at it humping fast and furious and all of a sudden this feeling came over me. I shot a big load all over my pillow and sheets.. what a sticky mess
Great feeling

By LGA6969 15,Oct,23 21:13

By LGA6969 12,Oct,23 16:05
when I was in my teens and 20's I was able to Yes very satisfying..... most times ended up swallowing my sticky load.

By LGA6969 05,Oct,23 17:47
I would like to sometime

By LGA6969 30,Sep,23 15:10
In high school there was this guy I knew had at least a 9" cock His nickname was horse.

By LGA6969 24,Sep,23 09:28
yes when using a prostate stim.

By LGA6969 24,Sep,23 09:26
yes quite often especially in front of a mirror. I have white washed many a mirrors.

By LGA6969 20,Sep,23 17:25
Yummy cummy

By LGA6969 06,Sep,23 18:51
Always swallow for all the hard work sucking the creamy reward is deserved

By LGA6969 30,Aug,23 15:38
I would say about 13 or 14

By LGA6969 30,Aug,23 15:29
It’s a wet dream and quite normal at your age. I am older and still once in awhile have them, much less frequent but have still had then.

By LGA6969 29,Aug,23 17:16
When I was younger I always managed to christened the sheets with cum everywhere and then fell to sleep in sticky sheets