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By LGA6969 20,Sep,23 17:25
Yummy cummy

By LGA6969 06,Sep,23 18:51
Always swallow for all the hard work sucking the creamy reward is deserved

By LGA6969 30,Aug,23 15:38
I would say about 13 or 14

By LGA6969 30,Aug,23 15:29
It’s a wet dream and quite normal at your age. I am older and still once in awhile have them, much less frequent but have still had then.

By LGA6969 29,Aug,23 17:16
When I was younger I always managed to christened the sheets with cum everywhere and then fell to sleep in sticky sheets

By LGA6969 24,Aug,23 08:42
Mine is 5” thick

By LGA6969 20,Aug,23 08:48
In the shower

By LGA6969 19,Aug,23 08:50

By LGA6969 19,Aug,23 08:48

By LGA6969 14,Aug,23 17:18
Finger or dildo to stim my prostate

By LGA6969 10,Aug,23 19:52

By LGA6969 07,Aug,23 08:42

By LGA6969 07,Aug,23 08:39
I have a lot of precum I usually rub it on my nipples or all over my cockhead while masturbating

By LGA6969 02,Aug,23 15:39
first time I had to have a rectal exam I pulled my pants and underwear down and got a huge erection and I was embarassed

By LGA6969 27,Jul,23 08:02
clean then yes

By LGA6969 27,Jul,23 08:00
yes I don't want to waste 1 drop

By LGA6969 27,Jul,23 07:58

By LGA6969 19,Jul,23 19:51
I love frotting

By LGA6969 18,Jul,23 17:07
I use to have them even in my 20's not so much now. Usually wake up to morning wood.

By LGA6969 17,Jul,23 08:56
I was about 14 and use to lay in my bed naked with my legs over my head trying to suck my own dick. Back then I was able to at least get the head of my dick into my mouth. This one night I was going at it jerking off and as I was cumming into my mouth I finally came a big load into my mouth. It tasted funny at first, but later I liked the taste. About a year after that I was doing the same thing on my bed one night and forgot to lock my bedroom door and my dad walked in as I was cumming in my mouth. Needless to say he laughed and said nice shot next time you better lock your door. Lol

By LGA6969 16,Jul,23 10:17
I was 13 neighbor kid 13 also, messing around in his garage. One thing lead to another. Started comparing cocks and then he started touching and milking my cock. He asked me to suck his and I did. I felt his cock get hard in my mouth. Neither of us came this time, but another time we went at it again and he gave me a handjob and I shot a load all over and I gave him a blow job and he came all over my face. Fun times. We messed around off and on for a couple of years.

By LGA6969 07,Jul,23 18:24
Lots of times

By LGA6969 07,Jul,23 18:24
Not yet, but I would like to

By LGA6969 04,Jul,23 16:13

By LGA6969 01,Jul,23 23:15
My nipples have become more sensitive I got older. I always play with them when I jerk off . It makes me have a more intense orgasm

By LGA6969 30,Jun,23 17:04
I would have to say when I first started discovering my prostate. I was fingering it and massaging it for quite many times and one day I had my first hands free orgasm. It was something I experienced multiple orgasms and my cum just kept flowing. Once I mastered the technique I have experienced many a hands free orgasms. Now I use a prostate stimulator all the time.

By LGA6969 28,Jun,23 20:49
One week

By LGA6969 27,Jun,23 16:11
I do

By LGA6969 26,Jun,23 09:31

By LGA6969 23,Jun,23 08:45
I swallow don’t want to waste any spunk

By LGA6969 22,Jun,23 14:49
I like to swallow

By LGA6969 22,Jun,23 14:48
yes swallow

By LGA6969 19,Jun,23 09:07

By LGA6969 19,Jun,23 09:05

By LGA6969 19,Jun,23 09:03

By LGA6969 14,Jun,23 15:27

By LGA6969 13,Jun,23 15:11
I new a guy that was short. He was 5’4” and he was hung. About 8” hard and wrist thick.. he had a big ol dick

By LGA6969 13,Jun,23 15:02
When I was 12-13 I use to hump my pillow at night. I would get naked and lay on my bed one of the nights I was humping away and going fast and furious and it happened, This feeling came over my body and begun to shutter and twitch then I blew the biggest load all over the pillow and sheets. That was my first real orgasm. It felt wonderful. Needless to say I had to get up extra early and wash my sticky sheets. Lol

By LGA6969 13,Jun,23 14:54
Silver Daddies

By LGA6969 11,Jun,23 08:25
hasnt every man at least one

By LGA6969 07,Jun,23 16:29
A lot of nice cracks

By LGA6969 05,Jun,23 09:19
I love being in the raw when at home

By LGA6969 05,Jun,23 09:18
I love thick cock

By LGA6969 04,Jun,23 10:39

By LGA6969 04,Jun,23 10:39
You betcha

By LGA6969 21,May,23 11:57
Lost count

By LGA6969 14,May,23 08:49
It takes practice it may not happen the first time you try
Be relaxed and lube up your finger
Insert your index finger and insert probing your prostate once found finger it massaging motion. Keep doing it and you will start feeling and you will start leaking a lot of precum . Prostate orgasm are the best .

By LGA6969 14,May,23 08:43

Sof. Couple of inches
Hard About 6”

By LGA6969 30,Apr,23 09:16
I remember when i was 10 or 11 before I had a wet orgasm

By LGA6969 30,Apr,23 09:12
I love it in my mouth up my nose in my eye, hair EVERYWHERE