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when I was young around 11 or 12 I use to get naked and hump my pillow at night. This one night I was going at it and humping fast and furious and it happened. All of a sudden this feeling came over me and I shot a big creamy load all over my sheets. Man what a feeling. This was my first time having a real orgasm. Needless to say I had to get up extra early to wash my sheets from the sticky mess. Lol

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By LGA6969 16,Jan,23 08:49
I love the big sticky mess

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By LGA6969 10,Jan,23 16:48
Watching 2 guys go at it

By LGA6969 08,Jan,23 08:40
I do sometimes

By LGA6969 02,Jan,23 07:52
Yes mine are very sensitive I pull , rub and tugg on them all the time

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I love undercarriage views

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When I was about 15 or so I was in my bedroom and decided to jerk off. I got all naked laid on my bed and started jerking off I decided to throw my legs back over my head so that when I came I would come into my mouthAs I was coming into my mouth my dad happen to come into my bedroom I forgot to lock the door. So needless to say I was so embarrassed and all my dad did was laugh and left and shut the door. Later on he was laughing and he said that that was a nice shot. Lol

By LGA6969 10,Dec,22 20:20
Mine is usually sweet tasting I love the sticky stuff

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By LGA6969 27,Nov,22 08:14
It is a beauty

By LGA6969 27,Nov,22 08:13
I like it in the butt

By LGA6969 24,Nov,22 08:06
lots of nice piss slits

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By LGA6969 23,Nov,22 08:37
yes do it

By LGA6969 23,Nov,22 08:36
yes a least once a day. I am 65

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reminds me of a lollipop

By LGA6969 10,Nov,22 08:44
I enjoy a big fat cock

By LGA6969 31,Oct,22 08:39
my father saw me masturbate not on purpose but when I was about 16 I was in my bedroom and forgot to lock the door. I was on my bed naked I use to throw my legs over my head and would jerk off I was going at it and just as I was cumming into my mouth my dad walked into my bedroom. I nearly died thinking I would be in trouble but my dad just walked out laughing. Later he said nice shot how did it taste.....

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5 7/8" hard

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my BF like to cum on mine

By LGA6969 23,Oct,22 14:27
when I was younger in my teens I could manage to get the head into my mouth

By LGA6969 23,Oct,22 14:26
I had a lot of wet dreams woke up with my briefs soaked a many times

By LGA6969 19,Oct,22 16:41
MMM all the way. Love being the middle man

By LGA6969 19,Oct,22 16:40
I love being spit roasted

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Sounds interesting

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thats a beauty

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I think they are cute

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By LGA6969 07,Oct,22 17:57
Guys hands down

By LGA6969 06,Oct,22 05:05
When I was 16 my dad caught me in that position on my bed in my room as I just creamed into my mouth. I forgot to lock my bedroom door Lol

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By LGA6969 03,Oct,22 09:00
no I like my dick thank you

By LGA6969 03,Oct,22 08:55
johnny Holmes

By LGA6969 02,Oct,22 11:29
I use to be, but with age I got better

By LGA6969 02,Oct,22 11:26
when I was young I use to go to bed and get naked and hump my pillow at night for a long time nothing really happened but it felt good to rub my penis between the pillow and mattress. This one night I kept doing it over and over and had a good hard stiff one all of a sudden I felt this sensation throughout my body then it happened my first real orgasm. I came all over the sheets and pillow case. Needless to say it was a real sticky mess. I had to get up extra early and wash my bedding so no one knew what happened that night. I still remember it vividly.

By LGA6969 29,Sep,22 17:51
Nice I love tight briefs