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stroking question

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #5173 [Ignore] 30,Jun,09 10:53
I stroke my dick with my right hand most of the time,but about a quarter of the time I use my left many of you use either hand????

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By Moench [Ignore] 24,Dec,23 15:47 other posts 
Left or right doesnít matter,I use or need only two finger to make mine happy

By lovetolickyou [Ignore] 24,Dec,23 14:33 other posts 
I've always used my right hand. I find the type of grip is the biggest factor in getting a good result. I use the fingers and thumb underneath, on the same side of the shaft, which works a lot better than the kind of grip you'd use on bicycle handlebars with the thumb on the opposite side. I've sometimes humorously told a friend "Try using the wrong hand....It feels like a high school girl who doesn't know how to do it very well". In my experience, using the wrong hand extends the time it takes to get any results - In fact, it sometimes takes forever, and I give up before anything good happens.

By #662360 24,Dec,23 14:09
I start with my right hand and use my left hand to tickle my balls and arse. By the time I start getting worked up I donít want to stop and keep going with my right hand till I cum.

By woody4647 [Ignore] 24,Dec,23 11:19 other posts 
I use both hands. Usually start lefty. Get it nice and hard. Then finish off with a strong right handed wank. If all goes well I get a real good cum

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 10,Dec,23 08:47 other posts 
I am a lefty, but I have used my right sometimes. The orgasm feels a lot different when I use my right hand

By Lvphose [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 15:41 other posts 
Use both

By dragonsegg [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 04:46 other posts 
Normally aright handed guy but love to change hands when Iím enjoying a solo session, feels like someone else is giving me hand

By Cummingforyou [Ignore] 08,Dec,23 21:05 other posts 
Normally stroke with my left hand and been so used to it. On some occasions stroked with my right and got different sensation

By Cummingforyou [Ignore] 08,Dec,23 21:03 other posts 
Normally stroke with my left hand and been so used to it. On some occasions stroked with my right and got different sensation

By doedeldi [Ignore] 05,Dec,23 09:36 other posts 
Ich benutze nur die rechte.

By #662360 04,Dec,23 07:26
Usually my right hand. But some time ago I experienced a wanking machine like this which an engineering student friend made. It gave a good wank. [deleted image]

By Rachel_G [Ignore] 13,Nov,22 22:39 other posts 
I used my right hand on my hubbyís cock

By #625826 13,Nov,22 21:07
Mostly stroke with right , though left hand , when i am pumping my tight boi butt , with a nice 6 inch Dildo...omg ,feels so good , i am moaning thru out my orgasms

By exhibit [Ignore] 13,Nov,22 19:39 other posts 
Neither hand. I use a vibrator. Close my eyes and enjoy the ride.

By nekekal [Ignore] 27,Sep,22 13:56 other posts 
Mostly my right hand. On occasion, my left. It feels like a stranger is doing it.

By thebeewolf [Ignore] 18,Sep,22 11:19 other posts 
I almost never use a hand, right or left. If I'm getting myself off it's either with my vibrator or every now and then with my Fleshlight quick shot.

By Strongmember# [Ignore] 14,Sep,22 18:23 other posts 
left hand habit developed around college when i started typing with right hand for internet porn

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 14,Sep,22 17:17 other posts 
I am a lefty, but sometimes switch to right which takes longer to cum.

By #662360 14,Sep,22 03:28
Right hand mostly but occasionally treat myself to a leftie as shown. It feels like another boy is doing it for me! [deleted image]

By #64328 13,Apr,22 09:14
As a boy I was primarily a right handed hacker. But with computers arrival I started with my left hand.

By Averageamount [Ignore] 12,Apr,22 22:39 other posts 
Mostly use right, even though left feels better for some reason but Unless I'm watching porn on my phone I tend to switch hands anyway

By #664956 12,Apr,22 16:44
[deleted image]both left or right I would use my mouth if I could damn I wish I could. I know a guy who can blow himself

By #147052 14,Feb,14 10:42
I use my elbows

By t-rex [Ignore] 13,Feb,14 11:31 other posts 
I'm right handed and use my left hand to stroke, it is much more natural for me, it's awkward with my right hand

By #289712 13,Feb,14 07:55
Im a right hand guy, and a few times used my left. Its involved a bit more work, not quite as natural and automatic, took s bit of work to orgasm. Couple of times, being a different feeling I blew hard, spurting heaps of cum.

By #291618 10,Feb,14 21:44
i use my right hand mostly but i also use my left hand like a 70-30

By #443664 10,Feb,14 13:20
I'm right handed but mainly use my left
By Rose [Ignore] 10,Feb,14 21:40 other posts 
That is the same with my husband!

By #393930 10,Feb,14 15:21
i use left more, but i use right also.

By skot [Ignore] 10,Feb,14 13:39 other posts 
Left handed and left hand...

By #408718 10,Feb,14 12:49
am left handed but i use both cause i can

By steve3095 [Ignore] 10,Feb,14 10:25 other posts 
I'm right handed but use my left hand for stroking and drinking beer. I don't know why either.

By #451069 10,Feb,14 04:05
Someone else's would be better

By #18046 10,Jul,09 13:51
I use my left hand for stroking my cock (I'm right-handed). It takes longer and prolongs the pleasure!!
By #5173 10,Jul,09 15:28
I do that also...if I am real horny or want a quick one I will always use my right,but my left does prolong my pleasure. When mrspudpull is helping me, I almost always use my left hand or otherwise i will cum too fast...
By #18249 20,Jul,09 22:07
Same goes for me. Right hand doesn't take too long to cum..left takes me longer too.

By Olddude [Ignore] 30,Jun,09 17:59 other posts 
Use my left hand most all the time!( I am right handed)

By #6568 30,Jun,09 16:36
Yep, ambidextrous too!

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