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By woody4647 27,Dec,22 12:05
I like them large. My current gf is 38ff that is about right. One thing I hate is fake boobs. I would rather have a natural 32a than a fake 36dd.

By woody4647 22,Nov,22 13:09
I saw her in London in the early 80s playing the lead in "The Sound of Music". excellent!

By woody4647 01,Aug,22 13:11
Doggy! Love her wide hips and big ass!

By woody4647 09,Jul,22 15:26
Get fucked by a big cock!

By woody4647 20,Jun,22 17:43
Very nice big tits! I love them large and soft! My current gf has 38ff yours are very similar!

By woody4647 10,May,22 13:02
I jerk off 3 to 4 times a week.always cum. That is the best part. Sometimes it just an ooze other times I get some vertical!

By woody4647 13,Nov,21 12:29
I am 57 and I wank off every 2nd or third day. Sometimes I will go longer because a bigger load is more enjoyable!

By woody4647 13,May,21 23:10
She is an artist with a cock! Would love to play with her sexy hairy pussy!

By woody4647 13,May,21 22:50
Your sound effects always make my cock hard!

By woody4647 05,Oct,20 15:28
Camping in the primitive area by a high mountain lake. We rolled around in the tent for a long time. Had sex a couple of times. Later we found out that someone else had camped about 50 yards away. My wife is a screamer I am sure that they heard us! Oh well!

By woody4647 05,Oct,20 15:23
My wife was Horny as Hell when she was pregnant. We fucked all the time. I loved her swollen boobs and sexy attitude.

By woody4647 05,Sep,20 13:47
Love it! My gf loves it too! She gets a second go and i get the taste of cum mixed with pussy juice. Which really turns me on!

By woody4647 27,Jun,20 15:46
I do it because I enjoy watching a good cumshot! No need to wait.!

By woody4647 01,Jun,20 11:53
Do it regularly. After I cum my GF still hasn't I lick her out until she does. She enjoys it and so do i. I like the taste of my cum mixed with her pussy juice. Huge turn on!

By woody4647 23,May,20 14:40
I love the dark areolas of preggo women! Huge turn on!

By woody4647 20,Mar,20 19:44
I like to wank in front of the mirror! Love to see a good cumshot! I also will jack off in the shower. no mess to clean up!

By woody4647 07,Feb,20 11:11
I am 5.25 in. I think there are many under 6in. then will admit it.

By woody4647 04,Feb,20 11:34
Here is one of mine! It has been on my profile for quite a while. I love cumshots!

By woody4647 30,Jan,20 00:46
It was so warm and wet. But because it felt so good I didn't last only 3 or 4 thrusts. It was an incredible orgasm tho!

By woody4647 29,Sep,19 17:34
I thought you guys were kidding about Japan beating Ireland. It is true. Japan are "giant killers" again. There goes my bracket.

By woody4647 28,Sep,19 13:02
big upset! Uruguay beats Fiji. 30-27 It was a great game!

By woody4647 04,Sep,19 23:44
I like the view of a nice round ass in doggy. Grabbing some nice big hips and pounding away while some lovely big tits swing.

By woody4647 17,Aug,19 12:17
Yes,not all the time but regularly. I think it is incredibly sexy. My GF has a large Ass and it really gets me off. Sometimes to much and I cum too fast.

By woody4647 17,Aug,19 12:08
Yes 90% of the time. It gets me off and my GF loves it.

By woody4647 15,Aug,19 00:43
great game! good for the ausies. I am not a kiwi fan and will root for anyone other than NZ. Go Eagles!

By woody4647 15,Aug,19 00:40

By woody4647 22,May,19 23:42
i sometimes will cum into a cup and then drink it. Mine tastes kind of sweet but salty too. I like the smell and the texture as much as the taste.

By woody4647 22,May,19 23:36
There Used to be one near Hastings,Sussex

By woody4647 21,Mar,19 20:20
Been cut all my life. Never had a problem wanking. You just have to adjust the amount of pressure. I do use lube every once in a while. Regular water based lube works fine. In a emergency I have found that hair conditioner works good. It doesnt leave you sore like soap does.

By woody4647 28,Jan,19 21:36
I agree 100%

By woody4647 28,Jan,19 21:34
I like mature women, so large saggy tits are what I get. My GF's are 38FF and wonderful. I do appreciate small boobs if they are well shaped and in proportion.

By woody4647 28,Jan,19 21:30
I am a huge fan of hair! As has been said, I think a totally bald pussy is to much like a little girl. A real woman has a nice full bush! I can see maybe a nice trim to keep it from being too out of control. Even a landing strip is better than nothing. If I want to fuck it, I need to know that it that it is a woman. Besides I love the feel of a nice hairy bush on my nose when I am licking my load out of a sexy pussy!

By woody4647 15,Feb,18 00:11
Hairy all the way! I luv going down on a nice bush!

By woody4647 22,Jan,18 22:30
I prefer protruding labia but all pussy is beautiful

By woody4647 19,Jan,18 02:04
In a nice juicy pussy of course. If just wankin I like to shoot in a cup so I can drink it.