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By lovetolickyou 10,Feb,24 20:13
I never found snorting meth did a whole lot, but I used to love chopping it up fine and glazing my glans with it. If I was still doing drugs, I'd love to have someone load a syringe with a big load and inject me right into my cock.

By lovetolickyou 09,Feb,24 18:48
I came here initially to look at the cock galleries. I became interested in showing my own pictures, and now I love to come here while I'm jerking off to look at the ladies and mens pictures. This is one of my favorite sites to look, and I only wish I could find a way to make a personal contact with someone else here.

By lovetolickyou 09,Jan,24 02:18
My first choice would be to swallow, but I'd also like to have a load squirted on my cock so I could use it as lube to jerk off with.

By lovetolickyou 27,Dec,23 23:35
I don't normally seek out large women, but there have been some that I find really sexy and I can really enjoy playing naked with them. Oral sex in particular really appeals to me. I have found occasionally, such as the last queen-size woman I made love with, that the thick padding above their pussy has limited how deeply I can penetrate them. That might not be an issue for a guy who's particularly well-endowed, but for us normal guys who weren't blessed size-wise, it's worth considering. I'm more than happy to please them orally though. And, I have to say, I've found that a lot of chubby girls are really, really pretty, and that means something to me too.

By lovetolickyou 27,Dec,23 01:18
I used to love doing coke and it definitely put me in the right headspace to explore outside my normal boundaries. Unfortunately, I couldn't do coke and keep it under control to be able to live normal life, so regretfully, I've had to back away from it for almost twenty years. These days, the drug supply is so contaminated that I'd be afraid to try it again. Sad though, because there was a time when it made for some memorable sex.

By lovetolickyou 27,Dec,23 01:10
I love soft cocks. It's a different experience than a hard one but just as rewarding.

By lovetolickyou 24,Dec,23 14:33
I've always used my right hand. I find the type of grip is the biggest factor in getting a good result. I use the fingers and thumb underneath, on the same side of the shaft, which works a lot better than the kind of grip you'd use on bicycle handlebars with the thumb on the opposite side. I've sometimes humorously told a friend "Try using the wrong hand....It feels like a high school girl who doesn't know how to do it very well". In my experience, using the wrong hand extends the time it takes to get any results - In fact, it sometimes takes forever, and I give up before anything good happens.

By lovetolickyou 20,Dec,23 19:03
It's a bit of a tough subject.....When I hear **** in regard to guys doing it to women, I immediately feel repulsed and revolted by any violence toward women. As a guy who's been a victim of a sexual assault by another guy, I don't want any part of that....Although I've reluctantly submitted at times in the past, being assaulted finished it for me. In regard to being the victim of an assault by women, I definitely would be interested in participating. I love the idea of being used by dominating women and, to a certain point, would be happy to accept the pain they might inflict. I'd be happy to be on the receiving end of humiliation or anything else they might want.

By lovetolickyou 03,Dec,23 03:57
I asked a friend if he'd save it for me when he fucked his wife. His cum was delicious and the bonus was getting to taste his wife's juices. I'd love to do that lots if I could.

By lovetolickyou 03,Dec,23 03:53
I love my cock and wish I was still agile enough to suck it. I love the taste of my cum too.

By lovetolickyou 09,Nov,23 02:57
Most of my friends don't know that that I like cocks and I've only let a few of them watch me suck someone. I've only let four girls watch me swallow a load.

By lovetolickyou 28,Oct,23 16:49

By lovetolickyou 28,Oct,23 14:41
As I said elsewhere, I have always lived with ejaculatory difficulties. On average, I would last over an hour....certainly beyond the interest or tolerance of most partners. I can only remember once when I was done in less than 10 minutes - After sleeping with my first wife (who always had issues with being too dry and inadequate lubrication) for almost two years, I found myself enjoying sex with a girl who was so slippery it was like fucking a barrel of oil, and I was overcome by the incredible sensation and finished too quickly, much to my disappointment, and hers. I wish I had the advantage most men have of sustaining the act for fifteen or twenty minutes, which strikes me as just about right.

By lovetolickyou 28,Oct,23 08:58
I used to find it took me a long time to cum....It probably would be an hour or so. Unfortunately, my first wife, once she had a new baby, wanted to either not bother with sex or to tolerate me for five minutes or so and leave me clutching blue balls until I could DIY. That had a lot to do with our marriage having a two-year life span. Since then, my ability to cum quickly has gotten only slightly better, but I've found a lot of girls liked it a lot or at least were more ready to try to be compatible.

By lovetolickyou 28,Oct,23 00:29
Absolutely, yes. I like my own cock as much as any I've seen. And I know I could do a better job at doing exactly what I like and want. I like the way I taste.

By lovetolickyou 17,Sep,23 14:39
I always loved snorting coke when I was involved in sex. The other thing that was really, really great was chopping up a pile of meth and frosting the glans of my cock in it. And, sex on acid was some of the best I've ever had. I could cum over and over....Only about eight or nine wet orgasms, but dry orgasms were endless and on demand. I don't do drugs at all any more (almost 20 years clean) but the only times I feel tempted are moments when I think back to how happy sex with drugs made me.

By lovetolickyou 15,Sep,23 10:14
The first time, I was 18 and just starting to get curious. I stayed with a slightly older guy at work my first night after we got off work. We were naked in bed and I started to drift off to sleep when I felt him putting his hand over mine, coaxing me to touch my cock. It wasn't long before I reached over and touched his and felt him take mine in his hand. Without anything being said, I leaned over and put the first cock I'd touched in my mouth. He said "You don't have to" and I replied "I want to". We sucked each other that night before we slept and it ended up with me moving in with him and more happening from there. I loved the taste of his cream and it became the activity I liked the best.

By lovetolickyou 01,Sep,23 02:36
Whether it''s a girl or a guy, I love to give pleasure even more than I like to receive it.

By lovetolickyou 01,Sep,23 02:26
I don't have a special lady right now, but I think what would get me hot is watching her at a gloryhole, putting lots of different cocks in her mouth, knowing that I'm the guy who gets to take her home, and make love to her while I kiss those lips.

By lovetolickyou 09,Aug,23 18:05
Years ago I had a jerk buddy. He was really intrigued when he heard from another guy that I'd put his cock in my mouth and let him pee. He wanted to try it with me too. One day when he came over, we were going to get into the shower to get clean before playing. He had to pee and was going to do it before we got in the tub, but I told him to hold it until we got into the shower. He had to go pretty urgently but held it until we were in the tube. I knelt down and sucked him and he got hard almost instantly. I think, like many guys, he found that becoming erect made the urge to pee subside. I kept sucking him but fairly quickly he got to a point of cumming and began to shoot a big load of cum that quickly turned into cum mixed with piss. I swallowed it all and he told me later that it was really memorable.

By lovetolickyou 09,Aug,23 17:57
My flaccid cock is normally a couple of inches long. I like to play occasionally by freezing my cock and balls in ice so they get super tiny.

By lovetolickyou 08,Aug,23 02:07
I figured out how to solve this. I use Firefox as my browser, and there are browser extensions that customize it to your preferences. To change things, you call up the menu, select extensions, and then you have the ability to disable any extensions you don't want. I have no idea why this suddenly became a problem for me after it all worked fine for so long, but I'm really grateful that it's all back to normal and I can visit this site again easily.

By lovetolickyou 07,Aug,23 19:24
I've spent many hours trying to solve this. Any of the solutions online include adding this site to an exclusions list.....However, I don't use Avast on my computer at all, and have tried using the Avast Uninstall tool, which won't run on my computer. I have made an appeal to a computer support forum asking for advice in removing Avast, which I now regard as MALWARE. If they can't find a solution to this, you may end up losing me as a regular visitor on this site. Too bad, because I've used it for many years, but this seems to be a problem I can't overcome.

By lovetolickyou 28,Jul,23 03:02
It used to bother me, but now I find I like it. I've just done a series of acoustic shock wave treatments where I was lying on a treatment table, naked from the waist down and being touched by an attractive girl. I love having her see me.

By lovetolickyou 30,Jun,23 03:11
I could do it when I was young. It's near impossible now, but it feels great to know I've had my cock in my mouth. It's one of those things I'd like to be able to do while a female fuck buddy watched me.

By lovetolickyou 30,Jun,23 03:07
A few weeks ago, I decided to not touch myself for a full two weeks, from the time of my injection, until the next time I saw the nurse, so when I pulled my pants down, my cock would be chubbed up for her to look at. When I went for my injection, I was at the point of precumming and drooling a bit when I pulled my pants down. As soon as I got home, I stroked myself, edging as long as I could. When I finally came, it was almost like the best charley-horse I'd ever felt, as the muscle from the head of my cock clenched right to the back of my perineum at my ass. It was absolutely exquisite.

By lovetolickyou 04,Jun,23 13:09
I like the idea of tasting it direct, but I'm really excited about eating it out of your lady after you've fucked her.

By lovetolickyou 21,May,23 15:46
Over my whole life, seven. All but one were between my late teens and about twenty years ago. Sucking cocks has never been more important than women in my life, but I've enjoyed it when it happened, liked swallowing cum, and miss it. My one more recent experience was difficult because it was very aggressive and hard to accommodate, but I loved having a mouthful of cream at the end of it.

By lovetolickyou 22,Apr,23 01:53
I like to lick the cream out of a freshly fucked pussy

By lovetolickyou 14,Mar,23 03:31
Putting my mouth on someone has always been just as important as penetration. Yo me, it's the most intimate way of showing someone how much you want to be with them.

By lovetolickyou 01,Jan,23 03:15
It's only happened once....Decades ago, when I was married to my first wife, she tended to be very dry so I wasn't accustomed to lubrication. The first time I tried to sleep with another woman who had a pussy that felt like a hot buttered handjob, I came really quickly. I managed to keep going so I didn't disappoint, but that one experience gave me enough of an understanding of what it's like to feel sympathy for anybody who consistently cums really fast.

By lovetolickyou 01,Dec,22 03:02
I used to work with a very pretty, very petite girl. I found myself fascinated, looking at her little hands, and fantasized about having her force her finger into my urethra and finger-fuck my cock until I creamed.

By lovetolickyou 09,Nov,22 11:51
One time when I was very young and had recently discovered jerking off, I found myself in a situation unexpectedly. I was part of a group of school friends playing a game of "kick-the-can" and ended up hiding along with the younger sister of a girl I had a big crush on. The younger sister, who was really pretty, had a crush on me but I'd never reacted to it because of her age. We ended up hiding in a barn and she initiated kissing me and slid her hand into my pants. I was thrilled, but really afraid because I knew that I could get in a lot of trouble being with someone so much younger. She was insistent though, and pulled out my cock - the first person to touch it besides myself, and stroked me till I couldn't help cumming. She licked my cum off her hand and told me she wanted to do this again whenever I wanted to. She kissed me and told me next time she wanted me to touch her and lick it for her. I was thrilled but really afraid of how much trouble I could get into playing with a much younger girl. As much as I wanted to do it, I avoided her and probably missed my first chance to see and touch a girl's pussy.

By lovetolickyou 11,Oct,22 03:08
After you've copied the link, how do you submit it?

By lovetolickyou 30,Jun,22 03:49
I'd love to have you watch me suck a cock and swallow a load of cream

By lovetolickyou 07,Jun,22 03:47
I'd love to have another guy's cock in my hand. I believe my grip is a bit different, and think that the feeling of my hand on his cock would be really exciting. I'd love to make someone else cum so I could feel their cock pulsating and throbbing in my hand.

By lovetolickyou 20,May,22 21:26
When I look at porn, one of the things I feel drawn to is medical themes where a nurse or female doctor is handling a guy. One thing I feel excited about seeing is a woman injecting saline in a guy's cock. There's a series called Perfect Nurse that shows this happening and I love it. It always makes me cream. I'm not inclined to have anything to do with needles and injections otherwise, and generally the idea of having pain inflicted on me is more gratifying than actually experiencing it, but I'd love to have a female medical person handling my cock and feeling them piercing my cock with needles and injecting saline into it. The handjob that generally is the way these scenes end is something I really want to feel, with my cock all chubbed up from saline and having her bringing me to a climax.

By lovetolickyou 07,Apr,22 03:40
I was embarrassed about having people see my cock because I think I might have been bigger than others boys....But most of all, I was afraid of getting a chub on and other guys thinking I was excited by looking at their cocks - It was true, but I wanted to keep that to myself.

By lovetolickyou 07,Apr,22 03:36
Have you considered a piss 69? Both of you with each others cock in mouth and doing a slow, halting burst of piss thing, doing short squirts to each other, with sucking in between.

By lovetolickyou 07,Apr,22 03:32
I'd like to meet a long-term jerk and suck buddy with a small cock and big puffy sack that wanted as much oral sex as I do.

By lovetolickyou 23,Oct,21 02:39
I have a medical fantasy. I've always liked being in a position where it's acceptable to drop my pants in front of a female doctor or a nurse. I don't see it happening in real life, but in a perfect world, I'd like a lady doctor or nurse to inject my cock with saline shots. I'm not normally interested in pain as pleasure, but to me it seems really erotic to have a woman stick a needle into my cock and inject me. It would be a pleasure to lie helpless while a woman loaded syringes with saline and injected me all over to pump out my cock flesh and handle it as she made it larger than life. I've actually seen videos of this and they normally ended with the lady doctor or nurse slowly pumping it and jerking it off to a lush cream pie. I'd love to experience it, and I'd love to have people watch while it was happening. I've also seen one of those videos where the lady injects saline into the guy's ass and perineum to swell it up before using or abusing it. I've never wanted to inject when I used drugs, but I love the idea of having someone else do it to my cock or balls or ass.

By lovetolickyou 17,Oct,21 04:24
I want to lick it after it's been inside you

By lovetolickyou 16,Oct,21 02:52
When I was young, I had more than a few gay guys approach me and was scared and unreceptive. By the time I was curious, I was forward enough to make the first move on someone who was a green to it as I was. Now I wish I'd let things happen earlier.

By lovetolickyou 08,Oct,21 03:09
I always enjoy the stories more than the pictures

By lovetolickyou 27,Jul,21 03:04
It's got to be give rather than receive. It's happened occasionally, but I don't reliable cum from being sucked, but I always enjoy giving a complete oral surrender to someone who has my ideal cock ready for sucking. I love small cocks and the kind of oral engulfing they encourage. There's nothing better than the feeling of having my tongue on somebody's sticky glans.

By lovetolickyou 27,Jul,21 00:01
Something I've always wanted to try but never had the chance. I'd like to be tied up securely so I couldn't move, then have someone get me hard. I don't normally use lube when I jerk off, but know that I'd be powerless to stop them from getting my cock slippery and stroking me till I had no way to prevent cumming. The difference would be that when I came, they wouldn't stop. No matter what I said or did, they would keep torturing my cock, stroking it, keeping me hard, and using my cum mixed with the lube to keep jerking me. I'd like to have them make me cum three or four times from it and eventually pass out from the overwhelming pleasure. I have various fantasies about who it would be....Ranging from **** mother, my sister, my daughter, to strange women or men that I don't know. I even have a wild fantasy about being blindfolded so I wouldn't know who was abusing me and making me cum over and over again.

By lovetolickyou 06,Jun,21 23:09
I never really had it explained to me, but I remember a couple of times growing up when my mother made reference to the fact that she thought I had been poorly circumcised. I was very embarrassed at the time, feeling like my mum was being critical of my dick. As I've gotten older, I've learned to love the fact that I have a longer, loose circumcision, and kind of regard it as the best of both worlds.

By lovetolickyou 14,May,21 19:35
I've always loved footlvrsgirl, Rachel G is my newest fantasy, and I will always love Bella, with her beautiful eyes and lovely smile.

By lovetolickyou 14,May,21 19:32
Rachel has a lovely smile and she looks so pretty with a cock in her mouth. She's a dream girl.

By lovetolickyou 16,Jan,21 12:48
I've solved the issue by deleting Flash Player on EI, then going to Internet Option - Advanced tab then scroll down to Multimedia and put a check in the box beside "Enable alternative codecs in HTML5 media elements, then restart the computer for the change to take effect. Everything is now working as it should.