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hav you ever been caught masturbating

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #250061 [Ignore] 14,Apr,12 10:31
hav you ever been caught masturbating tell your story if you have

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By #528886 17,Aug,20 05:46
My Aunt , cousin ,and 2 female friend's one was married and she would not just try to catch me she would sit next to me and have some very kinky conversations. nothing more ever came of it but I miss it

By #622870 02,Aug,20 02:31
I have been caught by my mother at least two times and by my younger sister one time
By #621517 02,Aug,20 02:51
Youíre either very lucky or doing it deliberately to get caught!
By #622870 02,Aug,20 03:16
Second time when I heard mom coming in my room I didnt even hide my erection.I just stopped stroking it and looked at my mom , to see her reaction to my hard dick.She gasped and was ashamed seeing her sons almost 7 inch dick.Went out of my room quickly.

By #613994 03,Apr,20 19:20
at the nude beach, several older guys in beach chairs facing directky at me only a few feet away. i was discreetly masterbating right in front of them, it was so intense.
By slipnslide [Ignore] 25,Jul,20 02:49 other posts 
I wish I was at that beach
By #621517 02,Aug,20 02:50
Iíd be masturbating too if I had a pair of tits and a cunt like that to ogle!

By #622438 24,Jul,20 23:15
Yeah I was caught a few times.By my mom at a young age, by my step sister later on.By my brothers wife and few of my friends.Maybe I like being caught so people see my hard cock

By wycowboy [Ignore] 18,Jul,20 07:56 other posts 
I'm 57 years old, of course I have, many times. By my wife, s ister, her best friend, mom, neighbors both when younger and older. A few days ago a neighbor caught me as I was trying to discreetly jerk one out while sitting on my porch. She just watched until I came a few minutes later. Very intense.

By Lookingtosee [Ignore] 03,Apr,20 16:49 other posts 
Yes a few girlsfriends, ex's,roommate female,also caught her too,friends and once my ex girlfriends sister

By #522791 03,Apr,20 14:46
Many times hehe

By #392605 03,Apr,20 14:06
My sexy blonde niece - she was bout 20 or so - initially had my balls, then cock hangin out of my shorts (while watching a movie in the evening at home) ... i saw her eye my cock, made me even harder, so of course led me to slowly jacking - I know she saw me, never said anything, even after I ended up cumming on the couch and floor- she was checkin me out throughout the entire jerk a thon, damn it made me so horny!

By #486048 02,Feb,20 20:01
i have it was my mum who caught me wanking.

By #556856 13,May,18 01:40
Yes I've been caught several times.
I was msturbating in a public restroom stall, when another guy came in and caught me stroking my hard cock. It was a rush as he told me he liked my cock and he watched me until I came.

By #522791 10,May,18 18:47
Haha many times

By bil47 [Ignore] 04,Apr,18 08:34 other posts 
This could be me. My wife knows I sometimes masturbate to gay porn.

[deleted image]
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By pipcock [Ignore] 10,May,18 17:39 other posts 
And yes this is me with my wife!

By pipcock [Ignore] 10,May,18 17:37 other posts 
Yes. I have been getting very naughty of sites where I cam with other guys. One night when I was in a bit of a 'mood' I was wanking and cammming with a guy when I heard my wife come up the stairs. Normally I would cover up and shut down in a big hurry, but this time I thought fuck it.....she can see what I like to do when she is not available. I also wanted to introduce her to my bisexual side and make it easier for me to play with guys.
So I wanked on and let the screen continue to show the guy wanking with me and chatting quietly. She came up behind me and said nothing as I continued, then she moved on into our bedroom.
I had me cum and cleaned up with tissues and then joined her. Neither of us said a thing about what had happened, and she has never mentioned it since and her appetite for sex is not diminished! WTF!
I bought a strap-on for her to peg me, but no! Still I keep trying......

By #554437 10,May,18 16:21
Letís see, my mom, dad, s ister, a few aunts and uncles and family friends have had the pleasure of catching me dick in hand since I was old enough to cum.

By #294596 13,Dec,13 22:43
I got "caught" by my mom a bunch of times. The first time she just came barging into the room to collect dirty laundry. There was an awkward moment where she stood and looked at me, dick in hand, then she said to let her know when I was done and she would come back. I had the most amazing orgasm knowing that she knew I was in my room jacking off and she was waiting for me to finish.

After that I became obsessed with her catching me. Every time she was gathering up laundry I would make a beeline for my room, strip naked and lay on the bed slowly jacking off while waiting on her to catch me. About the 3rd or 4th time she "caught" me she figured out that I was doing it on purpose and said "Either you do that a lot or you want me to see", I didn't say a word because I was too embarrassed to admit it, but I didn't stop stroking while she stood there, so it was pretty obvious.

The next time she caught me she stayed in the room and gathered laundry while I lay there jacking. I shot cum 3 feet in the air while she was right there. That went on for about 5 or 6 times of her catching me and she would always wait for me to cum before she left the room, sometimes standing at the door with her arms full of clothes and watching until I finished. Then one day she shocked me by sitting down on the bed beside me and watching me jack and cum. I came so hard I nearly lost conciousness.

After that it became pretty much a pattern of her telling me that she was about to do laundry, which was my cue to go get naked. A few minutes later she would come in and sit or lay on the bed beside me and watch me get off. This went on from the time I was 14 until I got married and moved out at 21.
By #464196 20,Jul,14 02:34
Fuckin hell....... That's about as close to fucking ya mom you can get without actually fucking your mom

Does your wife know?
By #23212 20,Jul,14 02:56
And will his wife, or he, repeat the pattern?
By #23212 20,Jul,14 02:58
And are you going to let her, grandma soon, lie beside or ..., your own chi1dren?
By leopoldij [Ignore] 06,May,18 19:41 other posts 
Did she ever jerk you off?

By leopoldij [Ignore] 06,May,18 19:38 other posts 
This is a good one. S1ster caught masturbating
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You got to replace **** by the word s i s t e r

By #531019 06,May,18 00:14
The mrs has caught me a few times, she's finished me off after catching me. She likes seeing me ejaculate

By #550386 06,Apr,18 00:20
Ive gotten caught quite a few times. The most recent was last weekend as a matter of fact. I went to go wash my car and there was alot of hot ass around so i started to gently touch my package and before you knew it i was there with my new pocket pussy lady went to ask something said oh im sorry n left.

By #551891 05,Apr,18 18:43
I got caught In a public washroom stall by a woman who had accidentally walked into the men's washroom

By Lvphose [Ignore] 07,Dec,17 03:56 other posts 
Yes an ex-gf caught me jerking while having phone sex with a chick

By #64328 06,Dec,17 15:13
only once and truth be told i purposely let it happen. I have caught other before. I have had many close call before and they might have suspect but not caught in the act. I think watch someone that doesnt know they are being watch is a serious turn on. Spying on others has alway turned me on.

By #372855 04,Dec,17 06:52
Many of times

By cumaddik [Ignore] 25,Nov,17 14:25 other posts 
Yep! many mom, my older bro, best friend's father, priest, teacher, neighbors...was fun every times!
By leopoldij [Ignore] 25,Nov,17 17:49 other posts 
What did your mom say?
By #358797 26,Nov,17 00:30
Maybe she said ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho! Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho! Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho! Joff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff! Tchoff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff! Joff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff!
By leopoldij [Ignore] 26,Nov,17 07:30 other posts 
Of course! It's obvious.
By cumaddik [Ignore] 30,Nov,17 22:29 other posts 
That's it! exactly!

By #539358 25,Nov,17 19:02
No, but I'd love to be caught by a chunky hairy man, who'd then make me jack him off too as punishment

By fancyabit [Ignore] 11,Dec,13 22:46 other posts 
Yes, my wife did once and not talked to me for two weeks....cos I was calling out my ex-girlfriend's name while I was cuming.
By #454258 20,Jul,14 03:54
bad move, sport.

By #467291 19,Jul,14 21:03
My mother caught me masturbating when I was 13. I was on the toilet with a pair of her dirty panties around my cock when she opened the door and saw me. I was near to cumming and came immediately she saw me. it was the best orgasm I had had at the time.
On my first year at uni I lived in lodgings. One hot summers day after a walk in the woods I got back to the house feeling very horny. It was a Sunday and my landlady always visited her daughter on Sundays, so I had the house to myself, being the only lodger at the time. Or so I thought. I went into the bathroom and found a pair of my landlady's dirty panties. She was in her 60's and wore large nylon one. Back in my room I stripped off, laid on the bed and began to masturbate. Again I was too near cumming to stop when my landlady came into the room with clean towels. I once again came as she stood there open mouthed. She didn't say a word and left the room quickly.
When I went downstairs for my evening meal later on I went bright red when we me in the hallway and I thought she would kick me out. However, she was very understanding and talked about young men having their needs. We got on well after that. How well is another story.

By #316057 11,Dec,13 22:52
yes by a co worker at work

By hogweed [Ignore] 14,Apr,12 19:02 other posts 
My first husband caught me one day. I had just got out of the shower and was drying myself off in the bedroom when I had the very strong desire for an orgasm. I lay back and began touching myself. I knew it wouldn't take me long, so I opened my legs wide, closed my eyes and fingered myself. I was well "in the zone" and I could feel my orgasm approaching very quickly. It was very intense indeed. I was left felling breathless and quite sleepy. I heard a noise and looked over to the bedroom door, to see my husband standing there, just looking at me. I didn't know where to look and tried to cover myself up, which was a bit too late for that! I asked him how long he had been there, and he told me several minutes. He walked towards me and he erection was clear to see under his trousers. He undid them, allowing his cock to spring out. It was solid, harfer than I'd ever seen it before. He stood by the side of me and started to masturbate, saying that seeing as he had watched me have an orgasm, it was my turn to watch him have one. He only lasted about two minutes before he ejaculated. I'd never seen so much cum before from one man. It went on my face, boobs and tummy. There must have been 8 or 9 good powerful shots. I just lay there, covered in the stuff. It was amazing, and we did it loads more times. I do it regularly now with my current partner. When I know he's in the house I sometimes start masturbating on the bed, and "pretend" to be shocked when he walks in on me.

By smartex [Ignore] 14,Apr,12 17:39 other posts 
I have been caught wanking by my mom, a flat mate, girlfriend(s).

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